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Relaxation Services

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As I ran my hand through her hair, I noticed she was falling asleep, quite content and at peace with the world around. I never realized I would’ve had such a profound effect on her. For, a couple of days ago, I probably did not even expect to be in this state of being.

I am an educated, well-spoken person who enjoys work and enjoys having long winding discussions on a variety of topics over a cup of coffee, maybe multiple cups of coffee. Being at Chennai, I enjoy the long walks at Marina alone post my yoga workout in solitude whenever the opportunity presented itself.

During one of those monotonous days, it was a colleague who asked me if I could offer some traditional yoga based therapy to a friend of his who had met with an accident. Though not too sure, I offered to help and it was how I found myself at the Adyar house door step one Saturday.

The lady of the house, the mother and the protagonist of our scheme of things, very warmly got me comfortably settled in. As I understood the details of the accident and the pain he was going through, I felt I wanted to start the poor boy of 16, the victim of a bike accident on what would be a permanent recovery.

I religiously went to the house 2 days a week and on the occasional Saturday for 3 months to teach the soul to stretch and move his body, just like before. The boy seemed better and the mother friendlier each time. She had been working and seemed to be well-off with her work which was what i understood from the conversations.

One Tuesday morning as I reached their house, the mother opened up a little bit more into their lives. The boy had gone with his uncle on a trip to the north and was only to return by the month end. She offered me some coffee and her company so as to make me escort sincan comfortable. Over the conversations, I was feeling good and also enjoying the company of an imaginative and articulate woman who was smiling and laughing over our imaginary jokes.

Though I thought I needn’t go, something made me go there on Thursday too for a similar session of coffee with the lady and her jovial talks. I was slightly depressed as things at work were not working out well and I needed to do something about it. As we talked she held my palms and said that she had been hoping I would come on Thursday to provide her some relief from the boring routine. Though surprised, I was happy to know that the feelings were mutual.

As the hour went past and I had to start back she asked whether I could teach her some stretches to get her to loosen up a bit. It was agreed and the subsequent Saturday I was back with the mat to train. Her choice of loose clothes made me feel quite uncomfortable as the view of the cleavage and the shapely legs were proving to be a distraction.

I helped her to balance for a few postures and those were my only touches of her soft body for the day. But it had left a lingering effect on me. The subsequent classes only made things more difficult as she was leaning over to get me to balance her.

The next week, she grimaced in pain as the balancing posture cramped her thighs. I was unable to help her and was not sure if I could massage it off. Expecting some sort of retaliation I held her thighs firmly, and tried to massage the back of her thigh to relieve the pain. I got a warm wet towel and tried to firmly massage over the area that she was holding on to. As she started to feel better, I suggested we slowly remove the pajamas so that the ankara escort towel could be put to good effect. She dint hesitate and the dress was soon gone.

I was, for want of a better word, ogling at her long fair legs, feeling the softness as I massaged over the towel and without it. It was inexplicable; the feeling of her skin, the warmth of her inner thighs and the goose bumps on her hands told the entire story. As I massaged her slowly moving my hand upwards with each rub, I could feel some sort of warmth emanating from her, pulling me towards her. I moved her top upwards to see a light blue jockey slightly moist from the work out till now. She kept saying don’t look, but I just couldn’t resist.

The warmth of her privates was inviting me and I had to move my hand to feel it, and slowly, that last piece of clothing was also gone. As I felt the skin over her ass and the hair covering her love hole, I could feel myself going out of control. Lying there on the mat, I wanted to make love, feel her so badly, as if it was the first time.

I felt compelled to ask her if she would take offense. She smiled and said she expected this maybe a week earlier, but was not sure if I would be comfortable with the relationship. I remembered our conversations on relationships a few weeks back and how innocent I had been, when she smirked at the possibility of friends with benefits being practically possible between her colleagues.

As I removed her top, bringing her assets and the striped bra into the picture, she smiled asking if I liked what I saw. Without a reply I slowly pulled down the covers of the melons and started sucking and biting. Her moans ran through my ears and she started fidgeting and her nails seemed to push into the flesh on my back. I etimesgut escort bayan could feel she wanted it, probably more badly than me. As I moved from the nips to her navel, she kept murmuring something, wanting me to go all over her, making her feel wanted, lusted maybe.

I could feel her breath when I kissed her nape. She was heavily into the game, out of the senses, her lips enjoying whichever part of me it could reach to. I moved all over, slowly, very slowly prompting her to feel impatient. I reached her love hole, the warmth and the smell intoxicating me. My tongue slowly ran over her inner thighs to her well covered mound. Her fingers came to help me in, showing me the garden over the mound and the inner walls, moist and awaiting turbulence.

Soon the last piece of clothing was gone and my head was between the smooth soft thighs. I could taste her, feel her overflowing, shivering at times and going out of control. She was almost screaming, as she came, drenching me, my nose and giving me a sensation of my lifetime. She pulled me up, removed my clothes, and hugged me tight and asked me, why you are making me feel so wanted. I hugged her tight, felt her warmth and asked her if she liked it. All she uttered was, ‘it’s been a long time since I felt like this, but I think I have wanted this since a long time’. I felt good and asked if there was anything more I could do for her that day. She just smiled and said it’s been a month since you started your services at my place and she was happy with the progress that her son and she have made with me. She wanted me to stay put, so that she could fully absorb the moment, the time and the sensation. I stay put till she dozed off, kissed her forehead, slowly put my clothes on and left discreetly.

I continued my therapy sessions with her son and offered her my relaxation services, as she called it, whenever she wanted. I was taken care of well and the services were paid for in kind. Somewhere, somehow I knew this was meant to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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