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Rachel Goes to the Movies

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After finishing school she had decided to try her luck in Los Angeles, exactly what she would be doing she hadn’t planned. Which were where she was now, standing in front of the apartment block where she had rented a small apartment, she just had to find the landlord Mr. Robert’s office to get the key and arrange some other stuff, such as when and where the rent should be paid. It wasn’t the trendiest spot in town, but it was a start and when she had found a job and settled in, then she could move to another place.

There were a sign indicating where the office was located. Rachel walked towards the office and placed her suitcase in the front of it. The door to the office was made of glass, and the curtain was closed. Rachel could just see through it, and what she saw on the other side gave her a shock. On the desk lay a girl, a Latin girl who was dressed as a maid, which she probably was. Kneeling at on end of the desk was a short, somewhat old male, Mr. Roberts she guessed, who was eating out the maid. The young woman was obviously enjoying the attention she was given as she arched her bag and ripped the top of her uniform open, to play with her already hard nipples.

Meantime Rachel just stood outside enjoying the show, and was beginning to fell a bit turned on by it. She wasn’t very experienced when it came to sex, having only been with a couple of guys during school, and what she saw through the window definitely made her hot, something that she could feel by the state of pussy, which was beginning to get damped.

Mr. Roberts now stood up and took off his shirt, he didn’t have a very good body, a bit chubby, and then he unzipped his pants and took out his cock, which was about 6″. Right after that he thrust his full length up the young girl, who gave a slight moan. He kept it’s full length inside her for about 20 seconds and the slowly started pumping in and out of her, with increasingly speed and power for each trust.

Rachel was getting hotter and hotter by the display that she saw unfolded in the office, her panties was now soaking wet and her nipples rock hard and pressed against the fabric of her bra, and her breathing had become heavy. She turned around to see if there were anybody who could see her, getting busted for spying on the landlord even before she’d moved in wouldn’t be the best way to start her new life. There weren’t any out at the parking lot, which was where it was possibly to see Mr. Roberts’s office. Certain that no one would see her she turned her attention back to the show unfolding in the office.

Mr. Roberts had put right foot on the edge of the desk and was screwing the young girl harder then before, the girl moaning loud. Because of his position Rachel got the best possibly view of his cock penetrating the maids pussy. After some time the young maid screamed out an orgasm and Mr. Roberts slowed to a stop. He then groped the girl a little while, before he pulled her up and lifted her up, holding her by the ass with his cock still in her. He sat down in his chair and positioned the girl so he could push up into her. He then just held her there and started fucking her like he’d done before, making the girl moan once more.

He continued trusting up the maid soaking wet pussy, which only soaked Rachel’s even more as she kept her eyes on the show. Her breathing was now becoming heavy and her right hand ran across her breast, just to flick her hard nipples one time before she had compose herself from moving it further south. She had never watched another couple have sex, only on some of the adult videos she’d seen with some of her girlfriends long time ago, when they’d started to gain interest in the other sex.

Mr. Roberts was still trusting up the young girl, his sweaty balls slapped against her ass cheeks, much to the amusement to the spectator on the other side of the door. The maid used her hands to support herself on the back of the chair while Mr. Roberts used her to get himself off. Which was what he seemed to be close to do, as he started to scream out tings such as: “ohh… yeah, you like that, don’t you?!” And after a couple of seconds he trust all the way up in her pussy and screamed out his orgasm, and Rachel could see on the way his balls contracted that he emptied his load in the young maid.

He then just lay back in his chair, catching his breath, while the young girl climbed of him and started to dress. She looked ashamed, and kept looking down on the floor while she dressed. Mr. Roberts had now sat up and was looking at the young girl with a huge smile, and said something to which Rachel couldn’t hear, but it made the maid feel even more ashamed and Mr. Roberts’ smile even bigger.

Rachel suddenly realized that the either the maid or Mr. Roberts would detect her, now that they weren’t occupied with each other. So she grabbed her luggage and hurried back into the parking lot in front of the building, and sat down on the sidewalk. She would just wait a little bit, try to get the pictures of the act she’d just seen disappear from her mind.

Back in the Midwestern çankaya escort bayan city where she’d grown up, she had never seen anything like what she’d just witnessed. During school she had worked as a nanny, babysitting children I the local neighborhood, and had also had some other smalltime jobs. There wasn’t a lot going on in the town, so when school was over she decided to try something new, and therefore she moved out here to try her luck. She didn’t know anybody in L.A. and hadn’t made any plans for what to do for a living, both things something that didn’t please her family when she informed them of her plans. It weren’t as if her mom and dad were against her wanting to try new things, there were aware of the fact that it was a pretty doll city for someone at Rachel’s age, but they tried to make more plans before leaving, or at least not go that far away from home.

As Rachel sat there on the sidewalk wondering what to do for a living and weather or not she would make out here, all by herself, the young maid walked by behind her. She didn’t seem all that satisfied and Rachel thought that Mr. Roberts probably was blackmailing her or something. Thinking about the way he assumingly blackmailed that young girl, Rachel didn’t really want to go into his office. But she had to do it if she wanted the apartment, which she really needed. She sat there for at little while, then sighed and stood up. Grabbing her luggage and walked back to the office.

She knocked on the door, tree light knocks. “Come on in!” Mr. Roberts yelled from inside the office. She took a deep breath and opened the door. Mr. Roberts was sitting behind his desk going through some papers, “Yeah, what can I do ya for?” he said without even looking up.

“Oh… I’m here for an apartment, my name I Rachel Connor”.

Mr. Roberts then looked up from his paper, his eyes lit up when he saw the young blonde standing before him. She was 5’3″, and drop dead gorgeous, with her blonde hair and perfect curvy body. He sat there just checking out her body, which made her feel uncomfortable and he knew it, he just smiled at her and said:

“Well… how nice to see you here, your apartment is ready for you. You just have to… sign a couple of papers here,” he leaned down and opened a drawer in his desk and took out some paper, and then took a key lying on the desk, “and then of course se your key” he said with a smile on his face.

“Thank you Mr.” she said after filling out the form and signing the papers.

“The pleasure was all mine…” he said while his eyes continued traveling across her body, “and if there is anything you need just give me a call, I’m here a couple of days a week.”

“I’ll do that…” she said and hurried out of the office.

“Wau what a pig” she thought as she walked from his office and into the foyer of the building. She looked at her key to check which number her apartment had. As she stood there in the middle of the foyer looking rather confused she suddenly heard a voice behind her.

“Hey, can I help you?” the young male voice said.

She turned around quickly, kind of shocked by the sudden voice, thereby knocking her luggage over.

“Oh… no just trying to find out where apartment A31 is…” she said while on her knees trying to pick up her luggage, the young man picked up her bag and gave her his hand, helping her to her feet. Her hand felt so petite in his, and she could feel herself blush as she got on her feet again. He just smiled at her and she smiled back, feeling pretty embarrassed.

“I’ll show you where it’s at… by the way I’m Jimmy”

He then took her bag and walked across the foyer to the stairway. Rachel was still just standing there, annoyed of how ridiculous she had acted.

“You comin’ or what?” he called back to her.

“Yes, of course…” she said and hurried towards the stairs.

“So you have a name?” he said as they reached the first floor.

“Oh, sorry… I’m Rachel”

“Nice to meet you Rachel… here it is, A31!”


“No problem, I live just down the hall…” he said with a smile, “I’ll leave you now, you probably wants to settle in… so I’ll just see you around!” and with that he turned and walked down the hall.

He was nice Rachel thought, she hadn’t met any nice people in the city since she landed in the airport earlier, but then again she had had only talked to a couple of people. She took a cap from the airport and the driver didn’t seem to have had a very good day, and then of course there were Mr. Roberts who had made her feel so uncomfortable. Those two hadn’t given her the best prospects for her time in the city, but meeting Jimmy gave her some belief that she would gain some good friends out here.

Rachel spend all of the afternoon unpacking and checking out the place, she had only read a short ad about the apartment and seen a shot of the building from the outside when she called and reserved it. In the evening she called for some take-out, and after eating and relaxing in front of her TV she went to the bathroom and took a shower. ankara rus escort She had been on the road or unpacking all day and a shower was just what she needed.

When she woke up the next morning, there weren’t anything to eat in the apartment. So she took a quick shower and got dressed, she picked out a little summer skirt and a plain white tank top. The she just grabbed her bag and headed out the door, a few blocks down there were a small diner, Rachel walked in and ordered breakfast and a newspaper. She quickly found the job-section: it was mostly waitress-applications and modeling jobs (nude modeling and worse), the salary wouldn’t even cover the rent and she certainly didn’t want to pose nude.

Rachel finished her breakfast and sat there in the diner, trying to think of a way to make the money needed if she were to survive on her own out here. As she were putting the newspaper in her bag and were about to head out of the diner, she looked up and on the notice board she saw an ad for a babysitting agency, it said that if you needed a nanny you should call the number, Rachel wrote the number on the newspaper and headed out of there.

As she got back to the apartment there was a note on the door, she took it down and saw that it was from Mr. Roberts, he wanted some of the rent for the first month in advantaged now. Shit, she just though to herself, now she really needed to find a well paid job, she just hoped that she could get one with the nanny-agency, and the she could get one as a waitress or something in the daytime.

She grabbed her phone and dialed the number. It was a lady who answered the call, she asked if Rachel was looking for a sitter, but Rachel said that she actually was looking for a job. The lady said that she didn’t have anything to do with hiring but that the Rachel could talk to a guy later on the day. That sounded great Rachel thought and got the address and was told just come by at two.

The agency was in another part of the city so Rachel took a bus, and when she got to the area where the agency was located she got off and asked a couple who got off the bus at the same time for directions. After that she didn’t have any problems finding the place, it was a small office on the ground floor of an apartment block. Inside she found the lady who she had talked with on the phone, and she was told to wait a couple of minutes. Rachel sits, and after some time the door to an office is opened and a man comes out, he greets her and tells her just to go in and have a seat. A little later he returns with a piece of paper.

“I’m Joey and I run this place, it’s basically just an agency that helps people getting in contact with a babysitter, but we do have some demands if we are to admit somebody to our database, that being a minimum of jobs to be done and our percentage of your income from babysitting”, he then placed the paper he brought with him on the table, “you will have to fill out this form, the ones marked with a star will possibly be published.”

“OK…” Rachel said as Joey handed her the form and a pen.

“I’ll just have to take care of something in the meantime, so just fill out the form and I’ll be back before you know it.”

And with that he left the office. Rachel sat back, starting to fill out the form as she was told to, it was some pretty general questions she had to answer, but then again how many different things are you supposed to know. She finished filing it out before Joey had returned, so she just sad there thinking about her situation. If she got the job as babysitter, she could do that in the evenings and the weekends, and then find some other job in the daytime. That would mean a lot of work, but it was only until she had settled in and found a job that could cover all of her expenses.

“So, are you done?” Joey said from behind her, she hadn’t heard him coming and the surprise almost made her fell out of the chair.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you there” he said with a smile and moved behind his desk and sat down.

“It’s ok… and I have filled out the form”

“Good, now I expect that a young girl like you don’t have a criminal record?”

“No, I’ve not.”

“Good… you don’t seem to be from around here?”

“I’m not, just got in yesterday!”

“Yeah… well a couple of weeks and you will probably be just like the rest of us out here.” He said with a smile, “I’ll give you a call later, OK?”

“Yes, that’s fine. Thanks”, and with that she got up and took a bus back to her place.

Later, when Rachel was relaxing in her flat, there was a knock on her door. She got up and opened it. It was Mr. Roberts who just walked right in, almost without taking notice of her.

“Well, come on in?” Rachel said in a slightly offended manner.

“A supposes that you already have got the note I left for you? It was a part of our agreement that you paid the first month in advantage”.

“Yeah… I know, and I have gotten a job today, so you can get the rent in a couple of days”.

“A couple of days ain’t no good! ankara etlik escort You better have the money now, or you will have to look for somewhere else to live.”

“You can’t do that to me! Were should I go?”

“Well cry me a river, you better find some money, or you will have to answer that question yourself”

“I have only got 420 dollars… but I will need something to survive on!”

“You know the rent is 700 a month, but I’ll take what you got now and then you better have the money ready for me next month… and you just have to earn some money on that job of yours to survive on.”

Rachel had to compose herself not to start crying right there and then, “Ok… your can have the money”

“Good girl… you know girl, I don’t wanna be a pain in the ass but I’m running a business here…. you understand? But just forget about the rest of the 700 bucks”. He then took her hand and placed a fifty-dollar bill in it “And take these… just so you got a little something until tomorrow.”

He then left her alone again, and she sat down in her couch. “Good girl” he had said to her, who did he think he was? Looking at the fifty-dollar bill she knew that she had to get some money tomorrow, hopefully Joey would call and tell her she should babysit so she could make some money. Then there was a knock on the door, “oh god, hope it’s not him again” she thought as she dragged herself up and walked to the door. It was Jimmy out in the hallway.

“Hey… you ok?”

“Yes…. yes I’m fine” she answered and put on a smile so she wouldn’t look as down as she was.

“Ok… it’s just that I bumped into Roberts outside, I saw he was inhere and well… just wanted to see if you were alright. He can be kind of a jerk you know, but when you been here a month or so you’ll barely notice him.”

“I’m okay really… but hey, thanks for checking up on me! It’s just that I just have to make some money in the morning. I will make some I just joined this babysitting agency, I just don’t know when.”

“If you need a job my uncle own a gas station out by the freeway, I helps him out sometimes and you can probably get some kind of job, it won’t be well paid but if you need something right away?”

“That sounds great, thanks!” He was a really great guy Rachel thought.

“I’ll just give you the address and then you can go talk with uncle Pete, just say that I send you, OK?”


“You got something to write on and a pen?” he asked.

“I’ll just find that for you” and she got up and walked into her bedroom where she had a notebook and a pen, when she returned the phone rang. So she just handed Jimmy the notebook and picked up the phone.


“Hey, Rachel?”

“Yes it’s me”

“Good it’s Joey… I’ve got you a job for tomorrow.”

Great! Rachel thought. Jimmy handed her the notebook and said he had to go, she smiled at him and gave a wave.

“OK… that sounds great Joey!” she answered back in the phone.

He then gave her the details for tomorrow. It was two kids whose parents where going out, and she just had to watch the kids for three or four hours.

When Rachel awaked in the morning she took a quick shower. She dressed casually and then she started walking towards Jimmy’s uncle’s gas station. Luckily it wasn’t that far away and on the way she brought some breakfast.

She walked in and up to the counter where there already was a costumer so she had to wait.

“What can I do for you miss?” the man that must have been Jimmy’s uncle asked.

“Well… I’m here for a job” she said but was cut of before she could say anymore.

“We ain’t hiring, I’m sorry”

“Okay. It’s just that Jimmy said to…”

“Jimmy sent you?”

“Yes sir… he said that I could get some kind of job here.”

“Ok… I’ll see what I can find for you. Now that you already been promised a job.”

“Thanks a lot” she said with a smile which was returned by the uncle.

“I’m Pete by the way” he said as he hold out his hand.

“Rachel” she said as she put her small hand in his rather rough one.

“Ok… just come on out in the back with me. You can just do some small stuff around the place you know… sweeping the floor, cleaning and whatever may come up.”

“Sure… I can do that.”

“I won’t be able to pay you that much… but I guess you probably already figured that out?”

“Yes… I just need some money right away so I actually hoped that you could give me something in advanced or…?”

“Ha… you’d like that! Tell you what, I just pay you day by day.”


“I can give you 8 bucks per hour, it’s not much but once you find something better you can just leave.”

8 bucks! She hadn’t expected to get a good wage, but still she was disappointed. But she would make it up tonight when she would babysit. She got started right away and during the next three hours she swept the area surrounding the gas station and filled the shelves in the store with different things. Afterwards Pete paid her 25 dollars and she left for her home. Back home she took a quick shower and grabbed a little snack she bought home. Then she left for her first job as a nanny in LA, she wore a long, conservative skirt and a thin woolen shirt. She decided not to wear anything underneath except her underwear, as it was quite warm.

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