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Protection Racket

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It was a whole new beginning.

Getting booted from the department had been unpleasant, sure, and no-one was exactly queuing up around the block to hire an ex-cop dismissed for excessive use of force…

…But there were always jobs for guys who knew how to handle themselves. Ex-cops, veterans, broken-down footballers and wrestlers who needed paycheck and weren’t too picky about who they were working for. You could cross sides, and start working for one of the Bosses that ran things in the underworld.

So I traded my badge for a disposable phone and brass knuckles, and I started working the casino and club circuit, making my rounds and always waiting for a phone call to tell me to get over to such-and-such place to sort out some meathead who thought he didn’t have to pay his way.

I set myself up with a downtown apartment, with a view of the river, and bought a new wardrobe of clothes that were good enough for Mr Vermicelli’s clubs, but not so expensive that I couldn’t handle disposing of them if they got torn or too bloody.

It wasn’t exactly a progressive career path, but it was better than the unemployment line.


If you’re going to bust heads, you better be strong.

If you’re being paid to be that guy, it pays to invest in making sure that you’ve got the physique and the skills to do the business.

I starting rolling again, down at the Gracie Jiu Jitsu gym, and once a week I would put on a pair of 6oz gloves and do an hour’s sparring in the cage – just me and a couple of the guys I rated.

Anyway, I found a second place, a little hole-in-the-wall gym about four blocks from my apartment, to lift weights at. Skills are fine, but sometimes nothing will suffice except brute force.

It was old-school – mainly bodybuilders on juice and a smattering of powerlifters and olympic lifters. The place stank of sweat, there were no treadmills and when I say ‘black iron’ I mean it: The place pretty much just contained rack after rack of bars, dumbells and thousands of kilos of heavy black iron. No B.S, just the stuff you need to get jacked.

It wasn’t much, but it became home away from home, several nights of the week.

I had one run-in with some moron who mustn’t have been wearing his glasses. He tried to strip down a barbell I was using… Pretty much when I was using it. We talked. We disagreed. He threw a punch and I put him down in about as much time as it took for him to lift his hand to me.

Later, after his buddies came back from dropping him to the hospital, they came and apologized… Said they hadn’t known who I was.

Sometimes it’s good to have a name.

The thing about being top dog is, you get your pick of the spoils. And in that gym there was one particular benefit to being on the top of the pile.


I was in later than usual. The gym stayed open till 2am most nights, and I was there after midnight, on a rare night off.

As I was sitting on a bench near the mirrors, catching my breath between sets of bulgarian split squats, she walked behind me.

I caught a glimpse of her in the mirror and did a double-take.


My eyes tracked her across the gym floor as she swayed by. She wasn’t the first broad I’d seen in the gym, but she was one of the first I’d seen in by herself, without a boyfriend, or who wasn’t a jacked-up female bodybuilder with a man-chin.

This chick was built like a walking wet dream.

Strong-looking, like she trained, sure, but with on top of that muscle she was still curvy and stacked… If sex was an olympic sport, this is what the athletes would have looked like. Hot, hot, hot. Practically built to get a guy hard.

She was wearing white athletic shoes, and skin-tight leggings that clung to long legs. My eyes wandered up and took in a perfectly rounded, juicy ass. I could see the faint imprint of a thong underneath, and it bounced, perfectly heart-shaped, as she walked. She had a neat waist, and the neon yellow tank top she was wearing clung to a pretty jaw-dropping rack. This chick had that kind of high-end boob job you see on the latest generation of hollywood actress: Not improbably big and cheap looking, like some 90s porn starlet… But somehow natural-looking even though you could tell by their DD size that they probably weren’t wholly authentic on her athletic frame.

I could tell by the hint of rippling muscle underneath the spandex that this was a chick who took her training seriously. A beautiful combination of soft, yielding flesh (man, that ass.. Those tits!) and tight, gym-honed muscle. I figured maybe a dancer, a pro athlete, or a high-end prostitute.

She tossed her shoulder length black hair, tied in a single pony-tail, and I caught a glimpse of high, slavic cheekbones and flashing green eyes. Her full lips quirked, slightly amused, as she caught me turning my head to look after her.

‘Damn,’ I said to myself, shaking me my head and picking up my dumbells to continue my workout.

About fifteen minutes later I eventually finished up, and was strolling towards kızılay escort the locker-room. I’d partially forgotten the girl in the tight pants until I heard a kind of commotion from one of the rooms just off the main gym floor. It was a kind of annex, filled with some of the more niche tools… Kettlebells, indian clubs, some other stuff that guys occassionaly used to fill in gaps in their training.

At first I took the grunting noises to just be someone working out intensely, but I could hear voices too… Low, but urgent.

‘Yeah… That’s it… Damn, girl… Frickin’ work my cock…’

There was the sound of flesh slapping on flesh, and as I came into the room I realized that Marco, one of the newer guys hanging around the bodybuilding crew lately, was standing in the corner with his pants down around his ankles.

‘Ahh…. You frickin’ slut… I’m gonna fuck your ass so hard after this…’

My eyes widened when I saw that the girl from earlier was on her knees, caught between Marco and the dumbell rack. She still wore those second-skin pants, but somewhere along the way her halter top had come off, along with her sports bra, and I could see that she was naked from the waist up. She seemed to be squirming, caught against the rack and Marco’s pumping hips.

‘Uuuuugh…. Aaaagh… Not so rough, please…’ She was breathing hard, and her pretty face was twisted in discomfort as Marco had her pony-tail wound around his hand.

‘Shut it, babe… If you didn’t want this you shouldn’t have led me on…. You weren’t exactly objecting when I started touching you up…’

Marco’s cock was sliding in and out of the girl’s epic cleavage. She had her arms crossed, pushing up her tits and forming a sweat-slicked valley for him to plough. His whole body was quivering with apparent pleasure, and each time he threw his hips forward his dick would slither through her compressed tits and slap wetly off her chin.

I bunched my fists up and stepped closer. I’m no knight in shining armor, but I could see an angle here….


He ignored me, and suddenly he seemed to become almost animalistic as he sped up the pace of his tit-fuck. The girl was moaning and biting her lip as he kept yanking on her pony-tail.

‘MARCO, What the hell are you doing forcing yourself on-….’

The idiot finally saw me, in the mirror in front of him, and two things happened.

One: Marco’s eyes bulged in fear. He’d seen me break a guy’s jaw and fracture his cheekbone, popping the guy’s eye out, in this very gym. I looked pissed, and he knew I had the ability to follow through.

Second: He came. Like a damn horse.

Groaning, he went stiff as a board and one of his hands caught onto his cock and jacked it furiously. He fell away from the girl, who squealed in surprise as he finally let go of her hair. Hot, pearly semen started pumping onto her, although by then she had turned her face to me and seemed more surprised about seeing me than about the jizz splattering her. It fell in thick ropes on those heaving tits, and a particularly thick chunk hit off her shoulder and ended up on a nearby dumbell.

Marco was on his ass, breathing hard, still holding his cock. It was still twitching, and a final, surprisingly powerful, squirt emerged and painted a last line of semen on the girls’ leg. It landed right on her quad, and she automatically dropped one hand to wipe it away. Unconsciously, she brought that hand to her full lips and licked, even as she continued looking at me with wide eyes.

‘Jeez man, I’m sorry… I didn’t know… I mean, she was so hot and I started talking to her.. .And she was kind of flirty and didn’t seem to be telling me to beat it, so…..’ His mouth was running away with itself, as he stood and quickly pulled on his shorts. ‘I started kind of feeling her up, and it was like she just let me… So…’

He shrugged.

‘…I figured she was fair game…Thought I might break me off some of that ass… I didn’t know you were into her, or whatever..’

I jerked my head sideways, towards the exit back to the main gym.

‘Get out of here, Marco. And don’t even look at this broad again.’

He practically ran, cock still hard and forming a tent under his shorts.

I approached her, as she was pulling her tank top back over her semen-coated chest. She didn’t bother with the sports bra. A combination of sweat and jizz meant that I could make out the outline of that perfect rack, heaving up and down. Idly, I noticed she had exceptionally long nipples, standing out like bullets. She was still on her knees, but was making to get up.

‘Stay there for a sec, honey’.

She obeyed, pouting slightly, and I put my hands on my hips in front of her.

‘Did that guy force you to do anything you didn’t want to do?’

She hesitated, and then shook her head.

‘Nyet…. I mean, no…’

She had an eastern european accent… Russian maybe? Could have been lithuanian or latvian for all I knew… They all sounded alike to me.

‘But thank you… He was rough… ankara etlik escort I was not liking that. My name is Sasha…’ She raised perfectly plucked eyebrows at me. ‘And you are…-‘

‘Slade,’ I grunted, considering her carefully. ‘So why’d you…’ I pointed to her tits with one hand.

‘Well…’ She shrugged, ‘Where I come from is a very rough place, and it is not considered a good idea for girl to… embarrass.. a guy. To tell him to get lost… Maybe he is tough guy, like gangster, in place like this, after all. Angry guys can get… How you say? Physical.’ She tilted her head at me. ‘So I get him off. Is no big deal… With my tits… I can make a guy cum on me and is no problem… Why not? I like this myself too, so is easy.’

She pushed out her chest, as if this was almost self explanatory. I wondered how many cocks in this gym had jerked off onto those puppies, or squeezed between them. It seemed likely that more than a few guys had realised she was a girl who didn’t like to say no. I guessed that Sasha spent a lot more time on her knees sucking big dicks than she did actually getting her workouts done.

‘Yeah, and if he wanted to fuck your ass afterwards, like he said?’

Sasha grimaced. ‘I would not like this… With him… Some of the guys are pigs in here… I try only to use hands and titties to make them leave me alone…’ Her eyes seemed to glitter as she stared at me. ‘…But strong guy like you come along and I have no problem anymore. I have only one man to take care of then. I can get back to my training, maybe.’

She shuffled a little closer on her knees, pressing that prodigious rack against my thighs. She hugged herself against me, and I felt that wonderful combination of softness and firmness. Her faced was turned up towards me, and her hands crept up to rest on my ass on either side.

‘I could give special treats… to guy like you.. I am a good girl. I know how to make a man feel like king, yes? I have tight body, and I know what men want me to do… I will show you, yes?’ Sasha grinned at me, and her hands move to the waistline of my shorts, pulling them down slowly. I didn’t stop her, and after a moment my erection flopped free.

My thick helmet slapped against her cheek and nine thick inches of engorged dick was suddenly hovering right up next to that pretty eastern european face. It left a thin trail of pre-cum across one cheek.

‘Mr. Slade….’ She breathed, wrapping one long-fingered hand around my penis and beginning to gently jerk me off. ‘You have… how you say… Very ginormous cock..’

Then she opened those bee-stung lips and took me into her mouth. Her tongue began slithering over me and if the sweat from my having just worked out bothered her, she gave no sign. Her hands got busy- one rubbing my balls, the other going under them and coming up to playfully press on my asshole. As her hot mouth worked on my dick there was the hint that she might suddenly spear one delicate finger into my ass, and I found the threat decidedly erotic.

It was amazing, sure, but I guess I’ve had better blow-jobs, objectively speaking. I’ve had my dick drained by the throats of high-end mafia escorts that charge thousands of dollars an hour. These chicks weren’t any better looking than Sasha… Not in my view, anyhow… But they were the cream-of-the-crop of professionals and, like I said, they gave a better blow-job, some of them.

But damn, this chick was banging hot. That perfect body was down on its knees in front of me, tits squished up against me and I could hear soft grunting as worked up to deep-throating me. I could dimly see a few splashes of Marco’s cum in her hair, and a part of me was pointing out that this chick was clearly a complete freak.

But like I said – banging hot.

She’d only been working on me for about three minutes and I could feel my balls beginning to churn. Her finger was circling my ass, and I guessed she was going to use the old trick of penetrating me just as she felt my orgasm come on. I’d shoot like a hose and squeal like a pig at the same time. I guess some girls like to feel like they’re getting their own back for all the attention we give their asses.

My hand closed on her pony-tail and I impatiently yanked her up to her feet, using my other hand to catch her by her halter-top at the shoulder. She was an athletic chick, but next to me she was light as a feather, and I spun her around and had her bent over the dumbell rack pratically before she knew what was happening.

I kicked her legs apart like I was going to frisk her for weapons, and took in the view. Bent over the weights, her tits were pressing up against the mirror and her face too, turned sideways. I could see that she was wide-eyed, her mouth open in an ‘O’ of surprise. One of my hands still gripped her pony tail, and the other now slid down her back in a smooth motion.

I slipped a hand into her pants and jerked them sharply down as far as her knees. The lycra gave easily, and I felt my heartbeat increase in pace as I saw demetevler escortlar that her ass was bisected now only by a painfully thin piece of floss. It was a thong so miniscule that it was barely there. With her legs spread I could actually see everything already… Her, puffy, shaven pussy… A rivulet of sweat from her exertions running down the small of her back into the crack of her ass… And a perfect, puckered asshole over which that thin piece of floss ran like a final obstacle, teasing me.

I growled, and ripped the thong right off her ass. She seemed to jump a little as it caught and then snapped on one tanned hip, but I detected a note of arousal in the whimper she let out. I could see her bite her lip, and move one hand down from the mirror to catch her right nipple. As I moved my hips in closer to her I saw that she was rolling the nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

‘Oh… My god… What are you going to do to me? She moaned. ‘Are you going to jerk off on me… Are you, how you say… Shoot your load on me…?’

I chuckled, and, taking hold of my cock, I started running it up and down between her ass cheeks. Her butt was lush, a quivering heart-shaped sex-toy that practically cried out for me. This chick may have been a freak, but she had a body made for sin and I intended to squeeze my pleasure out of it.

Slapping her ass with an open hand made her moan even louder, and I spanked her twice more, continuing to rub my cock up and down. The pressure in my balls was still there, an aching that was going to have to earn release soon. I could feel tension through her ass and hamstrings and Sasha was pressing herself back against me.

‘You can come in my mouth if you want…. But don’t fuck me in my pussy without a rubber… Please….’ She breathed, continuing to tweak her fat nipple and bite her lip.

‘I ain’t going to do you in the pussy. And I might come in your mouth, but not yet.’ I decided that was enough talk, and, satisfied that my cockhead was slick with our mingled sweat and juices now, I placed it against her puckered asshole.

‘Oh….’ Sasha moaned a final time, and then she was holding her breath as I forced my cock up her ass.

She fought me a little, but I think it was unconsciously. Let’s be honest: Taking a cock like mine in your ass is going to hurt, even if it isn’t the first time you’ve had a big guy decide that he wants to pound your asshole with his cock until he shoots his load. Her ringpiece kind of tensed up, and I had to grit my teeth and throw my hips forward. My cock pressed against her insistently and then won the day, sliding past her ring-piece and into the warm depths of her ass.

‘Aaaaaaaaaah… Fuck, you’re big… Your cock is big in my ass…’ She grunted, and then seemed to relax. Her asshole was a tight seal around my cock, but suddenly it felt like it was fluttering against my shaft, and I was making headway. Inch by inch my dick slid into her, snaking its way into her tight ass until I bottomed out.

It felt warm, tight and a little like heaven. She was sweaty, she smelled a little like jizz, but I grunted with pleasure and wrapped my tugged her pony tail as I began to ride her.

Buggering a chick like Sasha was a pretty great way to round off any workout, and judging by the way she was reacting, she seemed to agree. Her knees seemed to give out after a couple of minutes of me nailing her hard, and she rested most of her weight, breathless, onto the rack in front of her as I continued to bang her. I was happy to half hold her up over the weights as I screwed her… I figured considering I was sodomising her for my pleasure that was the least I could do. She seemed to groaning with what I hoped was pleasure, and judging by the occassional series of spasms that I could feel through her asshole I figured she was getting off on this too, with any luck.

Finally, it came to an end, as all good things must. I had pumped myself to a crescendo, and eventually her tight, clasping asshole got the best of me.

‘UUUUuuughh…’ I exhaled and felt my glutes clench tight as I began to come. ‘Get down on your knees, honey…’ Having to act quickly, I practically yanked my cock back the way it had came, and it popped free of her quivering ass without ceremony.

Sasha summoned some final reserve of energy, spinning fluidly down and around back to her knees in front of me. My cock was twiching and my eye closed as the orgasm came on me like a storm. I heard a rustle and, opening my eyes, saw that she’d tugged up her halter top and cast it aside.

Coming up high on her knees she squished those perfect globes around my cock and started pumping. The sensation from the titfucking was almost too much pleasure and I reached down and swatted her back a little. She compromised by wrapping both hands around the shaft of my cock, jacking me off as I finally erupted.

Eyes open and locked on mine, Sasha took my load like a pro, staring at me smokily through the whole thing.

I’ve always shot a lot, and this time she had worked me up with her tight ass so that when I blew, it was like a goddam fire-hose. I came heavily, and I kept coming, thick ropes of white jizz that splattered off her face and ran in thin rivulets down her neck, pooling on the tops of her breasts and at the base of her throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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