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Possession is 9/10ths the Law Ch. 01

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This is an older story that I cleaned up and finished. I hope you like it. I want to continue it as a short series. Please vote and comment and tell me how you like it, or not.

Just a little note for the reader any conversations in ‘ ‘ are done mentally just so you know ahead of time. Thanks!!! and enjoy.

Routine, our lives are built upon it. I ride my bike to school every day. I use the same route every day. Nothing different ever happens besides a change in the weather. Well today was about to rewrite the rest of my life whether I liked it or not. Like I said I rode the same path every day to school but today was different. I saw the sign half a block away it said ‘Going out of Business’. But what made it different was that it was in front of Drake the Magnificent Magic Shop.

“What the hell man,” I curse as I stopped and set my bike against the building.

I walked in and already the inside was mostly empty. My heart sank as I looked at the shelves that once held all those wonderful tricks the amazed and entertained kids and adults alike.

“Hey you what are you doing here,” a voice said then he continued. “Oh sorry Aaron I didn’t recognize you. Sorry about all this but I guess you didn’t hear.”

“What happened,” I asked.

“Drake passed away,” the old man said. “He was doing his act in Vegas and had a heart attack. He never made it to the hospital. I’m sorry kid. He was so in debt that we had to sell everything. If you want to have a last look around go ahead I know how close you two were.”

“He was my mentor,” I told him. “I thought one day I’d go pro. What happened to his diary?”

“That went to his wife; she is talking about selling it on EBay.”

“No fucking way! She can’t do that, that’s his legacy!”

“I know that but the gold digger doesn’t care about that sort of thing. All she cares about is money.”

“I’m going to look around one last time and then I have to go to school. I’m really going to miss him.”

“We all are.”

As I walked around the old magic shop, well what was left of it, I remembered all the good times I had in it. I was six when my dad first took me and bought me my first trick. I was hooked ever since. I did my first show at ten. I even tried to design my own illusion once but it flopped but Drake told me to keep on trying. That’s when our friendship really started. He kept telling to see outside the box, that’s where the real magic was.

I went into the back of the building for the very first time. This was like looking behind the curtain of a magic show for me. Though it too had been stripped clean it still felt special. It was here that Drake had kept his workshop. It was here that he had designed and built his own illusions. That was going to be my dream one day as well.

I wandered around the mixture of empty areas and trash heaps left by whoever had been here before. Near one of the outer walls was an old steam radiator that had heated this part of the building. It was hissing and rattling for some reason or another even though the weather was pleasant outside. Frustrated at the whole situation I took out my anger on the iron cast radiator and gave it a good sound kick. It settled down, but there was also a crashing sound as something hit the floor ‘behind’ the thing.

I had to lay flat on the floor to see what it was. An ancient wooden box was beneath and behind the radiator. No doubt set there ages ago by Drake or even by the previous owner of this building. Curious as all hell I wanted that box. It took some clever manipulation and patience but by god I finally managed it. The prize was mine. Even if the damn thing was empty, it came from Drake’s building and thus priceless to me. But when I shook it something rattled around inside of it. It wasn’t empty! I carried back to the front and showed it to the old man who ran Drake’s business. I told him where and how I had found it. He looked at the condition of my shirt and pants as evidence of my adventure.

“Surely son I believe you. Keep it; Drake would want you to have it.”

“But it could be valuable,” I said.

“Even more so,” the old man said with a smile. “…Just to spite that money grubbing bitch of a wife of his.”

“Well if you are okay with it. Then I will keep it. I have to get off to school. Thanks for everything old man.”

I put the box as it was in my back pack and rode off to school. God I wanted to look inside but I didn’t. I guess for me it was kind of like my birthday and Christmas all wrapped up in one box. I was only a little late for my for my Psych II class. Professor Tyler was lecturing but didn’t miss my late arrival. She gave me her stern raised eyebrow and even a little smirk at my condition. I had tried to get the dust and dirt off but some remained. After class she came over and remarked about my clothing.

“Well Aaron I feel there is a story here that deserves telling,” she said in her sultry southern twang.

“There is,” I said. “But I have an engineering class in fifteen minutes. How about lunch and fill you in?”

“What pendik escort time,” she asked.

“Um… twelve thirty,” I said and she nodded.

“See you there Aaron,” she said. “And don’t be late.”

I left for my engineering class with my heart in my throat. I had wanted to ask her out since my first class. But her remarkable looks and her imposing presence shut me down every damn time. Now I was having lunch with her. My next two classes went by surprisingly quick. I tried once more to rid myself of more of the dirt and failed. I simply gave up.

I met Amanda Tyler in the cafeteria at twelve thirty and we sat together. It took me a few minutes to get the courage to start my story about Drake’s magic shop. But once I got started my nerves settled and I was in my element. I even told her about the workshop I had set up in my home.

“So that’s why you are taking engineering, that makes perfect sense,” she said.

“Yeah, if I am going to become a pro and build my own illusions I need that under my belt.”

“What do you think is in the box,” she asked.

“Oh it could be anything,” I said. “…From an old magic trick to something from a previous owner. But I want to wait until I get home to open it.”

“Too bad I was hoping to see it,” she said pouting.

“Well,” I said. “I’d hate to disappoint such a beautiful woman such as yourself.”

“Aaron,” she said blushing. “Flattery will get you everywhere.”

I got out my backpack and took out the box. I placed it between us and she leaned in close. Damn but she smelled good. I wet a napkin and cleaned off the box. Stamped into the center of the box were the blocky letters ‘Innsmouth Trading Co. Founded 1723’ and in the middle was a queer looking fish logo. I opened the box and inside was a single tarnished silver coin. How cool was that? The coin was irregular around the edges and not like the ones minted today it must be real old. Amanda reached into her purse and pulled out a disc shaped box and handed it to me.

“It is used for cleaning jewelry,” said. “I bet it’ll take that tarnish right off.”

“You’re just as curious as I am, aren’t you,” I asked.

“You bet I am. That coin looks pretty damn old to me.”

I opened the box and set the coin in it for a bit then lifted the shining silver coin out of it. The cleaner had worked perfectly. I dried it with a napkin. On one side of the coin was a profile of man with what appeared to be Hebrew characters around the edge of the coin. On the other was the Star of David with other Hebrew characters. What the bloody hell is this? I looked at her and she was as puzzled as I was. It obviously wasn’t a monetary coin but some sort of religious one. Maybe that made it even more valuable? I sensed a lot of research in my near future.

“What do you think,” I asked her.

“I have never seen anything like it,” she said. “I am not Jewish so I have no clue. But I’d hang onto it and do some research and see what you can find out.”

“Yeah, so…”

“I don’t have plans on Friday night…” she offered.

“Neither do I…”

“You do now… here’s my number…” she said handing me her business card. “I got to go. Teaching and all that…”

I was so thrilled I started playing with the coin. I began doing all sorts of simple tricks. I ran it through my fingers making it dance and twirl. Then I did the disappearing coin trick. Now you see it… now you don’t. The problem is it didn’t come back. What the fuck! It’s just a flick of the wrist and… and… nothing!

‘Don’t be so alarmed Aaron the coin didn’t really disappear,’ said a cool steely voice in my head.

“Who the fuck are you,” I said aloud.

‘Now-now Aaron if you start talking to thin air people are going to think you have gone quite mad,’ the voice said soothingly. ‘You haven’t I am quite real.’

‘Alright who are you,’ I thought to myself.

‘There that’s better isn’t it?’ the other said. ‘I am the entity that was in the coin,’ it said.

‘Was in the coin,’ I said. ‘I take you aren’t there anymore.’

‘No dear boy I’m not,’ he said. ‘I’m in you now.’

‘WHAT,’ I screamed in my head.

‘Calm down, I am not here to harm you in fact I am here to help you.’

‘Help me, how can you possibly help me?’

‘You know that problem you have at home with that new addition. I will correct that situation for you.’

‘How,’ I asked it.

‘Easy and no harm will come to her I promise.’

‘If you can fix that I will be more open to this situation with us then.’

‘Good, then let’s finish out the day here then.’

When I turned eighteen, my mother was suddenly faced with empty nest syndrome. So what did they do, they adopted a poor troubled teen from the Ukraine. Two things they didn’t know about their perfect little angel. One she wasn’t sixteen she was actually eighteen. Two she wasn’t a virgin she was a fucking sex addict from hell.

Why I hate the fucking bitch from the Ukraine. One she is fucking my dad behind my mom’s back. Two they gave her my maltepe escort room when the bitch arrived because she needed more room for all of her clothes. Three and this is the kicker they bought the bitch a brand new fucking car while I ride a bike to school.

As I ride my bike home I wonder what the ‘coin’ has in store for Alexis. I drive by Drake’s and see it is boarded up now and see that the legacy is now over. I blink away the tears. A childhood hero has fallen but I have new dreams to forge of my own now. I get home and see her sports car there. I feel my chest tighten with anxiety.

‘Relax soon this will all be a bad memory,’ the voice said.

‘I hope your right,’ I said.

‘Trust me seek her out,’ it said.

‘Alright… here we go,’ I said.

I slid my backpack over my shoulder and went inside. I heard the shower going upstairs. She was using up all the hot water… again. I went up and tried the bathroom door and found it unlocked.

“Hey are you going to be in there all day,” I asked.

“Fuck off,” she shouted. “I’ll be in here as long as I want!”

“Typical,” I said. “I gotta take a piss.”

“Wait until I’m done freak,” she said.

“You are kidding right,” I said as I opened the door and moved towards the toilet.

‘Excellent,’ the voice said.

“Get the fuck out perv,” she shrieked.

“You got nothing I want to see,” I told her. “It’s all saggy and shit.”

“Fuck you asshole,” she roared. Then she launched into a litany in her native language that the ‘coin’ translated for my benefit.

“Screw you bitch you haven’t seen my cock and you couldn’t handle it on your best day!”

Suddenly Alexis grew quiet. The shower curtain parted and only her head poked out.

“How did you know what I said,” she asked her face pale.

‘Walk over to her,’ the voice said.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” I said as I walked over until we were face to face. “I also know you are fucking my dad.”

“You have no proof of that,” she spat out, “…else you would go to your mother.”

‘Now touch her cheek,’ it said.

I reached up slowly and touched her. She watched and I guess she saw no harm in it. The moment my hand made contact Alexis stiffened and her eyes turned entirely white. What the hell! Then slowly the color returned to them and she shook off the effect.

“What was I saying,” she said.

‘She wanted to suck your cock,’ the voice suggested.

“You wanted to blow me,” I said.

“MMMMMMMMM get in here and hurry,” Alexis said making room for me.

I stripped as quickly as I could. I got into the shower and got a good look at the gal who had been fucking my dad all this time. Okay I can see why dad was banging this chick. She was built like a brick shithouse. Her tits were big, firm and soft to the touch as I soon found out. As she dropped to her knees and began to suck me off I ranked her as cock sucking genius.

“God damn girl… where did you learn to suck dick,” I asked her.

“On the streets from some very talented older girls,” she told me before returning to my cock.

I guess we do what we do to survive.

‘So how did you do that,’ I asked the thing in my head.

‘I am a demon that’s how. The more sex you have the stronger we get. The stronger we get the more we can do.’

‘You have my attention,’ I said.

‘You won’t have to touch them,’ it said. ‘A mere glance will work later on. How does that work for you Master?’

‘I like the sound of that. I need to get Drake’s diary though. Before that money hungry bitch sells it off though!’

‘Master, leave it to me. Let me ponder on it for now. Do not let it trouble you.’

Alexis was stroking my cock now as she sucked me off. Then she got up and pulled me close pressing her body to me.

“Do you want to fuck me,” she asked purring in my ear. “I really want to feel that long thick cock in me, please… please fuck me… Master.”

“How flexible are you,” I asked.

“MMMMMMMMMM oh very,” she moaned wrapping a leg about my waist.

“Good, now bend over and grab your ankles… that’ll make a fine start,” I said.

“Goodie,” she said.

With no effort at all she folded her body forward, damn. I slid my cock into her tight little cunt and began to fuck her nice and slow. Tight was the word, her pussy felt almost virginal. Once I got my rhythm going she was moaning in time with it. Oh I could get used to this.

‘Me too,’ moaned the demon.

I thrust faster now and harder and our wet bodies slapped loudly in the bathroom. The echoes were bouncing off the tile walls.

“Fuck me Master… fuck me harder… drive that cock into me… yes like that!”

“Alexis… is that you,” my mother asked as she stepped into the bathroom.

“UNNN UNNN UNNNNNNNNN… god damn sooo deep in me…!!!!”

“Who is that in there with you,” again my mom stepping closer now.

“I’m getting so close Master… just a little more… just a little…”


“I’M CUMMMMMING!!!!” Alexis kartal escort howled as mom opened the shower curtain and saw her bent over. Saw me behind her giving her such a pounding. I was so caught up I didn’t see her until I shot into Alexis. I didn’t see her until she reached out to me and felt her hand. I turned reflexively returned that touch. I saw her eyes go white.

“Oh shit no,” I said. “Damn it all to hell.”

Mom’s eyes cleared and she smiled at me.

“Oh hi honey, I see you are giving Alexis a good fucking there that’s a good boy. Do you need any help?”

“Um… no I’m good, might need a snack after this though,” I said.

“I bet you will. Let me go and fix something for you two. Well don’t let me interrupt.”

“Thanks mom, love you,” I said and off she went. “That bordered on the insane.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM let me clean Master’s cock,” Alexis moaned as the demon and I chatted.

‘The touch isn’t always sexual in nature it is about control,’ the demon explained.

‘Thank god, it isn’t like I am going to go down and fuck my mom.’

‘You could if you wanted.’

‘Slow down dude that’s my MOM you are talking about. I can get us plenty of sexual energy okay without banging her.’

‘Oh very well,’ it pouted. ‘Don’t know what you’re missing. She hasn’t had sex in two years. She’d knock your socks off.’

‘TWO YEARS! Are you serious, dad hasn’t touched her in that long? What the fuck?’

Then I looked down at the cock hungry Alexis as she licked my dick clean. That made that point evidently clear. Poor mom hadn’t had sex since they adopted the nympho from hell. She had to know what was going on.

I sent Alexis to her room and finished my shower alone. I dried off and wrapped up in a towel and went downstairs for my snack. I stepped into the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks. There was mom in an apron. That was all she was wearing and she looked real good.

“Damn mom have you been working out?”

“As a matter of fact, since your dad has been fucking that dirty little whore we adopted. I have been hitting the gym three times a week for a little over a year now. What do you think?”

“If I wasn’t your son,” I said staring as her exposed ass and soaking wet slit. “I’d be all over that.”

“You like role playing games don’t you son,” she purred.

“Yeah,” I said sensing something not quite right.

“Good because we are going to play a little quest over the next twenty four hours. Now here is how it is going to play out. You are the great magician right, I am your dutiful assistant. In this quest the evil sorceress has acquired the spell book of the great and powerful Drake. To get it back you must prove your worth by giving your assistant six very powerful orgasms to earn it back. Once that is done your assistant will use her financial resources to get the spell book for you. What do you say?”

“What are the rules on these powerful orgasms,” I asked her.

“No rules… as long as they are received in the allotted time. They can be oral, vaginal, anal… however. You can use your tongue, lips, cock… toys whatever. I don’t care.”

“I accept,” I told her I wanted the diary that badly.

‘This is your doing,’ I said to the demon.

‘You wanted the diary my Master,’ it replied.

‘I did… you are a sneaky little bastard,’ I said.

‘Well yes Master but I do get results you have to admit.’

“What about dad?”

“I have sent him away for a few days,” mom replied.

“I won’t ask,” I said. “I will send Alexis away too.”

I whistled like I would for a dog. She came down wearing only a towel.

“Master,” she asked.

“Do you have a watch?”

“Oh yes Master a very fine one,” she said.

“Good take note of the time. Get dressed, pack a bag and find someplace to be until same time tomorrow now beat feet.”

“Is Master going to be busy,” she asked.

“Oh yeah, I got half a dozen orgasms to hand out.”

“Ooh sounds like fun, we’ll have fun I will see you tomorrow.”

Off she went oblivious and cheerful to pack her back and leave the house. Once Alexis left I locked up the house and we were alone. I took the apron off of my mother and looked her over. She looked great. Her time at the gym had really paid off. Dad really was an idiot.

“Okay go upstairs and take a nice hot bath and relax a bit, I need to make some preparations down here.”

“Hey aren’t you going to…”

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her close. Her eyes had rolled up in her skull, her nipples got hard and goosebumps had popped out all over her arms. I leaned in close to her ear.

“Listen, we are doing this my way right,” I asked and she nodded. “Now be a good little girl and run a fucking bath. Go relax while I get things ready down here, alright?”

“Yes… Master,” she moaned.

As she left I managed a swat on her left ass cheek.

‘She is going to eat you alive, you know that don’t you,’ the demon said.

‘I’m counting on it,’ I replied.

After getting things ready I slipped upstairs and into the bathroom. She was in the bath. Mom had a wet cloth over her eyes and I could see she was relaxed. I took off my towel. I very slowly slipped into the bath facing her. I took my cock and placed the head to her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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