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Pleasure at the Pool

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It was starting out as a normal business trip to Jacksonville, FL. I arrived the day before my meetings and checked into one of the hotels by the landing. After settling in, I decide to go to the pool and see how crowded it was. The pool was on the roof and I picked up a couple of towels and entered. It was the normal group of people there, some families with several kids and some older people. There were several nice looking ladies, however they were with boyfriends or husbands. I ordered a beer and got ready to get a little sun.

About 45 minutes later I looked up and I notice this blonde walking in the door in high heels. She looked about 5’9″ and possibly late 20’s to mid 30’s. Her blonde hair was shoulder length and had some waves to it. She had a body to die for; about a 36C bust, slim waist, and a slight flair to her hips.She has a great tan and the bikini she was wearing showed off her assets. She got a drink and laid down in a lounge chair across the pool from me. I waited to see if a male friend would show up, but none arrived. I watched intently while she rubbed lotion over her long legs, then her tummy and finally arms and shoulders.

I am not a bad looking guy. I am 6’1″, about 190 lbs., and 45 years old. I have been with my share of women, but by no imagination would I consider myself a stud. When on my trips I try to find a woman, late 30’s to mid 40’s, marital status is unimportant, to meet and spend some time with. However this blonde had me dreaming, and they were naughty dreams.

An hour had passed and the pool thinned out slightly. The blonde decided to turn over and get some sun on her back. I watched her every movement through my sunglasses. After about 15 minutes, I decided to ask her if she would like some lotion on her legs and back. I went over and sat next to her, introducing myself and offering to assist with the lotion. She said her name was Suzie and yes she would appreciate help with the lotion. She had a sexy smile and pearly white teeth.

I started on her shoulders and did her back, I could feel her relaxing. I moved down to her legs and started with her left foot and on up her leg. As I moved up the leg, I heard a soft moan from her. I noticed that she had spread her legs apart more than they were when I started. As I reached her upper thigh, I felt a small shudder go down her leg. I switched to the other foot and did the same thing. She spread her legs wider, giving me a good view between her legs, I did not see any tan lines.

I sat back admiring her beatiful body and her firm round butt. About 15 minutes later she got up and entered the pool. She looked up and smiled and said ” Would you mind getting me another drink and joining me in the pool.” With my tongue tied, all I could say was “Sure.”

I handed her the drink and slid into the pool next to her. My back was against the pool side and she reached over to place her drink on the edge. In doing so, her firm breast contained in her bikini top brushed against my arm. It was my turn to have a shudder go down my body. She smiled and said,” I have not thanked you properly for putting lotion on me. Where are my southern manners.”

With that said, she stepped over in front of me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me. The kiss was a gentle slow kiss, just lips to lips. I figured that would be it, boy was I wrong. The second kiss was more demanding. She started sucking on my lips and she pressed her body against mine. Her tongue slithered out between her lips and licked mine, trying to get between my lips. Her breasts pressing into my chest. As her tongue entered between my lips, I started sucking on it. I felt her grind her pelvis into my groin. Her leg was shoving against mine, separating them. She could then grind against my thigh.

I started kissing her back, my hands were caressing her back. They slowly dropped down to her bikini bottoms. I grabbed one of her firm cheeks in each hand and massaged them. She moaned into my mouth and shoved harder into me. The fire was started in her and in me as well. My dick started swelling and becoming hard. She felt this , smiled and kissed even more passionately. She stepped back to allow room for my erection. She quickly moved back to me, rubbing up against the erection. Not wanting to be too public, I suggested we move to the hot tube, where it would be more private. She nodded and slowly backed off. She got out first, I was hoping if anyone was watching us, they would look at her and not see my raging erection.

We got into the hot tube and I sat on the ledge, so I was facing the pool. It only took her a second and she was straddling my lap. Before she moved in on me, she reached down and positioned my erection. so she could rub against it.For the next twenty minutes we teased and excited each other, without being arrested for obscene behavior. While she is nibbling my ear, she whispers in a sexy voice” would you like to come back to my room for awhile?” Breathlessly I answer, ” sure, what ever you want.” She smiles and says” I will hold you to that!”

We climbed out , toweled off and headed hand in hand to her room. Her room turns out to be a suite on the top floor. As we eryamanda yeni escortlar enter thru the door i see a very nice suite before me. She points to the mini bar and says,” help yourself and make yourself comfortable” and blows me a kiss. I grab a beer, head to look out the window. There is a small balcony looking towards the river. I hear the shower running and return to the couch. The shower stops and I anxouisly await her return. I hear the door and turn towards it, there she is standing with only a towel wrapped around her goddess body.

She starts walking towards me and somehow the towel slips to the floor, revealing a tanned body with no tan lines. She looks surprised and starts to bend to pick it up,” I’m so sorry, I did not mean for it to fall.” I smile and say,”that’s all right, I thought your were a little over dressed.” We meet in the middle of the room and start to kiss. I feel her naked body pressing against mine, her firm round breasts crushing against my chest. She wraps a leg around me and pulls me in closer. As our lips entwine, I feel her hand on my soft shaft, gently caressing it. It starts to awaken and grow in her hand. She steps back, reaches for my trunks and slides them to the floor. Smiling,” you were over dressed,too” she wishpers in my ear.

Slowly she starts to lower herself to the floor, caressing and kissing my body as she goes. Once on her knees she grabs my hard shaft and strokes it several times. She wets her lips and kisses the head of it, her warm wet tongue licking all around it. She licks up and down the shaft several times. I see her lips part and my hard cock starts to slip between her lips. I feel them encircle it and gently suck on it, while her hands are caressing my balls. She starts sliding up and down it, I feel the head hit the back of her throat. She gradually starts to increase the suction on my shaft, she has a nice rythm going. I hear her softly moaning. I am close to shooting, she feels my small little jerks, she eases up and slows down.She finaly lets me slide out of her mouth, kisses my balls and stands up. Speaking softly,” do not want to waste it so soon”, smiling she grabs me by my shaft and leads me to the bedroom.

We stand face to face, she rubs my shaft while I caress her breasts. I pay attention to her nipples and they respond by getting hard. I lean down and suck her nipples, she moans and draws me closer with her hands on my back. Her head leans back and the moaning increases. I work my way back up to her lips and we kiss. Hot and heavy, there is no starting out slow and gentle . The fire is burning hot. I slide my hand down her side to her waist, gradually inching my way to her flat tummy. I head south after that to a smooth, clean shaven pelvic area. I lightly brush over her clit and she jumps. I feel her legs spreading, giving me access to her pussy.

I slowly glide a finger over her swollen outer lips. She moans,” that feels so goooood.” On the next trip my finger slides between the lips and feel the hot wet inner lips. She humps foward a bit, trying to get my finger to enter her. I hold back, she sexily says, “please put it inside of me, I need it.” I whishper in her ear,” your time is coming.” I back her over to the bed and slowly lay her on the bed. I position her so her rear is just on the edge.I kneel down in front of her. Placing my hands on each knee, there is no resistance to my spreading them as wide as they will go. In front of me is the most beautifull pussy I have ever seen, fresh smelling. I cannot wait to tast her necture.I place her feet on the edge of the bed.

Slowly I kiss and nibble my way from her knee down her inner thigh, stopping just short of the promised land. Her aroma fills my nostrils and builds my need and desire for her. I start at the other knee, repeating the process. As I get to the Y, I spread her legs as wide as possiblr and kiss her outer lips. I feel a shudder run thru her body. I find her clit and lick it and then gently suck on it. She screams,” Gawd, that feels so good, please, do not quit.” She thrusts herself up to me for more contact.I kiss and caress her sexily excited outer lips, all the way around. My tongue slides between her lips and gets a taste of her hot sex juices. She tastes like honey. I suck and lick all over her pussy and clit. She is close to her first climax. she is breathing fast and hard. Her firm breasts are heaving up and down, Her whole body is trembling. She grabs the back of my head and forces my face harder into her pussy. It is so sweet and tasty, I do not mind. Then I stick my tongue inside of her and start fucking her. She cannot hold it back any more. A climax rushes thru her body and I receive all of her hot honey juices I want.

I continue licking and sucking on her gently and slowly. Allowing her to gradually come down from the climax. I pick her up and lay her all the way on the bed and lay beside her.I hold her in my arms, both of us resting. Several minutes later she starts to kiss me again. I craress her breast, nipples are still hard as ever. I pinch them gently and she bites a little bit on my tongue.

She rolls me over onto my back and starts kissing me all over. sincan escort bayan First thr neck and ears, then moving down to my chest, her last travel is south to my groin area.My cock is very soft and limp. She cuddles it in her hands and gently kisses it. Her tongue licks all over it. It does not take long for her to get my cock’s undivided attention. As it starts to grow and come alive, she sucks and licks it like an all day sucker. She has it hard and straight and slides up straddling my abs.

She starts to rock back and forth. My cock is standing straight up rubbing against her cheeks. She raise a little, reaching between her legs, guides my cock and lays if flat on my tummy. She slides foward and backwards on my cock. I feel her hot wet juices covering my cock, making it easier to slide. She slides backwards and the head of my cock rubs against her clit. She moans a little and does some short back and forth jerks, keeping the contact with her clit. She starts the rocking motion forcing my cock to slide between her puffy outer lips.She stops for a second to enjoy the feeling.

She raises up on her knees, her hands position my cock in line with her wet cunt. I say” stop, let me cover up first.” and I reach for a cover. Between her heavy deep breathing she slowly says with a smile,” I usually require a cover, but not this time, I want to feel skin to skin, and your hot cum flooding my insides. If that is ok with you” as she licks her lips. I am never one to agrue with a beautiful naked lady that is straddling me. “Sure, ok by me. You are in control,”.

With that she lowers herself until my cock splits her outer lips. I reach up and caress her nipples, pulling and pinching them. ” Yes,” is all she says. With a smile on her face, she starts to lower herself on to my shaft. I feel my cock slowly entering her hot tight love tunnel. The warmth and wetness encircling me. Inch by inch she lowers herself. Enjoying the feeling of the hard shaft spreading her inner love tunnel to accomidate it. I finally feel her pelvis against mine, I am all the way inside of her, she moans with pleasure. There is a twinkle in her eyes, a sexy smile , and heavy moaning completes the picture.

She slowly starts to rock back and forth, I feel my cock moving insde of her. it is a wonderful feeling, she is very tight. She leans foward pressing her firm breasts into my chest. We start to kiss, hard and agressive. she continues to rock. I start to move under her, forcing myself all the way in her, thrusting as she rocks. I feel myself hitting the end of her warm tunnel. She moans each time I hit bottom. I feel the tremors starting thru her body. She sits straight up and takes my hands in hers.

Slowy she slides up and down my shaft. At he top she barely has it lip lodge. Then she lets her weight force herself back down on it. She starts to increase her speed. Sliding up and down faster, like a well oiled machine on a piston. Her warm juices are flowing on to my groin, a slapping sound is heard when she reaches the bottom and I am inside of her. She is close to a climax. I caress her breasts, they are getting super sensative. I start thrust up, meeting her thrust, driving myself deep into her. Her moans run into each other. I feel her pussy muscles start to spasm and relax. Her orgasm is close. I reach down and rub her clit, that throws her in to her orgasm.

I bury myself deep in side of her, as her hot love tunnel clamps down on me. I feels like it is trying to milk me. My cock begins to jerk, my climax is coming. I slide out and back in one more time and that is all she wrote. My cock starts spurting shot after shot of hot thick cum into her. It is hitting her cervix, With each shot she jumps, I feel her juices flooding around me, encasing me with her hot love juices. Her pussy starts to milk me, trying to get every last drop out of me.

Ther is not enogh room inside of her for my cock and all our sex juices. My cock is not going anywhere. I feel the juices start to force their way out, finally running down on me. She slowly starts relaxing and her pussy releases it grip on me. She kisses me and says,” thanks, I have not been that turned on for awhile.” She climbs off and before she can go any where, I grab her and pull her to the edge of the bed. I keep her on her knees. She lowers her chest to the bed and spreads her legs. This forces her pussy out towards me. Her pussy still has our love juices flowing out. I step in between her legs and guide my cock to her pussy. I slide it back and forth several times hitting her clit. Then I enter her, after several strokes I pull out and rub my cock between her spread cheeks. Spreading our juices up and down. Entering her again, I get another coating of juices and repeat my last action. This time I brush the head against her rosebud. She jerks, but comes back for more contact.

I go back to her pussy and fuck her for several moments. I feel she is getting excited again. I slide out and between her cheeks, this time rubbing up and down them as if I were fucking them. Her moans are getting louder and she is moving with me. I place the head of my cock at her rosebod. I feel ankara escort her tighten her muscles and hold me there. She shoves back a little and I move back, teasing her. She groans, her actions tell me she wants more. I place it back there, reaching between her legs I caress her clit, The hard little nubbin is what is controling her now, nothing else. She shoves backwards and I stand my ground. I am lip locked now. Slowly she shoves backwards, inch by inch I slowly enter her ass. She stops several times allowing herself to accommondate me. As she is resting, I smack her cheeks several times, she groans louder each time. Her cheeks turn red and are warm. This turns her on more. She screams,” here goes, fuck me.”

With that she thrusts herself back against me, burying my hard cock to the hilt in her ass. I feel her warm cheeks against my groin. She reaches back between her legs and caresses my balls. Moaning loudly,” fuck me hard, cum in my ass, yes, I need it.” I slowly withdraw, leaving myself barely in, thrusting foward, she thrusts backwards. My balls swing up and slaps her wet pussy. I place my hands on her waist and start plunging in and out, sliding in and out easily. Several moments later I feel her body starting to orgasm. I plunge into her several more times and then I bury myself deep inside of her. I feel my cock starting to shoot hot cum inside of her. Her body goes into a big orgasm. Ther is no room inside of her for all of my cum. It starts to squeeze out and run down in her inner thighs. Her body is still shuddering, I pullout and point my cock to her hot pussy. I enter easily, all the way to the bottom. She looks over her shoulder , smiles and licks her lips.

I pound her doggy style for a couple of minutes, she finally collaspes. I slide out and lay next to her. She rolls me over and starts licking my hard cock. Tasting her and my love juices, that I just stirred up. She grabs me and leads me to the shower. We take a slow leisurely shower, warm water flowing over our spent bodies. We towel off, go sit on the couch and have a couple of drinks. As we relax, she keeps looking at her watch. She suggests we put robes on and go out onto the balcony. It is about 10 pm, beautiful clear night, not a lot of traffic out. Several boats on the river and people on the riverwalk.

She backs me against the railing, slowly unties my robe. Kissing me, she takes the belt and ties my wrists to the railing. I start to protest, she opens her robe, steps foward and rubs against me. She whispers in my ear,” trust me.” She puts a blindfold on me. Now what I am thinking. She leaves foe several minutes, returning she kisses me gently on the lips. I feel my robe being pulled open. Two hands are caressing my legs, then my thights. They meet and caress my balls, I spread my legs, giving them better access. I feel a pair of soft wet lips kiss the head of my cock. I feel a slight stirring and awakening down there. The lips take the head between them and suck, the tongue licking around it. It grows hard fast, to the enjoyment of the lips.

The lips start sliding my shaft in and out, sucking on it. Balls being carressed by hands. Teeth gently scrape both sides of my shaft, sending shivers thru me. The owner of the lips is giving me the best blow job I have had for a long tome. Moans and groans come from me. Then a pair of naked breast rub against my chest. Kisses are on my neck and shoulders. The the lips attack mine sucking and biting. Our tongues do a sexy dance. A sexy voice whispers in my ear,” surprise!” All I can say” what?” and lips are back on mine.

I am thrusting into the mouth that is sucking me off. I feel my climax coming. My cock jerks a couple of times, The secret mouth senses this, slides me in and out several more times. The it deep throats me, lips clamp around me, and begin sucking. Urging my to shoot, the wish is fulfilled. I feel spurt after spurt of cum hitting the back of her throat( I am hoping it is a her!). She swallows, not wanting to loose any. She milks me dry and licks me clean. The lips leave me both above and below. Then I feel bare breasts against me, a little smaller than before. I feel a shaved pussy rubbing agains my still hard cock. I feel lips on mine, kissing, I smell the aroma of my cum on them. She lifts the blindfold and I see a very well built petite red head. This must be the person of the fantastic blow job.

I am released and we move into the room. I discover the new lady’s name is Tori and is a BFF of Suzie. We chit chat for awhile then the 2 ladies start to kiss with roaming hands. They are both on the couch and I am in a chair across the way. Tori shoves Suzie back on the couch, rips open her robe. Tori proceeds to kiss her from her shoulders, over her breasts and to her tight, flat tummy. She stops for a moment and sticks her tongue into Suzie’s belly button, then proceeds to her pubic area. Suzie willingly spreads her legs and Tori slides down between them. She starts to slowly devour Suzie’s pussy. I sit and watch the action, listening to the moans and groans. I am rubbing and coaching my soft limp cock into life again. Quickly it becomes hard, I stand and move over behind Tori. I place my hands on her waist and pull her to her knees. She responds by spreading her legs and wiggling her rear at me. I caress her firm cheeks and inner thighs, letting my fingers find her pussy, it is already wet and warm. I smack her cheeks several times and she moans louder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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