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Picnic Lust

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As Rick left his apartment early Saturday morning, his thoughts were about the upcoming day with Katherine. They were planning a day at the seashore and he was pleased to see that the weather was apparently going to cooperate. The weatherman said the temperature forecast was to be in the 80’s with plenty of sunshine. Rick put the top down on his cherry-red sports car and enjoyed the early morning warm breeze as he sped along the highway to Katherine’s house. They had decided to leave early for the seashore, hoping to beat the weekend traffic. When he pulled against the curb in front of her place, he let out a low whistle when he saw her standing on the porch steps of the old Victorian house. He felt the familiar tightening of his manhood in his shorts as he watched her walk to the car wearing a yellow tank top and tight white shorts that exuded sex. He smiled when he saw her wave knowing she was not wearing a bra by the way her breasts bounced seductively with each wave of her arm. He always liked it when she decided to go braless as it made his sexual hormones come alive, knowing that the only thing between her naked breasts and him was the thin material of her tank top. His breathing quickened as he watched her breasts bounce a little with each step, her hard nipples poking into the soft fabric.

When she saw the sports car, come around the curve, her heart skipped a beat with the anticipation that she would soon be with her lover. She waved, smiling as she did so, knowing her motions made her breasts jiggle and that was sure to get Rick’s attention. She liked to tease him by not wearing a bra, knowing that it excited him. Picking up the picnic basket, she walked to the car with sensual thoughts of what she hoped they would do later in the day. She felt the familiar tingling in her body the closer she got to him. She was pleased to see that he wore her favorite blue knit shirt. Just seeing his bulging muscles wanting to break the thin material made her desire for him grow.

Rick got out of the car and walked around to meet her, giving her a big hug and kiss. When their lips touched, he felt her tongue lick seductively at his lips before slipping into his mouth with an insistent urge. He felt his manhood stir with more desire as they held each other close, their bodies pressing against each other, feeling her ripe nipples poke into his chest.

Their bodies seem to meld together with her leg pressing between his thighs, feeling his thick shaft, her breasts pushing against his chest. It was as if they were made for each other with their bodies held together by some irresistible force. Their tongues traded seductive licks and when they broke their kiss, his lips and tongue found her neck, slowly running up and down the taut supple skin. He felt the shivers in her body as he kissed her neck lightly. He smelled the sweet fragrance of her perfume and felt her body push against his and then her soft voice whispered in his ear.

“Rick, if we keep this up we’ll never get to the seashore. And besides what would the neighbors think?”

“Yea I guess your right Katherine. If we keep this up, the neighbors will get to see an x-rated show for free.”

“I’m not ready to display this body to my neighbors so early in the morning” she laughed, hitting him playfully on the arm.

When Rick slid behind the wheel, he noticed old Mrs. Peterson standing in the window looking at them through partially closed drapes. He smiled, wondering how long the old busy body was standing in her living room watching them hug and kiss each other. All thoughts of the nosey neighbor evaporated when he looked at Katherine sitting next to him. He again surveyed her outfit, feeling a shiver pass through him as he pictured her nakedness beneath the clothes. Putting the car into gear he said “I’m glad you wore that outfit. It makes you look very sexy and desirable so early in the morning.”

“I’m glad you like it and I can say the same for your outfit” she whispered, smiling at him as her tongue slowly licked her lips.

As they sped along the highway, the warm summer breeze blew through their hair, sending it flying in different directions. Even though it was early morning, the warm air gave an indication of the heat that was to follow. Rick saw her lean her head against the backrest, closing her eyes, and letting the warm early morning sun on her face. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye, admiring how her nipples hardened from the breeze blowing over her. Erotic thoughts of touching and kissing her breasts and erect nipples swept through his mind. He wanted nothing more than to reach over and touch one of them, feeling the soft skin between his fingers as he lightly ran his fingers over her supple breasts. Pulling his hand off the gear shift knob, he placed it lightly on her thigh, running his fingers ever so lightly along her smooth skin. He heard a low moan escape her lips as she shifted her legs, spreading her thighs open slightly.

Katherine escort eryaman jumped a little when she first felt his fingers lightly touch her thigh, feeling a tingling sensation shoot through her skin from the point of contact to vee between her thighs. Her body wanted him to touch her all over, making her quake under his touch. She relaxed, feeling his fingers slide up and down her thigh, raising her body temperature to match the already growing heat in the air. Her breathing quickened when she felt his fingers inch closer to her womanhood, feeling his hand squeeze her thigh through her shorts. There was no denying that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Hot erotic fantasies raced through her mind of the wonderful things she wanted to do to him. She pictured holding his manhood in her hand, squeezing it lightly, stroking it up and down as her lips and tongue teased the tip. Katherine knew she had to resist a little or he would have her quivering in the front seat before they got to the seashore.

Katherine picked up his hand and lifted it over her shoulder, moving her body against him, snuggling close. “I want you to play with my tits” she said as if reading his mind. She placed his hand over her left breast, sighing when she felt his fingers lightly tracing its outline. Her hand landed on his thigh, tracing small circles up and down his bare skin until she finally rubbed his covered erection, feeling the material of his shorts tighten as his manhood grew.

Their fingers teased each other, making them both more aware of their growing desire for each other. Their touches invoked a powerful sensual desire in their bodies that could only be satisfied by the pleasure they would bestow on each other’s bodies. Her body moved slightly with each squeeze of his hand on her breast. His body squirmed in the seat trying to find a comfortable position as her fingers traced along his thigh to his waiting manhood.

Rick moved his hand until he could slide it into the top of her tank top, finding the hard nipple of her right breast under the soft material. He took the engorged nub between his fingers, lightly squeezing and twisting it. It was a gentle touch, not one to induce pain, but rather one to excite her sensual desires. Her moan of desire let him know that he was doing all the right things to ignite her fire. As if to answer his gentle massaging, Katherine’s hand moved along his thigh until her fingers found his erection. He felt her fingers trace the outline of his manhood as his explored the suppleness of her breasts. They continued this gentle teasing for a few miles…touching and feeling, each of them anticipating the erotic pleasures that awaited them at the seashore.

They were brought back to reality all too soon when they approached their exit on the highway. Reluctantly he pulled his hand away from her aroused breasts and she did the same to his erection. Driving on back roads, they approached a clearing located on a bluff overlooking the sea. The clearing was surrounded by trees with an opening overlooking the sea and secluded enough to not attract any attention of the other people. They had found this small clearing by accident last summer when they gotten lost trying to find the beach road. They had spent the day basking in the sun and sitting in the shade of the trees, promising themselves that they would visit this secluded spot again.

Both of them had visions of sex as they drove off the last time time. Now, without a cloud in the sky, the waves crashing on the beach and rocks below, they found themselves alone again. They watched the birds fly high in the sky before swooping down to find their early morning meal. The waves crashing on the rocks made so they could not hear the sounds of the people on the beach below. It was beginning to fill with people who like them, wanted some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But Rick and Katherine had other thoughts on their minds than a frolic in the surf, they each thought of how it would feel to touch and taste each other until they had satisfied their growing sexual appetites.

The sun felt warm on their skin as they got the picnic basket and blanket from the trunk of the car. They found a grassy area in the shade of the trees that overlooked the sea. They were soon sitting side by side with his arm around her, snuggling closely and watching the sea heave itself upward before crashing upon the shore. They talked of things lovers talk about, each teasing the other with answers that hinted at their growing sexual desire. They kissed tenderly during short interludes, knowing that they had all day to heighten the desire between them. They teased themselves with their words and kisses until Katherine announced she was hungry.

Opening the basket, Rick pulled out a bottle of chardonny along with some different cheeses and fruits. They watched the seagulls fly high above their heads as they sipped the rich tasting wine and nibbled on the cheeses ankara escort and fruits. Rick picked up a strawberry and held it to Katherine’s lips, watching her slowly suck the juices into her mouth. He marveled at how she slowly sucked the juices from the fruit without letting any of the sweet juices spill onto her chin. As she sucked the fruit softly between her lips, he thought about her lips wrapped around his cock and felt a shiver of passion go down his spine. Taking another ripe strawberry, he placed it between his lips, then moved his lips closer to hers, inviting her to take it from him. Their kiss was tender as they both nibbled on the strawberry lodged between their lips. The juices coated each of their lips as they kissed deeply, trying to win the fight over who would get to the last piece. The succulent juices spilled down their chins and they laughingly took turns licking the sweet tasting fruit from the other’s hot skin. Another strawberry and the same results, except now their kisses were becoming more passionate and demanding. Their hands began the gentle search of the other’s body, touching and massaging, finding those special areas that they knew would excite the other as the heat of the day became more intense.

The wine and fruit intoxicate their senses as their lips and tongues fight over the delectable fruit. Rick felt his passion soar when Katherine pressed her lips hard against his. He felt her tongue slide against his lips, poking, probing before entering his waiting mouth. He wanted her now. He wanted to kiss her entire body, to make her body quiver under his gentle kisses. His tongue responded to her kisses, searching outward, touching a bit of strawberry before finding its way between her succulent lips. He felt his desire grow rapidly as their tongues playfully fight for the last small piece of fruit.

Katherine wanted to savor the taste of his lips and fruit at the same time. She moaned softly into his mouth as her tongue darted in and out of his mouth, tasting the sweet nectar of the strawberry mingled with his saliva. She pressed her body against his, her hands roaming over the hard muscles of his chest before landing on his thigh just below the bulge in his shorts. She wanted him to touch her in the way he knew how. Touching her body with soft caresses until she was at the boiling point of lust.

Rick sensed her growing heat and gently pushed his mouth harder against hers. As he pushed, he felt her body move backwards until she lying on the blanket. His lips followed her lead as her arms encircled his neck, pulling him down on top of her. He shifted onto his side, and leaning on one arm, bent down to kiss her sweet lips again. He smelled and tasted the strawberry on her lips as their bodies molded together. Their hands reached out to rub and tease any area they touch. Rick felt her lips suck his tongue back into her mouth willingly, as her own tongue licked gently at the intruder.

His leg pushed between her thighs, feeling them open to accept his hard muscular thigh, then squeezing hard around the thick muscles of his leg. He felt her lower body move against his leg as his thigh pushed insistently against her sweet treasure. His free hand found her hardened nipple poking through the thin material and when he playfully pulled it gently, Katherine groaned with pleasure, pushing her body against his hand. Rick loved to stroke and caress her perky breasts and after arousing one nipple, his hand slowly moved to the other, massaging and lightly pinching it until another soft moan escaped her lips.

Katherine’s hand found his ass and squeezed the hard butt cheeks, pulling his thigh tighter against her supple body. She felt the heat build up inside her body as she kneaded his tight ass, knowing she wanted to see his naked body in the sunlight. Her thighs clamped tightly around his thigh, as her body ground against his. Their passion, mixing together, rivaled the heat of the day as the sun heated the air around the two lovers. Their bodies began to perspire from the morning heat and the passion they aroused in each other.

Katherine felt his hand leave her breasts and move down her side until it landed on her tight ass cheeks. Her body shivered when he squeezed one cheek and then the other. She moaned when he pulled her hips against him so she could feel his hardness pressing against her thighs. His hips moved suggestively against hers, silently telling her that he wanted her … wanted to push his erection into her hot moist tunnel … to pleasure her body. Her arms held him tighter and her kiss became more demanding as she conveyed her lust for his body.

Their lips broke and the only sound they heard was their own heavy breathing. Rick’s lips sought out and found the smooth skin of her neck. Licking and kissing the sweat that had already formed on her skin, enticed the two of them further into their passion for each other. Pulling his head back, he looked into her eyes and elvakent escort saw the lust that can only be taken care of by more lovemaking.

Seductively, he whispered, “Katherine, I want to see your beautiful body glistening in the sun.”

She smiled, knowing that he was hooked on their passion and with a cute mischievous look, she replied “Rick, I want you to make love to my body.”

A surge of desire filled him when her words filtered into his brain. He felt as though he wanted to rip her clothes from her body that instant. He pulled her top off roughly, admiring her naked breasts. Quickly and without a fanfare he unzipped her shorts and pulled them off her shapely legs. Rick felt a twinge of desire in his manhood as he looked admiringly at her nakedness. He smiled when he looked at her yellow thong that hid her treasure of desire, seeing the dampness at the vee between her thighs. Leaning over her like a cat who has caught his prey, Rick’s cock jerked with wanton desire when Katherine pulled him down on top of her, kissing him hard on the mouth as her nipples tried to bore a hole into his chest. He crushed his mouth against hers, forcing his tongue to slither into her mouth and feeling her lips suck hard on it.

Their wanton hungry kiss lingered as they traded tongues, taking turns sucking passionately, feeling the heat in their bodies begin to boil. Breaking their torrid kiss, Katherine laughed, saying, “I want to see your body too” as she began to pull off his shirt.

She yanked on his shirt, in the same torrid manner that he had removed hers’. He lifted his ass as she pulled his shorts off, leaving him only in his black briefs. They embraced tightly again, only this time their naked bodies touched with no clothes to get in the way. They both felt the perspiration on each other’s skin, making their embrace slicker. Katherine pushed her chest against Rick’s hard chest, rubbing her nipples against the taut muscles, causing shivers to course through his body. As she moved against his sweaty body, she felt his manhood grow harder as her nipples grazed lightly over his skin.

Reaching between their bodies, Rick took a swollen breast in his hand, softly kneading it. Feeling her flesh in his hand, made his cock throb with desire, heightening the anticipation of sinking it into her desirable pussy. His hips surged forward, rubbing his hardness along her thigh while still a prisoner in his briefs. Rick let out a loud moan when he felt her hand leave his ass and push inside his briefs to cup his cock. Her slow easy caress of his manhood made his hips push against her hand, implying that he wanted more than just her hand.

“Let’s get you out of these briefs and have a look at your friend” she whispered hoarsely, pushing his briefs off his hips.

Rick got onto his knees and as she pulled his briefs off, Rick did the same to her, pulling her yellow thong off to expose her glistening pussy to his view. He saw the presence of moisture on her labia, twinkling in the sunlight. Kneeling over her, he drank in her nakedness, wanting to touch and kiss her everywhere at once.

Their hands, like a well-orchestrated piece of music, began to explore each other, touching and massaging, watching each other respond to the mutual stimulation. They both felt the fire deep within themselves grow hotter with each insistent touch. A touch here and a kiss there brought moans of lust from their lips.

Katherine’s hands ran over his taut nipples before moving to his sides and down to his thigh, as if waiting for the right moment to attack. When Rick bent down to kiss her erect nipples, she moaned as his lips made contact and then her hand grabbed his stiff cock, stroking it wantonly between her fingers. She heard him groan into her breasts as her hand wrapped around the stiff pole, gently stroking it along its full hardness. Katherine smiled, knowing that she now had his full attention. Slowly stroking the stiff cock, she listened to his soft cries of desire as her fingers danced lightly on his sensitive erection. She heard his quick intake of breath, betraying his rising passion, when her hand trailed downward to his balls, cupping them gingerly in her hand, squeezing them lightly.

Rick felt as if his whole body was on fire as she manipulated his manhood. Taking her stiff nipple into his mouth, his tongue danced circles around the aureola before lightly licking the sensitive tip. He heard her moan loudly and felt her hand squeeze his balls a bit harder as he drew her breast deeper into his mouth.

He feasted on her breasts as she toyed with his hardness. Sucking one nipple to hardness, his lips moved to the other, feeling the rough texture of her hard nipple against his tongue. He delighted in teasing her nipples until they stood straight out as if inviting his lips to dine on them all day. He pushed his hips against her hand more insistently, urging her to keep stroking his manhood. With each kiss and soft suck on her nipple, Rick felt her body rise to meet the next onslaught of his mouth and tongue. Her other hand played with his tasseled hair, urging him to suck her breasts harder and further into his mouth. Her groans of passion were pleasing music to his ears.

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