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Pete’s Mom

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Pete entered the house quietly. He hadn’t really believed what David had told him, but the thoughts that it had created in his head still excited him and he had to find out if it was true. He hoped it was, but he also hoped it wasn’t.

He could hear noises from the living room, heavy panting noises. He moved slowly. The door was partly open and through the crack between the door and the door frame he could see what was happening. There was a lot of activity, a lot of noise. He doubted very much whether he needed to be as quiet as he had been, but he still kept quiet and moved slowly, moving his eye to the door crack to see what was happening.

He gasped. David had told him what to expect, but he still couldn’t avoid the shock of it. On the floor, on the white fluffy rug that she loved so much, his mother lay with her legs open. Between them, Pete could see David ramming his cock as hard and fast as he could into her: his best friend was fucking his mom. What was equally shocking was the language that David was using.

‘Do you like my cock in your cunt, you ataşehir escort filthy slut?’

‘Oh yes, David, more David, give me more. You’re such a very very naughty boy. FUCK ME!’

David renewed his thrusts into her. Pete could see his mom’s right breast bouncing, her left gripped hard in David’s hand. She was arching her back, pushing up to meet Dave’s thrusts.

‘Peter would like to see you like this, wouldn’t he?’ said Dave, driving his cock hard up inside her.

‘Maybe your Pete is fucking my mom like this?’ Dave said, ‘maybe all you moms like getting fucked by college kids?’

‘How many more of Peter’s friends have you let fuck you, you filthy slut? How many others have you let cum up inside your cunt?’

‘Just you, David, only you David – don’t say such nasty things! Oh God! Don’t stop!’

‘But you would like them too, wouldn’t you? I bet you finger your cunt at night thinking of Peter fucking you, don’t you? I bet you think about me being Peter and my cock being Peter’s cock inside you. That’s why you like me fucking kadıköy escort bayan you – you like thinking it’s Peter, don’t you?’

Pete had his cock in his hand now and was stroking it. He guessed that what David was saying was partly true and his mom was imagining that the cock ramming hard up inside her was his. Pete was imagining it was too. His cock was very hard; he had never seen his mother like this, so aroused, so very very slutty and it was turning him on so much.

‘Admit it,’ said David, grinding his body hard into mom’s pelvis, ‘admit that you wish Pete was fucking you now!’

‘Yes, ‘ she said, ‘yes, I want Peter filling me with his lovely white creamy cum. I want Peter’s cock hard up inside me.’

This was more than Pete could take, entering the room still stroking his hard cock, he pushed Dave off his mother and forcing himself between her thighs pushed his hard cock deep up inside her sopping wet hole. He thrust up inside her hard and fast, but didn’t last long before he flooded his mother’s womb with his own spunk. She escort maltepe did not at first realise what had happened, had not been looking at who had been rutting with her. When she felt him cumming inside her, she looked down with open eyes and screamed with horror and surprise.

‘No, Peter! No!’

David grinned, and moved around so that he could push his sticky cock into her mouth, ‘Suck it, bitch!’ he said and winked at Pete.

‘I told you your mom was a slut!’

Pete’s cock was still stiff, his mother’s vaginal muscles were gripping it tightly, one of her hands was on his waist pulling him into her, but she was saying nothing, her mouth sucking hungrily on Dave’s meaty cock. Pete continued to fuck her slowly, enjoying the sensations of his mother’s body welcoming and encouraging him incestuously.

Pete wondered if she was deliberately preoccupying her mouth with Dave to avoid the situation where she would have to say something to him. He shrugged the thought off and just carried on thrusting happily between her thighs. It seemed to him that he had more right than most to that particular location. Also, he thought, that would include his mother’s tits. He let his hands explore the forbidden territory.

There was, though, he realized, going to be a very interesting family discussion later, but later could wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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