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His favourite past time is to make sure I don’t have a chance.

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and it started with a text.

‘I’m in a mood,’ Cody had said. Jo rolled over, casting dark, lovely eyes to me, gentle hands, and hard as the morning. I picked up the phone to glance at it.

“Seems a bit early, isn’t he Lee?”

“I don’t mind,” I murmur. “Do you?”

“Not at all,” Jo laughs, laying back into bed with a chuckle and a wicked twinkle.

“No effort on my part and I get to watch you get turned on? Must be my lucky morning.”

“It might go no where,” I say, rolling onto my stomach so I can text back an innocent emoji.

“He ain’t going to believe that,” Jo murmured. I can tell, though we aren’t touching, that he’s thinking too heavily on what we might be texting. I nudge his foot with mine and give him the most angelic smile. He snorts, unbelieving. He’s seen me be far too bad to believe this, and that’s probably fair.

“Fancy joining?” Cody replies.

“Only if you like an audience,” I say, looking over to Jo who has eyes half open and one hand under the sheets.

“Voyeurs only excite me.”

“Same,” I chuckle as I type this reply.

“How’s your morning?”

“Getting eryamanda yeni escortlar hotter.”

“You might as well touch yourself,” Jo says. “But tell Cody.”

“May I touch myself?”

“Only your skin,” Cody replies. I’ve rolled onto my back now so Jo and I are both propped up in bed. He sees my frown and reaches over to touch my thigh, but nothing else.

“That’s gotta be pretty hard, ain’t it?” he says. I shoot him a haughty glare before my phone chims again.


“I could be.”

Cody could be worse – and I had had worse. I had also inflicted worse, so maybe it was fair. Cody enjoyed when Jo watched. I hated watching Cody and Jo – not for jealousy because they were just as much fire, but for envy. Cody brought out Jo’s protective, in-charge-ness that I ended up suppressing for gentle subservience.

No one lost.

“Now it’s time to touch, I think.”

I did, the willingly yet helpless victim to the instructions.

“How’s that feel?”

“Oh very good.”

“Tell Jo.”

I turned to Jo who was one-handed reading the news, but put it down when my eyes wandered to him.

“Mornings are hard,” I murmured.

“Aren’t they just,” he smiled. “How are you?”

“Oh sincan escort bayan you know…”

“Cody enjoying?”

“I’m enjoying – Cody wanted you to know too”

“That’s the bit I care about,” he said and leaned in to kiss my forehead, then my shoulder, then lower…

“How are the nipples?” Cody asks. I look down and know that if I don’t stop Jo, I will have plenty of attention. He’s gently kissing and I send this picture to Cody who replies in blushable emojis. I am encouraged to let him.

“What about you?” I ask Cody, fingering the edge of my other nipple.

“Oh you taking care of yourself is all I need,” I am assured and I blush. “However next, I’m thinking one of your plugs. Get Jo to choose.”

Jo raises an eye brow and grins, before opening the drawer and pulling out a clear glass variant. A picture of this goes to Cody too who, for both our benefit, sends back an audio of a moan that, quite frankly, we respond to.

“Can’t match Cody for tease,” Jo murmurs. He hands it to me, for me to do myself, which only amplifies the situation. “Cody better know how much I’m enjoying the view.”

I take it slow, but its by every means very good, and then the ankara escort whole bit of it is in me and I am squirming in bed. When I tell this to Cody, I’m told to keep the squirming to myself. It’s only morning teasing. Stop touching myself. Get up and get dressed: there’s a day to attend to.

“Not so lazy Sunday,” Jo chuckled and wraps a dressing gown around himself, despite my jeans and t shirt. I grumble, because I’m being teased and am therefore moody, and go to make proper food. Jo makes toast, lazy, and runs a hand down my ass with a gentle squeeze and a kiss to the corner of my jaw – a soft spot.

“No touching for three hours.”

Easier said than done. I was very away, at every minute, the glass piece I had up my ass, how much I had touched myself this morning, and how I hadn’t been rewarded. I’m mid way though my ironing when Cody finally texts me.

“How you feeling?”


“Jo left you alone?”

“You told him to.”

“Just making sure you follow the rules. Can’t leave you waiting forever.”

The picture Cody sends me is explicit and distracts my whole brain so I hear the iron sizzle and suppress my own groan at such an image. That one is for me and not for Jo.

Lunch comes and goes, not that I do. Uncomfortable and distracted, doing banking is quite the chore anyways and ask Cody is touching myself is ok – which it is, but it can’t go anywhere.

“When…?” I ask.

“Never if you keep asking. Very naughty.”

I stop asking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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