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Performing For You

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I slide my sweatshirt up over my head and drop it to the floor and with only my thumbs, I slip them into the waistband of my sweat pants and slowly nudge them down over my hips and butt, down my legs and I step out of them. I lay back on the bed my head hanging over the side knowing you are watching me.

My nipples harden from the slight chill in the air and because I am lightly running my hands over my skin, everywhere. I take the tips of my nails and encircle my breasts very slowly and very lightly, feeling you watching me on cam, watching and coaching me. I trace the crease under each side and feel the chill it sends all over me. Slow sensual touch, teasing and building the first of many orgasms as you watch me.

I notice the feeling of swelling in the lips of my pussy and place that in the back of my mind for the moment as I continue to touch just the skin of my breasts and chest. I let my fingers wander to my neck and felt the sensual stir again between my legs. Moving my fingers down, I slowly, and ever so lightly, circle just the areola of each nipple and spend a long time just enjoying that feeling staying focused on that extremely sensuous touch.

With the tip of my fingernails I softly touch the tip of each nipple and feel my body respond to the strong sensations. It feels as if there is an electrical current from each nipple to my clit. I can feel it throb in response to the light gentle touch on my nipples. I gently and softly pull at them and press each of them between my fingers at the same time and then I let my fingers return to softly circling my areolas again.

My nipples become rock hard and swollen as I press my fingers around them a little harder this time; pulling them away from my body gently and rolling them around between my thumb and forefinger. I feel a much stronger sensation in my pussy, I know I could cum at any moment, but I want the feeling of being on the edge to last for a long while so I back off and just trace the nipples with my fingertips again; gently teasing the crease of my breast lines moving slowly up to the fullness of the mounds and around the edge of the areola. Tracing the nipples once again, very slowly and sensually; I love the feeling of knowing you are there watching and enjoying escort eryaman me.

I fit each of my hands around the fullness of my breasts and squeeze them together firmly. I press and release them over and over again, I love the feeling of my hands wrapped around them, my two fingers squeezing my nipples as I press my breasts together. I place one of my dildos between the two mounds of flesh and push them together around the cock shaft, sliding it forward until I have the tip entering my mouth; just as I would if it were really you between them. I trace the head of the dildo with my tongue and gently suck it into my mouth, pressing my breasts around it tightly as I moan my pleasure.

I feel the contractions deep within my pussy, the lips swollen and feeling huge as I press my thighs together trying to capture that feeling forever, my clit throbs as I arch my back and raise my hips and ride that first wave of ecstasy. My entire body responds and I cry out as I cum hard for you.

I feel the wetness from my juices flow downward through the crack of my ass. I grasp my purple butt plug and slowly ease it into my ass. The first inch slips in and I rest to give my ass time to adjust to the feeling. I pour some lube into my hand and coat the rest of the toy and very slowly slide the second graduated section into my ass. It feels so good and I feel the fullness from the size as it enters me I moan as the pleasure overtakes me. Breathing steadily I press the rest of the butt plug into my ass and loudly moan from the extreme fullness and pleasure I feel deep inside of me.

My legs are slightly spread in that relaxed kind of way. I use both hands to touch every inch of my body as I relax and enjoy the feeling of the butt plug buried deep in my ass. I let my nails snake over the fleshy mounds of my breasts and over the tips of my nipples. I trace downward to the fullness of my hips touching lightly, sensually savoring the feeling of my touch coupled with the fullness in my ass. I feel the gentle contractions deep inside my pussy as I slowly ease over the threshold of orgasm. I moan and grind my hips down into the bed longing for more.

I gently and lightly touch all over my mound with one hand and fill my other hand with one of ankara escort my breasts, gently squeezing and rubbing. I feel my legs start to stiffen in an attempt to resist the sensual feelings and I instantly relax them, spreading them wider as I press a nipple between my thumb and first finger. I press my ass against the bed placing a slight pressure on the butt plug, reminding me of the fullness deep inside me.

I very softly and slowly trace the outer lips of my wet, swollen pussy, feeling the sensation of each lip swelling even more. I feel those electrical current-like feelings as I gently continue to trace the lips and squeeze my breast at the same time. I can feel my juices oozing out of my pussy and I want to taste it. I want to move my hips faster, to feel that grind but instead I gently lift a taste of my juices from my pussy up to my lips and softly spread it over them, then sensually lick the juices from my lips for you. My juice tastes so warm and sweet; I love the taste of me.

Allowing one hand to lazily trace up and down my body again I continue to outline the outer lips of my pussy with the fingers of the other hand and gently seek out the inner lips. I can almost imagine your voice coaching me as I move on. I sketch the inner lips of my pussy with my fingertip and I am getting very wet, my finger slips easily around the lips both inside and out. I feel them swell and they feel thick as I touch and tease, exploring. Involuntarily my hips grind at my hand and fingers and I am reminded of the full feeling in my ass.

The hand from my breast snakes down my body through the short hairs on my mound and stops where the slit to my pussy begins. My other fingers are still tracing the lips, sliding easily around the folds. My fingers at the slit gently but firmly hold the lips to my pussy open wide and I slip the tip of the first fingernail softly down each side of my clit, moving slowly as my other hand still explores the inner and outer lips of my moist slit..

My fingernail circles my clit avoiding the clit ring for now, just slowly teasing my clit to its full attention. I feel the pounding of my clit and the deep feeling of contractions within my pussy as I ease over that edge and into the throws elvakent escort of a very sensual orgasm once again. I hear the soft moans from deep within me as they escape over my lips. I feel the arch of my back and the thrust of my hips as I seek out the fingers that I want buried deep inside of me, my knees are bent and spread even wider and I wish it were you touching me. My fingernail eases the hood of my clit back and the tip of my finger circles the tiny head prolonging the intense orgasm; my hips grinding down on the butt plug so I don’t lose it in the process.

I can see the monitor of the computer and visualize you sitting at your desk watching me perform for you, soft moans escape from my lips as I tease and touch my self. I reach out for my electric toy and slide the switch to the on position. Slowly I press it against my breast and my nipple responds by getting even harder than before jutting out for more. I trace my body with the cactus like tip of the toy, slipping down to my mound. The vibration from the toy has my body responding; my breasts full, my nipples hard, my breath coming faster, and my hips reaching out to get more.

I slowly and gently guide the toy to my very wet slit, allowing it to just barely trace the outer lips of my pussy. Reaching down with my hand I spread my lips and allow the toy to glide up and down my wet slit. I feel the lips of my pussy swelling even larger and my clit begins to throb as I tease my slit with the vibrations of my toy. Involuntarily, I gasp, as the toy slips up and around my hard, distended clit. My hips rise up off of the bed in an attempt to feel even more but I slide the toy down into my pussy and rest my hips back down on the bed.

The cactus like tip has a long arm and a short one. As I slip it into my pussy I feel the long arm against that very spongy area just inside and the short arm lies beside my hard clit against the ring. My excitement builds and I can feel myself getting wetter as I slide the toy in and out of my pussy, teasing my clit and g-spot. My body trembles and my legs shake as I ease over that edge into an incredible orgasm that just squirts all over.

I relax my body, turn off the toy, release the butt plug from my ass and press a little deeper into the softness of my bed and pillows. Resting between orgasms I continue to touch my skin; tracing my body with just the tips of my fingers, chills running all over me, reminding me of how special the time I spend performing for you is to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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