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Passion Reborn

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The dull, dizzying hum of his computer, and the all too quiet atmosphere of his work had put a tiring, lazy shroud over Andrew. Summer was rapidly approaching, and his eyes drifted past the blinds and into the beautiful day outside. He was cooped up inside, restricted and unable to leave.

Andrew let out a long, slow sigh and raised both of his hands clasped together over his head and stretched. He leaned back in his black office chair and let out a long yawn, his mouth somehow squeaking and quacking in the process. He looked at the bottom right of his computer screen and read the numbers. He still had three hours left of work.

Andrew leaned forward in his computer chair and brought his hands back to the black keyboard. He was the product assistant manager for a software company, a glorified way of saying he was the team lead for a small group of five people. It was also a sign that he was doing more work then he had to and was severely underpaid.

“Hey Andrew,” he heard a female voice call to him.

Andrew spun around in his chair and looked at the entrance to his cubicle to see his female supervisor. She was Asian, and she had long, straight black hair and was fairly short. Her body was magnificent, having curves where all women should, yet she was slender. She always sported a friendly smile and was one of the most intelligent people that he had known. Most of the guys became stuttering idiots around her, but Andrew had managed to keep his cool, and always treated her with respect. After all, she was his supervisor, and she knew much more then he did.

“How’d the meeting go?” Andrew asked between another stifled yawn.

“It went well, just the usual crap. Are you tired?” she asked, keeping her almond shaped, dark brown eyes fixed on Andrew’s oval face.

“Yeah, feeling kind of sick actually,” Andrew said quickly, before he could realize what he was saying. He wasn’t feeling sick, nor was he ill in anyway. The words had just seemed to roll off his tongue without him realizing what he was saying.

She looked at Andrew for a second, her eyes fixed on his face. After a brief pause, she said, “It’s a slow week, why don’t you head out of here early?”

She averted her eyes from his face and slowly looked away. Her eyes drifted around his cubicle, noticing the clutter on the desks that lines all the walls of his cubicle. Andrew was quiet for a second as he briefly considered her offer. Taking a day off was never a problem, but a day off simply meant that he would relax now and have the same work piled up for him when he got back. However, he was almost done and there were no deadlines anytime soon. “I think I’ll take you up on that offer,” Andrew said slowly, keeping his large, dark brown eyes fixed on her pretty, round face.

“I’m leaving as well,” she said. She bit her lip and contemplated whether to say more, but did not.

More then three-fourths of the company was out on training or some garbage, and there was really no work to do. “See you on Monday then,” she said with a large, toothy smile and walked back out of his cubicle. Andrew’s eyes lingered on her frame for a split second as she walked, watching her round body sway with each step. He quickly turned his head; he wasn’t interested in her.

“See ya,” Andrew called out, turning back towards his computer. He clicked a few times, closing down all the applications he had running and turned off his computer. He picked up the few belongings scattered around his desk and slowly headed towards the exit.

Andrew pushed open the security door that lead to the exit of his company’s suite and walked towards the elevator and tapped a button. He would have normally jogged down the five flight of stairs, but he really was feeling lethargic and lazy. Andrew crossed his hands as he patiently waited for it to open as he pondered what he was going to do for the weekend. He didn’t have any plans and had gotten off a few hours earlier than normal. A few extra hours to spend just to himself. It was getting warm outside and maybe he’d go out and do some sports or something, he briefly thought. He hadn’t had a good pick-up game of basketball in ages.

He walked inside of the elevator, nodding and greeting a few people he didn’t recognize and they continued in silence to the lower level. He hadn’t spent much time doing any of his hobbies, and his mind wandered and he began to think about them. He had wanted to do some woodworking, perhaps start on that large table he had put off for months. Maybe he’d get a head start on that, he thought.

The elevator door opened, and Andrew began walking towards the exit of the building. A cute, blond receptionist sat behind a large wooden console, and nodded and smiled at him as Andrew walked by. Andrew threw a faux-smile at her as he continued on. He pushed open the large smoked-glass doors, and let the fresh wave of hot air hit him. It was over eighty degrees, and normally he would have hated the weather but after such a long and crazy winter, he was enjoying the heat.

Andrew walked over to his car and unlocked it from a distance and quickly sat down in the driver’s seat. He looked up and checked his face in the kadıköy escort rear-view mirror. He had a five o’clock shadow and his dark brown hair was combed. He shifted into drive and began heading towards home which wasn’t too far away. He would be home pretty quick as there was no rush-hour traffic.

Andrew reached for the dial to his radio, but didn’t press it. He didn’t feel like listening to music. His mind wandered back to the conversation with his supervisor. He hadn’t been sick, but now that he had thought about it, he was feeling bad. Not physically, but mentally. He was tired of life in general, and didn’t feel like doing anything. He had truly become apathetic about most things in general.

He continued to drive towards his large, suburban home wondering why he had been feeling that way lately. He had always been someone to get things done, not lie down and do nothing. He wasn’t depressed nor was he feeling a classic case of teenage angst… he was simply sad.

He began to ponder about things he could do. His mind briefly reminisced back to his college days, where he didn’t have too many worries. It was so recent, yet so far away. He and his friends would go party, talk about everything from girls to cars to philosophy. They’d go clubbing occasionally, find a few chicks, and just have a good time. He still had good friends but he didn’t feel the same connection as he did in college. Was that the cause, Andrew thought? Maybe he’d do a nice get-together with some old buddies that he hadn’t talked to in a while and get together like old times.

Andrew continued to reminisce and think about his life; something that he found himself doing often. He had high hopes in life, and was working hard to achieve them. Perhaps he was sad because he wasn’t moving forward in life. He had been stuck in this job for a while and there was no challenge to his life. Sure, he used his mind and everyone loved him at work, but he knew he was far from his full potential.

His car slowly came to a stop in his large driveway. His house was secluded, and had a unique design to it. Essentially, it was a multi-family home. The house was divided into three distinct sections, essentially three large houses combined into one with a small hallway joining the houses.

Andrew stepped out of his car, and walked in through the garage, slightly annoyed by the rumble of the garage door opener. He walked into the home, passed the family room, and went up a flight of stairs into the living room that was attached to the kitchen. His parents were sitting in the living room, with the TV on.

“Hey, you’re home early,” his dad called out. Andrew smiled, and sat down on the couch. His parents were getting older, a little over seventy. Andrew had been born when they were older; he was sure he was that unwanted accident child that comes to couples later in life. He had three older siblings, all several years older than him. His sister was happily married and had moved out, his oldest brother was halfway across the country running his own successful startup. Andrew and his last brother, who was closest to his age and about eight years older than him, had always been close and worked together. Rather then living separately, they had built a custom multi-family home together and were taking care of their parents. His parents were approaching the end of their lives, and Andrew could never fathom abandoning them or having them fend for themselves when they had family to support them. His brother also shared a similar mindset.

“Yeah, got off early today. Not feeling too good.”

“Are you all right?” His mom asked, her face showing genuine, worried concern.

“I’m all right, just tired. I think I’m gonna go take a nap.”

Andrew slowly stood up and walked towards the kitchen. He peered over the wall. He heard noises; a knife slicing some sort of vegetable against a wooden cutting board. His eyes fell upon something he cherished dearly — his wife. She had tan, olive skin, and long, straight, very dark brown hair. Her body was petite, and she was more then Andrew could have dreamed for. Her face was exotic; with a combination of mixed blood from somewhere. Her body was curved in the right spots. She was one of the only girls Andrew had known that he could spend hours simply talking about nothing. They connected on so many levels. Before Andrew had met her, he didn’t know such feelings were possible for someone else — all of his past relationships seemed so superficial in comparison.

Andrew walked over to her. She turned, and seeing Andrew, her face lit up with a genuine smile, revealing her pearly white teeth, “Andrew, you’re here early!” she chimed, with natural enthusiasm in her voice. Her voice was sweet, and rang through the air. What always got to Andrew was how happy she had seemed with him, even after a few years of marriage.

Andrew looked back at her, deeply into her large, hazel eyes. He began to remember those problems he was thinking about earlier, and suddenly, his mind had found the root of those problems. It wasn’t her; but the amount of üsküdar escort time they were spending together. They had been married for only a couple of years, but he realized that they hadn’t been doing anything together lately. The passion that was once in their marriage was fading. Andrew suddenly felt awake, and alert. The cloudy haze that had surrounded his mind began to fade.

“Yeah, was feeling kind of sick,” he lied, “I’m gonna downstairs and lie down.”

Amber’s smile diminished, and she showed concern, “Are you okay? You never get sick.”

“I’m doing alright,” Andrew said again, using a fake tired voice.

Andrew turned around and slowly walked to his room, which was essentially in his own house. However, he was able to get to it from within the main house. It was separated away from the rest of their house, so they had their privacy.

He remembered back to their college days where he and Amber had met… staying awake into the late hours of the night, talking about nothing and everything. He remembered simply holding her to sleep every night, his breath and hers taken awaken every time they touched; every time they kissed. He remembered that blinding passion, the pleasantly-nauseating feeling of being madly in love. It was almost gone now; and that’s why he was sad. His relationship with his wife had become almost routine. He wasn’t sad about his life not going anywhere, or that his friends weren’t doing anything. He needed to bring that back; that passion that he, and was sure Amber, longed for. He needed to reignite that flame that existed between them.

He was going to change that today; he wasn’t going to continue having a mediocre relationship with his wife. He walked into his large room and headed for the walk-in closet, stripping off his business shirt and throwing on a plain t-shirt and changing into more comfortable clothes.

He began to think about what he was going to do. Should he go get her? Talk to her? No, Andrew thought, he knew that she would come to the room to see how he was feeling. He would surprise her then.

He waited for a few minutes by the door to his room, listening, and waiting for her to approach. He began to feel anxious, his heart-racing and pulse increasing. He couldn’t believe it; was he getting excited simply waiting for his wife?

Sure enough, he heard soft delicate footsteps against the hardwood floor. They approached closer, and closer. The door handle turned, and Amber walked into the room. Andrew glided towards her, and in one swift motion, he slid his hand around her waist and pulled her close.

He felt the warmth of her body for an instant before pulling her into a deep, loving embrace and without saying a word, he leaned forward and kissed her on her sweet lips. He felt her body go tense. He was sure she was completely surprised by the turn of events. Her head slowly pulled back, but Andrew continued the kiss, refusing to part their lips. It only took a second before Amber relaxed, and began to reciprocate. The two remained connected as they kissed. Andrew finally pulled back, slowly opening his eyes to see a flushed Amber. Her face was slightly red, and he could see that her breathing had become erratic. “Wow,” she exhaled after a second with a look of confusion, shock and happiness on her face, “I didn’t expect that.”

The two were still standing by the door, and with his foot, Andrew kicked it shut. Without saying another word, he pulled her closer to an embrace, going into another long, loving kiss. His lips touched her soft, moist lips, tugging and pulling at them. He ran his hand across her back, rubbing it through her thin, cotton shirt. He continued to pull her closer, wrapping his arms around her petite frame.

He broke the kiss for a second. Her eyes were closed, and she exhaled deeply and he felt her body become semi-limp. She slowly opened her eyes, and said with excitement and confusion, “What’s gotten into you?”

With a smile, and in a baffled tone, she added, “Are you feeling okay?”

“I was feeling sick… of missing you,” Andrew said softly, moving his face close to hers, “I’ve been missing you lately.”

He planted a series of slow, soft kisses starting at her cheek and going towards her jaw. She exhaled again, and he felt a shiver run through her. Her hands were loosely wrapped around him. They were standing close to the wall, and Andrew shifted her weight, slowly pinning her against it.

He continued his series of slow, kisses, covering every part of the side of her face. He forgot how much he missed simply smelling her and feeling her soft delicate skin. It had been a while since they had simply kissed one another, not as a precursor to sex. Now, the two didn’t know what was to come and it only added to the excitement. It was spontaneous; it was random. He continued to kiss her, reaching her ear, and then moving towards her eyes, and then finally went back to her lips. He felt Amber pressed against him. She was skinny, and Andrew’s large body pinned her easily against the wall. She was still in a daze, and she wasn’t moving… simply standing there baffled by what was going tuzla escort on.

He continued another long kiss on her lips, playing with them, periodically breaking the kiss and starting a new one. Their tongues met, dancing with one another as the two continued their passionate kiss.

Amber’s eyes were closed, and she slowly pulled her soft, moist lips away. Her large, hazel eyes fluttered and slowly opened. Their eyes locked, but the two didn’t say anything. They simply stood, looking at one another in the eyes for a second. For that brief moment, they both understood each other, and knew what each other wanted. Words would have been inadequate to explain their love towards one another. The two continued their gaze, eyes locked. Andrew closed his eyes and brought his face towards the side of hers.

“I want you,” Andrew whispered quietly, by her ear. He didn’t exactly mean this in a sexual sense. He wanted her; to hold her, to caress her, to engulf her with his love. Amber slid her hands around Andrew’s back, moving them up to his shoulders, and finally to the back of his head. She closed her eyes, and pulled his face close to hers, wrapping her lips around his. Andrew used his arms, holding her tightly underneath his weight. Amber broke the kiss, and looked at Andrew in the eyes. “Take me,” she breathed.

Andrew slowly reached down with his right arm. He smoothly and quickly lifted her legs off the ground, effectively sweeping her off her feet. Amber had her hands wrapped around his neck and supported her weight. He easily carried her round, petite frame toward the large bed, and playfully tossed her onto the bed. Without waiting an instant, Andrew slid on top of her, wrapping his arms around her back, and held her tightly. Their lips met again, and both of them closed their eyes momentarily enjoying the sweet paradise of their lips mingling. Their hearts raced, in anticipation of what was to come.

Both of them were lying down, groping each other, and rubbing their hands against each other’s body. Their heads moved back and forth, kissing one another, with each kiss growing in passion and lust.

Amber’s hands traced along his back, moving up and down. She finally grabbed a hold of the bottom of his t-shirt, yanking on it, and tugging it up towards his shoulders. Andrew didn’t raise his arms, but continued to hold Amber, kissing her. After a very long time, Andrew didn’t want sex… he wanted her. He broke the kiss, and simply held her tightly, resting his face next to her, inhaling deeply. The scent of her perfume and sweat was delicious.

He slowly pulled back, and Amber raised the t-shirt, and Andrew slowly took it off, tossing it to the side of the bed. Andrew rested back down, feeling his bare chest press against her petite, clothed body. Even though she was clothed, her warm breasts felt great against his chest. His arms were wrapped around her frame, and he leaned down again, passionately kissing her. Amber raised her legs, intertwining them around Andrew’s legs, pulling him closer. She wrapped her arms around Andrew’s bare body, and began to roll, all while maintaining their long kiss.

Amber rolled, so she was on top, straddling Andrew. She leaned back, and started grinding herself against Andrew’s crotch, and slowly took off her shirt. Her tan body, became exposed, and she adeptly popped off her bra without any tease. Passion and maddening lust had overcome the two. She tossed her top to the far corner of the room, not caring where it would land.

She once again leaned forward and Andrew slid his arms up and down across her back, tracing delicate lines across her tanned, soft skin. He felt her warm, soft breasts push against his bare chest, and the two kissed once again. Andrew pushed up with his face returning her kisses with blinding lust and love. His arms wrapped around her soft skin and pulled her close.

Amber had straddled Andrew. She performed her exotic dance, gyrating her hips, and moving up and down, grinding against Andrew’s crotch. She briefly raised her body, and began to unbutton her pants. Even after marriage, Amber had always been a tease and he had never seen her get out of the clothes so quickly. Usually, it was Andrew who was the one taking off the clothes and in a rush. In a swift maneuver, she raised her body and took her pants and panties off, and then rolled back onto Andrew straddling him once again.

He slowly turned again, once again rolling on their large bed. Andrew was now on top, and Amber was underneath him, her full, nude petite body wrapped around and hugging Andrew. He lowered his face down to hers, and kissed the side of her cheek, planting a series of small kisses. Each kiss was slow, soft, and filled with love. He continued until he kissed her jaw line, and down to her chin, and finally down to her neck, spending time kissing the front and sides. The two were at the edge of the bed, and Andrew slowly continued to kiss, maintaining his slow speed. He lingered around her neck, making sure he didn’t miss a spot, and slowly continued downward along her smooth body. He was enjoying the feeling of her soft flesh between his lips. He kissed at the ravine between her petite breasts, briefly cupping them in his hands, enjoying their warmth and softness. His fingers gently traced circles around them, caressing them. His hands began to move downward the side of her body, until they rested on her hips. His face was still by her breasts, and he continued to kiss downwards, making his way past them and to her firm, toned stomach.

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