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Paige’s Extra Credit

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Don’t read this if you are under 18, it is illegal where you live, or if you are offended by sexual stories. Remember, always practice safe sex.

* * * * *

Dr. Dan Johnson was in his office after his evening class grading exams when Paige walked in. She was wearing a tan summer dress cut very high on the thigh showing off her athletic build. Her wavy blond hair and innocent face made her quite an appealing treat.

“Dr. Johnson” she asked hesitantly, “may I speak with you?”

“Certainly, come in and sit down.”

Paige closed the door to his office and sat down in a chair at a small round table. Dr. Johnson moved from behind his desk to sit across from her. Paige crossed her legs and ripple of her white nylons whispered through the room.

“It’s about my anatomy grade. I have not been doing well this quarter and I don’t think I did well on the exam tonight.”

“I am afraid that is true.” He replied. “I have already graded your exam and you only scored a 66%. You may want to consider dropping the course and taking it again. With only one exam and one quiz left I don’t think you can bring your grade up to passing.”

“Isn’t there anything I can do. Some kind of extra credit work.?” Her voice was not pleading or whining. In fact, she had quite a sultry tone behind her question.

“I don’t know what I could assign you. Besides giving extra credit to one person would not be fair to the rest of the class.”

“But Dr. Johnson, there has to be something I could do. I’m on scholarship and if I drop the class they will put me on probation. Please, there has to be something.”

Dan knew where she was going but wanted her to initiate the ‘extra credit’. Being a young single professor who was still in good shape, he regularly took advantage of the young flesh the university offered. “Just what did you have in mind?”

Paige got up and stood directly in front of him, one leg in front of the other with her hands behind her back. “There are so many things I could do to bring my grade up.”

Dan reached out and put his hand on her knee. “Does it include this?”

“Yes.” She smiled.

He pendik escort slid his hand up under her dress until he found stocking tops and garters. He rubbed the bare flesh above the stockings. “What about this?”

“Oh, yes, and so much more.”

“Why don’t you close the door.”

Paige turned and walked to his office door swinging her hips as much as she could. She turned around and struck her pose again. She looked at him with sexy eyes and pouting lips.

“Perhaps we should start with an oral exam.”

Paige smiled realizing her plan worked and got down on her knees between Dan’s spread legs. She undid his belt and opened his pants. She pulled them down over his legs and his hard cock sprang out. She gasped as the 8” rod whipped forward and hit her in the chin. “It’s so big!”

“It would appear as if you are going to earn this extra credit. This is not an easy assignment. Don’t let me down.”

Paige reached out with both hands and stroked his pole. She took the head and glans in her mouth and applied light suction and whipped the end with her tongue. After a few moments she began to take more of the thick stalk in her mouth. She slowly moved up and down his cock.

Dan moaned, loving the heat her mouth was imparting on his cock. He could feel his cock hit the back of her throat and she still had 2” left to go. “Take it all the way.” He moaned.

“It’s so big.” She mumbled around his meat.

“Remember, its your grade.”
She immediately moved down until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. He felt her throat muscle massage his cock and moaned again. “You are so hot. I’m gonna cum soon.” He wrapped his fingers in her blonde hair and moved her head a little faster.

Paige felt his cock swell, grabbed the base with her little hand and began to pull. Dan moved his hips while holding her head. He was fucking her face with jerking erratic motions.

“Oh yes, he it cums!” The first shot was small but the four shots after were huge. Paige swallowed again and again to make sure none of the fluid escaped. When he finished and started çekmeköy escort to shrink she kept his sensitive cock in her mouth and slowly cleaned it off.

Paige stood up and kissed him on the nose. “Well professor, how did I do?”

“You show definite promise. Why don’t you bend over the table and I’ll show you how to earn an ‘A’.”

Paige stood between Dan and the table. She gave a little twitch of her tight ass and bent at the hips until her breasts were pressed firmly on the table top. Dan loved this position. It reminded them who was in charge and that their fate was in his hands. He pulled the bottom of her dress up and placed it on the small of her back. The sight of her tight ass in sheer white panties was breathtaking. The lacy garter holding the stockings up completed the picture. Dan cupped the cheeks of her ass in his hands and rubbed up and down her ass and thighs. Every now and then he would slide one hand between her legs and rub her moistening cunt through her panties. After five minutes of this treatment she was heating up and shifting her weight from one leg to the other. Finally Dan pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them.

“Spread your legs nice and wide dear.” She immediately complied thinking she was about to be fucked. “Now reach down and play with yourself.”

“But Dr. Johnson. I’ve never done that in front of anyone before.”

Dan knew she would do anything he said. The power of teacher over student was unquestionable in girls like Paige. Besides, she came to him with fucking on her mind. That was what brought her to his office in the first place and why he would take advantage of her body as much as possible. “I want to see you make your cunt nice and moist for me. Now proceed.”

Paige reached between her legs with her right hand and slid the little nub of her clit between her middle and index fingers. The twitching of her ass became more insistent. She pushed two fingers into her cunt and swirled them around. Her breathing increased and the speed of her hand picked up.

Dan stood behind her and slid his cock maltepe escort between the cheeks of her ass. The satin folds of her behind enclosed his cock in a wonderful way as he moved up and down her ass crack. He reached around to grap her breasts through the material of her dress and bra. Even through the clothing her nipples were prominent and he squeezed them between his fingers and thumb.

Paige began to make small squealing noises and Dan knew she was ready to cum. He positioned his cock at her entrance and pushed into her cunt in one long stroke. The massive tool opened her up like no other ever had. Paige’s head snapped up and her mouth formed a noiseless scream. Her cunt clamped down on Dan’s meat so hard he was afraid he would cum right then.

Dan gritted his teeth and rode out her orgasm. When Paige slumped down on the table he began to move slowly through her in long easy strokes. “Oh God, its so big.” She moaned. “I can’t take it all.”

“You already have my dear. Just enjoy the ride.”

Much to Paige’s disbelief she began to heat up again. Her newly stretched cunt filled her brain with all sorts of pleasant feelings. Dan pushed all the way in and flexed his cock. Paige moaned. The heat and tightness of her pussy was amazing. Of all the coeds Dan had fucked, she ranked high on his list. He knew he would have to get her in his office again.

The speed of Dan’s strokes increased and became erratic. He hoped she was going to cum soon but knew he was beyond holding back. He didn’t know if she was on the pill. Dan did not want her to end up pregnant and ruin his fun. “I’m gonna cum Paige. Do you want it in you or on you?”

“Oh God, whatever you want!”

Not good enough. “Paige, do you want it in you or on you?” He repeated through clenched teeth.

“Oh Dr. Johnson, fill me up.”

Dan gave one final stroke and jammed his meat all the way into her cunt. She felt the head bump her cervix and the first shot coat her womb. She blasted off into another orgasm. This time she did scream while he continued to fill her pussy with his warm, thick cum.

Dan collapsed on her and they both panted in the aftermath. “So do I pass professor.?”

“I think you are going to be very happy with your grade. However, you have one more exam to pass. I’ll let you know when I want to see you again.”

Paige pulled her panties back over her sore pussy. “Whatever, you need Dr. J. Just say the word.”

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