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Our First Rendezvous

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The pure white snow builds on the roof of the neighboring cabin, creating a soft pillow of white fluff and coating the surrounding pine trees with a Christmas-like visage. The quiet stillness of the woods provides the perfect setting for my reveries as I wait for my darling Christi to arrive. I have waited so long for this day to arrive and I want everything to be absolutely perfect. Numerous times I check and recheck the liquor cabinet and the Jacuzzi on the deck outside.

It is four in the afternoon. I remember that Christi had some early morning appointments before she could join me, so I wait nervously, wondering if something has happened to detain or ‘heaven forbid’ keep her from our long awaited rendezvous. I pace back and forth between the fireplace and the window, gazing expectantly at the winding drive leading up to the chalet. “This is absolutely the perfect setting for our first meeting,” I whisper aloud, “isolated, romantic…just right for the love of my life.”

The sound of a car approaching brings me back to reality. Quickly I move to the door to see if my dreams are about to be realized. The car pulls into the empty space next to my Navigator and a beautiful parka-covered body emerges from the door.

“Thank God, I remembered to leave the space next to the porch open,” I mumble under my breath.

Quickly, I open the door and step onto the snow covered porch.

“Hi gorgeous,” I sing out through the quiet afternoon snow, “hope you didn’t have any problem finding this place.”

Christi smiles back, her expression brighter than the new fallen snow, “No, the directions were just fine. Actually, I’ve been in this area a couple of times before so I really know my way around very well.”

Once inside the warmth of the cabin, I help her shed her thick parka. Christi brushes the snow from her blonde hair and moves over to the crackling fire. I stand awestruck, my eyes taking in the vision of her loveliness. My eyes move from the soft, red of her lips to the deep blue eyes that seem to be windows into an intelligent, witty kadıköy escort and very sexy woman. Her breasts move slowly, rising and falling with each breath, the hard nipples standing out, straining against the sweater she is wearing. Her long legs, accentuated by the tight jeans and boots she wears leads up to a trim waist, now surrounded by a western belt with a silver buckle that is engraved with simply, “Country Girl.”

“It’s not nice to stare,” you smile.

“Sorry,” I respond, “You are just so beautiful.”

“Okay, now it’s been a long drive up so I’m going to freshen up a little. Where’s the powder room.”

“Down the hall, second door on the right. I’ll fix us a drink while you are gone. What would you like?”

“Got any spiced rum,” you answer. “Maybe with a little pineapple juice?”

You glide down the hall, flashing me a sexy grin as I move to the bar to prepare the drinks.

My mind races as I fix the drinks and carry them over to the soft, white couch. Placing them down on the coffee table, I poke absent-mindedly in the fire and soon have a crackling blaze lighting the now darkening room. I light several candles that have been placed on the tables in the great room and sit, waiting expectantly for you to reappear.

You don’t keep me waiting long. You emerge from the hallway wearing a loose white robe, tied around your lovely waist with a sash. You have released your blonde tresses and they hang softly around your lovely face, outlining the blush of your cheeks.

“Let’s get better acquainted,” you whisper. “After all, this is the first time we have really met in person. You only know what we have shared over the internet.”

“Good idea,” I respond. “I want to know everything about you.”

We talk about our lives, our dreams, and our hopes. No interruptions, no cell phones, no pressures from the everyday hum drum of work. Before we know it the time has slipped away and darkness has descended upon the surrounding countryside. üsküdar escort The fire has begun to die down and the candles flicker to remind us that our anticipated moment is arriving.

I move gently to your side and take your chin in my hands, tilting your head up toward me and softly kiss your warm, red lips. You part your lips slightly as my tongue tastes the sweetness of you for the first time. You close your eyes and move closer to me, pressing your soft, warm breasts against my chest, as our kiss deepens. My arms pull you tightly against me and I explore your mouth with my tongue, penetrating almost to the soul. My breathing is becoming more shallow and my hands tremble as I gently massage your shoulders, moving down to the sash that ties your robe around your beautiful body. I can feel your braless breasts as the nipples harden and brush against the rough lining of the robe. With a gentle tug I release the belt to your robe and my hands move inside to feel your silky body for the first time. They move up your back and my fingers begin to trace the outline of your face as our kiss lingers. Your robe has been pushed aside and I lower my mouth to kiss your breast, my tongue flicking against the erect nipple, them kissing the beautiful cleavage between them. Taking one of the nipples into my mouth, I suck gently at first, then a little more pressure as you begin to moan softly in my ear.

“Damn, you are so beautiful,” I whisper. “I want this moment to last forever.”

Kissing your firm stomach, I nuzzle the little patch of hair just above your waiting womanhood. You smell of powder mixed with the aroma of your juices. The scent is heavenly. My fingers gently separate the lips of your pussy revealing your little clit, now hid behind the hood as if to say, “not yet.” My tongue teases the area surrounding your love button, flicking at the hood as my finger begins to slide along between your vagina and anus, so close to penetrating you but stopping just before entry and then moving back up toward your clit. tuzla escort My tongue now finds your little clit and lashes out against it, drawing it toward my mouth as my finger – first one and then two enter your wet, slick pussy. You begin to move under me, pressing back against me as you softly moan your pleasure. My tongue moves from your clit to replace my fingers as it probes into your vagina, tasting the sweetness of your love juices.

I feel your soft hands as they release my jeans, unzipping them and releasing my hard cock from the confines of their captor. You take my hardness in your grasp as you push my pants down across my ankles and they drop to the floor. Drips of pre cum ooze from my hard dick as it pulses with each touch. Your caress drives me wild as I now lick your clit more urgently, alternating between it and your hot, wet tunnel of love. We are both caught up in the feelings of our passion, needing that release that only a mind-boggling orgasm will give us. I feel you shudder as the first sensations of orgasm begins to move through you. You are stroking my hardness now, bringing me to that point of needing relief.

I move slowly up to kiss your warm, sweet mouth as my hardness finds your waiting womanhood. Very slowly, I enter you, moving slightly into your wet, hot vagina then withdrawing, moving my hard cock up along your slit, touching your swollen throbbing clit, then back down, teasing the little ring around your anus before moving back up and into your love hole. Just a little more penetration and then withdraw. All the while, my tongue is circling the erect nipples of your breast. Now, more urgently, I penetrate you until my balls nestle against the creamy whiteness of your ass cheeks. We are moving together, lost in the sensual feeling of sex. I moisten a finger with the juices that are now dripping from your pussy and gently press into your little anus. I can feel my hard cock as it moves in and out of your steaming vagina. I know my own release if close so I begin to thrust more rapidly into you as I pull vigorously on your nipple with my mouth and tease your clit with my free hand.

As I feel the ripples of your own climax build in your pussy, I erupt into you filling you will my hot, sticky semen as wave after wave of my orgasm pounds my body. We lie together, breathless, as we enjoy the afterglow of our lovemaking.

To be continued…

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