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Opportunity Knocks

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You know those chance occurrences that leave you wondering what is going to happen next? This was one of those times.

I was on vacation during the school year so was home alone while the kids were off to school and my wife off to work. I had seen everyone to the door, showered, shaved, and had just gotten settled into a game of pinochle on the computer while enjoying a cup of hot coffee when the phone rang. Jessie, the oldest daughter of our neighbors wanted to borrow the computer to type out a paper for some composition class she was taking at the local community college. Being the ever-helpful neighbor I agreed and she came over shortly after on an exceptionally warm January day wearing comfortable clothes. I could smell shampoo as she walked passed me through the front door and knew she had showered, but to look at the worn out sweats and tee shirt you would have thought she just rolled out of bed. Still, the worn out look in no way diminished her glowing charms. Jessie stands about shoulder height to me so I would guess her at about five feet tall and would probably blow away in a strong wind so couldn’t be more than 100 pounds. However, her petite figure and slight build was marvelously curved. I had needed to put my tongue back in my mouth more than once over the past couple of summers seeing her wearing a thong bikini and enjoying the sun by my pool. She is auburn haired with pale brown eyes and no matter how much she lies in the sun remains very fair of complexion.

For the past couple of years I have from time to time thrown out suggestive remarks and subtle propositions that were usually responded to with a coy smile and a giggle. I am 15 years her elder, good friends with her parents, and in no way wanted to jeopardize my marriage or the good relations with the neighbors. So I fantasized at a distance, so to speak. My wife had pointed out several times that she was developing into quite an attractive young woman and knowing I have a soft spot for redheads had warned me to keep my eyes in my head. At any rate, I digress. She spent the bulk of the morning editing and retyping her paper and we hardly exchanged two words. At lunch I offered her a sandwich and she accepted. Over lunch we chatted and she asked if I would proof read her paper. Now continuing my dirty old man ways I made some remark about how she would have to repay me for disrupting my vacation, using my free computer time, burning up countless pieces of printer paper, and paying for editing services. She laughed, stood up from the table and stretched. It was then that I noticed that her worn out shirt was nearly see through, and when she threw her head back and stretched for the ceiling the thin material pulled taut bakırköy escort across her breasts and revealed that she was wearing no bra. I swore I could see nipple, but not wanting to get caught I quickly diverted my eyes before she finished her stretch.

Regaining my composure I headed for the computer chair to begin the proof reading of her essay and she went off to explore the house or use the bathroom or something. I was amused by the title of her essay “How dumb can a guy be?” The assignment was to write an essay about anything and work on punctuation, proper verb/noun agreement etc. Well, I read into the paper and she had done quite well with the basics and had used several pick up lines and other instances where guys had made passes at her to illustrate how dumb guys can be. About half way through the paper some of the “dumb’ things began to get way too familiar! I called out to her, “Hey Jessie! I can’t believe you are using me in this paper and it isn’t fair that you have taken them out of context! They were not as lame as you have made them out to be!” I heard her voice form the hallway, “Yes they were!” and as she got nearer the den, “You said them then did nothing! If you wanted to see my breasts why didn’t you just ask?”

I stammered and finally spat out, “Fine! May I see your breasts?” Jessie graciously complied and removed her shirt to reveal a very nice rack indeed with small, pale nipples that pointed slightly skyward once they were free of obstruction. I am sure my jaw was hanging open at her boldness. I saw her blush all the way down to the top of her sweats when she asked, “can I see yours?” By now my blood engorged erection begged to be released from captivity so I jumped up and automatically slid my pants down without one thought about anything else. I looked up when she exclaimed, “Oh my god!”

Immediately I was certain I went to far and reached for my pants, but she stepped forward to stop me and said, “Its not that, its just that it is so much bigger than Tim’s (her boyfriend).” I smiled and suggested she touch it and being ever hopeful even suggested she take it in her mouth to get the feel of it! Her coy smile was back and to my utter delight she first slid her sweats completely off! I was in heaven and now knew that the grass matched the hedges! I could not see a single flaw in her complexion save the few freckles that dotted her face across the bridge of her nose. In no time I had removed all of my clothing and was leaning back in the computer chair really enjoying the look of rapture on her face while she knelt between my parted thighs and slowly slid her hands up and down the shaft of my erection.

Total stupidity on beşiktaş escort my part! I was so enjoying the touch of this twenty-year-old beauty that I did not hear the car pull up, the front door close, or the approaching footsteps. My wife had arrived home a little early to “surprise” me!

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” Both Jessie and I jumped to our feet. My cock instantly deflated at the tone of my wife’s voice. “I SAID, WHAT… THE… HELL …. IS… GOING… ON?” She had taken a harsh step in our direction and Jessie jumped back knocking me back into the computer chair and falling on top of me at the same time. When the smooth skin of that tight little ass of hers hit my cock I was instantly hard again, which caused Jessie to jump back to her feet. By this time Sara, my wife, was standing in front of us. Now, Sara is no Amazon Warrior, but at 5′ 8″ she towered over poor Jessie. I am not sure why Sara did it, or how things lined up so well, but, Sara misinterpreting why Jessie jumped up had put her hands on Jessie’s shoulders and pushed her back down growling, “AND WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING?” Jessie came back down on my lap, and now free of her weight my cock was pointing skyward. The head of which line up perfectly with her (and I found out after the fact, virginal) little asshole. My size was alluded to before; I am longer than lots of men and very thick as well. The head and about one third of the shaft disappeared instantly up her back passage. Jessie screamed a short strangled cry, passed out, and fell back onto me and her dead weight carried the rest of my eight inches hilt deep into her ass. I grabbed hold of her to keep her from toppling over and Sara’s jaw dropped in shock at the scream and Jessie passing out. “Oh my god! Is she dead?”

Sara whispered through her fingers now covering her mouth. “No, but my cock is lodged all the way up her ass now!” I said in mock anger trying real hard to disguise my pleasure. Jessie moaned but didn’t really move and Sara went on to explain that she came home early to get a little action before the kids got off the bus. Jessie moaned and stirred just enough to let her legs fall as far open as they could with my legs against the arms of the chair. I saw Sara’s eyes drift down to Jessie’s bush. “She is really lovely!” uttered Sara. Taking full advantage of the situation and pressing my luck I said, “Go on Sara, you said you were curious.” She hesitated but I could see the desire building in her eyes. Sara wasted no time at all removing her clothes and I rearranged my legs so I could spread Jessie’s legs wide. Sara knelt before the two of us and gave me one lustful look before she began to timidly lick the beylikdüzü escort young girls slit.

It didn’t take long for Sara to really get into it and I had no trouble staying hard where I was! The attention on her clitoris did not go unnoticed for long, because Jessie began to moan and although at the time I don’t think she was totally aware of what she was doing she reached out, grabbed Sara by the back of the head, and started grinding her hips. Moments later however, Jessie knew full well what was happening. “Oh God! It hurts!” she cried but never stopped grinding her pussy into my wife’s face. “Get it out! Get it out!” Now, Sara has never allowed me to take her anally because she is afraid of my size, so, knowing this I let go of Jessie to let her slide off and get my cock out of her ass. Thankfully, she had only risen about halfway off when her orgasm hit. She dropped right back down to the hilt and began bouncing and bucking all the while holding Sara’s face firmly to her pussy. I erupted and squirt what felt like a gallon of cum into Jessie’s ass.

As Jessie’s orgasm subsided she let go of Sara who sat back with a smile on her face. I softened and began to slowly slip from Jessie’s ass when she gasped, “That was incredible!” Once my now depleted member was free of her back passage Jessie slipped from my lap to sit on the floor next to my still smiling wife. “Now everyone has got to have one except me!” Sara complained. Jessie beat me to the punch! She pushed Sara onto her back and dived into her neatly trimmed box. Sara was so aroused that she had reached her orgasm in about a minute. It was over before I got to jump in so we sat and talked for a bit. Jessie confessed to several things. First that I was only the second man that she had had sex with. Second that that was the first time anal. Third that she had never thought about me that way until two days before when a friend of hers said that a more experienced man could make it more enjoyable. Fourth that although her and some close female friends had experimented by licking each other she had never had an orgasm unless she was masturbating. Sara confessed to Jessie that she was curious what it would be like with another woman and that Jessie was her first. Me? Hell I was on a roll so I pressed my luck further! I admitted to wanting more and fortunately both women agreed that it would be fun. So I went even further and admitted that I also want Jessie’s little sister who would be 18 in a couple of weeks! Neither Sara or Jessie thought it would be possible but to humor me they said “we will have to wait and see.”

Unfortunately our kids were due in from school in a few short minutes so we had to stop there and get dressed. I chuckled appreciatively while Sara and I watched Jessie through the kitchen window; walking with some obvious discomfort, make her way across the yard to her house. Sara slapped me playfully on the chest, “That poor girl won’t be able to sit down for a week! I hope she can hide it from her parents.”

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