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Night Flavors

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It’s almost bedtime and I can’t wait. I’m really horny tonight and I’ve been thinking about what’s in store. The anticipation has slowed time to a sweet, agonizing crawl. My cock is growing hard as I unbuckle my jeans and slide them down along with my underwear. Stepping out of my pants, I leave them in a heap on the floor and head over to the bed. I’m wearing only a red t-shirt and white athletic socks now — my sleepwear for the night — and the cool night air feels good on the bare skin of my ass, penis and thighs.

Lying down, my back against a stack of thick pillows, I grab the remote and switch the TV on to the news. You are in the bathroom, wearing only a partially open flannel shirt and striped knee socks as you sit on the toilet. The door is open. You are leaning slightly forward with your arms crossed on your lap, a faraway expression on your face as if you are lost in thought.

“Don’t look! I’m taking a poop!” you scold when you notice me gazing at you.

“How erotic,” I say with a smile.

You open your legs wide to reveal your triangle of red pubic hair. “Want to watch it come out?”

“Sure,” I say, but you close your legs and stick your tongue out at me defiantly.

You look quite beautiful, as always, with your mane of long blonde hair (your carpet does not match your drapes), full lips and lovely almond-shaped green eyes. After a few moments, you stand up and saucily walk to the door saying, “Excuse me. I’ll be right out.” But before you close it, you seductively wiggle your firm round ass at me.

So I lay there in horny anticipation as the toilet flushes. My cock is almost hard, and I can’t wait for your touch and the soft warmth of your mouth on it although what I really like most is going from soft to fully erect in front of your eyes without you even touching me. Tonight, that’s impossible, but I’m reveling in the excitement one often feels at being fully exposed to a lover.

The bathroom door opens again and out you come, bounding onto the bed to snuggle next to me. We’re both nude from the waist down, as usual, and you take my cock in your hand, gently stroking it and bringing it quickly to full hardness.

“My, someone’s ready to go,” you say, giving me a quick, light kiss before leaning down to plant one on the big, pink-purple head of my erection.

“So are you,” I reply, my hand caressing your soft, plump mons once you’ve settled back against your pillows. Your pubic hair is moist and the lips of your pussy part easily to yield a honey-like slickness.

With that, you grab the bowl of potato chips off the night table and place it between us. Then you hand me a beer and we settle in to watch TV. As usual, I find that it’s not easy to concentrate or care about what’s on. As I lie there with my thick, circumcised meat twitching with each beat of my heart, all I want to look at is your pussy. It’s so erotic nestled there between your plump, smooth thighs. Your shirt has ridden up above your waist, and you’ve left it that way so I can enjoy the sight of your wide hips. Your body is so voluptuous in such a natural way. Even your soft, slightly round belly is sexy.

This is all such sweet torture. I want so much to taste your cunt and your asshole, to pleasure you and make you come, and then fuck you hard but we have an agreement. We must have our bedtime snack before we begin feasting on each other, and the idea of that feast is to extend our sexual pleasure for as long as possible.

So I lie there, not really seeing or hearing the newscaster drone on while you contentedly crunch your chips and sip your beer. My cock slowly grows softer, but my arousal is still kurtköy escort intense. It’s not long before I can’t take it any more.

After I finish my beer, my hand wanders to your pussy mound and I rest it there, gently stroking the soft, curly hair. You go right on eating your chips, your gaze fixed on the TV although you part your legs slightly in invitation. I move my middle finger to the pink hood of your clit and slowly slide it into you. Your cunt is warm and buttery slick, and you let out a soft purr as I press against your g spot. Slowly removing my finger, I lick your juices off. They’re tangy-sweet.

“Mmmm, you’re delicious tonight,” I say.

“Am I?” you ask, looking at me and smiling.

I slowly slide my finger back into you as I watch the pleasure in your eyes. Then I offer you the finger to taste. You take it into your mouth and I feel your tongue moving as you suck.

“Mmmm, yeah,” you say.

I love that you enjoy your own body. You’ve often eagerly sucked your sweet cunt honey off my cock after I’ve fucked you and you are even unafraid to take it in your mouth after it has been in your ass. I think about sliding my finger into your anus now and us sharing more licks and a different flavor, but my attentions have clearly flipped your switch.

Rising and shifting, you settle your head on my stomach. “I think I’ll have some of this dick,” you say, taking my erection and guiding it to your mouth. The warm softness feels so good and I lie there just soaking in the sensation.

So many nights I’ve just laid back, my hands behind my head as you leisurely lick and suck my cock while we watch TV. Giving a blowjob is your greatest turn-on and I also love that about you. Usually I fill your mouth with my warm, sticky cream and then return the favor by going down on you until you come, although sometimes I’m the one who starts between your thighs or by rimming you while you lie on your stomach, casually watching whatever show is on.

“I really like your dick,” you say, squeezing the shaft and kissing the bulging head. “It smells and tastes good tonight…”

“That’s nice because it likes you,” I say. “Whose dick was the first you ever sucked?”

“Dave,” you say, referring to your first boyfriend as your hand slowly caresses my aching hardness.

“Did you let him come in your mouth the first time?” I ask.

“Hmmm hmmm,” you say, still sucking me. I feel cool air on my erection as your mouth comes off it. “I was curious. I wanted to know what cum tasted like. Some of my friends were grossed out by it, but I liked the taste…”

“Well, it’s nice you made that discovery,” I say, fighting to keep my voice steady. “You give a great blowjob…” And you do. This one feels indescribably good.

“Thank you. Dicks are nice. I like how they feel in my mouth and the total control I have over a guy…”

“Well, I’ll definitely do whatever you want,” I say, stroking you hair.

“I really like it when they come in my mouth. Your cum is nice….”

“Would you like some?”

“Hmmm hmmm,” you purr as you take my erection back between your lips. I can feel your tongue moving on the head and you are caressing and lightly squeezing my balls, sometimes running a finger or two over my asshole and then penetrating me. It feels so incredibly good and I want so much to feed you my cream. It brings me to the edge just thinking that you are tasting my hard, hot and horny penis and will feel it spurting all warm and sticky in your mouth. My cock feels like it’s going to burst at any second and I keep stroking your hair, moaning “Oh yeah…oh yeah….gonna cum….”

You begin malatya escort stroking my dick as you suck and that does it. A huge, intense orgasm wells up from my balls and the underside of my cockhead, quickly washing over my entire body. I cry out and rock my hips. So good. I just keep spurting and spurting and spurting as I ride this amazing wave of pleasure, feeling you suck my thick juice down and wanting so much to give it to you, to let you savor my hard, hot dick and all it has.

Whenever I can watch you give me a blowjob, you often let my cream run off your tongue and onto your chin just so I can see it, but since the back of your head is to me, you keep my penis in your mouth as I come and swallow until I am spent.

“Oh god, that was good,” I pant as I lovingly move some hair off the side of your face. Your mouth comes off my wet cock with a slight pop and you squeeze the last pearly drops of semen out onto your tongue.

“Felt good, huh?” you say, dreamily.

“The best,” I say.

“That’s nice. It tasted good. You make a lot of cum. More than most guys. Bill made hardly any…”

Bill is a mutual friend, a rival for you at one time, perhaps, but I am secure enough in our relationship that I honored your request for a threesome and watched you suck him off while I fucked your ass from behind. I have to admit the sight was a turn-on, and the mental image still is.

“Did it taste good?” I ask.

“His was kind of bland. Yours is salty. I like salty things…”

We lie there for a while, me floating on the edge of blissed-out sleep while you gently play with my deflated penis. A movie is on now, but I want to turn my attention to other, nicer things.

“My turn,” I say, sitting up. You rise a little unsteadily and lie back against your pillows, spreading your legs. I slide in between them. kissing the insides of your thighs and nuzzling your warm, fragrant pussy. Your skin is so amazingly soft and I love the feeling of your thighs against my cheeks.

“I love your pussy. It’s the most delicious I’ve ever tasted.”

“And how many pussies have you tasted?”

“I don’t know…seven or eight, including yours…”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah. I think yours is the nicest.” I study the delicate pink folds of your cunt and the faint hair nubs where you have shaved on each side. Your pussy is slightly open, and when I slowly lick at with my tongue, the tang is delicious. “Have you ever tasted one?”

“In college…my best friend Darcy,” you almost gasp. I’m clearly getting you going. “We were drunk…and we…just…experimented….”

“Did you like it?”

“It was nice…”

“Did you lick her asshole?”

You moan and shudder. “A little…”

“Did you like it?” I lick slowly along the full length of your cunt.

“It was nice…”

You gasp and press your cunt against my face. I know exactly where to lick you and for a little while, I tease you with light passes and maybe a kiss. As your hands grasp my head and pull me into you, I begin to use the flat of my tongue on the underside of your clit, working into your buttery slit, applying pressure. You moan, your thighs quivering. As I lick, I gaze up at your face. It’s an expression of total pleasure — your mouth an O, your eyes narrowed, your hair messily splayed across your pillow. You look so gorgeous when you’re close to orgasm or coming.

And come you do, moaning, sighing, writhing, clutching my head with your thighs as I lick at your throbbing pussy. I can feel the contractions of your vagina on my tongue as my hands course your thighs and belly.

I kiss your cunt until your orgasm has kayseri escort passed, and when you sigh loudly and raise your left leg, bent at the knee, I lick the inside of your thigh before gently taking the back of it in my palm and lifting.

“Turn over,” I say. “I want to taste your asshole….”

“You sure you want to go there?” you ask, rolling onto your side.

“Absolutely…my favorite destination….”

You bring your bent knees up until you are almost in a fetal position. This spreads your asscheeks, exposing your sexy brown anus. It’s like a round, delicately wrinkled cup nestled above the slit of your pussy. Your asshole has a very pronounced, deep slit about a quarter of an inch long. It’s not a tight pink pucker like some women I’ve had.

“You have the sexiest asshole I”ve ever seen,” I say.

I kiss each soft cheek and take my time studying and savoring everything about your ass. The slightly open cleft smells like scented toilet paper with a pungent undertone of what you did earlier that is sheer turn-on. When I slowly move my tongue down the moist, warm valley to your anus, the taste goes from faintly salty to sharply bitter.

“Mmmm,” so good I sigh.

And you are. You’re making my dick hard again.

“Why do you like licking my asshole so much?” you ask.

“It’s delicious. The taste really turns me on…and I like knowing you so intimately…” I reply, kissing your anus and slowly swirling my tongue on it.

“You’e not afraid of what comes out of it?”

“Not at all. Traces add to the intrigue…it’s kind of naughty and forbidden. Besides, an ass should taste like an ass…and nothing turns me on more than the taste of yours…”

“Mmm, that’s nice,” you say as I press my tongue inside it. The bitterness is almost tangy. The inside of your anus is smooth and hard, like rubber. The warmth and softness of your buttocks surround and caress my face as I lose myself in licking and probing and tasting. My hands gently roam and squeeze and caress your asscheeks and as I start to intently tongue-fuck your succulent asshole, you sigh and moan, reaching back with your hand to pull my face hard into you.

“Oh…fuck…yeah…that feels so good….go deeper…deeper…yeah…oh….”

My jaw aches as I try to accommodate your request, and I move my tongue against an almost satiny softness deep within you. The scent of your ass alone brings me to the precipice of orgasm, and all at once you come again, bucking against my face as I passionately eat out your rubbery, bitter hole.

As soon as I sense that your orgasm has passed, I rise up, my erection bobbing and you roll onto your back, opening your legs wide. I move in and you take my cock, guiding it into your wet, open cunt.

“Oh god that feels so good,” I gasp, slowly sliding in and out as I gaze at your face. You are looking up at me with such love, such pleasure. We kiss and our tongues entwine and play as I share the taste of your anus with you. You eagerly take it as we slowly fuck, our rhythm growing a little quicker with each stroke until I am pistoning in and out of you. You are flushed, sweaty, moaning loudly. I feel another, even more intense orgasm coming on and it arrives as soon as I gaze down at the sight of my wet, hard, fully swollen penis entering that wondrous pink portal below your red triangle of pubic hair.

We both come together, groaning, rocking, grinding against each other as I release my cream within you. We end up spent, nuzzling each other’s neck and kissing softly before we both drift off to sleep with cock still inside you.

When I awake, the TV is softly droning. I softly rise and turn it and the lamp on the night table off. Pulling the sheet over us, I kiss your hair as you breathe softly in deep slumber. I feel so content, so satisfied. But my desire will return at bedtime tomorrow night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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