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Newfound Lovers

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Fucking S

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Mike’s plane was very late and the hotel at which he had planned to stay gave his room to someone else. He really didn’t blame them because he was over eight hours late and he hadn’t guaranteed the room. Instead of arriving at ten pm he showed up at six am. Mike asked the desk clerk where he might get a room that early in the morning and the clerk called a local motel. The motel had no vacancies, but the motel clerk knew that a guest would be leaving would be checking out at seven am. The room would be ready by eight am. Mike reserved the room and got directions to the motel. The motel clerk had told Mike that they had a restaurant and he could wait there until the room was ready.

Arriving at the motel, Mike checked his suitcase with the clerk and went to the restaurant for breakfast. He sat down at a table and ordered then began to work using his laptop. An older man, seated across from Mike took an interest in Mike’s computer and inquired about it. They struck up a conversation and the man introduced himself as George Player a fellow computer buff. “Well, Mike, I’m into computers too,” said George with a grin. They developed a warm initial friendship because of their love for computers and technology. George owned several businesses including a private club with a bar, called the ‘Player’s Lounge’. The county that they were in was dry, meaning no liquor, beer or wine except at private clubs. One had to be a member or a guest to enter the clubs. “Look, Mike,” George told him, “My club is just a couple of blocks down this street. If you want a beer or a cocktail, just knock on the door and tell the barmaid that you’re Mike, and they’ll let you in. I’ll tell the barmaid to expect you and to give you a Guest Card to cover your stay in town.”

Mike thanked him, they shook hands and George left. Mike checked in to the motel, showered and changed to go to work. He had a rough business day, but after several long sales presentations he finally closed the deal he had come to town to do. Returning to his motel, he grabbed a quick bite at the restaurant and went to his room. He planned to watch a college football game, but it was a boring game and badly played so he began to surf the channels. Finding nothing interesting on TV he began to leaf through the pamphlets in the room to see what was playing at the movie theatres. By chance he stumbled on an ad for the Player’s Lounge. He looked at his watch and it was eight thirty pm. Mike wondered if George had really told the barmaid to expect him. There was only one way to find out he told himself and decided to go check it out.

It was a cool evening and Mike decided to walk since the Player’s Lounge was only a few blocks. Arriving, he read the sign that said the entrance was at the back so he walked to the rear of the building and knocked. He waited an inordinate amount of time and was just about to leave when the door opened. A very pretty and tall lady he judged to be in her late twenties or early thirties smiled at him, “Yes?” she said.

“Hi, I’m Mike, George told me…” she smiled and interrupted him in mid sentence.

“Oh, yes, you must be Mike,” she said. Mike nodded as she continued, “Well come on in, Mike, I have a Guest Card for you. I’m Esther, nice to meet you.” Mike followed her into the softly lighted lounge and sat down at the bar. There were several members drinking and Esther announced, “Gang, this is Mike, a friend of George’s.” The members waved and said hello as Esther took Mike’s order and placed a V.O. and water on the bar in front of him. “First one’s on the house, Mike,” she grinned. Mike thanked her, raised his glass to Esther and the other members and drank a swallow of the drink. The whiskey was mellow and it went down smoothly as Mike relished the refreshing drink after a hard day.

“Thank you,” Mike said to Esther and the others.

“You’re welcome, Mike,” Esther said just before she dropped a bombshell. “Folks, George said to try and get Mike laid tonight, so let’s start thinking up some names.” Mike was stunned. He couldn’t believe his ears. Even more incredible was the fact that the members were really coming up with names and discussing the women’s availability. “Don’t worry, hon, we’ll find someone soon,” said Esther, “we just want to toss out the sluts and find you a nice lay, I mean lady, for tonight,” she laughed. Mike was flabbergasted. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine a group of total strangers would be working so hard to find a woman for him. Esther busied herself calling female friends and acquaintances with little luck until she talked with a woman named Patty. She hung up and turned to Mike, “You’re in luck, Patty will be here in about an hour and I told her the drill,” Esther said grinning. “You’ll like Patty, she’s a knockout!”

“Now, Esther, you really didn’t tell her halkalı escort to come here so I could…” Mike was interrupted again.

“Fuck her? No, I didn’t say that, Mike, but I did say that you needed a friend tonight. How friendly you two get, is up to the two of you,” Esther smiled and resumed her bar work.

Mike sipped his drink and waited patiently, not really expecting anyone to show up. Members began to fill the lounge and Mike decided to sit at a booth near the small dance floor in the back. He watched a couple dance when a very pleasant voice said, “Mike? Hi, I’m Patty.” Mike looked around to see a magnificent woman smiling at him. He was amazed with her striking beauty and pleasant smile. She stood six feet plus, wearing stiletto heels and a shapely mini dress. Her hair was black and fell softly to her shoulders. Patty’s body was statuesque with ample breasts, shapely legs and a very well formed ass. Her dark eyes sparkled in the dim light of the lounge as she sat down next to Mike. “Well, Mike, Esther didn’t tell stories when she said you were a hunk,” she grinned.

“Hello, yes I’m Mike. It’s nice to meet you, Patty,” Mike replied gesturing for Patty to join him in the booth.

They exchanged pleasantries and small talk about work, sports and hobbies when the jukebox began to play the Lovers Concerto. “Oooo, Mike, that’s my favorite song. Dance with me?” Patty asked. Mike rose and extended his hand to lead her to the dance floor. When they stood up, Mike realized that Patty was nearly a head taller than him. He smiled to himself and took the lead dancing. They blended smoothly on the dance floor and glided through their dance. To those watching them it appeared as if they had been dancing together for years. When the song ended they returned to the booth laughing over some comment of Patty’s. She ordered a glass of white wine and they talked for a long time, rising to dance occasionally. The evening was a success for both of them as they genuinely enjoyed each other’s company.

Mike learned that Patty had been a showgirl in Las Vegas when she was in her early twenties, but that occupation is usually short lived and mostly reserved for the younger women. At age thirty-two, a younger girl replaced her. Patty told him that now she worked as a legal secretary during the day and attended law school in the evenings and weekends. She said that she had just left work to come here for a drink and to meet him. “You must be hungry,” said Mike to her, “Have you had dinner?” he asked.

“No, I haven’t. Have you?”, she replied.

“I had a quick bite a few hours ago, but I’m hungry now,” Mike told her, “Would you join me for dinner, Patty?” She accepted his invitation and they prepared to leave. Mike thanked Esther and the other members and paid the tab including a very generous tip for Esther.

“See you both tomorrow night,” Esther called to them as they left the Players Lounge. Patty offered to drive, since Mike had left his car at the hotel, and they drove off towards the finest steakhouse in town. Their dinner was excellent and they finished near midnight. They talked and laughed throughout their dinner, lost track of time and they suddenly realized that the restaurant was ready to close for the night. Mike paid the check and they walked to Patty’s car.

“Patty, I really had a good time tonight. I’m so glad to have met you,” Mike told her as they got into the car. Patty smiled and drove off toward Mike’s hotel. She drove past the hotel and kept driving. “Patty, you missed my hotel,” he said. Patty grinned at him and kept driving. Mike returned the smile and settled back to see where she was going. She drove for nearly a half hour before turning into long drive that led to a large house. Patty stopped the car in front of the two story Tudor style house and turned to Mike. She moved to him and kissed him with a great deal of tongue.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out, Mike,” she sighed and kissed him again. Mike was pleasantly stunned. He offered no resistance when she asked him to follow her inside the house. She pushed open the door and they entered, locking the door behind them. Patty kicked off her shoes and asked Mike to wait there while she went upstairs. He waited in the huge sitting room away from the stairs when he heard Patty call to him to come up. He started up the stairs and found her mini dress on the landing. Going up a few more stairs he saw a lacy bra on a step, with string bikini panties and pantyhose a few steps higher. Reaching the second floor, Mike found a dimly lit hallway that led past several closed doors, to a room at the end of the hallway with the door open and the light on.

Mike stepped into the room to she Patty naked and standing on the bench of her makeup mirror. She was absolutely stunning. Her long shapely legs were slightly spread away from her full, but trimmed black bush. She held her arms out, beckoning him to come to her. Her full breasts were like ripe melons that heaved when she breathed. Hard upright nipples projected out şişli escort nearly a half an inch from the large areolas the stood upon. Mike paused to take in her beauty then walked to her. Standing on the bench made Patty seem as an Amazon, towering above her male captive. His head was nearly level with her moist and fragrant pussy as he kissed her mons, nuzzling the soft curls of her bush with his nose. Her scent was tantalizing as he inhaled it deeply as he kissed and licked her thighs.

“God, you’re so beautiful, Patty,” he said softly as he gazed up at her face framed between her magnificent breasts. Patty was breathing hard as she smiled at him and trailed her fingertips along his face. Mike kissed her thighs again then drew his tongue toward the long lips of her very wet pussy. Patty gasped as he kissed her pussy lips, flicked his tongue across the edges of her closed cuntlips. She quivered at his touch, while he ran his tongue around the outsides of her cuntlips, avoiding her clit. Patty moaned blissfully as he kissed her clit as it exited from its hood. He flicked his tongue over her clit and Patty twitched with arousal. Mike gently grasped her cuntlips in his teeth and playfully licked and pulled them, causing Patty to groan with pleasure. As he teased her sweet pussy with his mouth, Mike used his hands to remove his clothes until he was naked too.

Mike licked the nectar that seeped from her pussy as his hands grasped the globes of her asscheeks to pull her cunt into his face. Patty gasped when his tongue parted her cuntlips to probe and lick the inner folds if her cunt. She held his head fast to her pussy as Mike’s expert tongue pleasured her pussy. Slowly, Patty ground her pussy into his face as she rotated her hips and moaned. Her juices flowed heavily, but Mike captured all of them, swallowing her nectar wishing for more. His tongue swirled onto and around her clit and she trembled with lust. He sucked her throbbing clit into his mouth to suckle it relentlessly as Patty moaned continuously. Mike released her clit and walked behind the bench. He rubbed his face all over her lovely asscheeks as he kissed and licked them too. Patty breathing was extremely labored as Mike’s tongue passed through the cleft of her asscrack to pause on her tight little rosebud.

Patty cried out when he startled her by lightly licking her asshole. “Oh God, that’s sooo good, Mike,” she sighed as he redoubled his tonguing of her rosebud. She groaned lustfully as he licked her. His hands held her by her hips as he pleasured her. Slowly his hands began to lightly trail upwards on her body causing her to shiver with arousal. Finally he cupped her ample breasts in the palms of his hands to gently knead them. Patty moaned then gave a start as his thumbs found her hard nipples and he rubbed them. She was moaning constantly with her head laid back and her eyes closed when Mike’s thumbs and forefingers closed gently on her nipples to roll and softly pull at them. “Ohhhhhhh, Mike,” she whispered softly, “don’t stop…don’t stop…lick my pussy and clit some more, Mike.”

Mike moved swiftly to her front and buried his face between her legs and his tongue in her pussy. He held her fast by her asscheeks as he decided to make her cum standing on the bench. Mike’s tongue swirled around and over her clit several times then dipped back into her cunt to lick her treasure some more. He could feel her juices bathing his face, mouth and tongue as he plunged his tongue deeper into her sweet pussy. From the tone of her moans, Mike sensed that she was getting closer to orgasm and assaulted her pussy with renewed vigor. His eyes darted up to see her with her head back, eyes closed and her thumbs and forefingers rolling her own nipples. Groaning with lust and desire Patty began to quiver the she exploded in a gut wrenching orgasm, flooding Mike’s face with her juices. He held her ass tightly as she spasmed in orgasm again.

Trembling, she released her nipples and grabbed Mike’s shoulders to keep from falling. She shuddered through several after-cum tremors then stepped down from the bench to bend down to kiss Mike deeply. Patty recovered her composure and reached out to grab Mike’s well developed and hard cock to pull him to the side of her king size bed. Sitting Mike on the bed she spread his thighs and eagerly covered his cockhead with her mouth, moaning as she sucked him. Patty released his cock and moved to lick and suck his nipples, nibbling them gently and driving him wild. She realized that his nipples were very sensitive and continued to stimulate them with her mouth and tongue. Mike’s cock oozed large globs of thick clear pre-cum as Patty relentlessly licked his nipples. She paused and wiped the pre-cum with her finger, tasted it and deposited the rest on Mike’ lips.

Nearly crazed with desire, Mike tried to get Patty to resume sucking his throbbing cock, but she demurred, preferring to tease him some more. Slowly, she drew her tongue to his navel and reamed it out then continued to his sarıyer escort crotch. She licked his balls, sucking one testicle into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it several times. Releasing his testicle she quickly sucked the other one into her mouth and licked it hungrily. Patty took his other testicle and opened her mouth wide and with a little pushing managed to get both balls into her mouth. Mike moaned in pleasure as she bathed his balls with her tongue. Reveling with pleasure, Mike gave a start as her finger touched his asshole and rubbed it. Patty wiped his free flowing pre-cum with her finger and returned to his asshole. She lubed it with the pre-cum and slowly inserted her index finger into his asshole.

“Oh my God, Patty,” Mike groaned as she moved her finger deep inside his ass. There was some discomfort, but no real pain as Patty inserted a second finger in his ass. She began to massage his prostate as she continued to suckle his balls. Mike loved it. “Ohhhh,” he moaned, “don’t stop Patty, it feels wonderful,” he told her as he felt his orgasm gathering. Patty felt his balls draw up tight in her mouth and she withdrew her fingers from his asshole while popping his balls from her mouth. Mike groaned in disappointment, but the pleasure returned as patty’s tongue began licking up and down his shaft. She avoided his cockhead and the sensitive spot in front of his shaft as she licked. Mike thought he would go mad from lust, desire and pleasure.

Patty’s tongue ringed the underside of his rim and he trembled as his cock throbbed, copiously leaking thick clear pre-cum. His pre-cum was laced with stripes of white semen and it flowed from his cockhole down his shaft to Patty’s eagerly waiting tongue. “Mmmm,” she moaned as she licked and swallowed his pre-cum. Mike gently tried to move her head so she would take his cock into her mouth, but she gently placed his hands on the bed. Her fingertips returned to his nipples and she rubbed and rolled them as her tongue worked its magic on his cockshaft and rim. Mike was breathing hard and fast. He needed to cum, but this beautiful Amazon would not permit it.

Suddenly, her mouth surrounded his cockhead and she drove his cockhead into her throat trying to swallow his cock. The sensations were incredible as her throat muscles contracted about his cockhead while she nibbled on the base of his cock with her teeth. She withdrew his cock from her throat to hold his cockhead in her mouth to press her tongue against it, trapping it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Mike felt his cockhead pressed to the point where the blood flowed away from it and lessened his urge to cum. Patty resumed seep throating his cock and would continue to compress his cockhead ‘soft’, each time she sensed that he was about to cum. Mike was nearly crazed with lust as Patty relentlessly brought him to the brink of cumming only to deny him the pleasure. Finally, she released one hand from his nipple and quickly inserted a finger in his ass, then two. She pressed and rubbed his prostate as she licked and sucked his cock. The sensations overwhelmed Mike as he groaned loud and exploded in a powerful orgasm, blasting his cum deep into Patty’s throat. “Mmmm,” she moaned as she swallowed his thick white gift and continued to lick his cockhead intently. He gasped as he felt his asshole close around her fingers each time that his cock spewed forth a volley of cum. She swallowed again then pulled his cock from her mouth to let the next wad of cum launch from his cock, arc through the air and splatter on her breast. His cum slowly flowed down her breast to cover her hard nipple. Another volley burst from his cockhole and Patty guided it to her other breast. She moved the small pool of cum with her finger so the cum wad coated her other nipple.

Mike lay on the bed gasping from the intensity of his orgasm while Patty resumed licking his cockhead, pressing her tongue on the smooth satiny flesh. The sensation was nearly unbearable as unbelievable pleasure converged on his cockhead as he shuddered and trembled unable to thwart her tongue from driving him nearly insane. She held his wrists as she ‘tormented’ him. He arched his back moaning aimlessly until suddenly it was over. Mike laid gasping and panting for air as he tried to recover his senses. His eyes were dilated and the light blinded him, causing him to close his eyes. He was unable to easily move so he lay still as he felt this magnificent woman crawl onto his nearly wasted body. Mike opened his eyes to see a hard nipple coated with cum nearly touching his lips.

“Lick it, Mike,” Patty urged him. As though in a trance, he opened his mouth and suck in her cum covered nipple, licking and swallowing cum that he had placed there. Quickly she brought her other nipple to his lips and he cleansed that one of cum as well. Patty moaned in pleasure and desire as her sensitive nipples sent jolts of arousal throughout her body. “Ohhhh, yes…yes Mike, oh that’s so nice, lover,” she whispered in his ear as he licked her nipples and breasts. She pulled Mike to her mouth and they kissed, entwining their tongues. Her hand was fondling his cock, which was rising to the occasion. She stroked it as they kissed and tongue fucked each other’s mouths. Satisfied that he was rock hard again, Patty lifted her body to straddle his hips with her thighs.

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