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“Ah!” I thought as a darting gust of breeze whipped around the corner and found its way under my dress, causing a tiny shiver to sweep through my lower body.

I stood alone in the ruins of a stone church by a river in Western Ireland as per the instructions my lover had left for me.

It had been nearly a month — 24 days to be exact – since I had kissed him goodbye at the airport after the most whirlwind, incredible week that we had ever spent and we spent it falling in love. I had crossed an ocean just to meet him in a gamble that must have sounded crazy to everyone who knows me, but I had a funny feeling that it just might be the kind crazy that only comes along once in a lifetime … if you’re lucky. My stomach had churned as I lost sight of him before boarding my flight, but I knew that this was the best decision I have ever made.

Back in the church, my nervous anticipation was mounting as the first specs of rain began to fall through its open roof. Another shiver and I suddenly became aware that a warmth and a wetness was forming in between my legs as a I waited breathlessly.

Jake planned our erotic rendez-vous to a “t” — of course he had — and all I had to do was follow along. Our plan was to meet in Ireland, but since we live in different continents, we were traveling separately. When I awoke the morning of my flight, I found an e-mail with an audio file attached with explicit orders not to listen to it until I was on the airplane. Jake knew full well that I would be sitting beside my two female travelling partners Emily and Kristen and I could tell immediately that this file was not of the family-friendly variety.

I was dying to listen just to the first few minutes before — Jake had this deep and gruff voice that drove me wild and he knew it — but I was aware that it would never be just the first few minutes; I’d not be able to stop it and then I’d have to touch myself and I’d miss getting picked up for the airport.

All afternoon I was so distracted imaging what would be on it. I suspected Jake might have recorded an erotic story he found online as we had read them to each other a few times and both found really hot. As soon as the safety announcement on our flight was over, I glanced nervously to my left and right at my two unsuspecting friends, put my earphones in, and pressed play. What followed was more than even I expected.

Jake’s voice chimed through my ears and I giggled instinctively as it was great to hear him again, making me feel closer to him, but also I could tell by the tone of the first few words that what was coming was deeply sensual.

He began by describing the erotic escapade that awaited me when I arrived in Ireland — this was not a generic story from a website — this was a graphic, lustful depiction of us as the main characters. The cheek of listening to an x-rated story with our names in it beside my two friends brought it to an even higher level of naughtiness. I closed my eyes and pretended to be sleeping, but I knew my friends were smarter than this and also that given how loud my earphones were, every lustful whimper that I let out accidentally would be audible.

After giving me a glimpse of the fantasy meeting that awaited me, Jake backtracked to the highlights of our week together that started our life as a movie. Yes, we laughed the whole time. Yes, we had fallen in love. And yes, this was the boy I was going to marry, but the sex. My God, the sex. My friends had heard the stories — the stuff of legend — but this one was just for me.

I felt so comfortable with him the instant I met him and although this was all so new for me, I have never been so attracted to another man in my whole life that I knew that as soon as we got back to his room, I was going to jump him.

I worried that my petite 5’5″ frame might have trouble reaching his lips, as Jake is a towering full foot taller than me, but as soon as we were alone, his arm reached down around my waist and effortlessly lifted me up bakırköy escort to eye-level. God that was hot. I felt so little. His arms were so powerful but he was so gentle as I gripped his muscly back and wrapped my legs around his waist.

Our tongues intertwined and he ran his hands through my ginger hair and his stunning green eyes stared into mine as he said, “Welcome to Cambridge, Stacy.” Swoon.

Lost in the moment and shocked at myself, I could hear my own voice whispering in his ear, “Jake, I want you to make love to me.” A giant smile washed across his face and his eyes grew even more luminous as he softly rested me back on my feet.

Very gently, he looped his fingers under the sides of my shirt and agonisingly slowly he let the bottom trickle up my body, ensuring that it was grazing against my bare skin as it raised. He pulled it over my perky 32 D breasts and over my head, tossing it to the side.

For a minute, I took charge and unbuttoned his white dress shirt as furiously as I could exposing his hairy chest and impressive pects. I couldn’t resist thrusting my palms all over them, gripping their firmness.

He reached behind me with the same one arm that lifted me up and firmly wrenched my now exposed bra into his chest and kissed me again.

After tracing circles around my back, he unclasped my bra, which was still pinned to his chest. He rotated his torso so I could feel my bra massaging my nipples that were screaming for his attention.

He very delicately slid one black strap off my shoulders and down my arms, then the other and then spun me around so my back pressed against his bare chest.

One hand held my bra in place, while the other gently directed my head back so I could taste his lips while he tortured me with anticipation. All the while, neither one of us spoke. He massaged my breasts on top of my bra for what seemed like ages until finally without releasing the lock of our lips, he pinched each side of my lacy black bra, held it just millimetres from my nipples for a few seconds, and quickly tore it off and dashed it across the room.

His giant, masculine hands engulfed my supple breasts from below, caressing them, exploring them, and worshipping them with an electricity I had never before experienced. My whole body shuddered as he wove his way around, never actually activating the senses on my nipples. I was about to lose control and reach up and force his hands on them when once again he spun me around like a doll and sat on the edge of the bed with me standing half-naked facing him.

“My God, Stacy, you are a goddess,” he said as if unveiling a mystery he had been searching for all his life.

I was frozen with ecstasy. He grabbed my hips firmly over my trousers and brought me toward his mouth. He grazed his lips teasingly around my belly button and kissed me, slowly … ever so slowly working his way up to my breasts. Again, he explored and again he avoided planting his luscious lips where I needed them the most.

As if I needed any more build up, his mammoth hands slid surely from my lower back up to my shoulder blades and he leaned forward to took my breast in his mouth. My legs started crippling. I had imagined his hands on my body and his lips and tongue admiring every inch of me but this was so far beyond any daydream I had had in the days leading up to our encounter.

I couldn’t decide what turned me on most: how tiny and delicate I felt in his powerful grasp — I had totally given myself to him without any restraint — or how much time he took on each aspect of my body making me feel like every part of me was immaculate and mind-blowing and worthy of the utmost attention.

As he continued to swirl his tongue in circles around my nipples, he slowly reached down and undid my belt, pulling the strap to the side and then releasing the clasp so I felt it loosen. He slid the belt through the clasp slowly, like a knight unsheathing his sword, freed my zipper at a glacial, beşiktaş escort torturous pace, and pulled my trousers down, again, ensuring that the I could feel the belt line drag over my ass and down the back of my legs.

One leg out and then the other. He ran his hands down my sides, along the curves of my ass and along the back of my quads, digging one finger in harder than the others to give a hint of the animalistic attraction I could feel swelling in his body. I was a size 2 but had a firm, shapely little ass with the perfect amount of curve and the perfect degree of bounce that I had hoped my lover would approve of.

Using the backs of his hands, he traced two lines along the triangle of my panties, feeling my full ginger mound through the fabric, and diverting just as they neared my now aching clit. I was soaking wet I could tell and so could he. The pool of my erotic juices had caused what I guessed was an enormous dark circle to appear and Jake took note of it and gave me a devilish grin and said, “Stacy, I cannot wait to taste you.”

I had my hands on his dominant shoulders and they took turns lightly massaging and gripping him hard when my passions grew too strong.

With that, he linked under the lines of my panties and slowly dragged them to the floor and I obediently stepped out of them, one foot at a time, never breaking his gaze.

Just then, I heard Emily calling my name, “Stacy?!” I was back on the plane and she and Kristen were both staring at me. I realised that I had unintentionally been massaging my nipple with one hand and rubbing my thighs together as I grew wetter and wetter.

“Woah Stacy, you’re really into that music, eh?” They were giggling but they didn’t know the half of what was really going on, nor that their names were mentioned in this erotic tale. “They’re coming around with drinks. Do you want anything?” “Double vodka soda, please,” I said. Anything to keep them from interrupting again.

Closing my eyes, I returned to Jake’s room. I remember becoming suddenly aware that I was now standing completely exposed in front of someone I had met for the first time only a few hours ago and yet I felt totally at ease. I was his and I needed him to take me. My pussy was on the verge of revolt as all those nights of picturing what this moment would be like, of touching myself, and of orgasms that climaxed and then left me alone came flooding back to me and my pussy could not wait one more second to have the real thing.

I pushed Jake back on the bed, ripped his belt off, undid his trousers, and tore them off and tossed them aside carelessly. Then came his boxers. There was no teasing, no patience, and no chance of anything other than me claiming the man of my dreams for my very own right at that exact moment.

Jake watched my aggressive passion with a playful smile, allowing me to take charge and enjoying seeing the overwhelming attraction that I was now no longer willing or able to conceal.

His masculinity then took over and he gently flicked my legs apart, sat up, and wrenched me down so I was sitting on his legs. He arranged my legs so they were straight behind him on the bed, as my desperate pussy, my fully erect nipples, and my enchanted eyes were just inches from his.

“Tell me again what you want, my love.” He said with the same devilish grin that so intrigued me before.

Mesmerised, I whispered with all the strength I had left, “I want you to make love to me, Jake.”

In one instant his left arm lifted me up a few inches, while his right positioned his now rock hard penis at the entrance to my pussy. I reached down as well and nearly choked when I felt his size. The head of his cock was engorged at the top of the largest penis I had ever had — 9 and a half inches that was on the verge of impaling my tiny frame. I was hoping that the tidal wetness I had long since given up on controlling would help, as it was my only protection against such a thick and scary beylikdüzü escort member.

“Oh my god.” I accidentally blurted out.

“Don’t worry, baby, we’ll go slow,” he reassured.

And then in one motion, he reached his right hand to the side of my cheek and the back of my neck, (his left still holding me slightly suspected in the air), and he locked eyes again, but this time with a look that immediately sent shockwaves of electricity and magnetism and devotion and lust. He looked at me as if no human had ever set eyes on anyone so intriguing, so celestially beautiful, and so magnetically sexy that we were going fuse into an explosion of carnal, ravaging, passion that neither one of us would never forget.

No man has ever looked at me like that. In fact, it seemed quite probable that no man has ever looked at anyone like that before. Who was this man, this ultimate lover? I wasn’t totally sure but I knew that I wanted him just as much as that look told me he wanted me and that I was going to want it for the rest of my life.

And with that, our eyes frozen together, my pussy lowered down on his cock and he entered me for the first time. There is nothing in life quite like that initial feeling of his bulging penis head spreading apart my inner pussy lips — that initial penetration — as he filled my pussy … one millimetre at a time, while still maintaining that look — as if we were both being consumed by lightning at the same time but it was lasting minutes rather than an instant.

“Slow,” he said. “I want it slow with you. You’re too amazing to just fuck.”

Was this real? Could it possibly be real?

The reverberations shooting through my body from my pussy to my nipples to my tongue to my finger tips to my toes reminded me it was the most real thing I had ever experienced.

“My God, Stacy, you feel so incredible” he said as my pussy expanded to take more and more of his never-ending cock.

What started slowly and gently got faster and harder, but all the while that look never left his face, nor did his firm but gentle touch.

That first experience left bits of my cum all over his cock and left me limp in his arms as he easily carried me over to the bed and rested me gently on my back.

We had had sex seven or eight times in the first 24 hours in all different positions, some of which I didn’t even think possible. It was the best sex of both our lives and we stopped counting orgasms by day two. What made it mind-blowing was the way he touched me, the way he kissed me, the way he made love to me, but most of all, the way he looked at me. This tractor beam of passion sent me whirling into a dream that I had never known.

Yes, it was the most amazing week of our lives and finally, finally my ultimate lover and I were being reunited.

I had arrived in Ireland and checked in to the residence reception. “Welcome to Ireland, Dr Herman. You’re staying in room L-41.”

And then, as if as an afterthought, a shy smile appeared on his face and he said, “By the way, Jake asked me to give this to you” and he handed me a single red rose and a sealed envelope: “For your eyes only.”

“Stacy. Your job is to follow my instructions exactly. First, you are to leave the reception and follow the roses. More instructions will follow.”

I gave a quick glance at the receptionist, who did a little shrug showing that he was not privy to the contents of the letter.

I left the reception area to see another red rose taped to a light post outside the building directly in front of my sightline. I unfastened the tape and added it to the collection and saw another a few metres up the road.

Five more flowers got me to our room where there was another note. “Well done, Stacy. You are welcome to shower if you like, enjoy the vodka soda I’ve poured for you on the desk beside the bed, and I want you to change into the dress you brought. Under no circumstances are you to wear a bra or panties. Once you are dressed, the flowers will lead you to where you need to go next.”

Nervous and thrilled, I did exactly as I was told and the roses, 12 in total now, brought me to the ruins of the stone church. I could only imagine what happened next as the cool rain fell and my heart and pussy throbbed at a more commanding rate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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