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Natasha – The Heiress Ch. 02

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Following my devirginization, Mr Allen went to the bathroom to retrieve a damp and warm washcloth. He looked so sexy as he walked away with his back facing me. I admired his wide naked back that was rippling with muscles and his narrow waist which than continued on to his fabulous bubble butt. Damn, he really kept in shape I mused. When he returned from the bathroom I gasped and turned red as I took in his front, his dick was hanging low between his powerful thighs and semi hard with my virgin blood still coating it!

He came towards the foot of the bed, gripped my ankle with his right hand and pulled me down towards himself so my legs were splayed with him in between them. Lowering himself onto his knees he put both my feet over his shoulders and examined my recently well-fucked pussy. He hummed low in his throat as he stared at the most intimate parts of me and kissed my legs in adoration, then he brought the washcloth over to my pussy and lovingly stroked over my puffy lips and apex of my thighs.

He washed off any traces of blood and then kissed my inner thighs lovingly. I was once again getting extremely aroused as I wasn’t use to being this exposed in front of the opposite sex, my gut instinct would be to cover myself and remain modest as that is what my mother always taught me. This only made me want to be more intimate with Mr Allen, I just wanted to be free to explore my sexual nature with any hot guy I liked. So, I opened my legs wider in invitation and challenged Mr Allen with a raised eyebrow and my right foot at the back of his head urging his face forward into my now wet pussy.

He gave me a heated look and began kissing the patch of skin that was closest to my vagina without actually touching me where I wanted him to touch me. I was getting frustrated and eventually just begged him ” Please Daddy, touch my pussy. I’m dying to feel you there.”

After giving me a wolfish grin and slight chuckle he quickly dived right in and began making out with my pussy lips. That had to be the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life. His piercing blue eyes looked right into my eyes, unflinching as he took the flat of his expert tongue and ran it through the length of my pussy from bottom to top. His tongue was an attractive light pink colour and my juices were starting to coat the area around his mouth too.

He pulled pack a bit to insert a finger inside my wet channel as he started to lick and suck on my clit. I started orgasming instantly as I looked into his intense eyes as he pinned me to the bed with his gaze alone. My back arched off the bed and my eyes closed instinctively when he barked at me to keep looking at him. I was surprised by his harsh tone at first but his barbaric manner made my so wet that I was cumming again in an instant as I clenched the bed sheets in both hands and kept looking into his eyes as I convulsed uncontrollably and bucked my pussy wildly over his face.

He was extremely pleased with me and quickly let go of my clit with a loud suck and leaned his face forward towards my face, I quickly sarıyer escort got up off my back and clasped his beautiful face in both hands as I ate his mouth. It was the most raw and sexy kiss we had shared up till now. I could taste my juices on his tongue and in his mouth when I swiped my tongue inside. This turned me on till no end, I was moaning like the slut I always wanted to be and licked my tongue out his mouth and towards his lips and cheeks. I wanted to clean off any traces of my vaginal excretions from his face. After giving his face a tongue bath I asked him to sit on the edge of the bed so I could return the favour.

He sat at the edge of the bed and splayed his strong legs to give me enough room to sit between them. I quickly got into position with my legs folded and feet beneath me ass. Feeling naughty I sat there stark naked with my tits hanging out in front of this muscle god. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be here with Jason and so I aimed to give him so much pleasure he would know without a doubt I was the best sex he would ever have.

His dick was painfully hard and pointing to the ceiling with his cock head a little above his navel in this position. I nuzzled my nose between his firm pectorals and ran my tongue through his springy chest hair and licked a path down towards his belly button which I kissed before taking his cock in my mouth. I licked my own virgin blood off his cock which had a slightly metallic taste and collected some spit in my mouth so I could massage the bulging underside of his cock. I felt like such a dirty whore as I took him out of my mouth and couldn’t help but admire how beautiful his dick was now that it was at eye level and clean thanks to my loving mouth and tongue, it felt like steel incased in velvet. It was as big as the length of my face and the raphe of his penis looked so thick and beautiful as it protruded from the sides that my mouth literally began salivating. His dick was a shade darker than the creamy colour of his skin when hard and had a beautiful pink head with a corona that flared to the sides away from his shaft, it pulsed and flexed towards his belly with the beat of his heartbeat. I tongued his pee hole and lovingly licked his entire cock from the base of his balls to the head for long and slow minutes till I started licking the skin between his scrotum and his asshole. As I began licking that area nestling my head lower he suddenly changed position by moving his thighs above so his anus was clearly visible and exposed between his ass cheeks.

I had seen woman rimming guys in porn and had always been fascinated by the act, Jason’s ass was surprisingly hairless and he had barely-there blonde hair around his pretty pink anus that looked thankfully clean. I began swiping my tongue closer and closer to his asshole and his breathing became harsher and his moans got louder. Pretty soon, I was full on licking his puckered anus and beginning to poke the tip of my pointed tongue inside it. I found I liked the taste of his ass and esenyurt escort as I continued my ministrations with my mouth I began to rub my clit and finger myself and soon I was cumming with the taste of his rim on my mouth.

I moved my mouth back up to his angry looking dick that seemed ready to explode and popped his cock head into my mouth for a quick taste before I got up and sat on his lap facing him. I clasped his cock in my hand and moved up to impale myself fully on his waiting erection. I’m so glad I started birth-control two weeks ago, I was never using condoms because I liked the feel of a bare dick fucking me raw too much. With a groan I seated myself fully till my clit was rubbing against his pubic bone, providing me with delicious friction. I couldn’t help but compare his hardness to that of the dildo I had at home and decided Jason was much harder and nothing could compare to the real deal. I was moaning loudly as I began to slowly ride him up and down – my pussy lubricating his cock with my creamy excretions – while I gave his neck open mouth kisses and swiped my tongue over his strong neck and sharp jawline. I was tempted to kiss him but since I had just eaten his ass out I thought that would be a bit gross.

Jason brought his big hands down to my ass and clasped an ass cheek in both hands and massaged them, I felt so feminine with this huge muscular man wrapped all around me and his touch everywhere. My gut instinct was to never let any one touch me this way unless I was married and even than only my husband but the thought that I was getting to experience this kind of euphoria with a non-muslim man whom I wasn’t married to was blowing my mind. Soon I was so wet that his cock was making slippery sounds as I rode him into another orgasm that seemed to last five minutes. I was screaming ” Oh GOD ” so loudly in repetition that I was afraid I would never stop convulsing in pleasure.

By this point I was so delirious with pleasure that I hadn’t realised that Jason had moved further back on the bed so he was lying down with my ass clasped in his big hands while he had his feet on the edge of the bed and he was using them to piston his cock in and out of me at a jarring pace. His non stop fucking is what made me orgasm for so long and by the end of it I was begging him to stop with tears running down my cheeks. I had my face pressed into the crook of his neck where I was suckling the skin of his shoulder till I left a hickey. We both had a sheen of sweat over our bodies and he looked so hot with his sweaty glistening muscular chest and abs, I began licking his chest and sucking on his nipples as I held onto his bulging biceps as he kept on fucking me. I was cumming again with my back arched and my boobs swaying above his face when he started sucking on my tits while bouncing me uncontrollably on his massive cock. He was so deep in this position that he hit my cervix with each deep thrust.

“Please no more daddy! PLEASE!”

As I was screaming he suddenly clasped my throat with his avrupa yakası escort hand in a tight grip from the front and began choking me slightly.

“You dirty slut, you think after that tongue bath you gave my cock and ass I was gonna let you off easy! I will fuck you till you faint of exhaustion.”

he lightly slapped my face with his hand and said “Tell me you love my cock slut!”


“Say please let me be your cum slut daddy”.

“PLEASEE let me be your cum slut daddy” I begged him with tears in my eyes.

He gave me another wicked grin as he suddenly turned me around without pulling his cock out of pussy and made me face away from him so I could ride him reverse cowgirl. I was so wet by this point that his entire dick was shiny wet and had a whitish cream coating the entire length and even made its way down dripping over his huge cum filled balls. His rough treatment of me with the choking and slapping made me crazy with lust. I wanted him to treat my like his whore in the bedroom because my whole life I had been treated like a flower that would wilt at the slightest touch and I was done with that sort of treatment because this pussy needed to be fucked hard.

I began riding him as fast as I could while he squeezed my ass with his strong hands. Soon he was slapping my ass with such force that would surely leave a mark. I had another wild orgasm where he took control once more as his arm came around my stomach and he pulled my back into him with my back against his front, one of his hands squeezing my boob roughly and tweaking my nipple as he jack-knifed my pussy from below with his rapidly moving cock. This orgasm lasted even longer that five minutes and after I was done convulsing he turned my face to the side where his face was and gave me a long deep kiss even though I could barely move.

Since he didn’t care if my mouth tasted of his ass I kissed him back with gusto as well.

“I want to cum on your face baby girl. You want it huh.”

“Yes daddy please cum on my face. I need it!”, I nodded enthusiastically.

“Your wish is my command princess”. he said with a sexy groan.

He thrust inside me a half a dozen times before pulling out of me and commanding me to get on my knees before him on my wobbly legs.

I sat in front of him while my hands on my knees and my tongue out waiting to catch some cum. He stroked his cock one, twice than began cumming while moaning loudly. By the time he was done shooting his load on my face I counted that he had spurt eighteen times and my face was know covered with his cum, with some of it sliding down to my tongue. I swallowed what was in my mouth with a groan of satisfaction and began scooping up his sperm on my face so could eat that too. He seemed to like that and decided to help me, he scooped it up from my face and fed it to me too. I decided it tasted better when he fed it to me and let me lick and suck his long thick fingers clean.

After he was done feeding me his load he pulled me up my the waist and threw me over his shoulder and took me towards his ensuite bathroom.

“Shower time baby”, he said to me as he slapped my ass playfully with his hand while I giggled while internally I was thinking how I couldn’t wait to drink water from his cock as it trickled down his body.

To be continued…

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