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My Own Personal Magic Mike

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***Many thanks to NickJBella for editing this story for me!***


“Hi. I’m Michael.”

I slowly look to my right with just my eyes. Above the rim of my drinking glass that is pressed against my lips, I see the strikingly handsome familiar face of a stranger standing in front of me. I nearly spit my drink out with surprise. It’s…it’s him! I slowly place my glass down on the bar, clear my throat, and try to regain myself. He keeps a small distance between us but still towers over me. He has to be at least 6 foot 2 inches, causing me to look up at him. His blond hair has been neatly restyled and he smells of alluring cologne.

“Hi,” I stutter. “You were in the show, weren’t you?”

“Yes, I was,” he says with a confident smirk. “I saw you checking me out while we were making our way through the crowd doing one-on-one dances. I noticed you a few times, actually. Thought I’d come over and officially introduce myself.”

“Do you use that line on all the ladies you try to pick up after one of your performances?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

He is the one out of all nine dancers in the show tonight that I was drawn to. Watching him remove his clothing on stage was mesmerizing. He first caught my eye during the meet and greet before the show where a few of us lucky ladies were able to score tickets for photo opportunities with a select number of the dancers tonight. It sure pays to know just the right people and I’ll be sure to thank them very much for giving me those special tickets. I immediately regret making that smart ass comment and I shake my head in disagreement with myself. I didn’t mean to make myself come off as a complete bitch but thankfully his face never falters. His smile remains strong and he even lets out a quiet giggle.

“No, it’s not. I’m usually not the one making the first move as I’m a shy guy; not to sound conceited, but I am the one having to fight off women I’m not interested in. May I join you?”

“Yes, I’d like that. I’m sorry for the crude remark,” I apologize. I do have to agree with him, though. I saw the way women, and a few men pawed at him and the way they seductively stuffed money into his underwear hoping he would take notice; the way they copped a feel of his package in the process. I know; I did this myself to the other dancers who made their way to my section. Sadly, he wasn’t one of them.

“It’s ok, I didn’t take it personally.” He slides his barstool a little closer to mine and takes a seat as I introduce myself. He is finally close enough for me to see the golden brown color of his eyes, slightly darker than the color of amber and just as transparent. His hair is still slightly wet from freshening up after the show. All the while, I am asking myself why he even has the slightest interest in approaching me. Obviously, he’s extremely fit otherwise he wouldn’t make it as a male performer. His body glistened on stage and every detail was on display. His shaggy blond hair hanging down onto his forehead as he worked up a sweat from the exuberant dancing he had trained so hard to perfect. I’m not all dolled up like so many of the other ladies who attended tonight’s show. To be honest, I had just gotten off work about an hour before it started and had no time at all to make myself anywhere near as presentable as I had liked. I didn’t even get the chance to throw on something remotely slutty. I’m a chubby gal being 5 foot 3 and a size 14 but I still try to make myself somewhat approachable when I’m out. I’m nowhere near what you’d expect a man like this to be chasing after. I’m not a gym rat. I don’t have fake eyebrows, oversized implants, and a waistline that looks like I had ribs removed to perfect. I’m not wearing designer clothes and clutching a Gucci bag with well-manicured and overpriced acrylic nails. I’m just a plain Jane.

“I really enjoyed the show. I have never had the chance to attend anything like this before.”

“Is your husband a little upset that you’re here?” he asks.

I hold up my left hand to show him the tan line where, until recently, my wedding ring had been for many years.

His eyes gleam, “boyfriend?”

The corner of his mouth forms a smirk as I shake my head no.

“I’m a recent divorcee. My best friend decided to treat me to a girl’s night out but she’s decided to head back to our room. She has company with her so I’m here sipping a diet Pepsi and probably looking pretty desperate while she’s getting laid.”

“I don’t think you look desperate. I think you’re beautiful,” he coos at me. I feel my face flush and I shyly look down at my hands. In an instant, I feel his finger under my chin slowly tilting my face back up so he can look at me. He passes his thumb along the very bottom edge of my lip ever so lightly, the feeling of his thumb sends a shiver through me; such a subtle touch with a huge impact.

“I’m sorry. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a situation like this. I was with my ex-husband for eighteen years, marmaris escort married for fourteen of those, so I apologize for being a little coy and timid.”

“I think it’s cute,” he smiles. His looks are borderline boyish and he doesn’t appear to be a day over 25. I feel a little awkward knowing that I must have at least a good 10 years on him. What the hell am I doing flirting with someone his age??

We sit at the bar having small talk for about an hour. Am I secretly hoping he’ll ask me back to his room? Yes, I am. But I have no idea what I would do if I ever got there. I am completely clueless as to how this whole thing works. I got into a relationship with my ex right after high school. I am new to meeting attractive people. It has been way too long since I have had any kind of enjoyment for myself. I can’t keep my eyes off from him. He was extremely breathtaking on stage wearing nothing more than a g-string but my entire body comes alive while we are talking face to face. His deep voice and the way his knee lightly bumps into mine every now and then. I can almost guarantee he’s noticed the many times I have squeezed my thighs together and squirmed on my barstool. I can’t help but watch his muscular body move and flex under his tight, white t-shirt. My underwear is wet and I can only hope it doesn’t show through my pants. How humiliating that would be.

We both look at the entrance to the bar as a huge group of loud, obnoxious, drunken women come stumbling in. They notice Michael, along with the other dancers in the show, and start to clumsily make their way towards all of them; including us. Just how many of these women have had their hands all over him? Did he lay any of them back in their chairs and grind himself all over them?

We glance at each other. “Let’s hurry and go someplace quieter. I want to get to know you more,” he suggests. He stands up and holds his hand out to me. “Come with me.”

I hesitate for a second before thinking ‘fuck it, what have I got to lose?’ His hand is warm and it seems big enough to completely envelop my hand within. We quickly make our way out of the bar and into the hotel lobby. At 2:00 in the morning, it sure is a lot more active than I had imagined. By the look on his face, I could tell he is a little surprised by this finding as well.

“So, you have a room? I’m assuming you’re staying here tonight?” he asks.

“Well, technically, no. It’s complicated. My friend and I had rented a room just in case we managed to get too shitfaced to drive home but I didn’t know she was going to seduce a random guy and hold him up in there all night. I have no idea how long she’ll be in there with him,” I laughed.

“A friend and I went in together to get the biggest suite in the hotel. He’s down here with the others and will most likely be occupied for a while. I’d like to take you upstairs where we can talk some more. It’ll be nice and quiet.”

I am beginning to appreciate the fact that I shaved my legs and wore a matching bra and panty set tonight. I agree to go with him and before I can even think of changing my mind, we are riding up in the elevator.

As soon as we walk into the room he offers me a drink. I politely decline and explain that I have already had way too much alcohol for the evening and am on my way to being sobered up. He laughs and invites me to sit on the couch with him. The living room area of the suite is very open and large. The couch we are sitting on is facing a fireplace that had been going when we entered the room. It’s mid-November and cold outside but it’s nice and cozy in here. The lights are dim but bright enough to where you can easily see your way around the room.

“So, how many did you say are staying in here?” I ask.

“There are just two of us. Thankfully we each have our own private bedrooms here. The other guys can get kind of crazy after a show, there’s lots of adrenaline pumping through them. They usually bring a few ladies back to the biggest room that anyone in the group gets to continue the party but I like how I have a place to go if I want to avoid it all.”

“Not you? You’re not one of the wild and crazy young ones?” I ask with a smile.

“It’s not my thing. I, too, just got out of a long relationship so I was always the one to hunker down in the room afterward and behave myself.” Behave himself? As he says this, I start feeling as though talking is as far as I am going to get tonight. My wishful thinking has taken over. I am just a lonely woman who will end up going home with nothing more than a crushed dream and a burning fire between my legs that won’t go away any time soon.

As I look up from my lap where I have been fiddling with my fingers, I notice him studying me and biting his bottom lip. “I’m sorry if I’ve made you nervous. Are you ok? We can go back downstairs if you’d like.”

My god, I must be making a complete ass of myself. I have never felt so shy before. Maybe because, for once, I am in the presence marmaris escort bayan of a man who I actually want to sexually devour. Someone I had an instant attraction to at first sight. I’m acting timid for fear of what I may do if I allow myself to release all the sexual tension I have inside.

I let out a deep sigh and smile, “no, I’m fine.” My shoulders visibly relax.

“Would it make you feel any better if I told you this is the first time I have ever invited a woman back to my room after a show?”

My eyes widen with surprise. Women throw themselves at him and he’s expecting me to believe him? He could easily pick any one of them to fulfill his desires. But he did say he had been in a long relationship. Maybe he is telling the truth. Or he could be telling me what I want to hear just to get me to sleep with him. Little does he know he really doesn’t have to put forth much effort. He notices my reaction and lets out a laugh.

“You really know just what to say to move me one step closer to your bed, don’t you?” I ask. I can’t believe my thought just slipped from my lips!

“Am I really that obvious?” He reaches over and takes my hand. “I’m being completely honest and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t want to fuck you tonight.”

Oh, my! He lures my lips to his by placing his hand behind my head and slowly bringing me to him. His lips are soft but strong. The kiss is long and intimate. I peek through my eyelids and notice that he is watching me. His brown eyes are hypnotizing. His tongue runs along my upper lip and I tease it with my own tongue. He slightly pulls away and admires me.

“There. That wasn’t so bad, now was it?” he asks.

“Kiss me again,” I beg and he follows through. His lips are on mine once again and I can feel myself letting go. My fingers trace along his powerful, square jawline. His face feels as smooth as I had imagined. His kisses travel over my cheek to my neck. He moves my hair over my shoulder and runs his tongue along my earlobe. I let out a gasp and my body tenses for a second. I can smell the aqua shampoo he had used in his hair as I run my fingers through it. My hand trails from his hair, down his neck, and comes to rest on his chest. I can feel each and every well-toned muscle through his shirt. His stiff nipple catches my attention as my fingers pass over it. With one swift move, he pulls me close to him. I can feel his hard body next to mine. I’ve never been with a man who takes so much pride in himself.

I feel his breath on my ear as he whispers, “I want you in the bedroom.”

He wants me. There isn’t a more powerful feeling than knowing a man wants to take you intimately. He takes my hand and leads me into his room. He closes and locks the door behind us. The room is enormous with a four poster king-sized bed, a fireplace of its own, a private bathroom. He joins me at the edge of the bed and stands in front of me leaving very little space between us. Damn, he’s tall. I’m eye-level with his chest. He kicks his shoes off and I follow his lead. He reaches down and takes the edge of his shirt. He slowly pulls it off and throws it on the floor. I just stand there frozen. You’d think this was the first time I had seen him without a shirt on. Christ! I just watched him strip down to underwear with his ass cheeks hanging out. I want to touch him but I can’t move. He’s so close I could easily lean forward and lick his chest.

“Go ahead, you can touch me,” he says as he takes my hands in his. He runs my hands up his firm stomach and places them on his chest. My fingers take in each and every ripple of his hard physique. “You don’t have to be shy. I watched the way you fondled and groped the other dancers in the crowd.”

“You did?” I gasp.

“Yes. I tried so hard to make my way to your section but there were so many other women to tend to that I always ran out of time. I’ll make up for that now.” He slowly begins to pull my shirt up and I immediately feel self-conscious. I’m a 36-year-old mother of two. I’m out of shape. I have a lot of flaws.

“Could you please turn the light off?” I blurt.

“I want to see you. All of you.”

“But, I’m not…” and I’m interrupted by his finger being pressed against my lips.

“Shh. Not another word. Trust me. You are beautiful, stop doubting yourself,” he assures.

I smile and blush. He’s the only man other than my ex-husband who is about to see me naked in so long. He tries a second time with my shirt and I let him succeed. I close my eyes and breath deep as my shirt slides up over my chest. He tosses it on the floor next to his. He kisses me and wraps his muscular arms around me. I feel dwarfed by his size. His fingers work their magic on my bra. He pulls away from me and slowly slides the straps off from my shoulders. As my bra falls free, my large D breasts start to sag without the support they need. I close my eyes and sigh to myself. Why does this have to be so hard for me to accept? His hands quickly gather escort marmaris my breasts and he kneads them with his long fingers. Suddenly, I realize that I don’t have any kind of protection with me. I really had no intentions of sleeping with anyone.

“Wait!” I say. “Condoms?”

“Shit! I didn’t bring any.” He looks like his world just came crashing down but after he thinks for a moment, “I’ll be right back!” He makes a quick dash for the door and disappears. A few seconds later he comes back with a wide grin on his face. Holding up his hand, I can see he snatched a couple from somewhere.

“Travis won’t mind,” he says with a sly smile. “Now, where were we?” He tosses them on the bed and approaches me once more. He quickly lifts me by the backs of my thighs and lays me down on the bed so my knees and feet are hanging off the edge. I’m amazed at how easily he is able to position me where he wants me. He has me pinned beneath him. My hands run down his muscular shoulders and back. As he kisses his way to my breasts, I take his head in my hands and run my fingers through his hair. It’s shaggy and long enough for me to give a slight tug. He lets out a grunt and roughly sucks on one of my nipples. I close my eyes and lean my head back taking in all of the touches, licks, nipping, and sucking he does. He kisses his way down to my belly where he seems to pay no mind to the stretch marks from my children and the extra girth I have in my midsection. He unbuttons my jeans and pulls the zipper down using only his teeth. Oh, how I want nothing more than for him to bury his face between my legs. He slides my pants and underwear down to my pubic hair line where he places light kisses and licks. It’s driving me absolutely wild. He pulls my pants off the rest of the way and stands between my knees. I’m naked. I’m naked and in a very expensive suite. I’m naked in a very expensive suite with a twenty-something male stripper between my legs! What a rush! He reaches down to unfasten his belt until I interrupt.

“Let me,” I say as I sit up. His pants sit low on his hips. His entire body is slick and hairless except for a small patch of hair just under his navel. I place my hands on his sides and I start kissing his abs. I take in his scent as I taste the saltiness on his skin. So many women’s hands have passed over this very spot throughout the show but I’m the lucky one who gets to please him. His hands encase the back of my head and he moans with pleasure. I get his buckle undone along with the button and zipper. I sit back and silently beg for him to pull his pants down. He truly is mesmerizing; his tan, flawless skin free from any blemishes. He hooks his thumbs into his pants and slides them down a bit and stops. I gasp and look up at his face where I find a teasing smile. He winks and slides them down the rest of the way. His cock springs free and I think I’m going to lose it. I can’t help myself; I place a tight grip on it and make a long, stiff lick along the entire length. He motions with his chin for me to climb up onto the bed and lie down and I quickly do so. I immediately place my hands on my chest to cover my breasts and I squeeze my thighs shut.

“What did I tell you? I want to look at you,” he says as he spreads my knees apart, kneels between my legs and pins my hands above my head. I am completely left out in the open for him to admire. My thighs are spread allowing him to see what I have to offer. He licks his lips and leans over to where he tossed the condoms. He picks one up and tears the package open with his teeth. My heart is pounding as I watch him roll it on his cock. That, too, is completely smooth and free of any hair. He leans down to kiss me and inserts a finger into my wet, begging pussy. Oh God, his fingers are long and strong. He inserts another and I begin to pant. His thumb plays with my clitoris and his fingers work their magic inside.

“I need you!” I beg. I’m so worked up from watching the show and being with him that I think going to go over the edge if he doesn’t stop. He removes his fingers and wipes my wetness on his waiting cock.

“I want you to lose yourself with me,” he says as he slides his cock inside. I gasp and my grip on his shoulders tightens. He makes a swift, powerful thrust into me and I let out a louder gasp. He’s reaching depths that I had forgotten about. His hard body slamming into mine is driving me wild. Watching his body flex with each movement is amazing to me. All this excitement quickly rushes me to my peak. I throw my head back and let out a scream as I cum hard. He leans down to kiss my neck and his movements start to slow.

“No, please, don’t stop!” I can hardly get the words out fast enough. He quickly regains his pace and I peak once again before I even come down completely from the first one.

“Oh fuck, Michael!” My back arches beneath him and I dig my fingers into his shoulders. My legs wrap tightly around him and he lowers his body onto mine.

“Oh, baby, that’s exactly what I want to hear!” he whispers into my ear. My body is cool but covered in sweat. “I can feel your heart pounding.”

“I have never ever come like that before. That was incredible!” I say while panting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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