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My Co-worker

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I work with a girl named Chris. She has returned to our company. She worked here for 3 years and left. During her 3 years here, she always wore flannel shirts, and slacks. I don’t know that I ever saw her in a dress, even at the company meetings. I was convinced she was a lesbian. One of the other girls here said, no, she just dresses that way. We would have discussions about Chris, but neither of us could convince the other about Chris’ sexual orientation.

Chris was at the other company about 2 years and she got laid off. She had been a good worker here and didn’t burn any bridges when she left. About 2 months after her layoff, we had an opening and she returned. But she was different. She was never fat, but now she was slim. She explained that she had started a new diet and fitness regiment when she was at the other company. Now she is down about 30 pounds from when she first worked here and she is more lean and firm. I guess the flannel shirts hid some flab, but I never took notice anyway.

Now she has a new hair style, a nice curly look to go with her slimmer face. It is obvious in her face that she lost some weight, but now she changed her wardrobe as well. Gone are the flannel shirts and they have been replaced with turtleneck jerseys and sweaters that show off her new-found waistline and abdomen. She was never busty, but now she has small but firm looking breasts. I have found myself, more than once, looking at her nice ass. Again, the firmness is accentuated by the tight fitting pants she wears now.

My other co-worker and I still discuss Chris’ orientation. I still think that she may be a whole lot better looking, but she is still gay. I’ve thought to myself that seeing the new Chris, I would like to test her orientation, but could never say anything like that out loud.

My department has mostly married people and we are interested in doing our job and going home to our families. We all get along well and work hard, but we don’t make a practice of socializing together. We do try about once every other month to have a dinner out together. Sometimes former workers are invited. That is how Chris stayed in touch and ended up coming back.

I guess it was a touch of spring fever but when they announced the next dinner, I was looking forward to it and hoping that Chris would be there. I even thought about the possibility of hitting on her. Chris lives with a roommate, who is also a girl. This is my main ammunition in the orientation discussion. The location of this dinner was a bar more toward her house than most of our houses. We rotate locations, so everyone is close to home once in a while. This time it was Chris’ turn. She told me her roommate was at a conference this week and she wasn’t sleeping well, being alone in the house.

“I plan on drinking enough to get a good night’s sleep”, she told me the day before the dinner.

“Look,” I said, “it’s only five minutes from your house, how about I follow you home from work, and then take you to the restaurant, then take you home. It’s not that far out of the way and if you really do drink, than you wouldn’t have to drive.”

“That would be nice”, she said. “I was a little worried about the drinking and driving.”

So when the work was done, I followed her home. I waited in her driveway while she pulled into her garage. She came out, reached inside and pressed the door button. The door was down as she reached my car. We backed out and went to the restaurant. Surprisingly, we were not even the last ones there. Within 15 minutes, everyone was there and everyone had ordered a round of drinks. I ordered a Margarita. Chris said that sounded good, so she ordered one too.

Everyone ordered a second round and then the dinners came. The conversations were mostly about the kids and who was in which sports and what a pain in the ass most of them were. As we were finishing up dinner, the waitress came around for another drink order. Most said they would have one more and then probably leave. pendik escort

“Are you going to have more?” I leaned over to Chris and asked.

She giggled and said “You bet!”

I ordered a pitcher of Margaritas for us. She protested, but I told her it was cheaper, and she let it go.

Naturally, the girls all decided to herd off to the bathroom. The drinks came and I refilled Chris’ empty glass. Mine had some left, so I poured a little in, and filled it the rest of the way from my water glass. Everyone came back and the discussion turned front our kids to our bosses. After a lot of joking at the bosses’ expense, several of our party decided to leave. I made a quick trip to the bathroom and returned to find Chris had emptied her glass. I refilled it for her and we talked with the other two who were still there. After she finished that drink, the other two said they needed to be heading home and said their good byes. Chris headed out to the bathroom again. I filled her glass and then gave myself a very watered down Margarita.

She came back and after having a few sips, I emptied the rest of the pitcher into her glass. We stayed another 20 minutes. I knew the Margaritas were hitting her, because she laughed at every one of my jokes, even the off-color ones.

“I can really feel the drinks”, she said, “are you OK to drive?”

“Yea”, I said, “I ate a lot of butter and that blocks the alcohol absorption. But we probably should be going too.”

She agreed and we paid our checks and headed to the car. As we walked she stumbled on a crack and I put my arm around her to steady her. She didn’t object and I held her by the waist until we got to the car. I opened the door on the passenger side and announced “Your carriage awaits, Madam.” She fell a little unsteadily into the seat and I gave an exaggerated bow and took her hand and kissed it. She didn’t pull it back and didn’t really laugh. She just smiled. I closed the door and went around the car and got in. The trip to her house was quick and quiet. I don’t know what was running through her mind, but I was thinking that, with a little luck, I could prove myself wrong about her tonight.

I pulled into the driveway and pulled to the back, assuming she would use the backdoor for her normal entry. I stopped the car and ran around to open the door. She hadn’t opened it herself, so I gave another bow, opened the door and announced “We have arrived, Your Majesty”. She extended her hand, and when I took it, I noticed she didn’t pull on it to help herself up, so I leaned down and kissed her hand again. This time I held my lips on it a little longer. She had that smile again.

I helped her up and out of the car, and shut the door and put my arm around her waist as we walked to the back door. She got her keys and opened the door.

“You can come in for a while, can’t you?” she asked.

“That would be nice.”

We walked through the house and then she said, “Why don’t you sit down here in the living room, I need to go upstairs and use the bathroom. If you need to, there is a half bath through that door.”

I watched her go up the stairs, thinking how much I would like to grab those sweet cheeks. After she rounded the top and was out of sight, I used the bathroom. I was sitting on the couch when she came back down the stairs. She had changed her clothes!

She was wearing a t-shirt, and I’m sure, when she passed the light, I saw a nipple. Could she have taken her bra off? I figured I must be more drunk and horny than I thought. She was wearing sweat pants and some slippers. As I was sitting on the left side of the couch, she walked past and sat to my right. I turned toward her, my right knee up on the couch and my right arm extended toward her along the back of the couch. She brought her left knee up as she turned toward me. This moved her a little closer and she put her left hand on my elbow on the back of the couch, and leaning forward slightly, she said, “Thanks for doing maltepe escort the driving. I get so tired of always driving myself. It’s nice to be taken care of, once in a while.”

“I was happy to do it”, I replied.

She smiled that smile I saw in the car so I took a chance and leaned forward. I picked up her chin with my left hand and kissed her lips. She brought up her right hand and put it on the back of my head to pull me harder to her. I dropped my right hand to her waist and slid toward her until I could feel her left breast against my chest. She let out a small moan and I opened my mouth and when my tongue touched her lips, she opened her mouth.

She was starting to lean back on the couch so I brought my left hand down from her chin to her right boob. She leaned back slightly, so my hand had more room. My impression of her coming down the stairs was correct, she wasn’t wearing anything under that t-shirt. With a couple of squeezes, I could feel her nipple harden. I let my hand slide down her right side and around to her back. I leaned on to her, now pressing both her breasts with my chest. My left hand went under her shirt and began to rub her back. As I did this, I began kissing her chin and down her neck. She threw her head back as I kissed down the front of her neck. My left hand had joined my right behind her back and under her shirt. I pressed her chest to mine, and then backed off and brought my hands around from her back to the front and straight to her boobs. This time she arched her back to give me a better feel. I kissed her hard on the mouth and then down her neck again. This time, I picked up her shirt with my right hand and began kissing and sucking on her left tit. She started stroking the back of my head with her hands. I switched to her right breast. Her nipples were dark, extended and hard.

I started kissing from the nipple to the inside of her right breast. When I got to the valley between her breasts, I began to kiss up toward her neck. As I did this, I slid my hands to her sides and grabbing the t-shirt, lifted it up over her head. She raised her arms to allow me to remove it. I tossed it on the floor behind me and began massaging her breasts while I let my tongue play with hers.

I moved my left arm behind her head and with a little pressure, I had her lying down on the couch. I was mostly on her, but moved off her and onto my knees on the floor. I moved my head to her right breast and began sucking like a baby. My right hand was squeezing her left breast. I brought left hand up to her right breast and began squeezing it as I was sucking on it. She put her arms behind her head and was enjoying the attention she was getting. I moved my mouth from her right tit to the left one. I was still squeezing the right one with my hand. Now that I was sucking on her left one, I let my left hand slid down her trim abdomen and deftly slid my hand under the elastic top of her sweatpants. I moved my hand down and felt her pubic hairs. I expected to find her wearing underpanties, but she had nothing under the sweatpants. My hand went further down and she parted her legs slightly to allow me access to her mound. I let my hand pass over it and then pressed my palm into it. She was pressing back.

I left my hand pressing and rubbing her pussy, which was already moist. I sucked her tits a while longer, hoping she was enjoying it as much as I was. When I had my fill of her breasts, I began a trail of kisses down her abdomen. She was moaning and squirming as I moved down. I got to the top of her pants and brought my left hand up and my right hand down and grabbed the sides of her pants. I picked up my head and watched as I slid the pants down. She raised her hips to allow me to move them down. She kicked off her slippers and I moved the pants down her legs and off her feet. They joined the shirt on the floor behind me.

I paused for a moment to take in the view of this beautiful woman before me.

“My God, I never realized kartal escort how beautiful you really are”, I said, without even thinking.

She smiled, and looking at me said, “And tonight, I’m all yours. I’ve wanted you for years, but could never figure out how to tell you.”

“Then we will both enjoy tonight.” I said as I lifted her right ankle to my mouth and began kissing her ankle and up her leg. I bent her leg and when I got to her knee I began moving my kisses from the outside of her leg to the inside of her thigh. She moved her left leg up and moved her hips to the edge of the couch to afford me maximum room between her thighs. When I arrived at her pussy, I could smell her arousal, and I pressed my mouth hard on her pussy. I began licking from the bottom to the top of her slit. She was moaning and moving her hips as my tongue entered her. I licked her and tongue-fucked her. Her juices were flowing and beginning to drip down to her butt. I continued licking and moved up to her clit. I gave it a long lick and then began to suck on it. I brought up my hand and inserted two fingers into her sopping pussy. I felt her stiffen with her first orgasm.

I let her recuperate a little and began licking and sucking her clit again. After a few strokes, I added a third finger inside her. Her butt was bouncing on the couch as I was ramming my hand in and out of her. I could barely keep my mouth on her as her hips went up and down. I jammed my hand in hard and deep and held it there. I felt her legs tighten around me, and she shuttered again.

I backed off and looked at her. She was smiling. I took off my shirt and stood up and unbuckled my pants. I was slipping off my shoes as I moved my pants and under pants down. I hooked my socks and removed them with my pants. I knelt back down and moved my head up to hers. I kissed her forehead and kissed down her cheek and back to her mouth. She pulled my head with her left hand and with her right hand, she pushed on my hips to move me up and on to her. I followed her lead, and then once I was up and on her, I propped myself up on my straight arms and looked down at her. I looked down the length of her body to see her firm little breasts sitting atop her panting chest. I could see the top portion of her pubic hairs. I looked back up at her face. She was looking at me, and raised her arms, in an outstretched manor, and I lowered myself to her. I leaned my head in first, to kiss her on the mouth. As our tongues played with each other, I lowered my body slowly to hers. I dick found the opening of her moist pussy and with a little push, I poked the head inside her. I didn’t let anymore in for a second, then I pushed in another inch or so. She had been rubbing my back and now her hands moved down to my buttocks and she grabbed them and pulled them toward her hips, driving me inside her. I stayed there, motionless, enjoying the feeling of her tightness engulfing my dick. Then I began to move my hips. I pulled partially out and rammed it home again. I didn’t notice but she came again. I began moving with long strokes in and out of her.

My head was now beside hers as I thrust into her. She was biting her bottom lip and moaning. I could feel the pressure inside me building as my tempo increased. She brought her knees back toward her chest and then locked her ankles around my hips.

“Yes, oh God, Yes!” she exhaled in a throaty groan.

I moved my hands to her breast and began squeezing them both, and pinching her nipples between my index finger and thumb. I was pounding her and then I drove it home as deep as I could. She pulled me in with her legs and as I pinched her nipples, I exploded inside her. She let out a muffled scream and tightened her legs around me as she climaxed with the biggest orgasm of the night, perhaps of her life.

We relaxed and I laid on her, savoring what had just transpired. I propped myself up on one arm to lighten myself on her. She looked up and smiled. “Thank you. I’ve been looking forward to that for a very long time.”

“Why didn’t you even say anything before?” I asked.

“I don’t know”, she said, “I never figured you liked me. You always looked at me like I was queer or something.”

“Well, that’ll never happen again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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