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Mountain Play

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The jeep was parked & locked up at the ranger station. It was at least 20 miles away from their secret spot. This was an important week. They were getting away from everyone & everything. For the next 5 days it was going to be just the two of them. & they were going to try & work things out. They packed almost every thing they needed. Even most of their food except for the meat. They were going to fish & hunt for that.

Only the roar of their mountain bikes broke the peace of the hidden spot. They had found this place on one of their first hiking trips. A small waterfall & a deep little pond with a bubbling brook. Took up most of the clearing. There was just enough room for the large tent they had. The peacefulness of nature returned the moment they turned off their bikes. After setting up most of the camp. He went to find a fallen tree to chop up for fire wood. While she finished the little things around the camp. After she had put the perishables items in the cooler & placing it in the shallow water by the water fall.

She desisted to wash off. She grabbed two large towels & her washing items. Then escort kartal headed for the water. She knew no one would see her. They were to far from any trials or camp grounds. Plus it was early in the season.

Once striped she eased into the sun warmed water. She was very graceful for a woman of her height. She wasn’t too thin or fat. She was nicely shaped. She had long legs & a toned body. With large breasts. She moved under the fall to wet her long red hair. She then began to scrub the sweat & dirt from it & from her body.

He was almost back to camp, dragging a tarp full of wood. When he paused to wipe his brow. When he heard singing. A smile formed on his handsome face. He brushed his long hair out of his eyes. Then headed towards the sound of her voice. Before he was out of the bush he spotted her playing nude in the water.

He crept up to a large bush to hide & watch her. His eyes ran over a body he already knew so well. But, it seemed so exciting to play peeping tom. When she turned her back towards him. He silently moved over to the side of the pond. With in minutes he maltepe escort eased naked into the water. Diving under he swam over to were she was floating on her back. Although he liked the view from below he was starting to need air. He reached up & grabbed her around the waist pulling her under.

They started splashing & playing around like kids again. When he suddenly grabbed her, pulling her close. With passion he hadn’t felt in a long time he kissed her deeply. With feeling she returned the kiss with a passion of her own. He plunged his tongue into her mouth to tango with hers. They moved as one, locked in each other’s arms, to the lush grassy bank of the pond.

He pulled away long enough to lift her up & set her down on the grass. He placed his hand on either side of her & lifted himself up to reach her breasts. He sucked her left nipple into his hot mouth. & let his tongue gently play harden it up. Bring a growl from deep within her.

She leaned back pulling him up out of the water on top of her. He licked his way over to the right nipple & gave it the same treatment as the pendik escort bayan other one got. He felt his excitement growing along with his cock. She tangled one hand in his wet hair & the other scratched his upper back & neck lightly. When he couldn’t take it any longer. He pulled himself up to lay completely on top of her. As he mouth locked on to hers, he eased her legs apart. She wrapped them around his lean body. Helping him bury his cock deep within her hot, wet pussy in one swift motion.

He froze as she tightened her inter muscles. She kept him trapped deep inside as she relaxed then tightened over & over slowly at first then building up to a fast speed. He felt his climax rising swiftly & stiffened. Trying to inch his swollen cock deeper in as deep as he could get. When she raked her nails down his back & growled in his ear. He exploded with a roar.

They laid entwined around each other until the light faded & they both began to shiver. She reached over & grabbed one of her waiting towels giving it to him. She wrapped the other around herself. It only took them a short while to settle by a small campfire, once he returned & got his tarp of wood, that was not only warming them but also cooking their dinner. They pulled the large comforter up to their necks & relaxed. Each thinking about different ideas of how to explore each other over & over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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