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Mating Rituals Ch. 07

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Cherie and Al become engaged


Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This is the seventh chapter of the ‘Mating Rituals’ series – it is a standalone story but will make more sense if you read chapters 1 to 6 first (and why would you not want to do that?).


Lance lay between his wife, Bel, and his daughter, Cherie as they cuddled together in bed. Lance felt quite drained, as he should after making love with both these beautiful women. He wondered idly how many men were this fortunate, then wondered how long he could maintain this pace of loving before he had to place the two sexiest women in the world on rations. He had missed Cherie in his bed while she was away at Karen’s wedding so tonight, after she’d arrived home, they’d had a reunion celebration together even before Cherie had the time to tell her latest and biggest piece of news.

“We had a coffee together then sat talking for at least another hour,” said Cherie, continuing her story of her first date with Al.

She had explained how he had texted her out of the blue at the very moment she was about to leave and return home. In that moment her life had changed. Instead of texting a reply, she had called him and they’d met later that afternoon. Cherie explained how her heart had leapt with joy when she received his text; she hadn’t really known why until she saw him again at the café and had felt the genuine love for him in her heart. After that, she knew she was his, if he wanted her.

“I invited him home for dinner that night but he explained that he really had just arrived and his mother was expecting him there for dinner. He then suggested he should take me home to meet his mother. Well, I guess that is something all guys do when they’re serious about a girl, but I didn’t know whether that was the reason or whether he was simply being polite, because that’s one thing he is, very polite and quite old fashioned. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; quite the contrary, it’s a real change to be taken out by a gentleman. He always opens and closes the car door for me.” She chuckled as she made this comment, remembering the first time he had done this and how she had nearly slammed the door on his hand as she closed it herself.

“So he took me to meet his mother, Maggie is her name, and she insisted we have afternoon tea, as she called it. We had tea, not coffee, and biscuits, not cookies. Maggie was born and raised in England and thinks some American customs quite basic, so has stuck to the English customs for the most part,” she explained. “After a while Al decided it was time to take me home to Frank and Karen’s place. I invited him to return after dinner with his mom and spend the night with me but he didn’t seem to think that was a good idea. ‘But I hardly know you,’ he’d exclaimed at the suggestion. I told him that spending a few nights together was an excellent way to remedy that, but to no avail. Damn the English style upbringing.”

“So what did you do?” asked Bel, intrigued that it was her daughter trying to entice a guy into bed rather than the other way round.

“Well, what could I do? I slept with Frank and Karen in their big bed and Frank was able to ease my sense of frustration with Al quite nicely. Our romance, if it could be called that, continued for the next two weeks. We met each day for coffee, spent a long time talking each day, went for walks alongside the river in beautiful romantic settings, we kissed and held each other close frequently. Usually I could feel his engorged cock pressing against my belly, but it was the several layers of clothing between that were the problem. We went swimming and I wore my briefest bikini to entice him, but to no avail. His hard cock was obvious but no matter how hard I tried he would never make any move to put it where I wanted it. He didn’t even feel my pussy or allow me to touch his cock. It was a very loving platonic relationship I guess, although that sounds like an oxymoron.”

“He must have been very frustrated,” said Lance, “I know I would have been.”

“I really don’t know. I tried discussing sex with him but always blushed, looked away and changed the subject. I was considering calling our meetings off and was about to tell him so last Sunday night when he dropped a bombshell. We were sitting on a park bench in a very romantic location after a wonderful dinner at a top restaurant. The view across the water was beautiful with the full moon glinting off the rippling wavelets. We had been talking about the future, wondering if we had one together. He was describing how great it would be to be married to illegal bahis me; I was saying the same to him while all the time wondering how I was going to tell him that I wanted to break the whole relationship off because I needed some physical loving instead of just talking about it.”

“I can imagine that would have been an interesting situation for you,” interjected Bel.

“Yes, it was, and frustrating. But it became even more interesting when he took his arm from around my shoulders, pulled a small box from his pocket, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. To say I was stunned would be to put it very mildly.”

Both Lance and Bel turned towards Cherie, propping themselves up in their elbows. At this stage Cherie had made no mention of being engaged.

“So you’re engaged?” asked Lance at the same time as Bel asked “So you refused him?”

Cherie laughed. “Guess,” she replied.

“Well, you’re not wearing a ring so I guess you refused him,” said Lance.

“It wouldn’t have been such a surprise for you if I had, would it?” countered Cherie.

“You must have turned him down, told him that you didn’t want to marry anyone who wouldn’t sleep with you, and walked away, didn’t you?” suggested Bel.

Cherie laughed. “Just because I fall in love with a guy with some integrity you seem to think he’s not worthy of your daughter,” expostulated Cherie. “No I didn’t tell him that. I loved him too much to hurt his feelings in that way. Even though he hadn’t bedded me, it didn’t mean I didn’t love him and I knew he loved me, otherwise he wouldn’t have proposed.”

“So what did you do?” asked Bel, becoming more curious and frustrated by not knowing.

“I made a short speech, telling him how much I loved him, how honored I was to have been asked to be his bride, I told him how much I enjoyed physical sex and how frustrated I had been by his failure to take me to bed and love me like a man is supposed to love a woman. I levelled with him and told him I slept each night with Frank and Karen in order to slake my thirst for sex and that if I was to accept his proposal it would only be on condition that he loved me like I knew he wanted to, starting from tonight.”

Cherie paused. “Well, what happened then?” asked an increasingly frustrated Bel.

Cherie smiled at her and Lance. “He accepted, and so did I.” She reached over to the side table and removed a small box from under a tissue, opened it and extracted the ring, which she slid on to her third finger of her left hand. “So I am now Al’s fiancée.”

Bel let out a squeal and reached over Lance to give her a cuddle and kiss.

“Congratulations,” she said.

Once she’d moved so Lance could move, he held her and kissed her also. “Congratulations from me too. When’s the big day?”

“We haven’t set a date yet. Do you want to hear rest of the story?”

They both nodded impatiently.

“That night he accepted my invitation to Frank and Karen’s house and we both spent the night in the spare bedroom that I’d been in to begin with. I told Frank and Karen I wouldn’t be sleeping with them that night and explained why, without reference to the ring. Then I went to bed with Al for the first time. What a wonderful night! To begin with we simply held each other and kissed. Then gradually he began undressing me. It was wonderful, feeling him remove my clothing and kiss and caress my sensitized skin. Finally I was naked before him and he stepped back and gazed at me in wonder it seemed, as though he’d never seen a naked woman before. Maybe he hadn’t. Then I stepped towards him and did for him what he’d done for me. Once he was naked we embraced again. I will always remember the feel of his skin against mine for the first time; I realized that the delay in consummation of our love had only served to heighten our senses and responses once it arrived.

“His cock seemed to be enormous and as we kissed I could feel it like a log between my upper thighs, pressing into my vulva. ‘You’re huge,’ I told him. I felt him start. He then tried to pull away, his head hanging down. ‘What’s wrong, sweetheart?’ I asked. He simply sat on the bed and I noticed his cock had almost completely deflated. I sat beside him and cuddled him. ‘What’s the problem?’ I asked.”

“I’ll bet some uncaring woman had made love with him and complained he was too big and had hurt her,” said Bel.

“Yes, that’s exactly right,” agreed Cherie. “So I told him that I loved him dearly and that his cock was wonderfully big and hard, just like it should be, just like I loved. At first he didn’t believe me. He told me that his large cock was the reason he hadn’t been to bed with me before. He felt he would be safer if I made some commitment to him, and him to me, before we saw each other naked because then it would be harder for me to just run away. I lay him on his back on the bed and began stroking his cock, which very quickly regained its former glory and was reaching towards the ceiling and pulsing gently. I cupped his balls while he cupped my pussy, feeling illegal bahis siteleri how wet I was and sliding a finger into my vagina. I kissed the head of his cock and opened my mouth wide to take it all in, slurping my tongue over the cap and causing him to groan his arousal. I took him from my mouth and jacked it a little, squeezing his precum out and rubbing it over the head.

“At this stage he asked was I safe and I assured him I was, then I lay on him and kissed him, swirling my tongue in his mouth as I knew he liked. He took my breasts in his hands and rolled my nipples, sending shooting pulses of sensation straight to my clit. I wanted him so much so I wriggled up a little until his cock was right below my entrance. ‘Be careful, darling, I don’t want to hurt or damage you,’ he said. I assured him that there was no way he would hurt or damage me and wriggled downwards, feeling his cock spread me wide then penetrate me wonderfully. Even before he was fully inside I felt full. He was in heaven, it seemed, eyes closed, groaning in ecstasy. I moved up a little, then down further, working it into me. It was certainly the biggest cock I’d ever had in me, but it was one I wanted in me for the rest of my life. It felt amazing. Eventually I had him all inside and felt my clit squeezing against his bone while the head of his cock pressed the end of my tunnel hard but very erotically.”

“If you keep this up you’ll have me cumming without even touching me,” said Lance.

Cherie reached down and held his hard cock in her hand. “So small; such a pity,” she said jokingly.

“It was enough for you tonight,” countered Lance.

“Yes Daddy darling, it was beautiful tonight. I love you so much and I’m so grateful to you for teaching me how to arouse a man. I’m sure Al is as well. Anyway, we made love together and I came three times before Al spurted his hot cum into me. He must have had gallons because a huge amount oozed out around his cock, even though it was a tight fit, and large globules came out after he withdrew. What a wonderful lover he is. Anyway, we made love twice more that first night then at least twice a night for the next week. We discussed what arrangements we should make and where we should live. As I’m studying here and his IT business can be run from anywhere there’s WiFi, we decided to move here and I suggested that he could live here with us. I hope that’s Ok.”

“Yes, darling, of course it is. I wonder if he’s into foursomes; from your description I’d love to have him inside me,” said Bel.

“Sounds like I’d be out of a job,” said Lance ruefully.

“Never, Daddy, I’ll still sleep with you if Al inveigles Mom to sleep with him,” assured Cherie, and even if they don’t sleep together, I’ll still visit you occasionally.”

They talked about Cherie’s changed situation for a while longer then drifted off to sleep.

Two weeks later Al’s car pulls up the drive, laden down with his belongings. He had been driving for several days and appeared to be very tired, as one would expect. Cherie bounded down the path to greet him and they held and embraced each other for a long time before Cherie led him by the hand into the house to meet Lance and Bel. After a coffee and some cookies, or biscuits as Al referred to them, Al was refreshed and the four of them began unpacking the car, taking Al’s personal stuff into the spare bedroom and storing his few pieces of furniture in the garage. It was then supper time and they ate heartily on the deck in the afterglow of the sun, then chatted amiably for a while, Al getting to know Bel and Lance and vice versa. Soon it was time for nightcaps, then bed. Cherie kissed her parents goodnight, closed the door on them and melted into Al’s arms. Al held her closely while kissing and caressing her. It was only then that she realized how much she loved him and how much she’d missed him during the past days apart while he returned home then drove the long distance to Cherie’s home.

They stripped each other, showered together then climbed into bed. Al’s enormous cock was standing to attention and Cherie quickly lay on her back, legs wide apart, and invited it inside. He spent a few minutes gently arousing her even more, spreading her juices and his precum, caressing her breasts, rolling her nipples and kissing her thoroughly all over. Then he knelt between her open thighs and he eased his cock into her, taking several strokes before she was fully impaled on his iron-hard rod. She lifted her feet and wrapped her legs around him, holding him inside and feeling him fill her to capacity. He flexed his hips, causing his pubic bone to squeeze and release her clit while she rolled her head on the pillow in ecstasy. He then began withdrawing almost all the way before pounding his cock back inside, a frenetic rhythm that pushed them both rapidly towards their orgasms.

As usual, Cherie came first, biting off her scream of joy then remembering she was home now and had no need to make love silently. Her second scream echoed around the bedroom as she held herself canlı bahis siteleri tightly against Al, preventing him from moving. Slowly she relaxed and Al resumed his rhythm, the pause having delayed his orgasm and enabled him to continue pounding his gorgeous fiancée. He had learned that she would have at least two and sometimes up to four orgasms before he came. Tonight it was two only as it was a while since his last release. As he pounded away into her slippery love tunnel she felt her second climax almost there, close, closer, then she was there, her vaginal muscles pulsing on Al’s huge cock, massaging it, sucking his cum from his balls. He thrust deeply and held himself still as he pulsed his hot cum into her welcoming vagina. The feeling of his hot discharge increased Cherie’s sensations and pleasure, causing her to emit another shrill scream and wrap her legs around him tighter as the lovers’ pleasure magnified.

After a few minutes they relaxed and turned on their sides, still joined by his half-hard cock deeply implanted inside her still pulsing vagina. They kissed and cuddled, then fell into a deep satisfied sleep.

Lance and Bel had heard the rhythmic sounds from their daughter’s bedroom and the thought of Al’s huge cock inside Cherie’s vagina turned them both on greatly. They lay together, Lance’s cock engulfed by Bel’s vagina, and moved gently together, arousing, stimulating, loving each other. They heard Cherie’s scream but were not yet ready to end their session. The rhythmic sounds began once again and culminated in another scream which served to push Bel over the edge. Her pulsing vagina sucked Lance’s juices from his cock as he came deep inside his wife’s love tunnel. They kissed and cuddled, then lay together catching their breaths after their exertion.

“I’m so pleased that Cherie’s at last found a guy she loves, who is single, loves her, seems to be good for her and hopefully will survive for a long time into the future,” said Bel. “She deserves this happiness after all she’s been through.”

“I totally agree, although I must say I do miss her in bed with us.”

“So do I. But give her time to talk Al around and I think she’ll be back.”

“Mmm, hope so.”

“So do I. I want his huge cock in me, not that I don’t like yours.”

They kissed again and drifted off to sleep.

During the next few weeks Cherie returned to her studies and Al set up his IT business from Lance and Bel’s home, now, it seemed, his home also. One Saturday morning Cherie mentioned the possibility of a foursome to him but he greeted the suggestion with horror.

“No way. That just isn’t going to happen. Sex is something that happens between lovers, not just something to do for recreation; it’s procreation, not recreation that sex was made for.”

“So how come a woman’s clit is the only organ in the body which is totally dedicated to pleasure when sex, as you say, is for procreation only?”

“I didn’t say it was only for procreation. But I believe it’s only for giving pleasure to a person of the opposite gender who is committed to the other person. Hence my waiting until we were engaged until we had sex.”

“That’s all very well, but you know that I have sex with my father, my mother, Frank and Karen and others in the past. So how do you reconcile that with your beliefs? You also at least attempted to have sex with someone else, the bitch who told you that your cock was too big for her, so were you engaged to her?”

Al looked away, knowing that Cherie was right in all she said. He was being totally inconsistent with his beliefs. But as with most people, Al knew he found change difficult.

“Ok, you win. I’m being totally inconsistent. Sorry. However, I find it very difficult to change. Even with you, I still get flashbacks to that previous girlfriend who told me my cock wouldn’t fit in her. That’s probably the worst thing any girl can say to a guy; it really knocks his confidence. So, can we make a deal? I’ll be willing to make changes if you’re willing to let me make them slowly and at my pace. Deal?”

Cherie snuggled against him. “Deal, darling, definitely a deal. Now all this talk of sex has made me horny so please make love to me.”

They were in their bedroom and as Cherie was saying this she was pushing him gradually backwards until the bed caught him behind the knees and he toppled backwards with Cherie on top. She sat on his thighs and unfastened his waistband and zip, then pulled out his rapidly hardening cock. He in turn pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties and she raised herself up and sank slowly down onto his cock, feeling the usual delicious feeling of fullness as it filled her to capacity.

It took only a few moments before they both reached their orgasms, his hands caressing her breasts and nipples through her thin top while she grabbed his shoulders for support and leverage as she moved back and forth on his cock. She let out a small shriek as she came, closely followed by a low groan as Al unloaded another dose of cum deep within her vagina. They had omitted to close the door so as Bel walked past she had a clear view of them both reflected in the wall mirror, just as Cherie saw the movement and noticed her mother watching them, which only served to intensify her orgasm.

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