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Masturbation Interrupted

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Coming out of the bathroom you hear a moan, which seems to come from the bedroom. You push at the half-closed door and take in the scene within.

I am lying face down in the middle of the bed, wearing nothing but a white t-shirt. My hips raised and my hand between my legs. From your vantage point you have a perfect view of my arse, bared by the rucked-up t-shirt. Another moan and my hips thrust down to meet the fingers stroking my pussy. That arse is very tempting and I am being so naughty, masturbating in the middle of the day.

You walk towards the bed, making no effort to hide your presence. Smiling you raise you hand and land a stinging blow on my arse cheek. I squeal in surprise and try to turn over, but you are there, with your hand planted firmly on my back. I struggle, wriggling around, trying to escape, but that one hand holds me firm.

“Let me go,” my breath is coming fast, partially from the struggle, but also from excitement.

“You’re a naughty little slut and you must take your punishment.”


“Silence!” Your voice has changed, no longer playful and for once I bite my lip and swallow my words.

Turning my head I try to look at you, plead with my eyes, but you are focused on my arse. Another hard blow makes me kurtköy escort jump and my skin sting and tingle. Can you feel the heat beneath your hand? Then your palm cups my buttock and strokes it gently, soothing the hurt. I release my breath in a sigh, but my relief does not last long, as a serious of blows rains down on both cheeks. Varying in intensity, some are hard and firm, some lighter, almost playful. My bottom is bright red and tingling before you pause to examine your work. Although I have tried to stay quiet, each spank was met with a moan. Now I hold my breath waiting for the next strike.

I feel your hand stroking my buttocks, your fingers slipping between my thighs.

“You’re so wet little slut.” And I am.

My pussy is soaked in juice. You raise your fingers to your lips and I hear you suck them clean, tasting me.

“Stay right there.”

I turn my head to catch sight of you stripping off your clothes hurriedly, your cock hard and erect. Maybe my punishment won’t be so bad after all. Then you are on the bed behind me, pushing me forwards into the pillows as your tongue drives into my pussy. Your hands gripping my already abused arse cheeks. I feel your tongue exploring the inner lips of my pussy, my clit, dipping into my pussy before malatya escort licking up towards my arse hole. I squeal in protest and try to move away from your tongue, but my position makes that impossible, I am held tight. Your tongue flicks over the sensitive skin of my arse, circling it, probing it with the tip. My protests have turned to moans of pleasure. As your tongue breaches my arse hole your fingers thrust into my pussy and I shudder in response. Your tongue is replaced by a finger, then two. Thrusting in and out of me, making me moan and push my hips back to take more of them.

“Oh you like that, don’t you? You’re such a greedy girl.”

The fingers are removed and I feel your cock at my pussy entrance. This is what I want, so much. One hard thrust and you are ball-deep inside my tight, wet pussy. My loud moan is muffled by the pillow, but I want more of this. A few more hard thrusts and you withdraw. I can hear you breathing heavily behind me. Grasping my hips you hold them tightly as I feel the tip of your cock press against my arse.

“No, not that, no,” the words rushing out of my mouth.

I try to wriggle, but am held too tightly. You press forwards and again I try to move away. A hard slap to my cheek and I feel you push again. The tip of your kayseri escort cock forces its way in and I moan a little in pain. I must feel so tight gripping the tip of your cock. But you push forwards slowly, taking more and more of me.

“Stop, please, stop,” I beg.

I feel so stretched and full and can’t take more. You ignore my plea, rubbing my clit with your fingers as you intrude further. I’m moaning and pleading, but you don’t stop until my arse is full of you. I feel your balls against my pussy and know that I am filled to the rim with you. At this moment you pause and let out a huge sigh, before slowly rocking backwards and forwards so that your cock moves inside me. I feel pain and yet so much pleasure, a burning sensation that is driving me wild. You start to thrust in and out, slowly at first, feeling how my arse re-claims your cock. Then the pace quickens and I feel your balls banging against me as you fuck my arse with hard, deep strokes.

I’m not sure either of us has much control and I know that I will cum soon. I feel the clenching of my stomach, the tightening of my thigh muscles and a tingling in my pussy and then it’s here, my body jerks as the climax hits and my pussy and arse contract. You can feel my orgasm and my arse squeezes around your cock so tightly, as with one last hard thrust you fill me with your cum, your fingers biting into my hips.

You lean forwards and plant a kiss on my back before slowly withdrawing. My ravaged arse oozing cum as you do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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