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Mary’s Evolution: Book 13

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A few months later, the world as Mary knew it bore little resemblance to the way it was before that fateful night when Greg Mullin came into the bedroom and took liberties with the chubby 18 year old.

That night set forth a series of events that affected a number of people, some for the better and some for the worse. Mary’s lifelong friend Brianna Mullin, Greg’s daughter, was one of those affected most drastically, and only time will tell the end result.

Chapter One: Brianna at 19.

Brianna looked around the sparsely furnished apartment that she had just moved into a few days earlier. She had moved in with her new roommate, who was getting dressed for work. Her roommate was her employer, who was responsible for her getting the job, as well as the apartment.

The roommate had also staked her to the apartment she had just moved from, which had been located in the same complex. The first apartment was a studio, but when he told her that things had changed and whether she would mind if he moved in with her, she couldn’t say no.

It wasn’t like she had any options. Like the book said, you can’t go home again, and in this case it was because the Mullin house had a FOR SALE sign on the lawn. For sale by her mother’s real estate firm, and still available the last time she went by.

Her mother was shacked up with some dude from Sri Lanka or Dubai or someplace else that Bree had never heard of. Maybe that was Mom’s new motto; Buy a house from me and I’ll shack up there and fuck you. It didn’t matter to Brianna, because it wasn’t like they were on speaking terms or anything.

Mom had taken a dim view of what had been going on under her nose at the Mullin residence, Bree recalled, not that deal old Mom had been there much to begin with. Too busy fucking every Tom, Dick and Reggie, as it turned out.

It wasn’t the fact that her mother had caught Brianna fucking Mary’s father that set everything in motion, according to Gerry, and he said that Mom had been watching the two of them going at it that afternoon besides. She even made a pass at Gerry too while she was showering, according to him, and that sounded like something right up her alley.

Guess it was the other thing, Bree reasoned. Dumb drunk Dad had to run his mouth off and screw everything up. From what Brianna could gather, after Mom had found out that he had been fucking Mary, she tore into him when he got home that very evening after Brianna and Mr. Koutusis were witnessed in action.

“You sick fucker!” Brianna remembered her mother screaming at her father when he came home from work expecting dinner instead of a brawl. “How could you screw her? If you have to fuck something, why a little girl?”

Brianna guessed that Dad must have had a few drinks on the way home, because he was apparently confused. Maybe he thought that Tracy had said “your” little girl, because he panicked and started alibiing and babbling.

“It wasn’t my fault,” Greg had yelled back. “She was the one who started it.”

“An 18 year old girl came on to you?” Tracy scoffed. “Bullshit.”

“It only happened a couple of times,” Greg protested, not mentioning the fact that the only reason it had stopped was because Brianna had grown frustrated with his inability to get it up for her.

“Gerry Koutusis said you’ve been fucking her for months, and right in this damn house to boot!” Tracy screeched.

Brianna recalled less than fondly her father looking at her in horror just as she came into the hallway to find out what the yelling was about.

“How did Gerry Koutusis know? How could you, Bree?” Dad asked Brianna. “What did you do, blabbermouth? Tell Mary?”

It was like being in the middle of an Abbott and Costello routine, Brianna soon discovered, and by the time she figured things out, the snowball was already rolling down the mountain.

“Dad, I didn’t say anything to anybody about anything!” Brianna screamed, but Dad was going off.

“Tell your mother how it was,” Greg Mullin whined. “You were the one that came on to me! I didn’t even want to do it with you. Mary was the one I wanted!”

“What the fuck are you talking about, Greg?” Tracy yelled in confusion before the light bulb went on over her head. “You don’t mean? Oh come on! What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Mom kept looking back and forth at her husband and her daughter as she struggled to comprehend the magnitude of what was going on.

“Besides fucking Mary Koutusis, you had sex with your own daughter as well, you pervert?”

“Just a few times,” Dad whimpered. “Come off it, Tracy. If we had an 18 year old son instead of a daughter, you would be gobbling his cock every night while tucking him in. You fuck everything with a pulse, you slut!”

Tracy Mullin flew at her husband, swinging wildly with all her might, scratching and clawing at her retreating husband in between raining blows all over him. Dad went tumbling down the steps, crashing unceremoniously into the door at the entrance, and in his only wise eryaman escort move of the day Greg Mullin scrambled to his feet and flew out the door.

Tracy then turned to her daughter, and started in on her, but Brianna wasn’t in the mood for any of that.

“And you, you fucking little whore!” Tracy hissed. “What kind of a slut are you?”

“It’s in the genes, bitch,” Brianna spat, easily sidestepping her mother as she charged blindly at her.

“Think twice Mom!” Brianna shouted a few seconds before she got charged again, and when Tracy failed to heed her warning Bree’s short right to the head knocked her mother down like she was shot.

“Get out of this house, you pig,” Tracy hissed, wiping the blood from the cut above her eye.

Brianna packed her stuff and left as fast as she could, even though she had nowhere to go. That evening she got a guy from school to let him sleep in the basement of his parents house in exchange for a blow job, but Bree knew that she had to find something more permanent, so even though it burned her to do it, she went to Mary’s house.

Mary wasn’t home, but her parents were. Brianna felt creepy there with Mary’s mother, but tried to treat Mary’s father just like she always had before so his wife wouldn’t catch on, but it wasn’t easy. All she could think about, strangely enough despite all the turmoil in her life at that moment, was Gerry’s cock.

Gerry seemed to feel the same way, and after Brianna told Mr. and Mrs. Koutusis her tale – minus the part about her exploits with her Dad and Gerry of course – Gerry offered to help the poor girl out. After making a couple of calls, Gerry told his wife that he had found Brianna a place to stay until everything blew over, and volunteered to drive her there.

“Sorry about all this,” Gerald said as he drove Brianna and her suitcase over to this apartment complex where a friend of his had a furnished little studio available.

“Just for now, until you figure out what you want to do,” Gerald said as he drove across town.

“I know what I want to do,” Brianna said. “I wanna fuck you.”

“That sounds like an excellent idea,” Gerry rasped as Brianna reached over and began grabbing at his groin, trying to pull his rubbery hose out of his pants. “We’re here though.”

“Hurry,” Brianna told Gerald as he went into the manager’s office, and she found it difficult to endure having the guy show them the apartment, because there was only one things she could think of.

As soon as the door clicked behind the manager, they began tearing at each others clothes like rabid animals. They ended up fucking on the floor, and even though Brianna’s pussy was still sore from the day before, she was too horny to care. Whatever it was about Gerald Koutusis, it had struck a chord in her.

She came almost immediately, and after her orgasm she lay there limply while Gerald slammed that massive weapon into her with a speed and intensity that sent them inching across the carpet with each thrust, until they were jammed against the wall.

Her back was burning from the friction of the carpet when she felt his cock jerking deep inside of her, emptying his nuts into her womb, and as he pulled his flaccid cock out of her gaping pussy she felt his warm seed trickle down into the crack of her ass.

Chapter Three: That was then. This is now.

Now on the eve of her 19th birthday, Brianna was in the office of Gerry’s construction company, struggling to do the job she was clearly unqualified to do. A fact that was not lost on the only other woman in the office, a sourpuss of an old bag who resented Bree from the start.

Bree hated the woman, but she couldn’t really blame her. After all, she knew why she was there. They all knew. Mrs. Carlin was there to do the books and Brianna was there to do Gerald Koutusis, and since they had gotten together, Gerald had discovered that he had a lot of pent up desire.

With the nubile and willing Brianna, he had an outlet for his energy, and when he came back to the office late in the afternoon, he had a present for Brianna.

“Open it up, baby,” Gerry said after ushering Bree into his office. “This is an early birthday present. More for me than you though.”

“What is this?” Brianna asked, holding up the little green uniform for a second before recognizing it.

“Weren’t you ever one?” Gerald asked, chuckling at the sight of Bree holding up the scout uniform in front of herself.

“No, that was goofy stuff,” Brianna said, laughing at the sash and all of the little flair that went along with it. but when she saw how happy Gerry looked as he watched her, she smiled. “But this is neat.”

“Then you’ll wear it?” Gerry asked hopefully.

“For you, my big furry teddy bear, anything,” Brianna cooed, jumping onto Gerry’s lap and wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I can’t wait to see you in it,” Gerry said as he nibbled on her ear, while his hand inched under Brianna’s skirt and found her escort eryaman naked underneath.

“Want me to put it on now? Brianna asked with a giggle as his hand found her moist delta.

“Want to save it for tonight,” Gerry gasped, running his fingers over the faint down that surrounded the lips of her sex.

“Haven’t been waxed this week yet,” Brianna warned. “Should I?”

“Yes – wait, no!” Gerry said quickly. “Tomorrow maybe. I like the way this feels now.”

“Do you?”

“Yeah,” Gerry moaned. “The hair that’s grown in, it’s more like peach fuzz right now. So soft and downy.”

“You aren’t,” Brianna whispered, while outside the door Mrs. Carlin puttered around. “I feel you getting hard right now. Too bad we can’t do it right here on the desk.”

“Tonight, baby,” Gerry said as he reluctantly lifted Bree off his lap. “Right after you sell me some cookies.”

Chapter Four: Cookies?

“I’m scared, Mr. Koutusis,” Brianna protested as Gerry leaned her back onto the bed. “My Mommy is waiting for me.”

“She can wait a little while,” Gerry said while his hand undid the buttons of her uniform shirt. “She’ll be so proud of you for selling all of those cookies too. And look what we have here. Isn’t this sweet?”

Gerry’s hands caressed the soft cups of the training bra, feeling the nipples harden beneath the fabric, and as he deftly opened the front clasp and parted the cups, his fingers massaged the perky titty that he exposed.

“These are nice, baby,” Gerald moaned before smothering her breast with his lips, and as he sucked on the bud his hand worked down under the skirt and beneath the cotton panties.

“Ooh, that really feels nice baby,” Gerry groaned. “You’ve got a little hair down there now, I see. And you’re wet too. Here, give me your hand.”

Gerald brought Brianna’s hand, which she managed to make quiver to appear as if she was really scared, into the open fly of his pants and had her bring his semi-turgid cock out.

“You know what that is, don’t you baby?” Gerald asked. “It’s my dick. You’ve seen one of these before, right?”

“I saw my Daddy’s,” Bree said.

“Really?” Gerry asked. “So there’s no reason to be frightened.”

“Yes, but yours is so big,” Bree sniffed, her fingers clutching the thick shaft while Gerry moved her hand up and down for her.

“Bigger than your father’s?” Gerry asked, and his stiffening cock surged mightily in Bree’s hand when she answered.

“Yes. Way bigger. Your is so much longer and thicker, and it’s really hard too! Please don’t.”

“I want you, honey,” Gerry said, nudging his pants down to the floor as he climbed up on top of Brianna, pulling her uniform up out of the way as he brought his cock up into the soft channel of her opening.

“It hurts,” Bree whimpered as he slid the plum-sized glans of his member into her warmth.

“Such a sweet little pussy,” Gerry whispered. “Maybe after you feel how good my dick will feel in your pussy, you’ll let me put it in someplace else. Just a little way.”

“NO!” Bree cried out, her melodramatic face replaced by one of real terror when she heard the words that accompanied his finger reaching down lower and probing her anus.

“Okay okay! Don’t worry, I won’t! Here it comes baby,” Gerald sighed with disappointment as he slid deeper into Bree’s pussy, and as he began to work himself in and out of her tender orifice, Bree’s acting began to break down, as it often did when she began to get hot, but that was okay because soon he suspected that he would be lost in the moment as well.

His suspicions proved to be correct, as he ended up pile-driving the little blonde into the mattress as he thrust his cock deep into her pussy, and he wouldn’t cum until she did herself, at least once.

He did cum eventually, after Brianna had cum herself and her limp and lithe form had merely become a receptacle for Gerald’s lust and seed. Afterward, as the lay in the bed, with the costume strewn all over the place, Brianna knew that it would be put on again at some time, along with the cheerleader costume and the other outfits Gerry had gotten for her.

“You said you’re going to get waxed tomorrow?” Gerry asked, his hand going from rubbing the tiny strip of stubble under her upraised arm to slide over her semen-drenched pussy.

“Yes, at lunch time.”

“Well, instead of coming back to work, why not take the rest of the day off?” Gerry suggested. “I’ve got a pass to some fancy-ass health club somebody gave me. You might as well use it, because I don’t need it. My work and the workouts with you are all the exercise I need.”

“Thanks,” Bree said, kissing her furry guy in gratitude for not having to hang around that boring office all day.

Gerald watched Bree’s cute butt wiggle out of the room, shaking his head as he thought about how badly he wanted to do that simple act at least once in his life. Sure, he realized, Brianna was a tiny woman, but he had fantasized all his eryaman escort bayan life about what it would feel like. Someday, he vowed.

Chapter Five: Chance meeting.

As Brianna gingerly got off of the exercise bike and headed for the locker room, she kept an eye on the short brunette who had been working out over in the corner of the gym with a personal trainer.

When she first saw the girl, she immediately dismissed her as having a vague resemblance to her former friend. After all, Mary Koutusis in a health club like this, and with a personal trainer no less? It seemed ludicrous, and besides, this woman was so much more – different looking than Mary.

Her hair was cut differently, for one thing. Then there were the eyebrows. This woman’s eyebrows were full, but not nearly as thick and unruly as Mary’s where. And the nose looked smaller too, but maybe that was because this woman wasn’t wearing glasses. As for the waist, this woman had none.

So Brianna made it a point to keep an eye on this woman during the afternoon, and when it appeared that the trainer had stopped the session, Brianna got ready to move.

The Mary look-alike was headed for the locker room, and as she did, Brianna followed in quick pursuit. The woman in question disappeared around the corner from where Brianna’s locker was, so Bree quickly undressed and grabbed a towel.

Pulling it around her, Bree hustled around the corner towards the showers, where the woman was grabbing a towel just as Bree approached. Their eye met, and Brianna instantly realized that this wasn’t a Mary look-alike, it was Mary.

They both froze in disbelief, and for a brief second when their eyes met they forgot they were not friends any longer, before they laughed nervously.

“Hi, Bree,” Mary said, holding her towel at her side. “Long time. I didn’t know you were a member here.”

“Just visiting,” Bree said, her eyes trying not to look at Mary, who was standing there naked without the slightest inclination to hide herself. Brianna figured that Mary must not know about her being with her father, because she didn’t mention a thing about it.

“Headed to the showers?” Mary asked, and when Brianna nodded they walked to the rear of the room and into the steam-filled shower chamber.

Bree followed Mary to the pillar in the center the room and turned on a nozzle opposite Mary, letting the spray wash over her while Mary did the same.

This was some kind of Bizarro world, Bree thought to herself, because everything is backwards. I was there practically cowering in fear while Mary was the bold and confident one, brazenly standing in the most obvious place in the room, almost flaunting herself, and with good reason.

Gone was the pudgy and shy girl Brianna had known all her life. Her arms were not fleshy but firm, almost muscular looking as they flexed while Mary washed her hair, oblivious to Bree’s staring. Under those chiseled arms, Mary’s armpits were gentle hollows that looked as creamy as butter, in no way resembling the hairy jungles that she had sported months earlier.

Her breasts were still enormous, but beneath them was a trim waist as flat as her own, Bree noted. Her butt was still large, but there was no fat on it, just tight butt cheeks. Mary would never be skinny, because obviously she was too big boned for that, but this girl opposite her was an incredible voluptuous woman.

“You look sensational,” Brianna said after they turned off the spray and head out to dry, and Bree couldn’t help but notice that when other woman looked their way as they walked through the room to their lockers, it was Mary that got their attention.

“Oh,” Mary said modestly before they parted. “Lasix, and a little work here and there. You look great too, but then again you always did.”

Brianna had to go over to her own locker, where she dried and tried to get herself to look presentable before trying to catch up to Mary again. When they met again they walked toward the exit, with Mary talking on the phone to somebody before hanging up.

“Too bad you aren’t a member here,” Mary said. “We could work out together.”

“Out of my league,” Bree said glumly.

“It’s a perk of my job,” Mary explained as they walked outside.

“You aren’t in school anymore?” Bree asked.

“Yes and no,” Mary said, looking around the parking lot. “I’m an intern for Assemblyman Heath – soon to be United States Senator Heath hopefully. I get credit for my degree.”

“That must be awesome,” Bree gushed.

“It is,” Mary said. “Make sure you register to vote if you haven’t already. Heath in 2010!”

“Uh, do you need a ride or anything?” Bree asked.

“No, I’ve got a car coming,” Mary said, watching as the limo swung into the lot. “Thanks though. Great to see you again.”

Brianna watched as Mary went towards the white limousine that quietly rolled to a stop in front of the building, before stopping and spinning around.

“Oh Bree!” Mary said, walking toward her and giving her a hug. “Happy birthday. Almost forgot.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“And say hi to my Dad too,” Mary added, and Brianna’s face flushed with embarrassment and the realization that Mary knew all about it. “I’m not talking to him after what he did to Mom, but still… he’s my Dad.”

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