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Making Him Watch

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This is a story I’m writing in response to a thread about making your partner watch you.

I had found out from friends that my boyfriend had been playing up and sleeping with several other women. When I found out I was devastated and a real mess, I thought and thought about what to do. Finally one of my girlfriends suggested I show him two can play this game. So together we hatched a plan so I could get even with him.

The plan was for me to get him tied up on the presumption of joining myself and Jody in a threesome. I told him Jody had agreed to go through with it on the condition that he be blindfolded and tied to a chair to begin with. He agreed straight away, I told him to get some handcuffs and restraints as Jody wants to be tied up also. Over the next week or so he went and bought new handcuffs along with leather restraints for wrists and ankles. Myself and Jody were laughing at how he even bought it all, not knowing what it was actually to be used for.

The next part of our plan was to find the right guy to do it with, Jody suggested several guys we knew however I was worried about it being someone we know. Then Jody came up with the brilliant idea of getting a male escort, so we searched the papers and phone books and eventually found an agency that promised to have a guy for every woman whatever her taste. It was a few days before I got the nerve to call, then eventually I did it.

I called and spoke to a woman telling her I was after a male escort to visit at my house, She asked all sorts of questions about if I wanted an outgoing type of guy, large or average, even if I wanted well endowed or not. By the end of the call we had organized Michael a tall athletic dark man that she assured me was “quite well built down there”.

I told her my boyfriend has a fantasy about being tied up watching me being taken by another man and asked her to let Michael know and make sure that that was ok with him.

The day finally came, I was so nervous and at the same time really excited. Craig my boyfriend undressed and I had him sit in our large reclining chair in the lounge room. He had his ankles secured with the leather restraints to the legs, his wrists secured with the leather things and tied around the back thru the legs again. He could not get out at all. I told him I was going to blindfold him as Jody would be here soon, putting it over his eyes. I then went and got a gag he had tried to make me wear a few times before, telling him illegal bahis “try this”. Then about 15 minutes later the door bell rang and I quivered as I stood there. Then finally I went to the door, opening it to see a very tall dark man. “Hi I’m Emma” I said as I looked at him.

I’m Michael he said I’m here for your booking.

Please come in I said and he followed me back inside. We walked into the lounge room and as we did I said “they did mention my boyfriend wants to watch didn’t they,”

“oh hell yes that’s fine by me” he said back.

Craig was now trying to sit up more, struggling as he heard another mans voice. Michael asked may he shower first, so I showed him thru to our bathroom and left him there to shower.

Walking back into the lounge room I walked over to Craig and said “do you really think I didn’t know you were sleeping around, even fucking one of my friends”. “Now darling its time for you to see me do it to”, I said as I removed his blindfold and walked from the room.

I met Michael on his way back to the lounge room, in just a towel. His muscles everywhere, his dark skin so shinny. I told him, “don’t worry about Craig he may pretend he dosen’t want to watch but it truly is one of his biggest fantasy’s to see me taken by a man like you”.

We walked into the lounge room and Michael suggested he help me undress and would give me a massage to begin with. Feeling his large hands touching me was so nice, he removed my bra and cupped my breasts teasing my nipples as he did this. Then he slowly slid down my skirt and began removing my panties, taking his time he knelt before me and seemed to take ages all the while looking at my shaven bare pussy.

“Now lay here my sweet thing” he told me, as he began massaging my back and neck. I looked over and Craig was struggling and was bright red as he gets when angry.

I just moaned and felt Michael’s hands on my legs massaging and feeling me, he spread my legs wider and was getting closer to my sex. I knew I was getting excited as I could feel the arousal deep inside me growing. Then his large fingers brushed across my lips, as he began to touch my pussy.

I moaned softly as he was teasing me, then he moved and lay over me. I could feel his body on me, his breathe on my neck as he kissed my neck, then he bit me on the back of my neck and whispered to me that he wanted me.

I moaned loud this time as he was getting me more and more excited with everything he did. illegal bahis siteleri I could feel his cock as it sat between my legs almost at my sex.

He had me turn over and then he began on my front, massaging my breasts, teasing my nipples till they were so hard. I looked at his now erect cock and was in awe of it, it was the largest I had ever seen. I just lay there watching him as he played with me, teasing me. My hands trying to touch him all over, feeling him touching me.

Craig was moaning in his gag watching all this about 2 or 3 meters away. I looked at Michael and whispered “kiss me hold me, take me please”. Our lips met and his tongue slid in my mouth as mine played with his. We kissed and held each other like lovers, feeling my breasts being played with, my pussy being fondled also. I opened my legs wider waiting for him to take me, wanting to feel his manhood enter my small wet hungry pussy.

As I lay there he moved between my legs, rubbing his cock along my lips, opening my sex for him, making his cock wet with my juices. Then I moved back a little, I looked at Craig as I felt his manhood push into me, easing my pussy open, stretching my pussy more than it had been before. I moaned and looked at Craig as he began to fuck me.

Eventually he was all the way in me, I felt so ful,l so excited, then he began pounding my pussy, fucking me. I said “yes, god yes take me, use me fuck me like a slut”. I held onto him trying to pull him deeper into me, my legs wrapped around him, holding him in me.

He fucked me for a lot longer than Craig ever did, and eventually he went to pull out saying he was going to cum.

“NO” I yelled “I want you in me, cum in my cunt, cum in my wet hungry pussy. YES YES YES” I yelled as I orgasmed in front of my now ex boyfriend. I lay there in bliss as he began to soften inside my now wet not so hungry pussy.

Craig was just sitting there like in a daze, not trying to struggle any more.

I said to Michael “let’s go into the bedroom now where it is more comfortable, Craig can wait there and have a little rest”. We got up and Michael picked me up and carried me to my bed and lay me down in front of him. I lay there watching him as he hopped on with me, he lent over and we kissed passionately. His hands once again wandering over my body, exploring, touching me, making hot. His cock beginning to grow once again as I felt it, touched it. I moved round and took him in my mouth, sucking his cock canlı bahis siteleri as best I could. Massaging his big balls as I sucked him, making him moan as I did it. Tracing my tongue around the thick head as I sucked it, my hand massaging him too. I looked at him as I did this sucking his cock playing with his dark hard cock. He pushed me off him and had me kneel on the bed, he moved behind me and began to push himself into my juicy wet hot vagina once again. I moved back onto him once I felt him entering me, he took hold of my hips and began fucking me like a rag doll. Slamming himself into me then thrusting back out, he was almost taking my weight as he held me. He moved back and slapped my arse hard as he fucked me. Then he began fingering my bottom too as he fucked me, I began to shake as I came with him deep in me.

He asked where my toys where and I told him “in the draw next to the bed”. He reached over and opened it, throwing all my knickers out of the way and grabbed a dildo I had. As he continued fucking me he took the toy and began rubbing my juices all over it, then he was pushing it into my bottom slowly as his cock moved slowly in and out of my now well used pussy. I groaned as he filled both my holes, then I felt him tighten his grip on me and I knew he was going to cum once again. I squeezed my pussy as tight as I could on his large cock as he began to cum in me, spraying my womb, my cervix with his seed.

After what seemed like ages, he took me by the hand and said lets give your boyfriend a real show. He led me back to where Craig was, still sitting tied in the chair. Then Michael said to him “god you have one sexy little hotty here. Watch me fuck her till she cums and begs for more”. As I stood there I could feel the cum and my sexy juices leaking from me running down my legs. I felt like such a naughty girl, like such a wanton woman. The power I had over Craig made me feel so sexy, so slutty. All he could do was watch as I let Michael have me, as I let Michael take me.

Before Michael left we sat chatting about things, and I told him why I had down this. How Craig was sleeping with others and even a girlfriend I knew well, then treating me like shit. I told him today was the last time I would have Craig here as I was throwing him out, after all it was my name on the lease not his. Michael told me one of his friends was actually looking for somewhere to live and would probably make a good flatmate, telling me he actually worked with him. About a week later Steve moved in and now I have two really hunky guys to look at when Michael comes over too.

Maybe I can write about the goings on of all three of us a bit later.

Lustfully yours

Lustyem x0x0x0x0x0

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