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Lust Rekindled Pt. 02

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While mixing up the two concoctions I made them just a tad bit stronger than she was used, but I was careful not to make them too strong. I wouldn’t want her passing out on me too early. As she polished off the last drink I noticed she still had not wiped the cum from her face. This was highly unusual behavior from her, not that I was really complaining. It definitely made me wonder how much a mess she would let me make on and in her.

Once finished with the drink she turned back to me and took a good look at me cock. It was semi-erect, but not hard enough to please her. He walked on over to me and took my dick in her hands, “Oh, this won’t do. Follow me.”

She started walking away and I simply trotted after her. Now one of the best things about my wife is that she actually gave me a room in the house to do whatever I wanted with. She let me decorate and furnish my room with all the man toys I could play with. She led me to my room. Once there she had me sit in my favorite chair. She instructed me to lean back relax while she took care of a few things. She walked out leaving me alone. I could hear her head to the kitchen, then heard her muffled footsteps on the carpet as she moved about the house. After a few minutes she walked back in with a drink for me in one hand and her iPod in the other. She handed me a glass full of Crown and coke on the rocks; and then walked over to my home theater system to plug in the iPod. No longer naked she was wearing a plain blue button up shirt the reached just below her ass. Only a few of the buttons were done, and her creamy round tits looked as if they were ready to burst free.

“Well aren’t you a little overdressed.” I said in a matter of fact manner.

Looking back over her shoulder, “Shut up and drink your drink, and just enjoy this.”

She bent over at the waist, keeping her back abnormally straight, as he plugged in the iPod. As her shirt hiked up I was expecting to glimpse a good view of her ass, but was a little disappointed to see she was wearing a pair of tight, white panties.

Challenging her womanhood I said, “Not sure what you are planning babes, but wearing a shirt and panties ain’t exactly a turn on at this point.”

About that time her music started bumping through the speakers. She turned up the bass, then walked on over to where I was sitting. She straddled my lap and spoke, “Now remember when we were younger and you would go out with your friends to the strip club. You would come home rock hard and ready to fuck. Well I am betting I get you harder than any of those little fucking sluts ever could. Besides I love being your fucking dirty whore.”

I let out a little laugh and fed her ego just a little, “Baby, you will always be my little dirty fucking whore. And not one of those girls ever had an ass as hot as yours.”

She smiled, grabbed my hand and guided it under her shirt onto her tits, “So when was the last time you were naked during a lap dance, got to enjoy a strong drink at a strip club, or even got to fuck a stripper?” she asked knowing full well what the answer was.

“Never.” I responded. “Can I assume the hands off policy is out the window as well?”

“Only if you promise to play with my tits and spank my ass Daddy.” she teased.

With that she crawled off me, took a couple of steps back, and began dancing seductively to the music. This was the first time I had ever seen her attempt to dance in a sexy manner. It reminded me of that scene in ‘True Lies’ with Jamie Lee Curtis, except there was not bed post or pole for her to hold onto. It definitely was not bad for her first time, and the swaying of her hips mimicked the rhythmic gyrations of her hips grinding on my cock. I loved watching her dance for me and couldn’t wait to see and feel her in my lap.

About my drink. My wife knows that when I get a little more than buzzed I become a sex crazed maniac that pretty much tries to fuck her seven ways from Sunday all night long. While she usually does not like for me to get that inebriated, she had made me a very strong drink; which I was convinced was 75% alcohol and 25% coke; in my huge Oktoberfest beer mug that usually holds a liter and a half of beer. I could tell she was really trying to get me drunk tonight. I sat there and took swig after swig as I watched her dance and strip for me.

She only had three of the buttons done on the shirt, but she didn’t unbutton them in the conventional way. Instead she pulled on the sides of the shirt just above each button slowly and methodically until they popped off on by one. It was definitely a little hotter than watching any stripper undress. Once the last buttoned had been popped off she opened her shirt revealing her luscious DD tits. Then she bent over slightly letting gravity pull her huge breasts away from her body, and jiggled them in a teasing manner. All I could think about was how her nipples and bare breasts felt as they brushed against my inner thighs whenever she would give me head. bahis firmaları She twirled around a few times before finally throwing the shirt off to the side.

She had her back to me and I finally got a good look at the panties she was wearing. It was a special pair of novelty panties that I had ordered for her a while back. They were white with red trimming, and had ‘In Case of Emergency Rip Off’ written across the ass. Unfortunately I had accidentally ordered a size to small; which I learned the hard way is definitely not a mistake you want. She had tried them on before, but when she found they did not fit had just put them away. This was the first time I had ever seen her in them. They were definitely a little too tight, but the way they squeezed her ass was kind of hot. She wriggled her tight round bottom at me. It was a little funny and extremely hot at the same time. I could tell she was having a great time acting like a stripper, and I was enjoying every moment of it.

She stood back up and did a little sexy shuffle as she turned to face me, and I got to see just how tight those panties were on her. She was sporting an incredible camel toe. They were so tight that the crotch actually rode up into her pussy, and her labia hung out the sides. Later she told me that the crotch of the panties was pressed firmly against her pussy that dancing around like she was caused the panties to stimulate her clit. She was literally getting off on dancing for me.

I could tell she was getting extremely turned on, although I had no idea the exact reason why, and her arousal was spurring on my arousal. I took another huge swig of my drink and gestured for her to come closer. Still dancing seductively she moved closer until her legs came in contact with mine. Using her legs to bump my apart she maneuvered in between mine, turned around, and dipper her ass down rubbing it against my bare cock. That stiffened my up right away.

I took my free hand and rubbed her perfect ass all over, then gave it a quick sharp smack, leaving a pinkish mark on her ass cheek. Her body jerked at the smack, but I could tell she loved it. She wriggled her ass some more, making sure to barely brush my cock with her bottom. It was her way of asking me to spank her again without saying a word, so I obliged. This time I put a little bit more force behind it. She let out a pleasurable whimper.

“Oh yes Daddy, spank my ass. Spank me harder.” she urged.

“You like your ass spanked don’t you, you dirty slut.” I teased.

Begging me to treat her like a dirty slut, “Yes Daddy, spank me like the dirty fucking whore I am. I want you to be rough with me and make me your fucking cum slut. Oh, I’m so horny for your cock.”

Guiding her with my hands I turned to face me and kissed her mouth deeply. I could taste the ‘cum in a glass’ on her lips. I wondered if she could taste the whiskey on mine. She moaned in my mouth and reached out to grab a hold of my stiff cock. She seemed pleased that it was rock hard again.

After being married for 14 years I knew when I needed to stroke her ego, “Damn baby, nobody can make my cock get so fucking hard so fucking fast like you can.”

She loved here that. She smiled and urged me to keep stroking her ego, “You like it when I act like a dirty fucking whore don’t you Daddy.”

“Fuck yeah baby.” I affirm.

“Am I am bigger dirtier whore than any of those stripper sluts Daddy?” she asks needing reassuring.

“You are the dirtiest, nastiest cum slut I have ever met baby. Your fucking ass is so hot.” I reassure.

“I want to be your dirty, nasty fucking cum slut Daddy. I want to do whatever makes you happy. Please let me by your dirty fucking slut.” she begs.

I pull her on top of me so that she is straddling my lap and her pussy if pressed firmly into my cock. She needs a little comforting reassurance that I find her attractive and that I will fuck her good tonight. So I offer, “Baby you are my dirty fucking cum slut. You took a huge load of my cum in your mouth tonight. That makes you my filthy fucking whore.”

Thinking about hot it felt when I shot my sticky wet load in your mouth you say, “MMmmmm, yes Daddy. I loved taking your load in my mouth. I hope you saved some for my tight little twat?” she teased.

“Don’t you worry, I plan on making a huge mess in that slutty pussy of yours just like I did in your slutty mouth.” I said reassuringly.

Smiling with delight my wife said, “Oh fuck yes Daddy. I can’t wait to feel your cum dripping from my dirty pussy. Then I want you to fuck my face and make me suck your dirty cock clean like a filthy slut should!” she begged and moaned.

I didn’t want to press the issue as I might lose this opportunity. While my wife loved sucking my dick, but she had never let me cum in her mouth. She had tried it back in college before she met me and hated the taste of a man’s salty brine. The bitch of it was she was really good at sucking cock. Yet earlier she had taken kaçak iddaa my full cum shot in her mouth, and now she wanted to suck my cock clean after I cum inside her. How much more awesome could this night get I wondered.

With the way my wife was acting tonight I had figured that the alcohol was having the same effect on her that it usually did me. In truth it was the combination of the alcohol and the tight panties getting her off that made her act like such a dirty slut. I took her back to the kitchen and made her one more ‘cum in a glass’ concoction. I wanted to make sure she was fully plied and didn’t back out.

After 14 years of marriage you learn how to please you partner and what turns them on. For example my wife loves when I treat her roughly. You know tugging on her hair, slapping her has, fucking her pussy as hard as I can, and generally forcing her to do what pleases me. Obviously there are limits, but when she is in a particular horny mood, the rougher I handle her the hornier she becomes. And tonight she seemed extremely horny. In an attempt to act like a dirty whore she tried to polish off her drank in one gulp. It was cute, but it really took her about four gulps to finish it off. That let me know she was primed and ready for me to ramp things up a bit.

While she was taking the last swig of her drink I walked up behind her and put my hands on her waist. I groped and massaged her perfect round ass with one hand while the other found her tits. She loved the attention. I made sure to squeeze titty hard, then pinched her nipple between my fingers and pulled on it. Her nipple was erect and ready to be played with. She let out a gasp of pleasure as my hand excited her tit. The hand I was using to caress her ass took on last firm grip of her shapely before I released it. I then reached around so that I had a tit in each hand, and pressed my bare cock into her panty covered ass. I kissed her on the back of her neck next to her ear. It is a secret spot I learned drives her absolutely fucking crazy. The more I kissed and sucked on her secret spot, the louder she moaned and the more she squirmed in my arms.

I refused to let up, and her moans turned to uncontrolled breaths and gasps of pleasure. She pushed back into me trying to press my cock in between her ass cheeks as pleasure shot through her body like electricity. My hands squeezing and kneading her womanly mounds only intensified the pleasure my mouth was giving her.

“Oh god yeah Daddy. Oh yeah, I want you to fuck me so good tonight. Make me your fucking whore.” she started saying.

Hearing her say dirty words of encouragement made my cock pulsate against her firm ass. I pushed her forward forcefully causing her to bend at the waist. I brought my hand up and slammed it hard into her ass cheek. I didn’t give it everything I had, but I used about 75% of my strength. This caused her body to jerk forward hard, and left a huge red blotch on her ass. She screamed out in pain or pleasure, which I don’t know, but didn’t make any attempt to stop me from doing it again. I slapped her ass hard again. She screamed again loudly.

“Oh god, yes Daddy. Spank my slutty ass.” my wife screamed out.

She looked back at me with a lustful grin as if to spur on my efforts to abuse her ass. I wouldn’t say we are in to BDSM, but she loves to be taken and fucked hard by me. It helps her lose control and experience amazing orgasms she once told me. I gave her a one more good slap causing her to jolt forward.

She turned to face me. With the naughtiest gesture she had ever exhibited she licked my lips with her tongue like she licks a lollipop, then said, “Oh god Daddy, I want your cock inside of me now!”

“First I want you to suck my dick you dirty slut.” I tell her.

Giving me a lusty smile she grabs hold of my cock with one hand, turns away from me without loosening her grip, and pulls me after her. With literally my cock in her hands I follow as she leads me to the bedroom. Once there she lets go of my dick and gets on the bed. She rolls onto her back with her head hanging off the edge, and motions for me to come to her. I walk over to her and find that my cock lines up perfectly with her mouth. Without a word I press my mushroom head against her lips as she parts them. My cock slides easily into her mouth. She reaches up and is able to grab my hips. She begins to push and pull on my hips to control the fucking motion of my cock in her mouth. At first she doesn’t take me very deep, but as she continues to mouth-fuck my cock she starts pulling me further into her.

While she may not be able to deep throat, my wife still gives an amazing mind blowjob. Tonight was no exception to that rule. As her tongue swirled around the head and shaft of my cock she let herself salivate a little extra so she could coat my cock with a thick sheen of her spit. It made me dick extra slippery as pumped in and out of her mouth. I could tell she loved sucking on my cock by the way her body moved kaçak bahis with each thrust of my pelvis into her face, and how she moaned vigorously while she hungrily devoured my manhood. And as satisfying as it all was I wanted to ramp it up another notch.

This was something that we had never done before, but I had always secretly wanted to do with her. I wanted to slide my cock deep inside her pussy and get it slippery wet with her love lube, then make her suck my cock clean. I pulled my dick out of her mouth, “Turn around, get on all fours and give me your pussy you little fucking slut.” I demanded.

She attempted to protest, but I stopped her before she could even get started, “Get on all fours and give me your pussy you fucking slut.”

She complied and spread her legs, bringing her panty covered pussy down towards my cock. I saw the words ‘In Case of Emergency Rip Off’ written across her ass, and let out a little laugh. Gripping the waistband of her panties in both hands I yanked hard. Her panties ripped apart. I then gave a second hard yank pulling them off her body. I threw her torn panties to the floor, took my dick in my hand, and guided it into her pink slit. Her pussy was fucking soaking wet that my dick slid effortlessly inside her love tunnel. The combination of her saliva and pussy juice made her womanhood extremely slippery. I pumped my manhood deep in the folds of her flower several times to ensure my cock was completely coated with her sweet nectar.

I gave her a hard slap on the ass and pulled my cock out of her pussy, and told her, “Now turn around and suck my cock like dirty fucking whore.”

She hesitated for just a second, and I repeated myself, “You wanted to be treated like a whore, so I think it’s time you sucked a cock like a dirty fucking whore. One that is covered in you dirty pussy juice.”

I didn’t even give her time to contemplate what I had just said. I grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed her mouth down to my cock. Her lips parted and she impaled her face onto my manhood. She kept herself propped up on her elbows to keep her hands free to stroke my shaft and fondle my ball sack. She sucked as much of her juice from cock as she could with it in her mouth, then she finished cleaning my shaft by licking up and down the sides. Being such a good little slut she even spent a little time licking and sucking on my balls. She made sure every inch of my man rod was licked clean before she applied a second coating of saliva.

Once she felt I was sufficiently lubed up from her mouth she laid back and spread her legs for me. “I want you on top of me right now Daddy. I want you to kiss me as I feel you deep inside me.”

I didn’t argue with her as I was ready to get my dick wet. I crawled on top of her. I no longer needed to use my hands to help my cock find its way to her love opening. I felt the wet fold of her outer lips give way instantaneously, and my dick slid deep inside her warm embrace. I kissed her real good not bothering to move. I don’t know how long we kissed because it was so passionate and hot that it heightened the feeling of ecstasy that had built up in me.

I started to thrust my cock in and out of her pussy, but before I could get more than about three pumps she pushed me up and begged, “No please stop.”

Worried, “What’s wrong?” I asked.

She replied, “Nothing, I just want to try something new with you Daddy.”

“What do you want me to do then?” I asked.

She said, “Just trust me. I want you to grab your cock as if you were going to guide it into my pussy.”

I complied.

“Now rub the head of your dick against my clit.” she continued.

Again I did as she asked.

“Now slide the head of your cock down until I tell you to stop.” she begged.

Not quite sure where she was going with this I humored her. I could feel the warm, wet softness of her pussy come to a point right before her ass began. Then I felt the part of her ass cheeks, and that is when she told me to stop. I was a little stunned at what she requested. The head of my cock was mere millimeters away from knocking at her backdoor.

I had to verify what she was thinking, “Is this what you want?”

“Yes Daddy, I want to feel your cock in my ass. I’ve always wanted to feel you inside my ass. Don’t you want to fuck my little ass?” she pleaded hoping I would say yes.

She didn’t really need to ask that last part. I had been in love with my wife’s ass since the day I met her. I used to be a ‘boobs’ guy, but after seeing my wife’s rear I became an ‘ass’ man immediately. The only issue was that we both were anal virgins. What I mean is she had never had a cock in her ass, and my cock had never been in any one’s ass. I was a little scared that I might hurt her. I am on the large end of the average size, nothing special, but just enough that I was afraid I would literally rip her a new one if I fucked her ass. But then I gave it a quick second thought and decided that if she wanted it then it should be ok. Besides if it really hurt her that bad she would tell me and I would stop.

“Hell yeah, I’ve always wanted to fuck that hot ass of yours.” I enthusiastically replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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