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Lunch Time Quickie!

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Hello my Dear Literotica Readers. Long time reader without a log in. First time posting a story. Please be gentle with me.

Keep in mind this story is a Noon quickie, so is not meant to be to in-depth per say.

All are over the age of 18, consenting adults.


The lines on the Excel spreadsheet I am working on start to blur. I look down at the clock on my computer as I pull the hair clip out of my past shoulder length red hair. Time reads 11:30AM, damn I still have several hours to go.

I can’t concentrate today. My appetite is up again…and not for food this time.

Though if you look at me food is a passion as well. Zaftig is one of the politer terms for it I believe.

No, no, this time I need sex…and I need it soon. Sooner the better. I wiggle in my seat. I am so warm.

At 33 years of age my appetite for sex can be insatiable at times.

I debate messaging him…him being the older gentleman I am seeing 15 years my senior. William 5’9″, salt and pepper hair tanned arms, strong arms.

I know I shouldn’t message him he is married to a lovely wife who sadly doesn’t seem to have the appetite to satisfy him. Honestly I don’t care all that much at the moment. I enjoy his cock…a lot and for his age he is a horny illegal bahis man and fairly solid length and this has been going off and on for a while now several years…and several girlfriends/wives worth.

Though truth be told in the case of this wife. I wouldn’t mind at all being with his wife too. But damn it all she isn’t interested in me, I think on a few things that I would love to do to her and him together.

I stare at my work screen unseeing. My pulse is pounding…and my panties are getting damp.

Screw it I think as I reach for my cell phone…making sure none of my co-workers are looking my way.

I type into the phone::

Susie: Hey Handsome…what you doing right now?

A few minutes pass.

William: Chasing jobs…why?

Susie: Thinking about you…and wishing we could get some play together.

William: Oh yeah Girl? What you thinking?

Susie: Just want you inside me NOW!

We set up details, give him directions to pick me up at work.

We drive down to the underpass on the freeway…talking and flirting.

Getting out of the car, I walk around the jeep pressing my body to his. Kissing him deeply knocking him back into the jeep.

“Wow…you a hungry today aren’t you??”

I chuckle softly, illegal bahis siteleri “Hmmm what gave you that impression.”

He laughs outright “We need to find a place so I can bend you over.”

“Yes…yes. No more talking lets find a place out of sight of work.”

We walk down the bank a bit…feeling the sand in my shoes I haven’t thought this through all the way. I am in dress work pants and blouse and sandals.

We get to the bottom find a spot out of sight of the businesses but if someone were to look over the side of the overpass they would see us.

Thrilling…and dangerous if the cops see us.

We kiss and grope each other where ever we can get our hands that we can manage at the same time.

His hands groping my tits. 44DD. My hand reaches for his cock through his jeans. Feeling him stiffen. I work his belt lose and upzip his jeans. His hand is fondling me through my work pants. If he is not careful I am going to have a wet spot when I head back to work. Leaning over I take his cock into my mouth, suckling him. I love the feel of him in my mouth…the feel of his pulse.

He growls…”I need to be inside you now”.

Turns me around so we are facing the overpass. I briefly think about what would happen if someone canlı bahis siteleri sees us. Then decide that as long as it is not the men in blue I don’t give a damn.

I slide my work pants and panties down past my hips I go slightly up on tip toe as he spreads my pussy lips enough to get the head of his cock in.

“You ready?” I shift my weight a bit if he slams in and I am not ready we are both going down in the dirt.

“Fuck yes! Now!”

He slams his cock home inside my wet willing pussy.

We both growl. “Yes!!”

I feel his length deep inside me. Feels So good. My pussy is so wet for him. Taking him in sheathing him inside me. He slams forward and I push back. It has been a while for both of us. I feel my pussy pound as my breath quickens.

“Fuck, I am cumming Will.”

“Susie, Need your throat”

I spin around pants and panties caught at my thighs my pussy still pulsing and I haven’t pulled my pants up so it is out in the open to the naked eye the sun feels good on my skin.

Leaning over I swallow his length. He throat fucks me I know he needs this…his hands tangling in my red hair.

Susie…oh Susie Girl I am going to cum.

I look up and with his cock still in my mouth I hum an assent.

I feel the first spurt hit my throat as I swallow his seed.

I stand up…wiping the little bit that has escapes my lips onto a finger and sucking it into my mouth.

“Oh Gods Girl!! I have missed you!”

I chuckle…”Missed you too handsome”.

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