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Lost and Found in Phuket Ch. 02

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…They arrived at The White Orchid at a little after 10pm, with four full days to spend together in tropical paradise.

“Wow, this is really nice,” Oliva remarked as they were led through lush palms and ferns to the marble, open-air lobby. Teak furniture flanked flower-filled ponds, and the humid air was lightened with the scent of orchids and jasmine. Insects and frogs provided the music that completed the full sensory experience.

The concierge gave them both a bracelet of plumeria flowers and a cold glass of fragrant tea. After a quick check-in, they were taken to a private stucco villa. A gecko scurried across the wall as the door opened to reveal a luxurious suite.

“Hmmmm, honeymoony”, shoes left at the door, Olivia padded over the tropical hardwood floor through the salon, champagne chilling on the table and flower-strewn bedroom, the bathroom containing a huge open shower and a whirlpool tub, past the ocean-view window and out to the private balcony, where the zoological choir was drowned out by the waves. “Well, it is fucking awesome.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Roland joined Olivia on the balcony. “So,” he ran a hand over Olivia’s ass, “champagne first, or shower?”

“Mmmm,” she turned to kiss Roland, “let me get you nice and clean.”

They stripped on the way back to the bathroom, leaving a trail of clothing behind. Roland turned on the shower, and multiple heads provided a warm rain of water over the marble tile. Olivia joined him, armed with a soaped-up sea sponge, and began to lather and scrub Roland from head to toe.

As Roland rinsed the soap from his body, he took over the sponge and returned the favor to Olivia. He massaged her sudsy breasts while the couple kissed under the shower’s drizzle, with mouths open and tongues busy. Olivia tugged at Roland’s dangling penis, still slick with soap.

“Mmmm…come here,” Roland whispered as he ran the sponge up and down Olivia’s ass crack. She toyed with his cock, now pressed between their soapy, wet bodies. Roland dropped the sponge and slid his hand between Olivia’s butt-cheeks, probing her bare, waxed pussy.

“Oooh,” Olivia moaned. She pulled Roland’s pendulous cock downward and rubbed it against her sensitive lips, opening them to expose her clitoris.

“Put me inside you,” Roland said, now feeling the wetness Olivia generated covering the head of his cock.

“Ahhh…not yet,” she replied. Olivia pulled Roland’s cock back up and slid her wet body down, running it between Her breasts as she lowered her body to kneel on the thick towel at the entry of the shower.

Maybe it was the tropical heat, or the warm shower, but for some reason Roland’s cock seemed even larger than before. Olivia opened wide and enveloped him with her lips, tongue, and throat.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Roland groaned with pleasure. “Suck that cock, Liv.”

“Mmmm,” she moaned through her nose, her mouth occupied with the big member. She cradled and gently squeezed Roland’s balls. “Aagghhhhh – mmmm,” Olivia choked and slurped as she took his entire length down her throat.

Her head bobbing back and forth, she sucked and licked. “Huhh!” She took his cock from her lips with a gasp, and rubbed it over her wet face. “Oh, fuck… I’m gonna swallow for you.”

Olivia popped Roland’s cockhead back in her hungry mouth, and stroked his shaft. “Mmm – mmm!” She moaned as he thrust into her. She squeezed his balls, and stroked his shaft harder, faster…she twisted, pounded and sucked, until Roland shook, and shot his hot load down her throat with a grunt.

“Uuuuhhhh! Shit, yes…ahhhhh – drink that cum!” Roland ordered as he exploded in her mouth.

“Mmm mmm, mmmmmm-“

“Ahhhhhh – yes Liv! You like that…”

“Mmm hmmm – agghhh, ahhh-” She gulped down what she could, the rest spilling over her lips and down her chin. She smacked his dripping cock against her cum-coated tongue a few times, “Aaahhh – ” and replaced it in her mouth.

Swallowing his sticky, acrid yet sweet semen, she sucked him again, and Roland’s erection regained its full vigor. Roland pulled his rigid member from Olivia’s lips as she stood and came back inside the shower.

“Come here,” he said, and directed her to face the warm streams of water.

“Ahhhh…” She washed the cum from her face, hands pressed against the tiled walls. Roland stood behind her, his cock sliding between her ass cheeks.

Olivia bent forward, and shifted her ass back. Water poured over her head, down her back, and over her rear, tickling her sensitive and eager pussy.

Roland spread her, and entered with one deep motion.

“Huhhh…oh-,” Olivia cried as he wasted no time, and began to probe her limits with firm, even thrusts. His hips smacked against her ass as water splashed around them. “Uhh – uhh – uhh, yes, fuck me like that,” she said in a breathy gasp.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you.” Roland pounded with heavy, smacking, strokes as he pulled his length out almost completely before burying it again and again.

“Ah- ah- yeah, kartal escort like that…” Olivia pushed back with equal energy, slapping her big, beautiful buns against Roland’s hammering body.

He squeezed her ass, and slowly, gently, probed Olivia’s puckered anus with a thumb, as he continued to pound her pussy.

“Oh god, oh shit… oh – oh – oh -” Roland teased her wet ass and pressed her perineum.

“Is that what you want, Liv? You like that?” he growled, fucking her fast and hard against the shower wall.

“Ah – ah – yes – ah – ah!” Her vocalizations echoed off the tiles as she screamed and squealed with pleasure. Roland kept the pace up, and she now felt his thumb buried tight in her ass, pressing through her interior walls against his thrusting cock.

“Ah – I’m gonna cum Rollie – ah – ahhhh -“

Roland slowly withdrew his thumb, inch by inch, from Olivia’s spasming anus, taking her over the edge.

“AAAAAAHHHH FUCK! Oh my god!” She screamed as her pussy clamped down in climax. “Oh – oh – oh – oh my god!” Olivia’s entire body shook with her continuing orgasm.

“Oh, fuck yes, Liv -” Roland, with one last thrust, ejected his remaining seed deep inside her. “Uhhhhgggg – fuck Liv -” He pulled out and a creamy trail of semen and pussy juices followed. They held each other and gently kissed under the shower for a few moments, allowing their bodies to be washed clean of their fluids.

After toweling off, Roland and Olivia each put on black, satiny bathrobes with ‘White Orchid’ embroidered on the breast, and stepped out onto the balcony.

“Who are you, Hugh Hefner?” Olivia asked as Roland popped the champagne. She stood in the doorway, and let the sea breeze ruffle the loose robe.

“Ahhh, this is perfect,” Roland said, sitting on the outdoor loveseat, “you can see the stars, hear the animals and the surf, we have champagne…”

They clinked glasses, and Olivia sat beside Roland on the loveseat. “Mmm, yeah. It’s better than I thought it would be, to be honest.” She leaned her head against Roland’s chest and put her red-nailed toes up on the edge of the armrest.

“You should stay the whole ten days with me. Fuck your job. Your boss is a prick and you can find a new one, easy.” Roland drained his glass and poured another.

“Let’s not worry about that now,” Olivia said languidly. She likewise drained her champagne and said to Roland, “Pour me one too, Mr. Hefner.”

They soon finished the bottle and Roland fell asleep right there on the balcony. Olivia had to wake him and drag him to bed. He fell back asleep immediately, but Olivia was restless. She drank a beer from the mini-bar and attempted to use the hotel’s wonky Wi-Fi, until she, too, fell asleep.

The next morning began with a late breakfast, and an unpleasant surprise for Olivia.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she said, taking stock of the scene on the large dining patio.

“What?” Roland asked, looking especially touristy in his sunglasses and linen get-up.

“Everyone is fucking Korean. They even have kimchi.” Olivia shook her head.

“So what. Don’t eat the kimchi. They have, like, everything here,” Roland replied, his smile unfazed by Olivia’s complaint. He walked over to the big and varied buffet. “See…”

Olivia grudgingly admitted that there was plenty of good eats, and hit the omelet bar with Roland. They found a vacant, ocean-view table between a honeymooning Korean couple and group of visor-headed ajumas – Korean mothers – who must have been part of a tour group.

“See…,”Olivia countered.

“But look at that beach. It’s perfect,” Roland said, gazing at the emerald surface of the Andaman Sea. “Who cares if we can’t escape Korea entirely.”

“I know…you’re right,” Olivia conceded, just as a group of four Koreans in bikinis, sauntered past their table to the patio and out to the beach. “Rollie, hello…”

“What, babe?”

“Like what you see?” Olivia chided.

“Stop… I thought I saw a couple of dolphins out there. Can you see them? Right over there,” he pointed out to sea, past where the Korean girls were laying out their beach towels.

“You’re full of shit,” she said, with no real malice. “Coffee’s not bad,” Olivia deflected, “or the omelet.”

“Yeah, not bad.”

The rest of their first day was spent on the beach, in the gentle waves, and exploring the small strip of neighboring restaurants, bars and shops. Roland and his ex had chosen this somewhat isolated beach, mainly to be far from the noisy, drunken debauchery of the Patong area. Roland thought it was perfect – mainly quiet Koeans and visiting locals, with a smattering of chilled out western ex-pats – but Olivia seemed a bit bored.

The couple, each with a pint bottle of Chang beer in a koozie, shared curry crab at a beach-side restaurant and planned their next move.

“So, Patong tonight?”

“Good…” Olivia’s eyes lit up at the idea of clubbing it up.

“Sleep in, and the Gibbon sanctuary in the afternoon tomorrow?” maltepe escort bayan

“Yeah, cool, but back up a sec. Patong… we kind of have to do the ping-pong show…no?” Olivia questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Really, I don’t care. If you want, you know, just so we can say we saw one…,” Roland said hesitantly.

“Come on, you know you want to!” Olivia said with a naughty grin. “Fine, lets decide when we get there. Now, back to the gibbons…”

“Right, the gibbons… Then, next day is the boat tour -“

The waitress interrupted to ask if they wanted more beer, and derailed Roland’s train of thought. She had dark skin, a slight build, and her small, perky, braless breasts stretched her tight, blue t-shirt. Her short, jet black hair and fine features bore an uncanny resemblance to those of Jules, as did her pert, round bottom, cradled by some very short denim.

“Two more Changs – thanks,” Roland said with a smile, before turning back to Olivia. “OK, then the boat tour-“

“For fuck’s sake Rollie,” Olivia grumbled, “was there a dolphin in her ass?”

“Come on, Liv, she’s a waitress. Am I supposed to be nasty or something because she’s Asian?” Roland knew Olivia rightly suspected he had a preference for Asian women, and he tried to ease the tension. “You’re the one pushing the ping-pong show. Maybe you’re after some Asian pussy.”

“Seriously?” she replied, nonplussed.

“Or maybe you’re trying to get me to Patong so you can go clubbing?”

“Huhh, you, in a dance club? I’ll believe that when I see it.” Olivia relented, and downed the last of her beer with a soft smile. Roland, unknowingly, hit the mark with his joke.

The waitress returned with the fresh Changs, and Roland made sure to keep complete eye content with a smirking Olivia, as they played footsies under the table. He let Olivia say “Thanks,” and their conversation went back on track.

“So, Patong, the gibbons, boat tour, and one last day to just chill the fuck out on the beach for me…what about you? What are you going to do with the rest of your vacation?” Olivia asked with a pout.

“You’re sure you won’t stay?”

“Can’t…sadly,” continuing her exaggerated pout.

“Well, plan is to go out and buy a dirt-cheap guitar, sit on the beach, get drunk, and write some songs,” Roland said as he looked out over the waves.

“For five days?” a puzzled Olivia asked. “Not going to visit any temples or explore the island?”

“Nah – I just want to enjoy this – a beautiful beach with a jungle behind it – and get inspired, y’know?”

“If that’s what makes you happy, go for it…”

Finished with their beers and messy but delicious crab, Roland paid the bill at the counter. The same waitress from before took his money, and looked him dead in the eye. No bow, no faux grin, or prayer hands. She half-smiled, as Roland’s pale fingers brushed her cocoa-brown wrist. “Thank you,” she said in quiet, but clear English, allowing their hands to linger together too long.

Leaving his too generous tip at the counter, Roland returned the half smile, and left to collect Olivia from the restroom where she was trying to wash curry from her hands.

Olivia and Roland walked along the beach back to the hotel. After a dip in the pool, a shower, a lengthy afternoon shag on the king-sized bed, and a nap they got ready to go to Patong.

“Mmm, you were very feisty this afternoon. Looking forward to the ping-pong show tonight?” Olivia kidded as she slid into a little black dress.

“No, I was imagining you in that,” he half-lied, stepping up behind her to kiss her neck, and press his cock against her protruding back-side. The truth was, he wasn’t thinking about the ping-pong show, or Olivia in her little black dress, but the waitress from lunch – her firm little body, her sun-soaked skin, and whatever she has hidden underneath her tiny jean shorts.

After a quick dinner at the hotel, the couple took a 40 minute taxi ride through the dark, lightly developed country-side, past dogs sleeping in the middle of the roads, around tuktuks and motorcycles, to Patong.

Patong… it’s just crazy.

“Oh my god… we’ve arrived in white guy heaven,” Olivia quipped.

After a few steps up Soi Bangla, or Bangla Street, simple rowdy ex-pat bars began to mingle side by side with go-go bars. Barely clothed, and likely barely legal Thai girls danced on tables right at the edge of the street. Large night clubs with pounding music, Ladyboys and tamed primates to take photos with in the streets, throngs of drunk tourists cavorting under blinking neon signs, and that’s all just the surface.

“Damn, where to start?” Roland said, eyeing the drinking options that lined the street.

“Let’s hit an expat bar, then find a ping pong show -“

“Shouldn’t be too hard,” Roland said, handing Olivia a flyer for one he just picked up from the street at his feet.

They entered a noisy expat joint, music, televised American and European sports, and escort pendik the sounds of raucously-played bar games created an atmosphere for drinking without much conversation. Neither one would have liked to admit it, but both Olivia and Roland were content to just take in the surroundings.

After a couple of beers, Olivia excused herself to use the restroom, taking the opportunity to get a closer look at some US navy guys she scoped at the back of the bar. Meanwhile, Roland was finding it impossible to keep his eyes of the go-go girls right across the street.

“Ok, wanna go?” Olivia said as she returned, wrapping an arm around Roland’s waist.

“Yeah,” Roland replied, and out into the wild street they went.

Next, they located a suitable, free, ping-pong show. It was in the basement of a go-go bar, which Roland found to be disappointingly misleading. The young, sexy dancers on display at the front of the bar bore no resemblance to the well-worn-looking ping-pong show performers.

The show…well, if you don’t know or can’t guess what a ping-pong show is, look it up. Briefly, Roland and Olivia nursed criminally overpriced beers while a series of ‘experienced’ entertainers performed trick after trick with their vaginas. This circus included: sharp objects, projectiles, cigarettes, and various live animals. The couple left quickly after the finale – ‘I love you’ written on a sheet of paper for one lucky spectator.

“I feel pretty gross after that,” Olivia said with a shiver.

“I’m with ya…but at least now we can say, ‘yep, did that’, right?”

Back in the streets, they made their way to one of Patong’s massive night clubs, where Roland and Olivia partied on. Roland, awkwardly did his best on the dance floor, and Olivia at least appreciated the effort. By midnight, Roland, tired and sick of the music, was ready to go. Olivia was just getting started, but ever the good sport, she agreed.

“I just have to use the restroom. I’ll meet you down stairs by the big bar,” she said, and kissed Roland, who was already heading for the door.

For the next thirty minutes, Olivia danced her way to the restroom and back, getting groped, grabbed, and grinded up on along the way. The dark dance floor offered many, many men of all shapes, sizes, and shades.

Olivia enjoyed herself with some of them – guys who could dance, who knew what to do with a girl like her, guys who would party all night and disappear in the morning – is that what she wanted? Her brain said no, her wet pussy said hell yeah, and her heart was disturbingly silent.

While Olivia was upstairs, Roland had a couple of beers at the bar, with a young, scantily clad bar girl beside him. Would Olivia mind? Hell, these girls were all over the bar, so, Roland thought, no big deal. So, she was rubbing his hard on through his pants. This wasn’t going anywhere, and although she was smoking hot, his mind was elsewhere – that waitress from lunch.

Olivia finally appeared at the bar. She didn’t even notice the bar girl who had just removed her hand from Roland’s lap. “What a line for the bathroom, sorry I took so long,” she fibbed. “Ready, Rollie?”

They took a sleepy taxi ride back to the White Orchid, and capped their night with a drunken five minutes of sex, after which Roland was out for the night. Olivia, frustrated and horny, took a beer from the mini-bar and her lap-top out to the balcony.

As she drank alone in her bathrobe under the stars, she checked her email, finding a message from Diego. He was back in Korea. Hmmm.

Olivia closed the lap-top and sipped her beer. She thought about Diego, how he danced with her…his thick, almost foot long monster…

Her hand slipped through the folds of her robe, and found her hot, wet pussy still in need of satisfaction.

Her mind went to the men in the club…

like a pack of wolves, you could smell their testosterone, their musk… one guy, toned and tan, his hand between her ass cheeks – she licked his neck and handled his big cock, her hand inside his shorts…

Olivia ran her fingers through her pussy’s wet lips, and found that spot. She eased into it, slowly rubbing around her clitoris.

…another, big, bearded and black, his open shirt exposing a six-pack and tattooed chest – holding her waist, grinding, his beer-can-thick cock between her opened legs, roughly gripping her ass…

More pressure, in that groove, that space full of wetness, she rubbed, and the edge of the tip of her index finger, just brushed her swelling clitoris. Her thoughts returned to Diego…

…Diego, stretching her pussy, she moans in pleasure, his cock- brown, ridged and rippled – slowly pushing against her wet walls, too tight for him, slowly yielding, “come on my tight little bitch, I’m gonna fuck you till you can’t stand”…

Olivia’s fingers now just inside her hole, so wet, dripping out on her bathrobe, two fingers curled inward, pressed against the space behind her clit, pushing in and out.

…long, thick, in and out and around, Diego stretched her in every direction, hits every inch of her – “take that dick, my little bitch, you love that, you love that, yeah, like that, work that pussy bitch,” she screams in pain and pleasure, his thrusts long and deep, faster and faster…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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