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Long Day Ch. 01

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I walk through the front door, letting it close loudly behind me. The stress and frustration of the day makes it slam harder then I meant to, but I also wanted you know that i am here. My shoes are the first to come off, with my suit jacket shortly afterwards, tossed aside, not caring that it should really be hung up. Moving to the back of the apartment, the clasp of my slacks is next, letting them fall, stepping out of them and kicking them against the wall of the hallway as my hands unbutton my shirt and I walk into the bedroom to find you lying naked on the bed. Walking towards you, my shirt comes off and drops to the floor leaving just boxers as my only clothing. I meet your eyes, and see them smile as you look up at me.

I slide off my boxers and toss them aside, stepping up next to you, my cock partially erect, firm to the touch, but still rather soft and pliable. One of my hands holds my cock up while the other gently strokes through your hair, lifting your mouth to it, watching you run your lips along the head before parting them slightly and taking a small taste.

I watch your small hand join mine before the slight pressure on the back of your head slips me into your mouth, watching half of the length of my cock disappear into your mouth, and a long sigh of pleasure bursa escort escapes my lips as I start to swell inside of you.

I slowly start moving in and out of your mouth, enjoying the rush as I become nearly fully erect, and most of my shaft has your saliva moistening the soft skin. As you draw back, I lightly tug on your head a bit, tilting your head up to look at you and ask casually, “Want to take all of it?” You answer with a beaming smile, shifting your body into a better position and take a deep breath.

I can feel and hear the moan as you take me in again, getting me wet and a bit sloppy before starting to take as much as you can. Straining on the first try, you almost make it, but not quite. You pull back, relaxing a bit more and pushing yourself further, grunting at the effort, but still not quite getting to the base. You pull off, gasping, and a few tears run down your cheeks, breath coming hard, and unable to take your eyes off my cock in front of you.

I say softly, “You can do it. I know you can,” as I guide you back, taking a handful of your soft black hair to help you as you return. Despite your best efforts, there is still more then half an inch left. I encourage you with my words, repeating as you get nearer, “That’s it … almost there … come bursa escort bayan on … come on … I know you can…” yet that final bit just won’t quite fit.

Again you pull off, gasping, coughing lightly, and wiping your mouth as you regain your breath. “So close …” I murmur. You look up at me, eyes saying you want one more chance to be a good girl for me, and a small begging whimper escapes your mouth, lighting a fire in my eyes and i feed you my cock one more time. This time you I push you harder, getting your lips ever so slightly closer to the base. Then, my hand in your hair tightens, as I growl, “Come on, you little slut …” and pull, forcing that last bit. You whimper, and I feel hands clasping at my ass as I fill your throat, straining you for another moment and then finally release you. After letting you take only a gasp or two I pull you back to push myself in again. And again. And again. Filling you, and then letting my cock flex and expand what is just another tiny bit, but feels like so much more in the tight confines of your throat.

My breath becomes ragged, as my reflexes are start to take over. I pull you back one more time, taking your face in my hands to force your eyes off my cock and onto my face. Again in that low, feral growl, “I’m going escort bursa to come in that pretty little mouth … And you are going to swallow every drop … Do you understand?” I watch you nod emphatically, your eyes moving back to my cock as I let go of your face and again push into your mouth.

This time I don’t immediately move all the way in. I begin with several strokes in and out of your mouth, going only about half way in. And then push all the way in. Grunts and growls rumble from my lips and I pull back. I feel myself on the edge and I know you sense it as well. My cock twitches inside of you, my entire body begins trembling as I grasp your hair tightly, and push one last time all the way into your throat, and scream at the top of my lungs as the orgasm takes me. My cock pulses over and over, pumping semen down your throat. My hand holds your head in place, feeling you forced to swallow each spurt, and making sure you get all of it before easing myself back, slipping from your lips, and watching a last drop run down your chin.

I release your hair, and slide my thumb along your chin, catching the last drop, and watch as you quickly move your mouth to suck off the last bit, and give my thumb a small nibble before letting it go. Your voice comes out raspy from the abuse it took, but still clear, “Has your little slut made you feel better?”

The stress and frustration of my day gone, a broad smile spreads across my lips as I respond, “Yes she has. Now, lie down on that bed. We’re not quite done yet…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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