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Leaving Town

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It’s amazing the way time marches onward. You wake up in one reality, looking outside a window and wish for green grass you see on the other side, moist with the dew of a new morning. Before the end of the day, you find yourself walking out the door, looking back at that window into your former world, with the brown grass tickling your ankles, and the thunderheads forming. Indeed, time marched in regular time. I found myself grimy to the heels, stacking boxes of records into the back of a U-Haul truck. It was thanksgiving eve, and my turkey was waiting for me in the promised land. A place, known to most, as the “city beautiful”.

I don’t know what sparks the urge of wanderlust in me. I had been fighting those urges for the greater part of the past 2 years. I was young, green, and square. I had been around the world and back already, and still didn’t know too much about it. Even still, you couldn’t tell me that. I’m the great daydreamer, chasing those fancy thoughts until the day I stumble in my run and end up in the cold dead earth. For me, the beginning of everything wonderful was in that Orlando toy box, with the large buildings looking like the playthings of some wayward giant’s toddler.

I was still dreaming about the great times ahead when a small grey Hyundai pulled up in the driveway. I saw the car door open, and the skinny legs that disappeared into a short skirt swiveled out to meet the pavement. She was obviously trying to maintain her composure, now wanting to appear too rattled by the sight she saw, but yet wanting to sprint to me and demand I undo the labor of the past 4 hours and load everything back into the house. I never claim to be psychic; I cant read minds, be it a bitch or a billionaire. My thoughts, however, are always crystal clear, and the coin was tossed in my head at that very moment: heads and someone was getting smacked down, tails and someone was getting a chewing out on top of a cold pimp’s hand.

She got to me before the coin hit the marble tiles in the palace of my mind. “Sekay, what are you doing? You’re not really going through with this are you? Why are you leaving everything here, everything you and Mike and everybody had worked so hard to build?”

What exactly had we built? We were like common street ballers with hoop dreams for the NBA. We were no different then any other group of friends in any other small town across the world, dreaming of something bigger then themselves. Unfortunately, the NBA doesn’t have a team in Pensacola. Was I the only person who saw that? I couldn’t be the only joker in this town to realize that, If you’re going work a track, then you’ve got to go where the greyhounds play?

The open hatch of the U-Haul truck faced the eastern bushes on the edge of the Oaktree’s grounds. You couldn’t see into the cargo area from either the street or the house. Mike was away at mama duke’s; Otto was inside, probably shirtless and rubbing the hairs on his oversized gut while watching Seinfeld reruns from that cursed la-z-boy that didn’t match a damn thing in the rest of the house décor.

I wasn’t mad at her; I wasn’t really mad at anything, not even Otto, who had directly had an influence on the way I had increased the rate of my departure. I couldn’t match words to my voice to answer any of her questions. I didn’t even want to look into her eyes. I stood there and stared at that flake of lipstick on her front tooth. By this time I was wondering If that flake was permanent. She climbed into the back of the truck, never missing a beat as she pleaded with me over subjects illegal bahis that seemed to be a part of that room I was standing in only yesterday, with my eyes on the grass. She confessed that she believed that she had made a terrible mistake. She believed that Oats wasn’t proactive enough in his approach on life to match her outlook. She felt that she had lost me by her own hand, and that fact was ripping her to shreds.

I didn’t realize it at first, when my hands went out to her arms and grabbed her roughly. I was looking out of that window again, at myself as I pulled her close to me and began to kiss her. She didn’t put up any kind of fight; maybe this unfolding event was the point of her entire visit here. She hadn’t called, came out to party, or even visited the Oaktree in the past 2 months. I figured that her and oatmeal were probably happily married, maybe with a little crème pie baby on the way. Honestly, who cares? The kiss was the same as I remembered in the bathroom that one day, only this time I didn’t want to kill her. I didn’t really want to kiss her either; perhaps this was my way of getting revenge.

She gyrated her body on mine and started to gasp a little bit as my hands, which had still been holding her arms, started to wander over her pale back and small bottom. Her shirt was a size too big; the spaghetti straps fell down around her upper arms, where I could still see the pale impressions that my fingers had left in her skin. She wasn’t wearing any sort of support to think of. Her small breasts were starting to make their way out of her shirt as well. I still didn’t know if I was dreaming. To take it a step further, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue dreaming if it was the case.

“Sekay, you don’t have to leave, do you? Why don’t you stay here with all of us. I can be a part of your future”

The words were empty. At this point the base male being in me just took over, and the events that followed were more a part of natural male instinct then actual premeditated consent. The saying goes that you cannot rape the willing. My body had betrayed me. I played with the elastic around my waistband and started giving her eyes. When she pulled away from our kiss, I reached into my pants and grabbed the other head. It looked like I was just adjusting. I thought I was just adjusting. She grabbed my hand as I was pulling away from my pants. She slowly made her way to her knees and pulled my pants down to about mid thigh, kissing my semi erect cock and then sucking on it. There’s no such thing as bad head; I figured, why the hell not.

Worse things had happened before in that past life. I had done things with the girlfriends of my homeboys before. I had even been caught once, behind some buildings across the street from the club we all used to go to hang out at. In those young and wild days, I just charged it to the game. You get hurt some, and you hurt some in return. There’s no two ways about it, maybe that was just life in Pensacola. I don’t pretend to be noble, however those final days found me dreaming and wondering if life would be different in a different world. Regardless, it’s hard to dream about the future when you have a girl servicing your cock with some major deep throat in the present.

Major it was. She was on me like a freckle. I’ve always been a fan of the mega suction, suck-me-inside-out blowjob, and maybe she picked that vibe up off me. I was two small clicks shy of pain, and I couldn’t have been in more pleasure for the moment. All caution was thrown to the wind, as she wantonly illegal bahis siteleri lusted over my manhood in a position where, anyone passing the side of the truck could look in and grab a dirty eyeful. She started to play around with my nuts, and that’s about the point I realized that this situation was about to go all the way.

Gasping, I pulled my cock out of her mouth. I got a little mean spirited and smacked her in the face with it. “You see what you’ve been missing? You could have had great sex all these months, instead you decided to chase the weed. How high do you feel now?” The only reply she could make was a muffled apology as she went for another mouthful of Dominican sausage. I wasn’t having any of that anymore. Maybe it was destiny to grind her right there in the truck. My dresser was right next to us. I opened the top drawer and pulled out a condom.

She saw the Trojan in my hand and her eyes took a faraway look in them. She removed her panties from under her skirt and moved back in the truck to sit back on a long tray of vinyl LPs. The look in her eyes said fuck me as she left her legs open just enough for me to see her shaved pussy up her skirt. I did the hobble walk over to her as graciously as I could, lewdly stabbing the air with my member as I cracked open the foil wrapper with my teeth. She giggled and called me stupid. Maybe I was. I rolled the jimmy down all the way, grabbed a leg in each hand and pulled them skyward. With her back in my futon, her legs at her eye level had her pretty much doubled over. She reached around and guided my dick towards the spot. In one full thrust I was balls deep in her pussy, and I knew I was in definitely.

She grunted a little bit at the way I pretty much just broke her open without so much as a tease. I’m not cut from her cloth; I don’t tease anybody. I pulled my dick out to the head and slammed it back in again. That one threw her head back and I saw the look of lust on her face. She was going to that place girls go to when they’re about to get fucked and are submitting themselves fully to the experience. She opened her eyes and looked deep into mine, daring me with the furrow in her eyebrows.

That was that. I went to town, starting at first with long hard strokes and then slowly picked up the pace. She kept her hands down and close to each other rubbing on my stomach, the straps of her dress had ridden low enough that she was pretty much halfway out of her little top. Her nipples were fully out in the open and looked hard enough to chip glass with. About 2 minutes into this fucking I knew I was thoroughly beating up her box as the moans started to come from her. They were something of a series of sighs blended up with a handful of whimpers to make a nice thick lust smoothie. I wanted nothing less then a bruised cervix for all the pain she had caused me and I had tried to dismiss on the outside. The slapping sound was amplified by the walls of the box truck as I crushed guts for all I was worth. I felt her start to tighten up, and then her pussy started spasms all around me. All of a sudden it was even easier to lay the pipe; It was like any resistance she had prior has just disappeared in the milky white froth that was collecting at the base of my dick. I didn’t give a flying fuck if mike pulled into the driveway. If he looked out of his driver side window he would have seen some live-action porn and probably would have crashed into the garage. Hey, that’s life too.

When my legs started to cramp up I pulled all the way out, making her pussy go pop as I grabbed canlı bahis siteleri her hips and spun her around on that record bin. Another long stroke and I was back into her from behind. I didn’t let up any as I went back to fucking her pussy like a certified porn star. She asked me to let up a little because her face kept mashing into that futon mattress in front of her. Ask me if I cared, and be ready to laugh. All I did was try to fuck her even harder. Another few seconds of dick-down and she gave it up, turning her head to the side and basically trying to thrust back on me to shorten the distance I was going to make my balls slap. With that extra motion on her part it wasn’t long before she came again.

“Do you love this?”


“Do you love this?”

“Oh god, yes…”


“Yes Sekay, please fuck me more!”

You know how the dirty talk does it. I slapped her ass as hard as I could and she yelped at the sudden pain. I looked down, saw a spreading redness around a palm print, and was very happy with myself. I took my thumb and started to circle her puckered anus that kept winking at me. At first she tried to deny me, but ended up giving that up too as the thumb disappeared down to the second knuckle. She obviously wasn’t a stranger to anal sex; I had hardly given it pressure. I asked her if she was a dirty slut that loved to take it in the ass. She claimed she wasn’t at first. After another minute of fish-hooking her bum, she sang a different tune when her third orgasm hit her. Anal sex wasn’t on the menu as my balls tightened up and I busted a fat nut right into the condom. I pulled out and yanked the condom off. The last few ropes stringed across her back in glazed ribbons.

She looked back at me and smiled. I was tired and I wanted a nap. I wanted some food too. I’m just a typical male. Things weren’t that awkward as we collected ourselves. I grabbed the thong and put it in my pocket in front of her face. At first she wanted to know what I thought I was doing. A quick kiss shushed her and made her blush some more. If you’ve ever seen a blush on flushed skin then you know what I mean.

“Does this mean that you’re going to stay now, Sekay?” she asked me as she fixed up her shirt and pulled it down to keep the straps dug into her shoulders. I replied “Honestly, it has made me reconsider. I’ll think about it for a few more days. How about I give you a call in the morning, maybe we can grab some lunch.” She cooed and agreed to that. I watched her drive off. As she turned the corner, Mike’s Cherokee came into view. I saw him flash an evil eye at her as she sped off.

“What was she doing here?” Mike asked me as he climbed out of his truck with handfuls of plastic bags. I walked over to help him, and shrugged him off as I grabbed more bags. “Oh nothing, she just came by to pick up some earrings” I lied as we walked into the house.

I left town at 2AM that morning. Somewhere around Tallahassee, near the time-zone line the sun started to come up. The warmth was welcome on my face after 4 hours of solitude and a silent cabin. I reached across the bench seat to grab my CD book and my smokes, and I felt the lace against my hand. I grabbed those panties, still with a slight moistness to them after the events that had transpired 12 hours ago. With my hand up on the dash I stared at them for a few seconds, and contemplated my life. Where was I going? What was I doing on this open road? Everything I own was in the back of this truck; the rest of my life was still ahead, an open book filled with empty pages. At that moment I didn’t think I would so much as see her ever again. Good riddance. She could never hurt me again.

As I crossed the line into the Eastern Standard, I rolled down the window and threw them out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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