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Late Night Office Fun

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You thought that you were the last one in your office that night, you didn’t realize that I had stayed late also to finish up some paper work. Just when I was about to leave I heard a sound of soft groaning and moaning. I went to you office door and peeked in and there you were sitting in front of your desk, pants down, dick in hand, stroking it as hard as you could.

I tried to decide whether or not it would be acceptable for me to go in there to help you out with your little problem, because just hearing your moans turned me on and made me instantly wet. Before I had made up my mind, the lust took over and my hand was turning the door knob to go in. You didn’t notice me for a couple seconds, but when you did, you looked up with a sly grin and beckoned me over.

I walked over and began to take off my clothing, no words were spoken as we both stripped off the unwanted clothes. I got on the ground and crawled towards you in my thong and bra, I grabbed your dick from illegal bahis your hand and began to stroke it, that got you breathing more heavily, I then leaned down and licked the tip, teasing you a bit and then I took your whole dick in my mouth, sucking and licking and I deep-throated you. Guys love this especially from me, because I have no gag reflex. I sucked on you until you came with endless streams of warm cum that I swallowed every last drop. After it was my turn and you grabbed me and pushed me against the desk and bent down to take off my lacey blue thong. You circled around my pussy lips, teasing me and making me gasp for air. You slid one finger into me and leaned down to suck my clit. I let out a breathy moan, I had never felt this type of pleasure during foreplay before.

I begged for you to go inside of me already, but you just laughed against my clit which sent heavenly vibrations against my dripping pussy. I reached down to press your talented tongue and illegal bahis siteleri fingers into me more, but you pulled away until I stopped reaching. What a tease. You kept licking and sucking and fingering until I squirted out the warm liquid that you loved so much. Finally it was time for your huge dick to enter me. You put me on the ground and began to push into me slowly at first, but then you picked up your speed. Going faster and faster, I signaled for you to flip me around so I could ride you, but you denied my request and kept pounding into me. You must of have a ton of practice, because you hit my g-spot with every thrust. I didn’t even realize you didn’t have a condom on and I didn’t give a fuck about it. I cried out in ecstasy as I began to reach my high. We both hit our highs at the same time as you released into me, it was incredible, we moaned and screamed out each others names.

You pulled out so that you could flip us into a 69, this was one of my canlı bahis siteleri favorite positions, you ate me out as I sucked your long huge dick. After we finished I finally got to ride you. I climbed on top of you and lowered myself down, I began bouncing up and down and you stared up at my boobs bouncing with the movements. You began to grab my hips to increase my speed and we kept going for a while until you let go of my hips and I kept bouncing and rubbing my clit to get myself to an amazing orgasm. We tried to cum at the same time, but I couldn’t hold it in and I cummed before you do, you shot your cum into my pussy yet again and pulled out at the last second to spray some onto my faces and down to my boobs. Cum was dripping down my body and you licked it up, this made my nipples even harder than they were before. You sucked and kneaded them. We decided to try doggy style next and you bent me over and slammed into me, so fast it took my breath away. This orgasm we both cummed at the same moment and it was the most amazing and intense feeling of ecstasy. We both collapsed on the floor of your office and checked the time to realize we had been going for 4 hours. We agreed to do this again and went our separate ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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