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Late Flight From Phoenix

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A simple little fantasy about a horny couple who meet and fuck. I’m not sure this happens in the real world (or at least it never seems to happen to me) but it’s fantasy, so enjoy.


It takes three and a half hours to fly from Phoenix to Chicago—normally three and a half really boring hours. My plane was about an hour late out of Phoenix, which was going to put me into Chicago later than I wanted to arrive. I called the lady I had planned to meet for dinner, and we agreed to a rain check for the next evening.

This was, as predicted, a routinely boring flight. However, there was one thing that helped. The flight attendant working the first class cabin (where I was sitting thanks to the airline’s frequent flier program) was very attractive. She had to be at least five-nine or maybe five-ten, even after she took off the killer stiletto heels she was wearing when I first got on the plane. Great legs and a nice round ass, with long, dark brown hair tied up in a bun. I couldn’t really tell about her tits in the conservative outfit the airline had her in, but I let my imagination give her a great pair. She had big, round, brown eyes and bright red lipstick.

Best of all, she was friendly. So instead of sleeping or reading the really dull work material in my briefcase, I flirted with her all the way to Chicago. By the time we got there, I knew that her name was Susan, she was 32 years old, had majored in English and Dance at Arizona State, had married and divorced the wrong guy, liked 12 year old highland single malt Scotch, and had a 48-hour layover coming up in Chicago.

I thought seriously about asking her for a date for the next evening, but there was this minor problem that I had just committed to a date with another lady for that time slot.

As I got off the plane she gave me a big smile and said, “Hope I see you on another flight.”

“Me too,” I responded.

I stopped for a minute in the concourse washroom and spent a few more minutes quickly responding to a couple of emails. As I came back out on the concourse, I realized that I was walking right behind the crew. Susan had on those killer spike heels again, and they made her long, lean legs look great, and that round ass of hers had the sexiest roll to it as she walked up the concourse.

I deliberately slowed my pace and followed them all the way to the exit from the terminal where they headed to the crew shuttle and I turned to get a cab to take me down to the Loop. I thought maybe she looked back just before we diverged, but I wasn’t sure.

I got downtown without incident and was standing at the check-in counter of my hotel, when I heard this very sexy voice behind me, “Hello stranger.”

I turned and to my surprise found Susan in line behind me. She explained that because she had a couple of days off she had elected to come on downtown for the night instead of staying at one of the hotels out by O’Hare.

It was 10:00 pm, but I thought, what the hell, no harm in asking. “Can I buy you a drink? Perhaps some of that 12-year-old highland Scotch you said you liked.”

“Absolutely!” she responded with a big smile. “But before I can join you in the bar, I have to get out of my working clothes. It’s the company’s rule and my rule, too. I really don’t like these outfits we have to wear.”

I was thinking she looked pretty damn good in her flight attendant togs, but then again, she probably would have looked good in a potato sack.

“Okay, how about we meet in fifteen minutes in the bar.”


“I’ll have your Scotch waiting.”

“Straight up,” she said with a smile that lit up the whole lobby.

We rode the elevator together until I had to get off a couple of floors ahead of her.

“See you in a few minutes, Ray,” she said. As I passed her getting off the elevator, she reached out and ran her hand up the back of my upper thigh, and then let it slide up and over my ass.

I looked back to see the sexiest, most mischievous smile I had ever seen.

Trying to be somewhat cool, I said, “McCallum 12, right?”

“Right,” she responded, as the elevator doors closed.

It was a good thing there was no one else around because that little stunt of hers had given me an instant hard-on that made my suit trousers look like a pup tent.

I went to my room, quickly unpacked, changed out of my suit, and got down to the bar well within our fifteen minute schedule. The bar was crowded, but as I walked in a couple got up and left a booth in a back corner of the bar, so I grabbed it. The barmaid showed up promptly, and I ordered two Scotches, mine with ice and hers straight up.

It took her a while to show up, and I was beginning to worry about being stood up. Then I (and every other man in the bar) saw her walk in. What a change. She was still wearing the same stiletto heels, but the dark nylons had been replaced by the greatest pair of bare tanned legs I had ever seen, and I was seeing a lot more of them than I had before because her little black skirt stopped several inches bahis firmaları above her knees and there was a slit up one side that I was sure went up to the bottom of her ass. She had let her thick, dark brown hair out of the tight bun it had been in on the plane, and it now hung down well below her shoulders. She had on a short-sleeved silky white blouse that was sheer enough to let me see a lot of the detail of the lacy white bra she wore beneath it. Furthermore, it was one of those rare occasions when my imagination about her boobs had fallen woefully short. They weren’t huge. But they weren’t small either, and they stood up and pointed straight out. Magnificent!

“Oh good! You got my drink,” she said with a beaming smile as she slid into the booth next to me, snuggling that delicious ass of hers right up next to my hip.

She took a sip of the neat Scotch and said, “Umm, you got the right stuff.”

“Of course,” I responded. “What did you expect?”

“You looked a little rattled when you got off the elevator. Do you know how cute you are when you blush? . . . There, you did it again.”

I couldn’t quite respond, so I took a long pull at my drink while I tried to think of a clever retort.

I decided the best strategy was to change the subject, so I said, “I thought you looked pretty attractive on the plane, but you’re looking even better with your non-working clothes on.” Then, just to push it a bit, I said, “You have the sexiest pair of legs I have ever seen.”

“Hmmm. I think I have heard that line before, not that I am objecting.”

As she responded, she pushed her leg against mine and flagged down the barmaid to get us another round of drinks—she had pretty much inhaled her first drink. The warmth of her leg against my thigh began to resurrect my erection.

“So what do you like about my legs?”

“What’s not to like? They are long, shapely, muscled—but not too much, smooth, and you have a great tan. They put really impure thoughts in my head.”

“Hmm. Impure, huh? Just what kind of thoughts would those be?” she purred.

“Not the kind I can share in a public place,” I demurred as the waitress delivered the second round of drinks.

She put her hand on my thigh as the waitress departed and said, “Go ahead, no one can hear us in this bar.”

“I don’t have to be invited twice to talk dirty,” I responded. “I was thinking about how great those long legs would feel wrapped around my back while I pumped my cock into your pussy.”

“Oh my!” she said feigning shock. “That’s dirty all right. Have you been thinking those kind of nasty thoughts about me all evening, or just since I walked into the bar with this short skirt on?”

“No, pretty much since takeoff in Phoenix, but the short skirt made them dirtier.”

“You are a bad boy. A very bad boy.”

“Oh,” I said, stretching it out with a tone of disappointment.

She laughed. “Don’t let that stop you. I’ll tell you a secret.” She leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “I like bad boys with dirty thoughts.” Before she leaned away, her long tongue snaked out and licked my ear.

“But let’s back up a little. Why don’t you tell me about what you would do before we get to the fucking part?” Her hand continued to stroke my thigh.

“Well, first I would want you to undress for me.”

“Really, right here in this bar?”

I laughed, “No. I think that might cause a riot. There are a lot of horny traveling salesman in here.”

Susan laughed and took a sip of her drink. When she set the glass down, she reached down and unbuttoned two buttons on her blouse and leaned toward me giving me a good view of her stunning cleavage.

“So how would you get me to undress?”

“I think I just did,” I said, nodding towards her blouse.

“Oh, I think you would want more than that. So really, how would you talk me out of the rest of my clothes?” She leaned back and chewed on a finger in a way that looked like she was sucking on a small cock.

“I would lean forward and whisper nasty things in your ear.” I leaned forward and pushed her hair aside so I could whisper in her ear. “If you take your clothes off and lay down on the bed, I’ll eat your pussy until you scream.”

“Really?” she said as I leaned back. “You would do that for little old me. I’m shocked.”

“But you would have to take your clothes off,” I said. “I just can’t do it right until you’re naked.”

“Hmmm,” Susan responded. “That sounds like a good start. But are you sure we couldn’t do that with our clothes on? Have you ever tried?”

“No. Have you?”

“Well. There was this one time. I was on a positioning flight. You know how sometimes the system gets screwed up due to weather or something and we have to move planes and crews around in the middle of the night without any passengers?”

“Yeah,” I said encouraging her to go ahead with her story.

“Well, so there were just three of us on this flight—me and a really stuffy old captain and this dreamy looking first officer. God, he was a hunk. Somewhere kaçak iddaa over the Midwest he came out and asked for coffee. I poured it for him, but he didn’t go away. He just stood leaning against the counter in the galley as we talked. If a man could grope a woman with his eyes, he was doing it. I should have been offended, but it was just turning me on.”

“I’m glad to hear you aren’t offended when a man ogles you,” I said as I stared at the cleavage reveled by her partially unbuttoned blouse.

“Knock yourself out,” she responded as she continued to caress my thigh. Returning to her story she said, “So after a little simple flirting, he started to talk dirty. I let him go on because . . . well because it was a long boring flight and he was really sexy.

“After a while he said pretty much the same thing as you did a few minutes ago. He wanted me to get naked with him. I told him I was afraid the captain would come out and catch us. We went back and forth for awhile and eventually he bet me he could make me cum with all my clothes on.”

“What were the stakes?” I asked.

“Oh I don’t know. I don’t think we had any. We were both so horny by that time we were just looking for an excuse to do something.”

“So did he do it? Did he make you cum with your clothes on?”

Susan smiled this delicious sexy smile as she said, “Oh yes, he certainly did.”

“Are you going to tell me how?”

“Hmmm. Maybe . . . but I think I need another drink first.”

I flagged down the barmaid and ordered a third round. While we waited for the next round, I put my hand behind her back and slowly traced my fingers from her waist to the back of her neck and back several times. I was using the lightest touch I had, and I could see she was loving it because every time I got to the base of her neck she shivered.

“Where did you learn that?” she asked.

“Don’t remember.”

God, it feels good. Please don’t stop.”

The waitress put the next round of drinks in front of us and Susan immediately took a long pull on her drink.

“So what happened on the plane?” I asked, as I continued to stroke her back.


“With the first officer? Remember?”

“Oh, oh . . . that. Yes. You’re very distracting,” she said.

I pulled my hand away from her back and said, “Right. The first officer who promised to make you cum with all your clothes on.”

“Right. I know. I’ll tell you about it, but put your hand back. Don’t stop what you were doing.”

I began to stroke her back again.

Susan took another sip of her drink and then began to talk again. “It was pretty simple really. He had me slouch down in the jump seat against the front bulkhead of the cabin. He got down on his knees between my legs and pushed my skirt up to my hips. Then he began to massage me through my panties with his nose and mouth.”

She took a sip of her drink as she let her mind recreate what the first officer had been doing to her. “God, he was good,” she said. “Never touched me with his hands—just his face against my panties. It wasn’t long before I was using my hands to pull my knees back and apart for him.”

“Love the image,” I said, interrupting her story.

“I’ll bet you do,” she said with a laugh. She let her hand slide up my thigh until it grazed my cock. I choked on my drink.

Once I recovered I said, “So did he manage to get you off? I mean with all your clothes on?”

He would have. He was really driving me crazy. But I wanted more, so I reached down and pushed him away long enough to pull my panties off. Then I stuffed them in my mouth so I wouldn’t attract attention from the captain, because I knew he was going to make me scream. I’m kind of noisy when . . . well you know.”

“Did you?”

“What?” She was still pretty distracted by my backrub.

“Cum! . . . Did he make you cum?”

“Oh god yes. Three or four times.”

“And did you scream?”

“Oh yes. Every time. I’m like that.”

“But you took your panties off for him. Does that count as fully clothed?”

“Well, it’s as much clothes as I have on now.”

“You mean you don’t have any panties on now?”

She was silent but gave me this long sexy confirming smile.

“Oh, you are a very bad girl,” I said mimicking her earlier accusation that I was a bad boy.

She laughed. “Are you complaining?”

“No.” By now my dick was fully erect. “Okay, I concede. I guess we could have sex fully clothed, or as fully clothed as you are, but I don’t think I could do what you just described to you here in this bar. Besides I still think sex is better naked.”

She smiled. “Yeah, you’re pretty much right about that, but how you get naked is an important part of it.

“Does it turn you on to do a striptease for a guy? It always make me really hot when I know a woman that is stripping is getting turned on by showing herself to me.”

“Mmm, yes. I know exactly what you mean,” she responded. “And yes, I get very turned on by showing myself to a guy who I want to fuck.” As she spoke kaçak bahis she dragged her fingertips across my erect cock. It jumped like it had been shocked.

Not to be outdone, I put my hand on her knee and began to work my way up her thigh. Susan responded by pulling my hand higher. I rolled it toward the inside of her thigh and immediately realized that her legs were spread wide apart. Now that my hands were on the inside of her thighs, I began to slowly work them upwards towards her pussy.

“Fuck, that feels good,” she said. “So once I’m naked, what would you do next?”

“I would pull my cock out of my trousers and begin to stroke it. If you started to walk towards me I would tell you to sit in a chair and spread your legs and watch me while I pulled on my cock.”

“Would you want me to play with my tits?”

“Oh yes, and your pussy, too.”

At this point Susan was stroking my cock though my trousers. Fuck, it felt good. Not to be outdone, I slid my hand all the way up her thigh until I got to her pussy.

“You really aren’t wearing any panties,” I whispered as I nuzzled her ear.

“I told you so.”

I slipped two fingers into her hot, slippery cunt, and she responded with a quiet gasp. She also continued to rub my cock through my trousers.

Then she turned and looked straight at me. “Ray, we need to fuck! Now! I’m going to the lady’s room and when you have paid the tab, follow me down that hall.” Without waiting for a response, she grabbed her purse and walked quickly through the room and disappeared into a hallway leaving one side of the bar.

It took me a minute or two to pay the tab, which was good because it allowed the tent in my trousers to subside a bit. As soon as I could, I followed her down the hall. I found Susan waiting outside the ladies’ room door. She had shed her bra and only the bottom two buttons of her blouse were buttoned, so I could see almost all of her gorgeous tits. She was rubbing them through her blouse as I walked up.

I looked over my shoulder, making sure there was no one else in the hall. I reached forward with my hands, sliding each one inside her blouse and cupping the underside of her tits. Then I slid a thumb up the front of each one and lightly grazed her swollen nipples.

“Ahhhhhh,” she said as she sucked in breath. “God that feels good. I haven’t been with anyone for a couple of months.”

“Two months without sex?” I said as I continued to lightly stroke her nipples with my thumbs. “No wonder you’re so horny tonight.”

She put her hands on my butt and pulled my hips into her. “I know. I haven’t been very lady-like tonight, but . . . but you seem like a nice guy and . . . Oh!” she gasped as I stroked her nipples a bit more firmly.

“No complaints from me,” I said. I pushed my hips against hers and made sure she could feel my erection pressing against her belly.

“So, do you want to fuck?” I asked her. Then I dropped my head to her chest and wrapped my lips around one of her nipples.

“Oh . . . god yes!” she said. “But not here. Follow me.” She pulled away and walked down a darkened hallway that led off to one side.

At this point I would have followed her almost anywhere with my dick leading the way. It was a long hallway that eventually dead-ended with a door on one side. Susan pulled the door open and dragged me into a maintenance supply room. She flipped on the lights and then closed and locked the door.

How did you know this room was here?” I asked.

“I fucked a bus boy here once,” she responded with a lewd smile. “I worked as a waitress here before I started flying.”

Susan dropped to her knees and pulled my belt and zipper open. My trousers fell to my feet, and my boxers followed as she worked my hard cock with her hands. She just stared at it for a moment.

“Oh, you have a beautiful cock,” she said as she began to softly massage my balls. After a moment of staring at it, she slurped it into her mouth. The sensation was incredible. First she sucked as much of it as she could handle, and then she backed off so only the head and first couple of inches were in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head and massaged the rest of my slippery cock with her hands.

While she blew me, I leaned forward and and began to play with her tits. First I fondled all of each tit. Then I circled each one with a fingertip drawing ever-tighter circles until I reached her nipples, which I rubbed with just enough pressure to cause her to moan while she sucked my cock.

After a few minutes of cock-sucking, Susan stood up and peeled off her blouse and skirt, leaving her completely naked except for those sexy black stiletto pumps. She turned and leaned on a table with her legs spread wide. I quickly disrobed and stepped up behind her. I rubbed the head of my cock around the entrance to her pussy, without pushing it in. When I hit her clit, she swore, “Damn it! Fuck me! I need that cock of yours. No more foreplay!”

Always being one to take instruction, I quickly slid my cock into her cunt. The first thrust was a hard one that went in as far as I could get it and then I just held it there.

“Oh fuck, that feels good! So full. Why did I go two months without this? she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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