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Jerking to My Girlfriend’s Sister

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I have always had a thing for my girlfriend’s sister. Mallory was drop-dead gorgeous and she knew the effect that she had on men. She flirted with me in front of Jessica who would always tell her to fuck off, but Mallory would laugh and wink at me. At first, I was uncomfortable with it but came to understand that she was just joking around to make Jessica mad. Jessica would tell me to ignore Mallory and not to give her any attention but it was so hard to because like I said, Mallory is gorgeous.

Jessica was an open book when I met her and we talked about everything. She was also gorgeous and I was extremely attracted to her. We fucked like rabbits and did every single position and sex act that we could think of. Whenever we were apart I would masturbate to her. I couldn’t get enough.

One day, Jessica and I decided to go to her parents’ house for the weekend. Jessica was close to her parents and always wanted to be around them. I enjoyed her parents too because they were friendly and interesting. Jessica’s mother was a sex therapist and talked constantly about sex to her daughters and even brought it up during our weekly dinners at their home. At first, I felt weird talking to my girlfriend’s mother about sex but I was able to open up to her and it felt refreshing. I learned a lot from these discussions and it was amazing to see a family that wasn’t dysfunctional as my own.

Jessica’s father was an artist who focused on abstract paintings that sold very well. He was always covered in paint when we came over. He loved to talk about the good old days of the 70s when he and his wife lived much freer lives. I was fascinated by his stories that included musicians illegal bahis and bands that he saw live and his road trips across several countries.

Mallory was also interesting. She was athletic and intelligent. She had a lot of opinions about everything which made the conversations at dinner quite lively. She played both volleyball and soccer and had won numerous awards in high school. I could tell that she had a wild side as she seemed to flirt with every man who stared at her for too long (this happened often). I had once seen her tease an older man by brushing up against him in a clothing store. I was amazed at how brazen she was.

Anyway, I was at Jessica’s parents’ house for the weekend, and Jessica and I were watching television in the living room. Her parents were asleep and Jessica was asleep next to me. We had been watching a silly Jim Carrey movie but Jessica fell asleep partway through it. I had to use the bathroom so I gently moved Jessica aside and walked up the stairs to the restroom. I saw that Mallory’s door was wide open and she was getting undressed. Her t-shirt was off and I could see that she had on a black bra. She turned and saw me looking at her so I quickly averted my eyes and went into the bathroom. I felt embarrassed that she caught me. I finished using the bathroom and stepped out.

“Hey, Miguel,” Mallory whispered from her room. I turned my head and saw that Mallory was standing in her room as was facing me with just her bra and panties on. There was a large grin on her face. She began to unclasp her bra. I stood frozen in place and my mouth hung open in surprise. I watched as her breasts came out and my eyes were fixated on illegal bahis siteleri her lovely areolas and pink nipples. My cock started to grow in my pants. She then jiggled her tits at me with that same grin on her face. Her tits bounced from side to side.

She then slowly took off her underwear while watching me. My eyes widened at her unshaven pussy. I could see her pussy lips from the bathroom and my mouth started to water. By now, my cock was begging to be let out. She sat down on her bed and opened her legs wide for me. Her hands moved down to her pussy and she opened her lips. Absentmindedly my hand went to my crotch and I began to rub myself.

“Get some tissue,” she whispered to me with that same grin on her face. I went quickly into the bathroom and got some toilet paper. I then came back out and started to walk towards her room.

“No. Stay right by the bathroom,” Mallory said seductively. I walked back to the bathroom and stared at her pussy that I wanted so bad.

“I want you to jerk off to me and cum on that tissue,” she whispered. I looked around to make sure that no one was up. I then pulled my pants down to my knees and my hard cock pointed like a compass towards Mallory. She smiled as she looked at my cock. I began to stroke myself.

Mallory licked two of her fingers and began to rub her clit. Her eyes were on my cock as I stroked it. I could feel my precum on my fingers as I jerked my cock. I was breathing heavily but tried to do so quietly as the pleasure coursed throughout my body. I focused on her pussy as I stroked myself. She opened her pussy lips and showed me her clit. I started to stroke my cock faster.

She canlı bahis siteleri rubbed her clit again and quietly moaned as I watched her. Her breasts jiggled as she played with herself. Her eyes remained on my cock as her hand moved rapidly against her clit. She let out a cry and quickly covered her mouth as her body shuddered. I watched as she came and I knew I was close as well. I grabbed the toilet paper and placed it under my tip as my orgasm rushed forward. My semen shot out onto the tissue and I gritted my teeth to keep from moaning. I bent forward as my cum continued to spurt from my aching cock.

Mallory watched me as I came. There was a look of fascination on her face as she saw my cum eject onto the tissue. After a moment, my cock stopped shooting its load. I was still breathing heavily. I looked at the tissue and saw that it was covered in cum.

“Bring it here,” Mallory whispered.

I shuffled my pants back up and walked over to Mallory. Her inviting body beckoned me to her and I wanted desperately to kiss and lick her pussy.

“That’s far enough,” she said as I just entered her doorway. She put out her hand and I handed her the tissue. She took it and looked at the cum on it. A smile came to her face as she looked at the cum then at me. She dipped her finger into my cum and scooped some up and put it in her mouth.

“Mm. You taste good,” she said with that same teasing grin. “You can leave now, Miguel. Please close the door behind you.”

I smiled at her as I slowly closed the door. The last thing I saw before the door was completely shut was Mallory sitting on her bed with a smile on her face. I quickly pulled my pants back up and walked back downstairs. I wanted to laugh at how crazy that was and random. My cock was still hard and I tried to adjust it in my pants. I saw that Jessica was still sleeping. I eased back onto the couch beside her with a large grin on my face.

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