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In The Shower

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The day was like any other day of the spring, the weather was cool, fresh with a snap to it, like you could feel it reaching across the skin, the flowers in bloom and the birds chirping. We’ve just finished the work in the yard, and decided to go I and get cleaned up.

You head for the shower and get the water to the right temperature for us, and we both step into the shower, the brightness of the tub and tiles sharply outlines every curve of the body, the coolness of the tiles and tub along with the heat of the water bringing sharp sensations and warm feelings to the surface. You moan as the hot water hits you body, cascading down in waves of wet heat as you swing forward so that the water wets your hair and runs down your back. But in doing so you press against my body, your warmth and your need pressing against me, making me hard and then the throbbing starts deep down in the base of my cock. You feel the blood rush to my cock, making it rise hard and wanting; you can feel its need pressing at you as the water runs down your back and shoulders and rains to the tub below. You press your hands to the tiles to steady yourself, but the cool touch of the white tile isn’t giving you what you want, and the slight sting and comfort of the stream of heat raining on your making you want more.

My hands start to run up and down your back, making you sway back and forth, my hands grasping at you and pulling you against me even closer, every motion moves your sweet spot back and forth, rubbing against the hardness threatening to pierce you. You moan as the sensation of the water pouring down your back and ass crack making the things between your legs even wetter and the cock rubbing against you, your open pussy flexing to draw me inside you.

And then it happens; I swing you around and kiss you, my need and the heat of the shower drawing the breath from you. Your back arches and I lift you into my arms, your legs swung over my arms and your back presses against the cool stranded teens porno tiled wall the hot water cascading down my chest and spraying across your body \making you hot and wet, while the cool tile increases your need for more heat from me… I kiss you and angle your pussy to meet my cock, rubbing just inside of you making you open up to me, and then I press myself inside you, making you grasp and claw at me, taking as much of me inside you as you can. I insert my rigid cock all the way inside you and slowly pull back out, every pull of your inside causes it’s own sensation, you tighten up and it flows through your thighs and belly, even making you chest tight and your breasts yearn for my touch. Then I slam my cock into you, a feeling of power and a rush of skin crashing against you, then the slow withdrawl, faster than before but a slow withdrawl nonetheless, making your pleasure build even more, then slam, my cock presses into you again making you moan and gasp. The constant pulse of my cock throbbing and crashing into you, the rush of heat beating off my glistening chest, the coolness of the tiles at your back all making you buck and pull me against you.

The rush of flesh inside you and the sensations at your back suddenly start to blur as the familiar tightness creeps from your throbbing wet pussy and creep through your thighs, down into your ass, and up your chest to your breasts, making you gasp for breath as your breasts ache with need. Your legs suddenly tighten around me, one had wraps around my shoulders and the other presses against my chest as your orgasm overtakes you, you look into my eyes and you see the desire in mine as I continue to fuck you, but now it is a slow internal rub, making you cum harder as each draw of my cock matches each wave of pleasure inside you.

We then stop the shower and you sit me down on the edge of the clawed foot tub moving the curtains aside, exposing us to the rest of the bathroom, student sex parties porno veiled in mist and rolling in heat and the scent of out sex filling our senses. You then sit on my lap, your breast pressed firmly against my wet chest, making your nipples hard and your breast ache for my to hold them. You lower a hand to my hardness and ease me inside of you, sliding my cock into you, rubbing against you and stretching you wide, filling you up to your brim. You place your hands on my chest and press yourself against my body, lifting yourself up to the tip pf my cock and then back down to take all of me into you. Again you lift yourself up, pulling me along with you, my cock so hungry for your wetness that it pulls at your insides, your tightness not wanting to let me go, again taking me back inside you. Our bodies’ crashing together as your clit bumps and crashes against my belly. The dull thud against it sending hot ripples through your groin. You lean back and every pulse, every throb, every time you start to take my cock back into you rubs or crashes or throbs against you g-spot. Sending a pulse through you, making you quiver, my hands on your hips helping you to take as much of me as you can, my hips thrusting me up inside you. You start to cum again, the waves of ecstasy rising you and making you shake as I fill you and you stop, my cock deep inside you, pressed against you and pulsing and throbbing. You sit in the now empty tub, holding the edges to keep from falling over, holding your pussy as the orgasm thunders through you, trying to hold yourself together as you ride it out. I press myself to your back and stroke your breasts and pussy, helping to ease you through it. The atmosphere in the room smells of our sex as the dampness drips from our bodies.

We finish up in the tub, and get out, our unsteady feat and craving bodies needing more, steam still filling the bathroom making the air hot and damp. I begin to towel submissive cuckolds off, my cock still hard when you suddenly grab hold of me and give me a heated kiss while one hand wraps around the base of my cock and the other grabs my ass. You start making your way kissing down my neck and chest while you hand slowly works at stroking my still hard cock, kissing and licking and little nibbles at my chest belly and then you get to my hardness, the base of my cock. You angle me toward the ceiling, and give the underside of me a few flicks of your tongue and a long slow suck, a lick of your lips to moisten them and a long, wet suck all the way to the head of my cock. A moan erupts from me, as you take me into your mouth, slowly engulfing me inside you, slowly, the pressure and feeling making me throb and pulse in your mouth, then as you reach the base, you draw back up, a hard but long suck, drawing me forward with heat and pressure and wetness, the taste of me filling your mouth. You run both hands up the insides of my thighs and over my balls to my hips and around the back to grab my ass pulling me forward into your mouth as you move faster and suck harder. You then move one hand back around to stroke my cock, slow and in a rounded manner, making my hips sway back and forth as you suck on the head of my cock and stroke the shaft, our bodies still hot from the steam in the room and the sweat drips off of us as we give in to our passion.

You suck my cock greedily, feeling in the base of my cock the surge that means that I am about to lose all control, as you jerk my cock back and forth, sucking hard as you feel it build inside me. You feel me tense and eagerly suck the head of my cock and jerking the shaft with one hand, the other massaging my balls. I grab onto the wall and the tub, my head fires back and I let out a long loud moan as I cum in your mouth. Every sweet, sticky warm drop erupts from my cock and into your mouth. You hold my hips as I continue to cum between your sweet lips, using every bit of my strength to hold myself up, with one hand on the wall and the other feeling the coolness of the tub as I sit down to keep from falling.

We finish up with a passionate kiss and then realize how sweaty we both are and look at each other and realize we have to have another shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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