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How It Began at 18

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At 18 a whole world of pleasure was now available!! In my case I often used magazines. I was still living with my parents at the time.

However it was hard to hide them so I also used to buy The Penthouse Letters Forum magazine, full of hot juicy stories. I loved Leg Show, with the stockings and thrills, there was Hustler, definitely!

I used to even get off to the phone sex advertisements.

I definitely stroked off in the bathroom to lingerie catalogs, lingerie ads, dirty books from the local adult bookstore.

Playboy magazine was a go-to, I think of days and times especially the nice lingerie clad models with nice big hard nipples, particularly if the women were lying down provocatively and making eye contact. It felt so personal and arousing.

I would lay out my magazines on my bed and spend hours when I could have the house to myself stroking and reading dirty letters, and staring at naked women in the centerfold and so forth.

All I had to do was lay back and stroke and feel the pleasures pulsing in my erect, throbbing cock. I had so many fucking orgasms.

I’m almost nostalgic for it. What’s great is that there are some videos out there of women addressing this very thing.

I have one saved my computer with a Randy Moore, where she looks right at you, and says, “Have you ever wished you could have a centerfold model entice you to masturbate to her pictures?” She then opens up a magazine to her own images and points them out, saying , ” Well today is your lucky day because I AM a centerfold model and I’m going to pose for you and I’m going to encourage you to masturbate to my images and my positions until you to cum for me.” Well I promise you that indeed, that is exactly what happened!

I had a whole collection different types of porn magazines! Swank, Penthouse Letters Penthouse itself, Hustler, Juggs, but I discovered Leg Show, and other related fetish magazines that offered hot articles stories and captions on the pictures that urged you to masturbate. For a while they even had some of these magazines had small plastic acetate of an audio fantasy. I would lie back on my bed with headphones on late at night, stroking to magazines and listening over and over to the five minute sexual message from the centerfold. But I was never one who wanted to cum on the pictures because I wanted to re-use the magazines over and over until they got very dog-eared.

Periodically, however, I would go through my stash and weed out the older ones that were starting to fall apart. A lot of it had to do with space issues. I remember at one point I had something like 60 magazines and realized that I hadn’t looked at some of them in almost a year, and was running out of room for them, so after a few jerking sessions down memory lane, I did allow myself to ejaculate on specific images, tugging and caressing my stiff pole to glorious, sensual bliss, cumming hard on images of open pussies, silky stockings, big tits, and tight asses, spilling my seed.

It was a kind bursa escort of ritualistic final tribute to these hot sexy images that had inspired so much sexual pleasure.

Later on even after I was married, I never stopped masturbating. I had a habit of stopping at this video store on my way home from work and looking particularly for videos of amateur women, usually about masturbation or other kinky homegrown videos.

I would rent these for a week and return them and rent something else so forth and I bought one or two but I didn’t want to have too many in the house. Even though by then I was married, my wife worked two jobs and would not walk in the door on many days until 11 or so at night .That meant that from about 7 until around 10 I was free to masturbate as much as I wanted.

On the weekends I would usually abstain for masturbation because I wanted to have actual sex with her. That’s kind of been my pattern for many years.

I think she knows that I do ‘something’ but she doesn’t know the details to this day because she doesn’t really want to know. She’s not stupid, she’s discreet.

I honestly don’t know if she indulges herself anymore but she used to. The few times I caught her at it I joined in and it was quite exciting. But usually if I caught her at it mostly led to actual intercourse, which was quite fine with me. Still it was so hot to see her naked and spread open. Fondling her ample tits and fingering her stiff clit, her swollen pussy all puffy and wet was arousing as hell!

I never stopped masturbating my whole life. I eventually had sex toys. Something called an oro-simulator was the first thing I had. I had seen it advertised in several magazines and the local sex store had it, and it was inexpensive literally like $15. You might have seen these, they look like a cup with a small bulb and hose on the end of it. Inside the cup is a removable rubber lining. All you have to do is lube up your cock and slip it in and then you press on the bulb and it sucks the air out of the cup and creates a seal around your cock. By squeezing the rubber bulb it causes it to slide up and down. I have to say it worked quite well. I used to use that thing and edge to my videos. I still have one, and it still feels amazing.

I have teased and pleased my aching boner with that toy and cum so many times into it. The slick sliding feeling is arousing and hell and it is still great way to cum, especially if you want a quick one.

But for me the ultimate for the longest time was when I got my Fleshlight.

That began just a few months before I was temporarily unemployed. I had bought one and had learned to please by erect cock with it many times, the feeling was and IS still amazingly real and I never fail to cum exquisitely into the soft, silky tunnel of lust!

Anyway, I was looking for work. This is just after the internet started, around the mid 90’s. My daily routine was to go online and peruse all the job sites and send out my resume as soon as I got up. I bursa escort bayan figured to get the stuff out first thing in the morning.

But by 11 a.m. or so, that activity was done. Easily by 11:30 in the morning I was naked and masturbating for the next few hours edging with my toys and watching porn in my room. I would set up a big mirror at the foot of the bed so I could watch the screen and myself at the same time. I loved to see this site of my cock penetrating the FLESHLIGHT as I watched porn video after porn video, watching all kinds of depraved, hot sexy amateurs, eventually seeing my cock spasm as I pumped load after load from my swollen stiff prick into my tight fleshlight pussy, often having phone sex at the same time.

I had discovered free local party line and gotten a women in the area who was home a lot, and horny like me, to join in some hot pervy phone sex several times a week. By then I probably had a collection about five or six tapes that I would watch in rotation, I would crank the volume a bit, enough for her to hear it but still be able to hear her, and we would cum together, often twice! In those days I would often still have some left over for the evening session, OR fuck my wife if she was in the mood.

But the favorite video at the time was what I made myself. We had a camcorder. I never actually filmed myself or us having sex or anything like that but being a bit tech savvy, I would pay for short clip downloads (2-3 dollars each) which would take forever to download in the dial-up days. Remember even with a 3 inch floppy disks you didn’t have much space. Since it was a (family) computer right in the middle of the family room I couldn’t really keep the clips until we were able to use a CD drive. You could save your purchased clips in a personal folder on their site indefinitely.

However, I didn’t always want to watch porn on that little screen with a dial up connection. So eventually using the CD drive I saved the clips and what I would do was I would set up the camcorder in front of the computer screen with the sound on and I would video tape what I was seeing on the screen. I got good at adjusting the lighting so there was no glare and I made like a second generation compilation.

The good thing about it was the tape could be added to so ultimately I had two tapes like this that were bad for 4 hours collectively amazing online videos. Around this time I discovered a woman who had a site which doesn’t exist anymore but she was the first woman I ever saw ejaculate.

That was probably the turning point for me in terms of really getting into fetishes. I mean I always liked lingerie magazines and things like that but combination of that and her masturbation and other sexual activities that always culminated in her having a squirting ejaculatory orgasm was just amazing. I would get an instant hard-on watching her over and over! I had so many clips of her masturbating and squirting!

So I would lay on the bed and watch movies like this and masturbate escort bursa and edge, using both my toys, the oro-simulator and the FLESHLIGHT on a teasing level back and forth between the two.

Sometimes I would have the oro-simulator engulfing and teasing my cock, watching it and feeling it tightly mimic the sensations a of a hot wet mouth and lips pistoning up and down my cockhead, while holding FLESHLIGHT in my left hand with plenty of lube on its lips, sliding all over my balls and taint. I felt like it was getting a blowjob and getting my balls licked at the same time. Wow! I’m getting horny just thinking about it!

Then I would slide that fleshlight up the underside of my penis, sliding it over my cock and thrusting into it. I could spend hours of edging like that, especially if my phone friend was playing with me. Pumping my cock while watching hot porn, and hearing an intensely aroused woman in real time getting off, knowing that she was masturbating and having her tell me how she was caressing herself, what she was wearing and fucking herself with, etc, was pure heaven.

I would drool pre-cum like mad, making strings of it. I was amazed at how stiff I was, the pleasure was intense and mind-blowing. I came so many times this way, oozing long after my ejaculation, letting it run down my shaft to pool at the base and on my balls.

Other times I would position it and fuck it as if it was doggy style, timing myself to cum with the masturbating woman on the screen or the couple fucking, often with my phone sex girl, Marie, fucking herself the same way! So many orgasms, so much cum, so much pleasure, ball tightening, blissful, sexual arousal and lust!

Many days instead of one long session I would have maybe a 90-minute session, ending with a great orgasm. Then I would take a break because I had to do something and then finish up my day with another session. I had so many days of bliss that didn’t warrant my having the hide and sneak around. I wanted to keep that stuff private. The reason was that, even with a pretty open-minded wife it was something I wanted to do by myself because it allowed me to explore my sexuality, and to indulge my horniest fantasies and fetishes.

We had pretty diverse sex life together and still do from time to time, but she is older too and not as into it as much as I am, which is why I think she looks the other way now, and discreetly allows me to indulge my masturbatory habits, so long as I don’t do something that would embarrass her or the family. I think that is all that matters, and I never would.

That’s also one of the main reasons I don’t show my face when I go online. I know that’s not a hundred percent foolproof and I don’t think anyone cares that much about who I am, but I have my reasons as we all do. It’s part of what makes masturbation so enticing and at the same time so forbidden. It is one of the last taboos. But in a forum such as this when we get to glorify our activities and share what we’ve done and what we think and what we do currently, it really is arousing and exciting.

So this has been a glimpse into my personal self indulgence.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Now you’ll have to excuse me whoever reads this I need to go pleasure myself.

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