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Good Girl Goes Cam

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The sound of friendly chatter fills the small church as Sunday service ends and the congregation starts to mingle. Smoothing out my cream cardigan and fit and flare floral dress I make my way to the entrance, stopping along the way to greet anyone I know and make small talk.

“We are so incredibly excited to have you doing the desserts again this year. Our congregation charity picnic is always the highlight of the year” Gushes Bethany Miller when our paths cross on the church steps.

“You know I am always more than happy to contribute any way I can. You and Lisa are doing a fantastic job organizing everything. I have no idea how you do it, I certainly would go crazy dealing with all of the details” I compliment Beth and she waves it off humbly but the blush on her cheeks and gleam in her eyes make it obvious she enjoys the praise.

“We all do what we can. We are certainly lucky to have you in our midst Rose. Most girls already in their twenties are out there being wild and partaking in sinful activities. Your Momma would be so proud if she could see how involved you are in the community and how successful your bakery has become” Beth pats my arm fondly and I give her a smile.

“Speaking of said bakery, I left Amy working on her own so I should go make sure everything is in order. Especially with the after church crowd we’re about to be getting”. I hug her goodbye and we promise to meet up soon.

My bakery is only a few blocks down and the day is cool so I walk. My dainty ballet flats slap against the pavement and I take in the soft melody made by the joyous chirping of birds mixing with the rustle of trees and the soft laughter of children in the distance playing in the park.

Before I know it, the familiar sign reading ‘Sweet Delights’ comes into view announcing my bakery. The influx of customers has already started when I step through the doors. Amy is visibly relieved to see me and I go to the back to change quickly and help her.

Closing early on Sundays means we can start getting things in order by early afternoon and enjoy an evening off. Sending Amy off I take on the task of cleaning up and closing myself. I hum softly as I go about my work and contemplate what I might do for the evening.

Locking up, I stroll back to the church parking lot where my car is sitting so I can drive home. Relieved to be in the privacy of my cozy house, I make myself a quick sandwich and then head into the bathroom for a bath.

Nothing sounds better at this moment than relaxing in the tub. While luxuriating in the tub I look over my youthful body. I have always been a part of this community and so was my mother and grandmother and so on. My family was always quite conservative and religious.

I never went to parties in high school or dated or did anything else that could be considered loose behavior. I have always dressed modestly, never allowing my shape to be too visible or any enticing sliver of skin to show.

Despite that, I did get asked out often. I know I am pretty even if it sounds conceited. The strict rules and proper demeanor usually kept many of the boys from making a move but there were still plenty of offers.

My figure is lithe and my pale golden hair falls in waves when I don’t have it restrained in a bun or ponytail of some sort. Vivid green eyes contrast with the blonde which makes them stand out on my alabaster skin.

I had always thought college would be my opportunity to break free and allow myself room to explore. Often times as a teenager I felt as if I were drowning under the expectations of my community to be pure and proper at all times.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck. Mother grew sick and passed away. I was left to take over the family bakery I had always helped out in. I was eighteen at the time, it is hard to believe that was five years ago.

That was the end of any semi rebellious notions I had ever harbored. I fell into a routine between work, church, community charity and finding time to rest. The attempts to have a romantic life were often times disappointing. There was nothing wrong with the men who wished to court me except that they felt stifling.

Eventually, I gave up. I knew I needed something more, something different even if I had not allowed myself the freedom to even imagine what that could be. I know I could have been content enough just accepting the marriage proposal of any of the perfectly pleasant men I had met at various church functions.

For tuzla escort some reason though, I just could not bring myself to settle for just being content with someone pleasant enough. If I was not going to be completely happy and satisfied either way then I might as well stay single.

Stepping out of the tub and letting it drain, I dry myself off and grab a thin nightshirt and lace thong from my bedroom. Slipping them on I head to my home office and start up my computer. While it boots up, I grab a glass of wine and settle in.

Sometime earlier this year I had a revelation. Bethany’s brother in law had become the talk of the congregation after his wife found him viewing illicit sites. You can imagine how appalled everyone was. How could someone be deprived enough to visit those sites?

I found myself more curious than anything. I had explored my own body as much as I could in a religious household with no privacy. I knew porn was a thing easily accessible online but I never went looking for it even when mother died and I had the house to myself.

When this particular scandal in our small community broke though, what caught my attention was the fact that the sites he frequented revolved around viewing girls live on camera and he could even message them.

The thought of what it must be like to watch or be watched excited me and I was intrigued. To this day, I still don’t understand what my reasoning was. Here I was, naive and conservative as can be, even considering the idea of signing up to one of these sites.

Still, the thought of searching for a site like that kept running through my mind for weeks before I finally caved one lonely night. Finding a site that seemed popular and heavily frequented was easy.

In minutes I had signed up under the name SinfullySweet and was busy browsing. In the days to come, I would become acquainted with how everything functioned and what I gravitated towards. I even watched some of the girls do their shows and took notes.

It wasn’t long until I wanted to cross the boundary myself, I wanted to be the one being watched by others. Again, distorted reasoning formed in my mind. No one is physically touching me but myself so, is it really all that bad?

Having already made up my mind, I went online and ordered all kinds of wigs and outfits, even contacts to change my eye color and different props and toys. I was nervous and scared for many different reasons but that added to the thrill.

Traditional, modest Rose who runs a bakery and volunteers at the church during the day became a sensual, flirty cam girl at night. It was rough at the beginning, I had a lot to learn and inhibitions to get over but months later, I feel right at home on this site.

Bad Girl

Taking a final sip of my wine, I set it aside and start moving things around in the background. I sign in quickly and go grab my wig and toys for tonight’s show setting them up on a small table by my computer chair. I feel like being a redhead with hazel eyes tonight.

I start the show right on time and a few regulars are already here. We chat and I wait for the tips and requests to start coming in teasingly touching myself over my shirt. I’m already wet, anticipating the rush of a good show.

Soon I was topless, one finger circling a hard rosy nipple, my other hand cupping and massaging a perky tit. Sliding that hand slowly down my taut body, I run a finger over the damp crotch of my thong. I look at the screen to make sure I’m completely in view.

Upon request, I slide my thong down raising my round ass to get it off. I lift my legs pressed together up in the air and slide the panties up and off so they get a view of my pussy lips. Now completely naked, I set both of my feet up onto the seat and spread my bent legs as much as my chair will allow in this position.

From the table, I grab three suction cylinders. First, I put one over each nipple and twist to get as much suction as possible. If I was wet before, now I’m soaked and I can’t help but whimper in delight.

The third gets attached to my throbbing clit making my body jerk. When all three are secure I slide a small thin vibrator into my tight pussy. The chat is going crazy and I can see some of the men have their cams on.

My hands now free, I start replying to some of them. I can see one of my regulars slowly stroking his long cock just the way I’ve told him I like it before. A lot of the men that turn pendik escort their cams on are nothing to write home about but Don is another story.

As a VIP his window is private and connected directly to me. I have to admit, I always get excited when he comes on for me. I confess to giving him special preference over any of the other men or women that chat or tip.

DON: Are you enjoying your view of my cock? Should I stroke it slower for you? You look delicious tonight my little slut doll.

SinfullySweet: How could I not? It looks so perfect in your hand. Seeing it in mine would be better though.

I grasp the end of the vibrator and work it in and out of my hot dripping cunt for all of the viewers to see. The suction on my nipples and clit are driving me crazy and watching Don is only making things hotter.

DON: In your hand, on your lips, claiming your cunt, impaling your little ass. My cock belongs on or in you in every way my pet.

Removing the cylinder from my clit I cry out, it’s so swollen and sensitive. I take the vibrator out of my pussy and use it on my clit, using my fingers to fuck myself. I moan and shake as I cum, watching Don squeeze his cock knowing so many others are watching and doing the same.

DON: You look so beautiful when you cum, I can imagine you coming undone around my swollen prick mmm

On the main chat comments and tips are flooding in as I catch my breath and whimper at the sweet aftershocks from my orgasm. They want to watch me really fuck myself with a dildo. I let the highest tipper choose the size.

Removing the cylinders from my nipples, they’re completely engorged and ultra sensitive to the touch so I clip on some vibrating clamps. The stimulation feels almost painful in a pleasurable way.

The winning size is 10 inches. I have had to train myself slowly to be able to take dildos this big although it is still hard for me. Still, I love how it feels to be so full. It helps that this one is the same size as Don’s which arouses me to no end.

Lifting my legs, I drape them over the arms of my chair so I can spread wider and give everyone a better view. Grabbing the big veiny dildo, I start slapping my still aching clitty with it and sliding it up and down my dripping slit.

DON: I bet you’re imagining that is my dick you are teasing yourself with. Let my tip part your pretty lips and guide it to your entrance. I want to be deep inside you. Mmm you’re such a good girl baby.

I do exactly what Don asks, following his instructions is turning me on like never before. I’m still playing things up for everyone watching but Don knows he has my attention. I can see him stroking faster now then slowing down before speeding up again.

DON: Now flick the vibe on your left nipple so I know I’m the one you are really playing for.

I lick my lips and flick it and watch as he squeezes his large cock at the same time. I hold the dildo still but rotate my hips to work it into my pussy. Part of me wishes I could see Don’s face, I’ve only ever seen the bottom half of his body.

DON: Yes, what a good sweet little slut you are. Slide my cock into you, inch by inch. Can you feel me stretching you? Work the tip in and out, going a little deeper each time. Don’t disappoint me, baby.

The need to please Don is almost overwhelming. I thrust the dildo into my dripping cunt taking it an inch at a time. It’s stretching me to the max but my wetness is helping.

DON: Now lift your perky ass up and shove my cock into your cunt. Drive me balls deep into you. Let me touch your cervix and feel your pussy throbbing around me.

I roughly ram the full length of the dildo into my wet hole. Pulling all the way out to the tip, I repeat it again, over and over, fucking myself hard and deep. Between the deep fucking, being watched, Don’s words and the vibration on my nipples, I’m not sure how I haven’t lost all sense of thought.

A huge tip comes in requesting I finger my ass. Without stopping my movements, I coat my finger in the juices dripping out of my cunt and use it to tease my hole. It is tight but the juices running down have it slick and lubricated enough that I’m able to slip my finger in and out.

DON: Fuck yes little doll, you’re doing so good. If they want an ass show, I want you to give a good one. Take my cock out of your mouth, lick it clean and then choke it down. Grab your thin vibrator, dip it into your cunt to get it nice and wet aydınlı escort then shove it up your ass.

I shiver at how lewd that sounds and it how fucking horny that makes me. I follow his orders, making a big show out of adoringly licking the dildo clean and lovingly sucking on it until I force it down my throat.

Turning the vibe on, I give it a few thrusts in my pussy before slowly work it into my tight ass. At first, I just leave it in, getting used to it. When I feel comfortable I start fucking my ass with it.

DON: That is it angel, now leave my cock balls deep down your throat until you’re about to pass out then take it out and get me back in your cunt. I want both holes fucked at once princess.

Without hesitation I do it, I wait until the edges of my vision are black. I never stop screwing my butthole and when I’m on the verge of losing consciousness, I pull the dildo out of my mouth. I gasp and cough, hearing tips coming in like crazy. Without missing a beat, I slide it back into me. I’m now full in both holes.

DON: Oh baby, you did so good. Fuck you’re a perfect cock slut. Screw both of your holes for me my pet. Can you see how hard I am? All of this oozing precum is for you. I don’t know how much longer I can hold back so be a good girl and let me see you cum for me. Cum all over my cock bitch, I want your juices all over me.

My eyes are glued to Don, it is all I can focus on. His words, his cock, the vibrations in my ass and on my nipples with the dildo fucking my pussy, it’s all too much. My body starts to tense and I thrash wildly, roughly assaulting my hungry ass and pussy.

I moan and cry it feeling lost in the wave of pleasure crashing into me. I lose control and start writhing nearly falling off of the chair. My wholes quiver and contract around the invading toys. For a second, I feel like I’m about to pass out from the strength of the orgasm running through my body.

When I’m starting to come back down to earth I watch Don shoot his load for me, stream after stream of hot semen and it triggers another mini orgasm then another while I lay there unmoving, spread wide and dazed while the vibrators keep working.

Finally, I come back into my body and turn the vibrators off, removing them and setting all of the toys to the side to be cleaned off. I try to regain my composure and be flirty as I thank everyone for joining me today and bid them farewell until my next show.

I stop my cam feed in my main room but stay connected to Don who by the looks of it cleaned himself off and put on a pair of gym shorts. I think about covering up but decide against it, He’s seen everything already.

DON: Today’s show was great my little doll, you get more beautiful each and every time. Although, I’ve always thought you were beautiful Rose.

I freeze after reading that, the blood in my veins runs cold. I’ve never told Don my real name and I always try to disguise myself. Does that mean he’s someone I know? Has he known all along? I haven’t recovered from the shock and dread of what this could mean when he sends another message.

DON: Don’t worry my beautiful Rose, I would never reveal your secret to anyone. I know who you are and seeing you pop up on here was a fantasy I never thought would come true. Soon, I’ll reveal myself but there’s no need to worry. Your secret is safe with me. I look forward to playing with you someday soon.

Without waiting for me to reply, Don- or whoever he really is- signs out. I quickly sign out of everything and robotically begin the process of cleaning everything up and getting myself into the shower.

It’s during that shower that my brain finally decides to function again. I always knew deep down that there was a small chance I could possibly someday come across someone I knew but I thought it unlikely. Although a certain sense of panic is still, it is starting to get drowned out by excitement.

Something about Don had drawn me in from the beginning and I had touched myself many times over imagining I could be with him. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Either way, I’m all in for whatever road this ends up leading me down.

Despite being spent and overly sensitive, I can feel myself getting aroused again. I imagine who Don could be and all the ways in which he could find me and reveal himself. I bring myself to the last orgasm of the night, crying out for Don with a hand on my tit and the other furiously working my clit and pussy.

Don was right, I am a dirty little slut and I fucking love it.


Thank you very much for reading. Please check out my other works and leave a review if you can. Until next time, stay safe my pets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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