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Freshers’ Week Ch. 02

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John stirred in his sleep. Light was streaming through the thin curtains that covered his bedroom windows. Through blurry eyes, he looked at his clock. 10:28am — it was late morning already.

John groaned and rolled over onto his back. It was then that he realised that Alex was no longer in the bed with him. He sat up sharply, disappointed that she had gone, but noticed a scrap of paper on his bedside table. Picking it up, he rubbed his eyes and read:

“Thanks for an amazing night. Let’s make sure we do this again. Alex xxx”

He was relieved, and all the more so when he saw that she had written down her phone number at the bottom of the paper. He sighed, lying back on the bed and reflecting on his time with Alex.

It really had been an amazing first night at university. John had met Alex in a bar and they’d hit it off immediately and headed back to their halls together. On the way home, Alex had given John an incredible blowjob — a favour John had returned once in his room by licking her pussy to multiple orgasms. They had then fucked into the small hours before drifting off to sleep.

In the middle of the night, John had woken to find his cock fully erect and pressed against Alex’s smooth bum cheek. His shuffling on the bed had woken Alex, who, without saying a word, reached between her legs and behind her to take John’s cock in her hand and guide it into her pussy. This time they fucked slowly and sleepily — John reached round to thumb her clit as he eased his cock in and out of her tight hole. After what felt like a heavenly eternity, they came in unison before falling back to sleep.

John knew he wanted to see Alex again, but, spurred on by his first night’s success, resolved to himself to put himself about more widely over the coming days.

He finally got up at about 11 o’clock and, after shaving, showering and having some breakfast, he went out to explore the surrounding area in the daylight — all the while reminiscing about the night before.

It was as John was locking his door that he heard footsteps and a voice behind him.

“Hey stranger!”

Recognising her soft tones from the previous day, he knew instantly that it was Clare — the gorgeous, leggy brunette who he’d been hoping to bed until he’d lost her in a packed bar and met Alex instead. He turned round and saw that Clare was clearly on her way out for a run. John couldn’t help himself from noticing her athletic physique which was well accentuated by her tight black leggings.

“Hey yourself!” he replied. “Sorry I lost you last night.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. The bar was so packed — some bouncers told us to get out just after you’d gone to get drinks,” she said, sounding guilty about abandoning him.

John was relieved — Clare seemed genuinely bothered about getting separated.

“Don’t worry,” he said to her, “these things happen. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Nowhere near as much as you did,” Clare replied with a cheeky smile.

John suddenly remembered that Clare had the room directly above his. With the noise that he and especially Alex had made last night, Clare must have heard them. He felt himself start to go pink with embarrassment.

“I…I’m sorry about that,” he stammered.

“Don’t worry about it,” Clare replied, still smiling. “It is freshers’ week — you’re supposed to have fun. And it certainly sounded like you and your…companion were having a lot of fun.”

“Ummm, thanks,” John said coyly.

But before he could think of anything else to say, Clare made a move towards the front door.

“Catch you later, John!” she said and she darted outside on her run.

Despite his embarrassment at his sexual exploits being overheard, John admired the quiet confidence of the way Clare had handled it — and he hoped he wasn’t imaging it when he detected a tone of admiration in her voice. He was determined to see if he could take things further with her if the opportunity presented itself.

The afternoon was a bit of a drag. John went over to the canteen to get some lunch and then joined some of the guys he’d met last night to play football for a couple of hours, but he felt distracted throughout and couldn’t get Alex and Clare out of his head. He thought about texting Alex to see if they could hook-up, or knocking on Clare’s door and seeing what happened, but he didn’t want to look desperate and still hoped an opportunity would present itself that evening.

He didn’t have to wait long. It was nearly 6pm and John was sitting at his desk in his room and going through his emails. Most were boring admin stuff alerting him to upcoming class inductions or lectures, but then he noticed one from the student union in his halls with the subject line “Freshers’ Speed Dating Tonight”.

John opened it and read it carefully. He was pleased to see that the common room, which was about five minutes’ walk from his own bedroom would host a “getting to know you” event that evening at 9pm. Whilst it wasn’t actual speed dating as the subject line kadıköy escort had implied, the idea was the same — with people switching tables every couple of minutes to meet someone new. John quickly resolved to go along.

He stayed in his room for the next three hours, nipping out to the kitchen to make some pasta for his dinner. When it was nearly time to go, John felt strangely nervous as he put on a new shirt and some aftershave. He looked across at his unmade bed, where, less than 24 hours earlier, he had been fucking Alex from behind. His cock grew hard and before long he was masturbating vigorously, thinking about the sweet taste of her pussy and the feel of the blowjob she’d given him. He grunted as he came.

Having cleaned up, he made the short walk across the halls’ grounds to the common room where the speed dating event was taking place.

As he stepped inside the large room, John was relieved to see that he was far from alone, with sixty to seventy guys and girls standing around and chatting awkwardly. In the middle of the room, there were numerous small tables, each with two chairs on opposite sides. And on each table there was what looked to John to be a small pile of cards.

Everyone milled around for a few minutes before a big guy called James, who had conducted the campus tour yesterday, came in and told everyone to sit down at their nearest table. The student union reps passed drinks round, and once all the students had found somewhere to sit, James proceeded to explain the rules — the people on one side of the table would stay sitting down throughout, whereas those on the other side would move to the next table every two minutes; the cards contained challenges or conversation topics designed to keep things lively.

Sitting down with his beer, John saw that he was opposite a guy called Stuart who he’d met in the bar last night and was good fun, and appropriately enough the top card on the deck read “What did you do on your first night of uni?”.

“Go!” James shouted, trying to put some urgency into proceedings.

John smiled to himself and asked Stuart if he’d done anything after leaving the bar.

“Nah, mate,” said Stuart, “just went to bed. Looked like you were off for a good time though — saw that girl you went back with.”

John hated bragging about his conquests but felt he had to say something.

“Yeah,” he said with a smile, “we had a good time.”

To John’s relief, Stuart just laughed and moved the conversation on, making chit-chat about the game of pool they’d played in the bar.

Soon afterwards, a whistle sounded and the students took their signal to move on. John was on the side of the tables that needed to stay sitting, and he was sooner greeted with the sight of a bookish looking girl who quietly introduced herself as Kristen.

John could tell she was nervous and wondered to himself why she was there. Still, he was determined to reduce any awkwardness as much as he could — not that this was easy at all when he read out the next card’s instruction that he was to take Kristen’s hands in his and stare into her eyes in silence until the whistle went.

The sound of the whistle was a huge relief to both of them, and Kristen moved on. For the next thirty minutes or so, John met a steady procession of guys and girls from his year and had a series of pleasant if unremarkable conversations with them. He didn’t regret coming but couldn’t say that he was getting much out of it.

This changed when he looked up at his next visitor and recognised her as Hayley, a girl he’d met and flirted with on the tour yesterday. As she sat down, John couldn’t help noticing that she was wearing another tight fitting dress to show off her curvaceous figure — this one was strapless and white with a floral pattern, and it ended about halfway down to her knees. Hayley’s breasts just protruded from the top of her dress, and John knew he’d have a hard job not staring at them across the small table.

“We met yesterday. I’m John,” he said, trying to be helpful.

“Don’t worry. I remember you,” Hayley replied softly. “Did you have a good night?”

“Not bad,” John replied, attempting to play it cool. “Just went out to the bar with a few guys and had some drinks.”

“Did you get lucky?” she said calmly.

John was taken aback at how forward the near total stranger had been with him.

“Ummm, yeah,” he replied.

“Good for you,” she replied matter-of-factly. “Now shall we read the card?”

It crossed John’s mind that he should probably have tried to crank up the tension by asking Hayley the same question, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Needless to say, he wouldn’t have been surprised if Hayley had made some guy very happy last night.

Picking up the next card on the pile, Hayley smiled and read it out: “What is your special talent?”

John’s mind went blank — a situation not helped by the intense way that Hayley looked at him. üsküdar escort Pretending to think of something, he stopped for a moment and looked back at her. She wasn’t cute or beautiful — her face was slightly pointed and had a little too much fat on it — but her sexy confidence meant John would have had no hesitation in describing her as hot.

His mind began to wonder what Hayley would look like without her pretty dress on when she snapped him out of his daydreaming.

“Well?” she said curtly.

“Ummm, I don’t know really,” John replied hastily. “I’m a decent poker player,” he added, saying the first thing that came into his head.

“Terrible answer,” Hayley said with a gentle smile. “I’m sure you have other hidden talents.”

“Maybe I do,” John said, trying to regain some credibility. “Anyway, what about you?”

“My talent,” she said, leaning in across the table and resuming her bewitching gaze into John’s eyes, “I can’t possibly tell you about that here. But trust me: I’m very good at it.”

There was no doubt what she meant, and John felt an erection straining against his trousers as Hayley leant back in her chair, her eyes still fixed on him. He was about to ask her more when the whistle sounded.

“Next tables!” James boomed.

John’s heart sank as Hayley got up and moved to go to the next table, though he was relieved that he was supposed to keep sitting down — there was no way he could conceal the erection he knew he was sporting in his trousers.

“Thanks for the conversation. Let’s do this again,” Hayley said turning back to him.

John smiled back at her, now desperately hoping to himself that he would be able to catch her when the speed dating was over and see if he could be on the receiving end of her “special talent”.

More minutes passed. More unmemorable conversations ensued. More alcohol was drunk. John was getting bored and starting tuning out of the one-sided conversation he was having with a very dull guy who wouldn’t shut up about his music tastes.

To make matters worse, any hope he had of taking up Hayley’s not so subtle offer to spend some private time together looked to be rapidly disappearing as John saw her at a nearby table looking lustfully into another guy’s eyes, and he noticed her slowly running a slender leg up towards his crotch. Her levels of slutiness did nothing to dissuade John from wanting her, but he could tell that his chances were decreasing by the minute.

John’s success with Alex the previous night had spurred him on to make sure he fucked another hot girl this evening. If Hayley was going to end up with someone else, then who else could he find? Maybe he should track down Alex again so they could renew their acquaintance, or he could finally pluck up the courage to make a move on Clare, though neither of them were at that evening’s event.

Mulling over his options, John missed the fact that the whistle had gone again and his dull companion had moved on to the next table. When he eventually came to his senses, he looked up at his latest conversation partner and felt instantly that his prayers had been answered.

She was beautiful. Elegant dark hair framed her comely face and cascaded down to just below her chest. She wasn’t anywhere near as heavily made-up as Alex had been, but she clearly made an effort with her appearance – and John was drawn to her smooth skin and her full lips.

She looked at him and smiled nervously as she moved to sit down opposite. John was pleased to see that she was wearing a very short dress, with her bare legs on display, and he couldn’t help but smile to himself when he caught a glimpse of her more than ample breasts as she sat down.

It was like a switch flicked in his mind: he instantly wanted her and he would do whatever it took to persuade her to feel the same way.

“I’m John,” he said, the words rushing out of his mouth.

“Hannah,” she replied softly.

John could tell that she was either nervous or tipsy, or most likely both. Whilst she did look at him, she kept casting her eyes down at the table, and she fiddled with the sleeve of the loose-fitting jacket she had on over her dress. Clearly he was going to have to take the lead.

“Had fun so far?” he asked her, deciding to ignore the conversation cards.

“Yeah ok thanks,” Hannah replied, looking relieved that John was willing to engage. “Most people nice, but a few dull ones.”

“Tell me about it,” John replied.

“And have you seen that Hayley girl?” Hannah went on, gesturing towards Hayley and her latest partner, who seemed to be getting the same treatment as the last one. “She’s in the room next door to mine – I swear I must have seen three guys coming out of there already and we’ve only been here a day.”

John laughed, deciding to cover up the fact that he had had more than a few impure thoughts about Hayley himself.

“Well, it is freshers’ week.”

“True,” Hannah said, blushing slightly. “Maybe she’s got the right idea – it’s tuzla escort probably better than all this forced conversation.”

Despite Hannah’s initial shyness, John thought she seemed like she’d be good fun, and he imagined he could like her for more than just her good looks. But for now, his cock – fully erect once more – revealed the only thing that was really on his mind.

They joked about the particularly dull conversations they’d had for a minute or so and then the whistle went again. It was now nearly 11 o’clock so John knew they’d be finished soon.

“Fancy catching up when this is done?” he asked Hannah as she got up.

“Yes please,” she responded, smiling sweetly as she adjusted her dress and moved on.

The next three conversations went on for an age. John knew he must have been terrible company, but he didn’t care. The only thing on his mind was seeing Hannah again.

When James finally announced the end of proceedings, John jumped up and made his way towards the door to make sure that he caught Hannah on the way out.

The other students flooded out around him, and it was clear that several of them were pairing off for the evening. John smiled to himself as he saw Hayley heading off with one of the guys she’d been aggressively flirting with earlier.

Hannah was almost the last one out.

“I was looking for you,” she said as she caught up with John, who got the distinct impression that Hannah was making a special effort to be more confident.

“Well, here I am,” he said. “What’s the plan?”

“Fancy going for a drink?” Hannah asked.

Deciding this was his chance to seize the moment, John looked at her and said, “Only if it’s in your room.”

Hannah was visibly taken aback by this, but looked back at him with a nervous smile.

“Ok,” she said. “Let’s go!”

John took Hannah’s hand in his own and she led them off to her room, which was across the other side of the accommodation blocks from his own. As they walked there, neither of them spoke, and both of them felt a growing tension as they approached Hannah’s door.

Once inside, Hannah shut the door behind them and they stepped into her bedroom. It was smaller than John’s though still a good size, but there was stuff all over the desk, bed and most of the floor – Hannah clearly hadn’t finished unpacking.

After standing in the middle of the room for a few seconds, John decided to break the silence.

“So, about that drink,” he began.

Hannah said nothing in reply but slowly approached him. She took off her jacket, stepped out of her heels and kicked them to the side before walking right up to John. She stopped for a moment then reached up to place her arms around his neck, before pulling his head into a kiss.

They made out passionately. John was delighted that Hannah’s slight awkwardness had been replaced by her new found sexy confidence. He ran his hands down her lithe body, stopping to knead her satisfyingly round buttocks.

Hannah’s kissing was soft and sensual – it lacked the raw sexuality of the way Alex had tongued John’s mouth 24 hours earlier but it turned him on just as much.

After a couple of minutes, John decided to progress things further. He began to pull up Hannah’s short dress, which already scarcely covered the top of her legs, to reveal her bum.

Her hands met his, and together they pulled the dress up her body and over her head before tossing it on the floor. Hannah stood there wearing a black, lacy bra and matching panties – she smiled but looked bashful as John drained in the sight of her gorgeous figure.

She was definitely slightly bigger than Alex, but Hannah’s curves meant she was just as hot. John in particular noticed her large breasts through the lace of her bra and couldn’t wait to get his hands on them.

“You look incredible,” he said to Hannah, their faces almost touching again.

She blushed again but was clearly pleased by the compliment. Not wanting to be the only one in her underwear, she tugged at John’s shirt. Together, they undid its buttons, and John unzipped his jeans – his clothes soon joined Hannah’s dress on the floor.

John wasn’t gifted with a knockout, muscular body, but he kept himself in good shape by running and going to the gym, and Hannah was clearly pleased by what she saw, including the unmistakeable shape of his erection straining against his boxer shorts.

She lifted the waistband over his cock and pulled down his shorts. John responded in kind, unhooking her bra and letting it fall to the floor before slowly slipping the lace of her panties down her long, smooth legs. Now fully revealed, her large breasts hung alluringly in front of him. John had seen bigger boobs in his time, but he doubted he’d ever seen any that looked more perfectly formed.

They resumed their making out, running their hands all over each other’s bodies. John wanted to take things further and moved to start kissing his way down Hannah’s body, but she clearly had the same thought and they both moved lower, still kissing each other, until they were kneeling on the floor.

Hannah giggled as they realised they both had the same idea.

“You first,” John whispered.

He gently eased her onto her back and lay down beside her on the floor. After kissing her deeply again, he moved down her body and buried his face in her breasts.

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