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Four Years of Fantasies Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The drive home

Later that day he came over to my office and we chatted about work before he said he was ready to leave whenever I was. He made some comments about going to the beach, taking a walk, doing whatever, before heading home. I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not, so I just giggled and said I just wanted to finish a couple of things before leaving, despite really wanting to go to the beach!

Afterwards we were heading in the same direction, and even in heels I walk faster than him, as I like to remind him.

“Actually, someone mentioned that to me today.”

“Mentioned what exactly?”

“You walk with quite a swing when you wear those.”

“Wow. Well I really hope it is just when I wear these, I consciously try not to waddle my fat arse when I walk normally.”

“It was meant as a compliment, you need to learn how to take one. And it’s not fat.” I blushed and went to meet up with a colleague to chat about work.


Half an hour or so later, I knocked on his door and was greeted with his childish grin as per usual, and told him I’d be about ten minutes. We met up outside my office building; I waited in the sun while he walked over with his long, slow stride, grin from ear to ear – always the grin! He offered to carry some of my stuff, and took my laptop bag and gym bag in his hands, quite the gentleman.

I took my heels off to drive, and he made yet another comment about my short legs, which I dismissed. I must say I enjoyed being in the driver seat. It felt like a rare moment of power in this relationship that is usually dominated by him as he is the senior, both in age and position. I liked the reversal, but that’s not to say I don’t like the normal balance of power.

We discussed our days; his was less productive than mine, which surprised me as he’s always so busy. We made small talk about the music and other drivers, with a couple of comfortable silences in between. We changed subject again onto movies and I mentioned that I had seen Marvel Monopoly in a couple of shops. As he is a boardgame geek, he quickly dismissed Monopoly as a “shit game” and said I need to come over and see his games sometime and be shown real boardgames. I didn’t know what to say there so I left it hanging in the air, as I wasn’t sure if it was a real offer. I want to see his games and even learn to play some but I didn’t want to jump on the offer too keenly. After all, he is married with children… and my supervisor! But I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to see what would happen playing boardgames alone with him.

“You’re pretty good company, I think I need you in the car more often. My car though. More comfortable and I’d be driving.”

Before we knew it we were pulling off the highway. I took a wrong turn (thanks to his lack of direction) and went bright red, which he took pleasure in pointing out. We made it to his place in one piece and I pulled up outside his house. No car was in the driveway.

“Aahh no wife or kids, house to myself for a bit.”

“That’s a nice surprise!”

I left the motor running but put the car in neutral with the handbrake on.

He turned to me and said, sincerely, “Well, thankyou”.

“Not a problem” I said, smiling.

There was a moment of nothing, where no-one was willing to say any more. I sort of wanted to take him up on his original offer but I waited to see if it was still on the table.

He moved to get out of the car, but just as he went to open the door, he turned and said “I really want to show you some of my boardgames. We don’t have to play any if you don’t want to. And you don’t have to stay for long”.

Before I had even had time to form the sentence in my head, I replied, “Ok, that actually sounds really good”. So I turned the car off and we got out.

He let me walk up the stairs ahead of him – I’m not sure if this was out of politeness or if he wanted to catch sight of my arse “swinging”. Either way, I didn’t mind. We walked in and he offered me a drink as I took in the sights of his family home. It was modern and spacious, but with a few toys and things strewn over the floor. One wall had a handful of photos on it, mainly of family. On holidays, picnics, themeparks, etc. I was interrupted by him handing me a glass.

“The only things I’ve ever seen you drink are water, coffee and wine, so here’s some water. I don’t have any coffee up to your standards but you can have a wine if you’d like.”

“I’m right with water now thanks,” I said with a giggle.

“Let me know if you change your mind, I wouldn’t mind one.”


“Well, why don’t I give you the grand tour, and it can culminate on the board games room,” he suggested.

“You have a whole room for them?!” I exclaimed.

“It’s the rumpus room, so it’s not strictly for the games, but that’s where they’re kept.”

He guided me around the house: the usual suspects; kitchen and dining, living, which we started bakırköy escort in, kids’ bedroom, their bedroom, and finally the rumpus room. He opened the cupboard and my eyes widened. Boardgame after boardgame lined the shelves in what appeared to be alphabetical order. I started laughing uncontrollably.

“What’s so funny?”

“They’re so organised!” I settled myself as he looked upset that he’d shown me, “I don’t know why I’m so surprised, I’m really impressed. I think I’ve said before, I didn’t realise so many games existed.”

“Yes, well, it’s much more than Monopoly and Scrabble. I’m sorry you’re not more organised,” he retorted.

“Yes, well, working on that.” I continued to peruse the games. I could feel him watching me, he seemed on edge so I asked him if he had a favourite. He gave me a spiel about the different categories – competitive, collaborative, etc, and other criteria he has for deciding his favourite – length to play, elements of strategy vs luck, games design. It was sort of going in one ear and out the other because all I was thinking about was how much I liked the sound of his voice. I loved listening to him talk about things he loves. I even like listening to him talk about our work – he has a knack for explaining the background, significance and direction to anybody that will listen. Then I started staring at is lips, wide and full, wondering what they would feel like on my lips, neck, breasts…

“Well, I might head off then,” I said suddenly.

“Oh, you don’t want to play one?” He looked genuinely upset that I had cut our afternoon short.

“Aaahh maybe not today, another time though?”

“Yeah, sure,” he said, dejected.

“Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see ya.” And I walked out, hopped in my car and drove off.

I had to get out of there – I don’t think I trusted myself, despite being in a relationship of my own. But what did I think was going to happen? Fantasising about his lips is one thing, but acting on my desires is another – there’s far too much at stake. Was I hoping for something to happen? Hmmm maybe. Did I want our hands to brush as we moved pieces on the board, and then jerk them away awkwardly? Part of me did. But so cliché! Did I want to lean over the board and let him see my cleavage? A little bit.

For the third time that day, my mind wandered off and I played out a scenario in my head.

I am perusing the games, seeing if I recognise any of the names, pulling out a few to read the back. I can feel him looking at me the whole time but I pretend to not realise. I look up on the top shelf and I see one I think I might like, so I stand on my tip toes to reach for it.

“Want some help, shorty?”

“Ah, yeah, that might be good actually, haha.”

He strolls over, with a slightly devious look in his eye. He stands really close to me and instead of picking it off the shelf, he picks me up to let me reach it. He puts me back down as he starts telling me about the game, saying it’s a good choice. I pretend I’m reading the back of it, but I can barely hear him over my heart beating frantically. Did that really just happen? That was the most physical contact we’ve ever had. I can feel a wave of heat rush all over me.

“So, ahh, you can read German?”


“The game instructions are in German.”

I stare blankly and then blush. “I could put it together…” I lied, not wanting to make eye contact despite his eyes boring down on mine.

“So should we play the game? Or do you want to put it back?”

“Hmm no let’s put it back.”

In one swift motion he puts his large hands just above my hips and lifts me just high enough to place the game back in its place. This time he slides me down along his body almost painfully slowly.

When I get back to the floor I turn around to face him and have to lean on the bookcase to hold my balance.

“You have a stray eyelash,” he says, and leans in to softly blow it off my cheek. He lingers when our faces are almost touching. Is he going to kiss me? My heart is racing. I could kiss him… He just smells so good! I part my lips slightly and let them linger near his for a moment before we simultaneously lean enough for our lips to touch. It’s electric. His hands go to my sides and I wrap mine around his neck. My belly is tingling with arousal. His beard isn’t as rough as I imagined and his lips are so supple. We break away for a moment to catch our breaths. We hold each other’s gaze and I realise how long I have wanted this… how long has he?

I can’t help but press my body into his as he leans down again, this time kissing me harder and more fervently. His hands start to roam down towards my arse and he caresses each cheek before lifting me and pushing me up against the shelf. He presses his crotch in between my spread legs. He is rock hard. How long must we have wanted this? We have so much chemistry but I always ignored it. But giving in beşiktaş escort feels so liberating and so right.

I have my hands around his neck, coercing his tongue further into my mouth. Our tongues glide along each other’s and his lips engulf mine. We were made to kiss each other. I can tell he’s enjoying it as much as I am because his erection has grown even more and he begins to grind gently against me. It feels amazing, it’s just the right amount of pressure. I let out a soft moan of pleasure but he stops, and pulls away slightly.

“Is everything ok?” he askes, concerned.

“Yes, of course!!”

“Just, the noises.”

“Good noises! Please don’t stop, this feels so good.”

“Oh, that’s good to hear.” he takes this opportunity to run a trail of kisses down my neck.

“Should we go somewhere else?” he asks.

“Up to you, wherever you feel more comfortable,” I reply.

“I’m not sure how much longer I can hold you up.”


He is grinning ear to ear as he makes his joke, and I can’t help but hold his eye contact and giggle. I unwrap my legs and stand up, expecting to be led to the bedroom, but instead he kisses me again, deeply on the lips before nuzzling my neck, which I love. His hands glide up my sides and brush over my breasts, eliciting some heavy breathing on my part. He has me pinned against the bookcase so I can’t do much except run my hands through his hair, over his chest and down his sides. I slip one hand under his shirt and run my fingernails across his belly which he seems to like, so I repeat the motion slowly, moving up towards his chest.

He moves back to my lips, then kisses me from where my shirt starts, up my chest and to behind my ear. His beard tickles me and sends shivers up my spine. This gives me a good opportunity to do the same though, so I kiss him softly from his shoulder to his ear lobe, licking between every few kisses. Suddenly he has one hand under my skirt sliding over my thigh, and the width of his hand means his thumb is brushing against my clit over my underwear. I breathe heavily into his ear urging him to go further but he returns his hand to my butt as he draws away slightly. Does he want to stop?

“Is everything still ok? I don’t want to pressure you at all,” he asks in his deep velvety voice.

“I don’t feel pressured at all; I really want this – can’t you tell?” I stroke his jaw through his beard and pull his mouth back onto mine and kiss him softly to re-affirm my desire.

“You’re an amazing kisser, by the way. I’ve wondered what it would be like for a long time.”

“Oohh, I doubt it’s been as long as I’ve been thinking about it.”

“It doesn’t really matter now, does it?” I say with a grin.

“What else have you been wondering about?”

I trail one finger from his ear to his shoulder all the way to his finger tips, place his hand on my hip and part my legs slightly to hint to him what I want him to do next, as I kiss him hard on the mouth and run my tongue along his bottom lip. How many times have I stared at his hands during presentations wondering what his fingers would feel like inside me? Long, straight, slightly wide, and they seem to move with such purpose. I hike my long skirt up so he has easier access.

He gets the hint and traces his fingers back around to my thigh where he strokes me with his thumb again, now touching my bare skin. His mouth is back on my neck, perfect for me to moan into his ear. This seems to be the encouragement he needs as he effortlessly slips a finger underneath my underwear and slowly enters me. My breath catches and my breasts impulsively push outwards. This makes him kiss further down my neck into my shirt. His finger is gliding smoothly in and out of me, I’m so incredibly wet. It feels exactly how I’d fantasised; long, deliberate strokes along the front wall of my vagina. He inserts a second finger and increases the pace while he nibbles on my breast. I’m not doing much with my hands so I push his head away for just enough time to take off my shirt. His eyes widen and although I’m still a bit nervous, I take off my bra as well. From previous conversations, I’m pretty sure he’s more of a butt guy so I’m not sure what sort of response I’ll get. I have C-D cups that are proportional to my body, and they drift outwards slightly. My nipples have been erect since the initial kiss and with two fingers still stroking me, he cups one breast with his free hand. It fits perfectly. He smiles, taking in the sight and caressing the soft flesh. His mouth returns to my neck, where he trails kisses down to my breasts, and he flicks his tongue across each nipple in turn. I let out a little moan.

I run my hands down his sides and pull his shirt off over his head, which means his fingers slip out of me. He grabs my hips and presses his body fully against mine and it feels so good to finally have so much of his skin touching mine. My arms are around his neck as we kiss passionately, beylikdüzü escort our bodies completely connected. His chest and belly are hairy, as I suspected from the tuft that usually shows at the neck of his polo shirts. I instinctively run my hands through his chest hair – I love it! I can’t help but grin a little bit as we kiss and he feels it and draws back a little.

“What are you grinning at? Do you not like the hair?”

“Why do you always think I don’t like something or don’t want to do something? I’m grinning because I love the hair – it’s exactly what I pictured. I can’t stop touching it.”

“Ok good, just so long as you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Seriously? I’m half naked, you’ve had your fingers inside me, you can feel how wet I am, you can hear me breathing and you still think I’m not into it.”

“It’s not that, I guess I’ve just thought about this for so long, and I’ve had some bad experiences in the past… I guess I just never thought this could actually happen. I’m old and hairy and you could have anyone you want.”

“Well, for starters, I’ve thought about this a lot as well. I’ve pictured us in many scenarios! Secondly, you’re not even “old”, and I find you very sexy. Thirdly, I want you.”

That seems to calm him and an appreciative smile spreads across his face. He takes my chin in his huge hand and guides my lips softly onto his. I could kiss him for days! Without breaking the kiss, his hands glide down my body, across my breasts where they linger for a moment, caressing then squeezing before they move down my stomach where I’m slightly ticklish; I shiver and catch my breath.

He slowly peels my skirt down, and I instinctively reach for his belt and undo it, dropping his pants to the floor. We are both in just our underwear, and he pushes himself up against me again, forcing his tongue back into my mouth, holding my head in both of his hands. I reach down between us and stroke his cock through his underwear. This makes him moan into my mouth a little and the vibrations resonate through my entire body. He pulls my underwear down before removing his own, then grabs me by the arse and pushes me up against the shelf again. My legs are wrapped around his back and he guides his penis smoothly into me. It feels amazing! He is thicker than I imagined so I feel a fullness I haven’t experienced. The tightness of my pussy elicits a faint moan from him as well. I grab onto a shelf above me with one hand to make it easier for him to hold me up, while I have the other wrapped around his shoulders. He begins to thrust into me – strong, purposeful thrusts, followed by a slower but just as purposeful withdraw. He is kissing me passionately while he plunges his cock deep into my pussy. I have my legs wrapped tightly around him driving him into me but other than that I can’t move too much. My nails are digging into his shoulder as I cling to him and I am breathing heavily into his ear with each stroke.

As he bounces me up and down gently his face is buried in my neck and his lips and beard brush over my skin, making my skin tingle. I can hear him breathing heavily and I realise it’s a combination of lust and exhaustion. I’m getting so close and don’t want to change position just yet.

“Aahh, aahh, aahh,” I moan into his ear, encouraging him to keep driving his solid cock inside me. At that moment, he steadies the pace and is thrusting just the slightest, just enough to put the right about of pressure on my pubic bone. That’s all I need to get me right on the edge.

“Aahh, yeah, yeah” I encourage, I’m getting so close. My breathing quickens and he keeps the pace and pressure, filling me with every thrust. “Uuhh… Uuhh… Uuhh…. Aaaahhhh…” I sigh into his ear as my pussy tightens rhythmically around his hard cock. My body relaxes and he takes that opportunity to withdraw and put me down.

“Lay me down”, I whisper into his ear, urging him to do me in a slightly more ergonomic position. Although, fucking up against the board games has me amazingly aroused!

“Oh, not yet. I’m not done with you here.”

“You sound puffed, we can do it laying down now.”

“You’re going to be the one puffing shortly.”

And with that, he drops directly to his knees and licks the length of my labia, ending at my clit.

“Aaaahhh!!” It takes me by surprise, but fuck it’s amazing!

He repeats the long licks, grasping at my hips as his tongue slides smoothly over my pussy lips. My hands go to his head while my eyes close and my head rolls back. Again my breasts push out instinctively, showing off my erect nipples. He pauses momentarily, moving one hand up to brush across my nipple and caress my breast. Then, focussing all his attention on my clit, he circles it then lashes at it with his tongue. Holy fuck he knows how to eat pussy! I’m going to come again already! He senses this from the unusual rigidity of my body and my soft high pitched moans, so he ever so slowly pushes a finger into my waiting snatch.

“OH my god!” I exclaim. I’m not usually this vocal but I had never been eaten out this expertly. My breathing quickens and my whole body is tense. I opened my eyes to look down at him and the image of his head between my legs, his nose glistening with my juices, sends me over the edge.

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