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Flying High

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Conningsby was one of those war time aerodromes that had undergone continuous expansion so now its buildings were a hotchpotch of different styles and eras. It had grown into itself, and its aircraft recognised this. There were the state of the art fast jet fighters in hangers alongside the more stately vintage aircraft. The big four engined bomber over shadowing its modern counterparts.

I was here for the vintage aircraft, my interests in them ridiculed as I was a young female, but it gave me pleasure, so what the hell? Right now I was stood in a hangar, trailing behind a guided tour as I marvelled up at the black skinned behemoth towering over me, her sleek lines silent and still like a hunter.

“You’ll miss the tour,” a man said quietly.

Glancing after the tour in the far distance of the hangar, I shrugged and turned a smile on the man. “I’ll catch them up,” I said with a shrug. “I was just admiring the Lanc.” And him. He was tall and cute and that Scottish accent of his was divine.

“She is quite something,” he said as he turned to look up with me. “A wonderful ride.”

“You’ve been up in her?” I asked in jealous awe.

He raised his eyebrows then looked pointedly down at his arm where the airman’s insignia were sewn to the flight overalls. “I’m the Gunner.”

“You lucky bastard,” I breathed as I gazed up at the Lanc again.

“True,” he admitted with a rueful grin. “The tour has just left the hangar.”

“Oh!” I turned to look at the door as it swung shut and blushed. “I really must catch them up.” Not that I wanted to.

“Well,” he said slowly. “I could give you a closer look at the lady herself, then get you back to the visitor centre in time.”

I looked after the tour, then made a fast decision. “OK,” I agreed with a dazzling smile. “I’m in your hands.”

His eyes glittered at that, but I pretended to ignore it and followed his tall frame towards the covered wheels. Running my fingers over the struts, a gentle sigh passed my lips as I gazed up at the wing over my head.

“Sounds like you are enjoying this,” he said as he watched me closely.

“She’s beautiful,” I answered with a flash of a smile. “You are so lucky.”

“I am,” he agreed as he glanced up at the cockpit. “Come look at this.” Leading me towards the tail, he swung open the entrance hatch and waved me forward.

Resting my hands on the edge, I leaned forward on tiptoe to look up into the fuselage. “Want to swap lives?” I asked seriously

“No thanks,” he laughed. Wrapping his hands quickly around my waist, I barely had time to draw breath for a scream before he lifted me off my feet and into the hatchway. “Budge up,” he ordered as he braced his hands to either side and pulled himself up behind me.

“Should we be in here?” I asked nervously.

“Hell no,” he laughed. “But I’m in charge of shutting up shop today and the door is locked behind us.”

“Wow,” I breathed. Turning around, I looked up the fuselage, everywhere painted a pale grey. “No-one will ever believe this.”

“I should hope not,” he said as he squeezed past and began to make his way up towards the nose. “This ever gets out I’m busted out the service.”

“My lips are sealed,” I promised as I followed him. There was a curious smell of leather, oil and something quite metallic as I made my way deeper into the belly of the bomber. bakırköy escort Clambering over the main spar, I tumbled into his hands as he caught my balance. Smiling nervously, I shivered at his touch and prayed my suddenly hard nipples didn’t show through my T-shirt.

“This is where the Radio Operator sits,” he explained as he clambered up under the pilots position and into a small cubicle.

“I’m impressed,” I said as I surveyed the nerve centre of the bomber. “How many flights have you done up to now?”

“A few,” he said with a frown. “Would have to check my flight logs to be sure.”

“Ah well, I’ll never find out the answer then,” I teased with a flirty smile.

“That’s up to you,” he said with a disarming stare.


“Have you any idea how cute you are? I’m used to seeing middle aged men and geeks round here. You are cute,” he added to reinforce the statement.


“Yes, you,” he said, and moved forward, capturing me against the bombers frame. “What’s your name?”

“Catherine. My friends call me Cat for short.”
“Cute,” he declared again, and kissed me.

For a moment I was shocked, then the electricity between us took over and I dove into the kiss. My tongue twined with his as his hands wrapped about my waist again and he leaned up against me, his body hard against mine. Sliding a hand around his neck, I smiled against his lips as he groaned deep in his throat. He tasted so damned good.

“What’s your name?” I whispered as we broke apart.

“Mike,” he said as he ran a finger around my hairline. Placing a kiss on the end of my nose, I giggled as it was so at odds with how he looked in military uniform. “Are you here with anyone?”

“On my own,” I answered instantly.

“No boyfriend?”

“Not any more,” I said with a shrug.

“Even better,” he said, then he moved in for another kiss, this time softer and deeper. We took our time, tasting and testing one another as we settled in to a more comfortable position in the fuselage.



“If I make love to you now, will you try and stop me?”

I looked up into his glittering eyes and felt myself melt. He was so damned hot. By way of answer I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him against me in a hot, hungry kiss. Sliding down onto the main spar, I pulled him up against me, my legs either side of his hips as his arms went around my waist and cradled my buttocks in his large hands.

I moaned softly as his fingers dug into me, flexing and testing me as he deepened the kiss. Sliding his hands up my back I gasped as he moved them around to the front and cupped my breasts, his thumbs gliding over my taut nipples.

“So hard,” he breathed as he looked down at them, a glitter of need in his eyes. “So aroused.”

“You are sure no-one will come in?” I asked as I glanced back down at the patch of light through the entrance hatch.

“Positive,” he agreed. “I locked up the hangar.”

Nodding at this, I leaned back and took hold of the waist edge of my shirt. Pulling it up my body, I dragged it over my head and tossed it away. Pulling my shoulders back, I thrust my breasts up towards him, the soft lace of the bra highlighting the erect nipples.

“God yes.” He bent his head and took one of the nipples in his mouth, the lace wetting with beşiktaş escort his saliva as he rolled and teased it with his tongue. Moaning softly, I stroked my fingers on the back of his neck, pushing them down inside his overalls and shirt.

Without moving his mouth from my breasts, Mike unzipped his overalls and pushed them down to his waist for me. Pressing my hands to his lower back, I slowly slid my hands upwards, feeling the hardness of the muscles under them as he went stiff at my touch.

“I think I want this off,” I said as I pulled his T-shirt from the waist of his overalls. Dragging it up his body, I tugged it over his head and threw it to join mine. Looking at his torso in the shadows, I ran my fingers over his chest then pulled him back into a kiss, pressing my breasts up against him.

“That feels so good,” Mike whispered as we leaned against one another, enjoying the touch of bodies for a few moments.

“Feels very good,” I corrected with an impish smile. “Now somebody mentioned making love to me.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” he teased. Pulling me up against his body, he kissed down my neck and across my shoulder, taking his time to carefully place the delicate kisses. Reaching the bra strap, he slowly slid it off my shoulder, his warm breath caressing my skin as he did so. Sighing softly, I leaned in to kiss his throat, my tongue touching his hot skin as I did so.

“Cat,” he breathed as he closed his eyes to control himself.

“You like?” I asked as I slowly licked up his throat.

“That feels amazing,” Mike told me. Looking into his eyes, I held my breath at the look of pure glittering lust in them. They mirrored mine.

Diving into a hot kiss, I reached behind my back and flicked open the bra. Tossing it aside I guided his hands to my breasts and together we played with them, teasing and twisting the nipples and kneading the flesh.

By the time we moved on I was breathing in short ragged gasps, my body heavily aroused and desperate for his touch. When he reached down to unfasten my trousers I did not even give a token protest, I just needed him so badly. Raising myself as he tugged the jeans off, his fingers played with the edge of my lace panties, the rough skin of his hands sending shivers the length of me.

“You are so wet,” Mike whispered as he nibbled on my ear, his teeth gently tugging at me as his hand carefully cupped my hot sex. Gasping loudly, I closed my eyes and ground myself down into his palm. Chuckling, he eased me back so I leaned against a support strut and placed his mouth back to my breast.

“Mike, please,” I begged softly.

“Soon,” he promised. Moving his hot mouth lower, I wriggled as he circled my belly button, then he was even lower and his hot wet tongue was pushing my panties deep into my pussy, working the rough material up against my hard clit until I was moaning and panting for release.

“You are so horny,” he said with a hot smile as his hands closed on my hips and his tongue went to work again.

Writhing on the beam, my legs opened wider. Placing my feet up on the airframe, I ended up leaning back with my feet higher than his head as I opened myself completely to him. Placing a hand to the back of his head I pushed his face into my pussy as I moaned softly. My body was on fire and all it wanted and needed was beylikdüzü escort for this sexy airman to screw me.

Looking up at me, his glittering eyes held mine and a wicked smile spread over his damp face. “You are so damn sexy,” he told me as he kissed his way back up my body. Reaching my breasts he bit down on them gently, but it was enough to make me scream softly. Almost instantly his mouth was on mine, silencing me

Kissing him hungrily I dug my fingers into the material of his overalls and struggled to push it down and over his hips. Giggling as his strong fingers linked with mine, we pushed the material away and then I pushed his boxers down. His erection came free and stood out long and hard towards me. He was bigger than average but he looked so bloody tasty I had to suck him before I could go any further.

Sliding off the spar, I knelt down between his feet and leaned back to kiss the underside of his shaft, my tongue running over the hot skin and tasting the salt. He was so hard and hot, and I swore I could feel the blood pumping into him under my hungry tongue.

Running my fingers up the back of his legs, I kneaded his buttocks as he had done mine until it was his turn to moan and gasp for me.

“Shit,” he muttered and grabbed me. Gasping in surprise, I gripped his arms for support as he set me back onto the spar. “Cat, I have to have you,” he explained as he stared down at my glistening pussy.

Stripping off my panties, I wriggled back up against the strut, I spread my legs wide for him and rested my feet back up against the airframe. Reaching down, I opened my pussy and ran a finger over my hard clit several times, a heavy shiver running through my body as I did so.

“I need you,” he breathed as he moved his hard cock up against my pussy. Sliding his fingers into my juices, he smeared them over his shaft then pushed forward slowly, forcing my body to give way to his.

Pulling his face down to mine, I kissed him hard, my moans of arousal lost in his mouth as I swallowed his. Panting heavily as the passage of his entry sent shivers of pleasure through me, I pulled my legs as wide open as I could, knowing that his hard length would bring me even greater pleasure.

Breaking the kiss, I buried my face into his shoulder and held on tight as he thrust deep into me. We both shivered at the sensations it sent coursing through us, and then he moved slowly, easing his way out of me and back in. At first my body was resistant to his size and depth, but then it gave way and I got wetter and hotter as he drove into me time and again, his hands curled around my backside to hold me still as his hot mouth trailed kisses over my face and neck.

“Harder, please,” I begged. Tipping my head back, I groaned as he slammed into me, my breasts swaying with the force

“God yes,” Mike growled. Forcing his way into me, his shaft seemed to grow bigger and harder as we screwed as hard as we could.

A heavy shudder ran through me and my thigh muscles tensed. Grabbing Mike I dragged him down into a kiss and held him there tightly as I began to come, my body wracked by wave after wave of pleasure. Shaking hard, I clung on to him for support as all strength went out of me, leaving only the waves of pleasure still rippling through my core.

Growling, Mike went rigid under my fingers, his cock jerking in me as he came hard. Pulling him to me, I held on tight as he shuddered. Slowly relaxing, he gazed into my eyes and ran a shaking hand over my face, brushing my hair away. Kissing me softly, he chuckled as I giggled and snuggled close.

“Fucking hell,” he breathed. “And I thought today was going to be quiet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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