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First Time For Both

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He was a sweet, southern boy who knew how to charm a woman. She was a confident northern girl. Their relationship started normally…a few sweet words shared; they were always there for each other with a helping hand and a solid shoulder. Then things began to change.

She had been thinking about him more and more as the days went by…his sweet, hot breath, his firm body, and, more than anything, he wonderful personality. He was coming over for dinner tonight, so she decided to make it a really special evening. She didn’t bother cooking any food…she knew that he wouldn’t be hungry for food when he got there, not if she had anything to do with it anyway. She took a hot bath and shaved her mound smooth, with just a little patch of dark brown curly hair left at the top of her slit. Even as she was in the bath, she shuddered and grew wet as she thought about what she hoped would happen this evening.

After the bath, she put on a black satin thong and matching bra, trying to tame her large D-cup breasts. She knew that he was an ass-man and that he would really appreciate the way that the thong accentuated her slightly large figure. She then put on a little black dress – low cut in the front and so short that you could almost see her ass-cheeks hanging out as she walked. She took a glance and in the mirror and knew that there was no way that he could resist her tonight.

She slipped on a pair of black high heels as the doorbell rang. With music and candles in the background, she made her way to the door, her breathing getting heavier and heavier in anticipation of what was to come. She opened the door and there he was, looking perhaps the best that she had ever seen him look before. He was wearing neatly pressed khakis and a white button-down shirt. At his first glimpse of her she thought illegal bahis she saw a certain twinkle in his eye. He seemed to enjoy the little black number that she was wearing. She smiled – he took a step toward her and gave her a hug, breathing in the scents lingering on her soft skin from her earlier bath. He pulled back, keeping his hands on her arms and looked deep into her eyes. There was a connection – no words were spoken, no movements made – yet they both knew – they felt the raw desire in the air and they knew that tonight was the night that they had both been waiting for.

He gently wraps his arms around her waist, kicking the door shut behind him. She places her arms around his neck, pulling his face closes to hers, as their lips press against each other. Soon, they find their tongues intertwining – probing each other’s mouths – each moaning quietly. His hands beginning to roam – over her back and down to her ass. They quickly slipped under her short dress, which in the passion had already ridden part of the way up her big ass. He began to feel her slit and she sensed his growing passion rising ten-fold as he slipping his finger into her crack, finding that she was wearing a thong. He moaned loudly. She felt herself getting wetter by the second.

They walk over to the oversize leather couch – she pushes him down onto the comfy sofa. Still passionately locked at the lips – his hand still groping and feeling her ass. As they kiss, she begins to grind her panty-clad pelvis against his hard cock, still growing inside of his pants. She knows that it is time and that they cannot contain their desire for each other any longer. She gently takes his hand and leads him to the bedroom.

He helps her out of her dress – slipping it off over her head and revealing her sexy black illegal bahis siteleri lingerie covering her ample figure. She slowly unbuttons his shirt, being sure that she is firmly rubbing her body against his in the process. The kiss again as she slips her shirt off and undoes his pants. Their lips part as his pants and boxers fall to the floor. “I want to kiss you sweet ass,” he whispers. She can feel the moisture dripping from her slit.

She gets on the bed in a kneeling position. “Come here baby,” she says. “I want you to lick me. I want to feel your tongue in my hot ass. Make me all wet so you could put your hot cock in my tight hole.” He willingly obliges. Taking his position behind her, he pulls her thong to one side of her ass. She reaches back and spreads her ass-cheeks apart, giving him full access to her shit hole. She feels his hot tongue licking around her hole and moans loudly. He reaches under her with one hand, rubbing her clit and inserting a couple of fingers into her hot pussy. He licks all over her ass, getting it nice and wet. She feels him slip his tongue into her hot hole…almost driving her over the edge. But he senses this and, both of them wanting the pleasure to last, he eases off to a moment, allowing her to relax. His hard dick, her hot pussy, and hot wet ass-hole are ready for the climax of the evening. She takes off her thong and bra, not wanting anything to get in the way.

She is kneeling on the bed; he is behind her. “Are you sure that you are ready?” he asks. She nods, already moaning in anticipation. He grabs some lube from the end stand, not wanting to hurt her at all and wanting them both to enjoy this. He lubes up his rock hard cock. It is so hard that all of the veins are standing out on it. She has never seen a man so hard before…and it canlı bahis siteleri turns her on to know that she is the cause of her pleasure. He had never had anal sex, but it was a fantasy of his that she wanted to fulfill. She had never taken it up the ass before and was kind of scared (an excited) and her first time. She feels the head of his cock pressing against her hole. He slowly pressed himself into her. She felt the head of his cock slip in. “Are you ok baby?” he asks out of concern. “I am fine…it is tight, but it feels so good” she replies. She feels him slowly slip in her, inch by wonderful inch.

He begins to pump her slowly at first, getting to the rhythm of things and getting her accommodated to have a cock up her ass. But as their passion mounts, his thrusts get faster and faster. She feels his balls slapping against her ass. She reaches back with one hand and gently rubs his balls with each thrust. She squeezes her ass muscles, making her even tighter…hearing him moan with each thrust. He thrusts become faster and faster. His cock gets harder and harder. She senses that he is about to blow his load in her and she is ready to climax as well. She feels him pull back for one last thrust as he plunges himself into her as far as he can as he shoots load after load of creamy, hot cum in her ass….feeling it fill up her hole. She is overcome by the feeling of him rammed up her ass, shooting in her and she climaxes with extreme power…her juices flowing so rapidly that she is dripping on the bed.

He pulls out of her, once again placing his face at her hot hole. His cum is oozing out of her hole. He licks it all….sucking up every drop that comes out of her. When he is done, she rolls over and he gently climbs on top of her, kissing her passionately. Tasting each other’s juices in their mouth…wondering why it took them so long to realize the desire that they had for each other. Knowing that this was only the first of many nights to come, they slowly drift off to sleep, covered in cum and sweat, wrapped in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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