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Fiery Temptress Ch. 01

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I had always liked going to the gym. The general atmosphere made people work harder and longer than they thought possible. I had started going when I was in the eighth grade and I was now at the end of my junior year. Before, I had always just walked on the treadmill or casually lifted weights, but I had recently decided to enter the Marine Corps, which meant I had to really push myself. I wanted to enlist when I turned 17, about a year and a half ago, but my parents wouldn’t have let me and I wasn’t in good enough physical condition. I had always considered myself a little overweight. It wasn’t like I couldn’t get out of my car by myself or run a mile or two. I just so happened to retain a little “baby fat.” In the months of training I had put in, my body had lost almost all of its excess weight and as I had neared the age of 19, I had also neared my goal of becoming “Fighting Trim.” I was even having better luck with the ladies.

I not really the best looking kid at my school, but I’m not the worst looking either. Either way, I’d probably rank on the lower end of the aesthetic spectrum. I can pretty much sum up my looks by saying I have a lot of character in my face. Naturally, girls didn’t pay a lot of attention to me and I have been “friend zoned” more times than I need remembering. But ever since I began my training, girls had been paying more attention to me. Instead of the flabby loser, I was starting to look like I blended right in with the football players, broad and muscular. I had even been asked to prom by someone (and made a considerable amount of money from an old bet.) but with all of the extra attention on me, I had been giving out a lot of attention myself. I had begun to truly notice women in general. And, as it so happens, the majority of this happened at my gym.

The gym was a hotbed of sexual energy. The whole place was like a primal jungle. Men, flaunting their hard-earned muscles, trying to impress the females through feats of strength and endurance. Whenever I walked through that door, I half expected a Neanderthal to attempt to wrestle me for my water bottle. But, if you were looking for women, you neddn’t look farther than the gym. Beautiful creatures, clad in low-cut spandex and doing all manner of bends and stretches. It took nearly all of my willpower to not gawk or to keep down a perpetual erection. It was here that I learned the true meaning of self control. But one woman in particular held my interest. And that was the red-head.

I was always scanning the large, open room for a glimpse of her fiery hair or pale, tattooed skin. She spent most of her time by the free weights, doing bent-over dumbbell rows and squats. She always was moving and she was always working her body to the max But what especially drew my attention, was her shorts.

A tight, blue spandex band that stretched from the top of her slender hips, to the tops of her firm, shapely legs, conforming perfectly to the shape of her ample backside. For this reason, and this reason alone, I always had to have a treadmill in front of the weight rack. I had put in hours of cardio just imagining what it would feel like to grab a handful of her thick flowing hair, to touch her perky and round breasts, to caress her soft skin and feel her thin yet strong muscles, and to get inside of those magnificent blue shorts. I would purposely work out late into the night just to catch quick glimpses of her while pretending to be more interested in my workout. Just the thought of her

The gym I went to was largely unattended. From 9 in the morning to 6 at night, there was an attendant, but any earlier or later and you were on your own. Coincidentally, most of the members chose to exercise during those hours, leaving it pretty vacant during the rest of the day. Especially at night. Guess who liked to exercise at night.

Since she planned her gym visits during the evening, I adjusted my schedule accordingly. I used every opportunity I had to try to see her, like a flower that grew inside of a box trying to find the sun. Because of the night vacancy of the gym and my adjusted schedule, we spent a lot of time in the same room together. As always, my eyes would find her fiery hair, and then gradually drift lower to my real target. She had never even noticed me once. It was as if I didn’t exist to her.

One day, I had just finished working out and decided to head home. As normal, there was no one around but me and her. I was just about to leave, but as I walked past the weight racks, I found myself unable to move. There she was, hard at work doing stretches with a 20 lb weight gripped between the flesh of her fingers and the fabric of her fingerless glove. Each time she bent over, I felt my heart skip a beat as her perfect ass was pressed against the thin fabric of her shorts. I must have been standing there too long, because in one quick motion, she stood straight, retraced her weights and turned to face me.

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s impolite to stare?”

My breath caught in my throat. This was the first time she illegal bahis had ever said a word to me, ever acknowledged my existence, and I was being reprimanded.

“Well?” She put her hands on her hips and shifted her weight slightly to her right leg.

“I’m sorry,” I managed to coax out, ” I was just admiring your form.” If my brain had arms, right about now I’d have 2 blacks eyes and a few less teeth.

“Really? Admiring my form? Is that why you’re always staring at me?” She took a small step forward. At 5′ 10″, I was about average height, and I was being intimidated by this 4’11” little redhead.

“I don’t stare at you,” I took a small step back, “I just like to look at myself in the mirror. So I can see what I’m doing wrong.”

“Then how come, every damn time I look in the mirror, your eyes are glued firmly on my ass.”

It took me a moment to realize that I may have not been as sneaky as I thought. The realization that she had been aware of every moment of my observation came crashing down like a ton of bricks. Then I thought of something else.

“If you knew I was watching you, how come you didn’t say anything or just avoid me altogether?” The previously angry look on her face was replaced by something close to a smile.

“Maybe,” she paused for a moment , “I was putting on a show.” At this point my mind was scrambled. I didn’t know what to think or say.

” Maybe,” she took a step forward, “I was putting on a show for you.” I didn’t move an inch. She reached out and pressed a hand against my chest.

“Maybe, all the while you were watching me, I was watching you.”

“Watching me?” I wasn’t sure if I could believe or comprehend what was happening.

She smiled and put her other hand against my chest. She started to move them up and down, as if she were gently massaging me.

“I’ve been watching your progress,” she almost whispered.

“I’ve watched you turn your fat into muscle and weakness into strength. And I have been wearing these little blue shorts all because of you.”

I was stunned. All I could manage to say was,


“Why,” she asked as if I had just lost my mind, “to give you something to look forward to. To give you the motivation to get out of bed and improve yourself. If a guy had the drive to make something of himself all because of something I wore, then I’m happy to oblige. In fact, I can’t help but feel partially responsible for your progress so far.”

“Really?” My mind was going a million miles a minute trying to fathom why this fiery goddess would even waste a second concerning herself with the likes of me.

“Really,” she said assuringly, “and I also think its kinda cute how you adjusted your whole schedule just to work out and stare at my ass at the same time.” As she said this, she lowered herself onto her knees and slid her hands down to my waist.

It finally clicked in my brain what was happening and in all of the multitudes of doors, the deepest cracks and darkest crevices of my mind , I didn’t hear a single objection. My cock had a mind of its own, and had become hard even before I knew that I wanted it to.

“Now, I’m invested in your progress, and I don’t want to see it all go to waste.” She put her hands in the elastic waistband of my gym shorts and slowly started to slide them down.

“As a precaution, I’m going to have to give you an incentive, and I think you’re going to enjoy it.” She pulled down my gym shorts with a final tug, placing my 9 inch, rock hard member about 2 inches from her face.

“And I think I might enjoy it too.” Within a moment of finishing her sentence she begin to kiss the head of my penis. Before today, I had only ever kissed 4 girls and gotten to second base with 2 of them. She could not have known what kind of bliss she was creating for me. She swirled her tongue around the tip several times before taking my swollen head into her hot mouth. Even though I was in her mouth she continued to swirl her tongue around me. She removed my head from her mouth and slid her tongue along the length of my shaft several times before reinserting. She wrapped her arms around my back and began to take me deeper into her mouth as my hands found their way to her head and caressed her silky hair. She slid her lips along my the length of my manhood, creating a tight vacuum of wet warmth. I could feel her teeth scraping along the top and sides of my shaft almost painfully. I thought to tell her to ease up, but realized I was in no position to make demands of her. She was in total control and I loved it. Although she wasn’t swirling her tongue anymore, she was swishing it from side to side along the underside of my shaft. It was taking every ounce of self control that I had to not grab her by the temples and try to push myself deeper into her mouth.

I could tell I was close to climax, so, not wanting to surprise her, I let her know. She immediately removed the length of my shaft from her mouth.

“Not so fast,” she softly growled, “we haven’t even gotten to the main prize.” illegal bahis siteleri With that she stood back up and turned around.

“I seem to recall that you prefer my ass to all of the others around here.” She pulled her black shirt off over her head, and revealed a white silk bra.

“I think, that after all that hard work, you deserve a reward.” She slid her hands into the waist of her blue shorts and carefully slid them down her firm and sexy legs, revealing the most beautiful sight that any man had seen or ever will see in the history of the world. She was wearing a white silk thong that matched her bra. The center of her undergarment was engulfed by the firm globes of her perfect ass cheeks. As she slid them down her smooth legs, I realized that there was now nothing between me and all of my deepest fantasies. I thought of all of the times that I would have killed, or been killed, to be in the position I was in now.

She walked her sexy, naked ass over and kissed me with an intensity I had never felt. It wasn’t like any of the girls I had dated before, it was passionate and fierce and, quite frankly, a little scary. Her tongue wrestled mine into submission, making it clear who was in charge here. Her hands explored my body while mine remained on her shoulders, still unsure of my new boundaries. She must have noticed my lack of movement because she removed her hand from my back, took mine in her firm grip, and planted it firmly on her ass cheek. I was too stunned to do anything. The woman I had lusted after for so long had damn near thrown herself at me, and her sexy ass, which filled my dreams and kept me going, was now literally in the palm of my hand.

She broke the kiss and looked me in the eyes.

“Aren’t you going to do something with your hands?”

“Oh! Of course I am,” I was all I could manage to scrape together. She pulled my mouth to hers and kissed me again, even more intensely than the first. I moved my hand in a circular motion around her ass cheek, every now and then, stopping to give her a squeeze. Her ass was firm and soft at the same time like a divine paradox you want to hold forever. If it were possible for my cock to get any harder, I swear it would have broken into a million pieces. So I broke the kiss.

“What’s wrong,” she asked worriedly.

“Nothing,” I said, ” it’s just that I need to be inside of you right now or my cock is going to break.” At that she smiled and got back on her knees. She placed my head on her tongue and wrapped her soft, warm lips around my shaft and pulled me back and forth using only the pressure of her mouth. She blew me for about 15 seconds, and stood back up. She stroked my cock with one hand, spreading her saliva around evenly.

“Well, since you’re nice and wet down there, it’s about time you got to the grand prize.” She took a step away from and bent over, giving me a perfect view of her muscular legs and ass. She moved her hands slowly from her knee caps to her own ass and spread her cheeks wide, revealing her asshole, glistening with sweat.

“We’ll? What are you waiting for,” she teased, “come on and fuck me in the ass.” I found myself at a loss for words again. I couldn’t believe how this was turning out. I didn’t have time to think though, I could sense she was getting impatient. She wanted me to fuck her ass and, since she was in charge, I could do no less than to give her what she wanted.

I pulled off my gym shirt and walked up behind her. I slid my cock inbetween her ass cheeks, a place I had wanted to be since I first saw her. I positioned my glistening head at the center of her tiny, puckered hole, the warmth of her orifice driving me crazy. But before I went any further, I had to make doubly sure we were good to go.

“Are you sure your okay with this?” I asked. I had heard that sometimes anal sex is painful for a woman, and I really didn’t want to hurt her in any way. She turned her head over her shoulder and looked me in the eye.

“Don’t you worry about me, I can take it. Now, are you going to fuck my ass or what?” I didn’t need to be asked twice.

I placed one hand on her hip and grabbed my cock with the other. I guided my head to her asshole and began pushing. I could feel some resistance, and when I looked in the wall mirror, I saw her eyes shut and her lips pulled over her teeth in a wince. I figured that, if she wanted me to stop, she would have told me to. And besides, she did tell me not to worry about her. As I pressed my head harder against her backdoor, I could fell the pressure slowly building around my head. I could feel the heat of her body like the light at the end of the tunnel, driving me forward. Without warning, I felt her muscles relax and, with a sudden burst of speed, my head firmly sank into her ass with an audible grunt from her. I put my other hand on her waist and held her firmly, my fingers only inches apart on either side. I hadn’t realized just how tiny she really was until I looked at her now with my large cock being forced into her tight asshole. I could canlı bahis siteleri feel her muscles squeezing my head, shaking like someone trying to lift a weight that was too heavy. She was winced every time her muscles involuntarily squeezed me.

She held up her hands and told me to stop for a moment. With my head still in her, she lowered herself a little and positioned her feet about her shoulder width apart. She put her hands back on her knees and gave me a look that made me mad with lust.

“Keep going.”

I continued to slowly force my way into her rectum, her body trying to push me out with all its might. She may not have minded the intrusion, but her asshole did. Every millimeter that I shoved in only added to the pressure on my shaft. She was so god damn tight that I thought my dick would be made of diamond by the time I was done. But she wasn’t just tight, she was also hot. I felt like my cock was melting inside of her ass like it was a furnace. Every so often, she would moan deep in her throat or make a soft “Oooh” sound. I could tell she was into it. But I must have been taking too long, because before I knew it, she had her hands around my back and pulled with all of her strength. Her ass muscles were caught off guard by the sudden intrusion and I sank my cock in her ass all the way to the base while she let out a loud groan.

“Unnnngggghhh!!” I could feel her voice vibrating through her body, down into her bowels. She took a couple deep, but short, breaths and turned to me once more.

“I thought I told you, not to worry. Well, now that the hard part’s done, we can get to the real deal. Don’t disappoint me.”

This was the kind of woman that she was. Even with an ass full of cock, she was undeniably in control.

I tried to move my cock around, but her ass had firmly gripped the base of my shaft like an electric blood pressure monitor you would find in a grocery store. While I was stuck, I decided to explore the other parts of her body. My right hand left her hip and gently slid along the small of her back, making her shudder slightly. I stopped when I reached the bra strap that held her perfect tits. I unhooked the strap with one hand and gently pulled the sides down along her arms. Having nothing to hold it up, the bra fell to the floor with a tiny click where one of the hooks had landed. I was now free to fondle her soft and perky breasts.

I moved my arms underneath hers until I found the supple mounds of her tits. I started squeezing them lightly and rubbing them gently. She shuddered more and I continued my exploration. I found her nipples, and held them between my pointer and thumb, gently rolling them. I started kissing her neck, getting another round of slight shaking and a very sensual moan. All of these stimulations must have been adding up, because before I knew it, she had her hand between her legs, playing with her soaking pussy.

At that point, her asshole started to loosen its death grip on me and I could move around more. It still wasn’t easy though. I could barely pull my cock out of her, and even then it only got about halfway out. So I worked the moveable half

of my cock in and out of her asshole. She moaned and oohed and even hissed at me, but I kept going. I watched her in the mirror as I forced my cock deeper into her asshole. She winced everytime I went deeper into her, but she had a determined look that said she could handle it.

Several minutes went by with me slowly probing her rectum. She purred like a kitten when I withdrew and moaned when I pushed into her. I began to pick up a little extra speed. I pushed harder into her ass, pressing my pelvis against her solid glutes. She was rocking on her heels from the force of my entry. Her soft sounds of pleasure were now becoming louder and coarser. She moaned out loud and grunted when I pushed against her. She fingered herself harder, and rubbed her free hand on any exposed skin she could find.

“Faster baby, faster!” She was almost yelling. I picked up the pace and became more forceful. I slammed against her ass, almost sending her flying forward several times . The power of my thrusts increased the intensity of the animalistic redhead. Her tongue left stretched out into the corner of her mouth , making her look like a dog in an open car window. She panted with each stroke and raked her nails across my arms, back and chest. I was watching in awe as she became a sexual beast, fueled only by her need for release. She wrapped her arms around my back and suddenly pulled me forward. I fell and landed on my knees, her on her hands and knees. She played with her pussy again as she twisted her torso and spread her legs farther apart. She started to push her ass back to meet my thrusts in the middle.

I knew that I couldn’t last very long like this. I could already feel my impending orgasm. I think she did too, because she was damn near yelling.

“Cum inside me!” She was grunting, groaning, twisting, moaning , squeezing and acting like an animal in heat. I grabbed her by the shoulders and watched as she arched her back, pushing her sexy ass up into the air. I felt her ass start to squeeze me again and I knew she was cumming. I gripped her tighter and thrusters harder into her rapidly narrowing ass. Now she started screaming.

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