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Elizabeth Defrosted Ch. 07

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Double Penetration

(All rights reserved. All characters and events are fictional, the participants were all consenting adults, staunch churchgoers and members of the Rotaries. All safety precautions were observed at all times, social distancing was applied etc.)

This is the story of a naïve girl who embarks in a journey into a world of mysticism and sensual discovery. Join her as she reaches for higher levels or self-knowledge and pleasure.

Elizabeth Frost: An 18 year old first year student from an extremely conservative religious background. Her first experience with sex leads her to becoming a disciple or chela of a Tantra adept, and begin to discover a world of pleasure.

Dr Bill Ogden: General practitioner and eventually lover of Elizabeth’s

Sunitra: Tantra adept, healer and relationship expert, Elizabeth’s teacher and master.

07 Advanced Lessons: Orgasmic Trance

Elizabeth was early for the class, and found the door open, but no sign of Sunitra. She prepared the classroom, opened the windows for fresh air, lit a few incense sticks, set out the mats and made sure the right music was on the player, but still there was no sign of the teacher.

Anxiously she waited for the students to arrive. It would be a beginner’s class, and she wanted it to be a good experience for them. But without a teacher…

She decided to check in the apartment, and the door opened at her touch. Sunitra was sitting in the center of the small room, in a full lotus position, her eyes rolled back, her breathing slow and deep. Soft droning music sounded from a speaker system, and Elizabeth noticed a slow tensing and relaxing of the girl’s abdomen, a deep and deliberate tensing that resonated with her breathing.

Elizabeth closed the door softly, and went back. The first students were arriving, and she greeted them, then decided to carry on with preparations. But she was sure Sunitra was so deep in a trance that she would not be ready to start the class in five minutes.

Elizabeth made sure the students were registered, were comfortable, and all the outside doors were closed, then she announced. “Sunitra has been detained, she may still join us, but I will start off. Now, if all are comfortable I will want you to lie down in the corpse position, on your backs. Let the arms and feet fall open, relax. In this position we die to the outside world, we release the contacts, the worries, the links with the world, and we retreat into ourselves. “

She ran through the patter, remembering how Sunitra had done the classes over the past month, and found herself slipping into the role of teacher, becoming the lesson.

It seemed like minutes when the music reached its programmed ending, and she closedthe Yoga Nidra meditation with which she maltepe escort had ended the class.

“Slowly resume your awareness of the outside world. Begin to be aware of the sounds, the smells, the sensation of your body. Now rub your hands together vigorously, then place the warm palms over your eyes. Hold them there got a second or so, breathe deeply, and open your eyes. And now the meditation is complete. Namaste.”

She greeted the departing students, tidied up the room, and made everything ready for the next class. Then she returned to the small apartment. The aroma of fresh tea greeted her, and Sunitra handed her a steaming cup.

“My chela, I have to discipline you. Who gave you permission to lead a class? You are not qualified. You may have harmed my students.”

Her voice was firm and powerful, and Elizabeth bowed her head.

“I know, teacher, and I apologise. I did not want to disturb your meditation, but I also did not want to students to go away disappointed. I hoped you would join us and take over the class soon. I am sorry if I did harm.”

Sunitra took her chin and lifted her face. “I did look in, five minutes after you had started, my chela, and saw that you had the class well in hand. You have learnt well, and the error is my fault. I was too deep in an orgasmic trance and allowed myself to lose my sense of time.”

“Orgasmic trance? Wow! How does one do that?”

Sunitra smiled. “You will learn, little one, but much later. But enough of that, we must talk about you. It is over a month now that you have been following me, and I need to know if I am doing you good. How are your grades? Are you doing well at your studies?”

Elizabeth nodded, her blonde hair swinging over her face. “Yes, they are improving, although I am not sure what the relevance of most of what I learn would be in the long run. You have opened a world to me that I have never known, and I know there is so much to discover.”

Sunitra held up a warning finger. “You must not let the studies slide. They are important at a different level, and you need to know that. If you do not study well I will not allow you to continue with me, do you understand?”

Elizabeth nodded. “I will do as you say, teacher. And somehow the insights you are giving me makes the study so much easier. It is as if I can concentrate better.”

“Good. I am glad to hear that. Now, boyfriends? Your long lost lover?”

Elizabeth shook her head, the red blush spreading over her face and down her neck. “You said I should have nothing to do with men until you tell me. And the birth control Doctor Bill prescribed only became effective after a month, he said.”

Sunitra smiled. “And that boy? Have you seen him again?”

Her eyes flashed electric escort maltepe fire. “That…. He came up a few times, once even rubbing against me. I told him I will have nothing to do with an uneducated lout who does not even know how to treat a woman. And somehow I think boys have been avoiding me a little. Not that I missed them. Am I turning into a lesbian?”

Sunitra laughed. “You are as much, or as little a lesbian as I am, my chela. But a wise man, Osho, taught that we all have to pass through various phases to attain emotional development. There is a period, when we are little, when we are totally centred upon ourselves. Then there is a phase where we discover our identity, and we have to go through a phase where little boys are attracted to little boys and play, learn, develop friendships. And the same with little girls. This phase even included some infantile eroticism. Have you ever had a best girlfriend you could discuss everything with, be close to, kiss and hold hands? Even bath with?”

“Never. Mother would not allow that. Of course I had friends in Sunday School, and so on. Classmates, but never as you describe.”

“That is evident, and that is why I insist that you learn these lessons first, learn to be a woman, to please a woman, to understand another woman so you would understand yourself. Once you are strong and sure of your being a woman you can begin to think about men, and how they work, how you can and should relate to them. And then, only then, can you begin to heal men and women. Do you understand, my chela?”

Elizabeth nodded. “I understand, my teacher, and I will obey. But now, tell me about the orgasmic meditation?”

Sunitra laughed again, a lovely deep, full laugh. “Stuck on that, are you? History first. There is an old Buddhist tradition of using orgasm, or the stimulation of the clitoris, to induce an orgasmic, or near-orgasmic state where you are carried to an awareness of your body, mind and feelings. This has been trademarked by some people who made a lot of money out of it, and turned into a sort of franchise. That is not what I do. If you are in the right frame of mind you can train the brain and body to set up the chemical and emotional balances you need for an orgasm. You can induce the body rhythms, contractions and reactions that would lead to an orgasm, and because you are in charge you can do it better than anyone else. Just as you can pleasure yourself better than someone else, because you know every sensation as you experience it.”

Elizabeth frowned. “I think I can understand that. You mean like pleasuring yourself, but no touching? I’m not sure I can do that. And how long can you keep on?”

“If you are very good, you can keep it going for hours. I was out for more than an maltepe escort bayan hour just now. And feel my pulse.”

The soft fluttering rhythm was so soft and slow that Elizabeth found it hard to believe.

“Can I try? Please? Can I at least…”

Sunitra made a stern face. “I did say you can when you are much further trained, didn’t I? You need to be much more in touch with your body before you can even begin to do it on your own.”

“But if you helped me?”

Sunitra smiled. “I have almost two hours before my next commitment. You are already in a good state of mind after your yoga nidra. Have a shower, do twenty rapid sun salutations to get the blood flowing, and come here.”

She admired the supple young body as the girl sank into a lotus position, breathing deeply and tuning into the chanting music. Slowly she took her through the first and second stages of meditation, then began to take the girl through the breathing technique, visualising the chakras, the junctions of nerves and meridians of the body. Kneeling behind her she brushed the soft nipples, drawing attention to them, then drew her fingernails down the line from the nipples to the umbilical, through the mons and down to the clitoris.

The girl’s breath was becoming a little ragged and she admonished: “Breathe deeply. Feel the light draw down the spine, lighting up the chakras. There, steady. Now begin to contract the root chakra, the muladara chakra. Visualise a lotus with four leaves at the base of the spine. Now contract it, release, contract, release. Is it happening?”

Her fingers lightly caressed the erect clitoris, feeling the pelvic muscles contract, release, contract gain. She could hear the breathing change, knew that the orgasm was building. She lightened her touch on the girl’s body.

“Steady now, do not allow yourself to climax, hold it just there. Just on the edge.”

Gauging from the breathing and the contact between them she judged the state of the girl’s orgasm, holding her just there, on the edge of the climax, until the tremble in her breath told her that Elizabeth could not hold out much longer.

She whispered in her ear: “Now, take a deep breath, another, and then allow yourself to go over the edge.”

And with that she teased the clitoris and sent a finger into the dripping wet sheath, feeling it contract again and again as the girl spasmed and shuddered in a climax that went on and on. Sunitra stimulated the nerve endings, the sensitive areas and the g-spot, leading the climax on and on, until Elizabeth collapsed, sobbing and limp.

She gently eased the girl down on the carpet, covering her with a duvet, and left her to recover.

It was a full five minutes before a sated face peered at her and said: “Wow, I did not think that was possible! Thank you!”

Sunitra laughed. Thank yourself, love, you did it, I just helped. And if you think that was something, just wait. The best is waiting for you. How, have some tea, you must keep hydrated.”

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