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Economic Adjustment

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{Once again, no category really fits. So I got as close as I could.}


The day my job at the stereo superstore went tits up wasn’t really a surprise.

Things had been headed that direction for quite a long time, and from the news I realized things were picking up speed. All downhill, too.

I had worked there for years, managing the floor peddling the computers, printers, all the wires and crap needed to make a system work.

I knew the boss sold refurbished units as new, I found that out by accident one day when a customer brought back a unit that had porno sites cached in it. That could have been an accident but the material was 4 years old and this system was “brand” new.

After a bit of checking I found out that the crew in the back was busy stripping old machines, reloading them and putting them in new sealed boxes. Hell, they even sprayed them with some kind of crap that made them smell brand new. No wonder my commissions were so good, hell, I was even getting a nice fat retirement plan.

I carefully invested the extra cash in real estate. I had found a huge apartment building, no way could I afford it but the bank loaned me 120% of value on it with nothing down so why the fuck not go for it?

“Real estate is going up 15 to 20% every year!” I was told by the broker. If I had been really smart I would have realized that if the deal was so good there was no way in hell the broker would have let me in on it.

But in short order I was a landlord, all 10 apartments rented out and life was good.

Then the job folded. I got to work and found the closed sign and my key didn’t work, that was it.

I added things up, the rental income would keep me afloat…barely. Of course then some of my tenant’s jobs folded. I tried to cash in my retirement accounts, it was a shock when I realized there was no account.

Just pieces of paper the fucker had mailed out once a year or so. Well? Work for a crook, what should I have expected?

The next fun one was when my nice conservative mutual fund printout arrived. My almost $80 grand was now hovering at around $20 grand? What happened to the nice conservative utilities and real estate funds?

“You can’t lose on this!” The college educated fund manager had told me.

Uh huh.

I knew I needed to rent out some of my units and quickly. Already half of them were vacant, and the competition out there was dumping prices at a rate that meant I had no chance to get my price at all.

What I didn’t understand was if nobody was buying any houses and nobody was renting anything, where the fuck did everybody go? They couldn’t all be living under the goddamn bridge.

I figured that at least with the property prices falling I would get a lower tax bill, imagine my shock when it went up instead. Something about some “appraised” value and the actual “real” value. The higher “real” value did go down, the appraised didn’t.

Government was busy “fixing” things, of course that meant raising taxes which they said would put everyone to work…right after they got theirs, of course.

Now I am not exactly the driest match in the book but even I realized that taking away my money and giving me back just part of it didn’t come out in the end.

Hell, I already had that kind of deal going on with my rentals investment.

I was fucked and I knew it. That so called “real” value was now 60% of what I owed on the place.

And headed south, too.

I went over and spent some of my dwindling bank account on fixing up a few things, hoping against hope that maybe nicer I could attract some tenants. It had been awhile since I was even in the building, since I had been pretty flush with income I had hired a management outfit.

No choice but to let them go once things started to unravel, so I became my own management company.

Hell, how hard could it be? Collect the rent, unplug a toilet once in awhile, about it, right?

Another funny thing I noticed was all of the upstairs units were vacant, all of the downstairs units were rented. I checked the ledger, all five of them were women?

I was going down the lower hall when I noticed a guy come in. He was wandering along, looking at the numbers. He knocked on one of the doors, I saw a pretty young woman open it with a smile. She spotted me, nodded, they went inside.

Another man came in a few minutes later, went to one of the other apartments. Same thing, a pretty woman with a smile, inside he went also.

When the third man showed up, I got curious. I went outside and sat in my car and watched. Two more men went in while the three came out and drove off. I was getting out of my car when two guys drove up in one rig. I followed along behind at a distance, they went into the same room one of the other guys had gone to. In a few seconds, another woman came out of the apartment across the hall and went into the same room.

The place now had seven men visitors in less than 90 minutes.

Great! Fucking drug dealers!, I thought. Just what I bursa escort needed, my life was already fucked up. Two more men arrived while I was finishing up, and I saw the other two guys leave.

It was time to get to the bottom of this.

I checked my ledger, a woman named Cathy was in number two. I walked up and knocked on the door.

She answered, looked me up and down and smiled.

“Come on in, honey.” She said, holding the door for me. I went inside, looked around. The place was neat as a pin, and I spotted a big massage table set up in the middle of the main room.

“I haven’t seen you before, honey? Do you have the reference code?”

Reference code? What the hell?

“I am Dan….the landlord, I am just checking on my units.” I told her.

“Oh, sorry. I thought you were my client.”

“Client? What do you mean, client?”

“Oh. You don’t know? I am a massage therapist.” She smiled at me. I looked her over, Cathy was in her late 20’s. She had on tan slacks and a light pullover top. Pretty would be the word.

“Oh. I didn’t know that you were running a business out of here.”

She got an odd look on her face.

“It’s all right, isn’t it? I thought it would be, this property is zoned commercial.”

Commercial? OK, that is something I didn’t know, some fine landlord I am. I never paid any attention to that, the building was all apartments.

“Well, I guess it’s all right.” I managed.

“That’s good. All of us on this floor are in the business.”

“All of you?” I asked.

“Yes, the property management company said it was all right.” Her voice was a question.

That explained the string of men coming in and out.

“You must do pretty well.” I said.

“Oh, yes. I get an average of four to five clients each day. At $60 each hour….plus tips.” She smiled at me again.

I looked around some more, there was a stack of towels and sheets on a table nearby. I glanced at the table, it was set up and ready. I assumed she was waiting for a client, so I said my goodbyes and headed for the door just as someone knocked.

A man stood there, he looked mildly startled when he saw me. Cathy greeted him as I stepped outside.

“My friend told me to tell you I was referred by him, code sixty-two.” I heard him say, just as the door closed.

I sat out in the parking lot thinking. I saw two more men go inside, and one woman. The woman had that way of walking that made her look like she owned everything around her. I glanced over at the new Mercedes she had climbed out of.

So there were women clients, too?

I was doing the math in my head. 60 times 5 is $300 per day, that worked out to about $6000 per month?

Five units rented out? $180,000 per year and my place was only halfway rented out?

Let’s just say a light bulb went off in my head. That sounded quite a bit better than the 50 grand I could gross from renting each year, if I was lucky.

The only problem was how did I place myself into the flow of the money? I decided to check into this a bit more. I looked at my ledger, I had everyone’s names and phone numbers, so I called the one I had just met.

Her soft voice answered on the 3rd ring.

“Hi, This is Dan, I was just over there awhile ago.”

“Oh, hi. What can I do for you?”

“I was thinking….I would like to see about getting an appointment.”

“Oh. OK. I am booked up but let me check with Zoe. Be right back.”

She came back on in a few minutes.

“Zoe will take you, she is in number four.”

I already knew the name of course, but had never met her. Oh, well, why not? It was a chance to check out another of my renters.

“Thanks, when?”

“Right now if you want. I will tell her. Use code fifty-one.” She giggled and hung up.

All of this “code” shit was starting to get to me.

I went back inside and knocked on number four. A tall and slender dark haired beauty answered. She was pretty enough that I hesitated.

“Are you Dan?” She smiled.


“Come on in then.”

“Cathy said to tell you code fifty-one.”

“Oh. OK. It’s all right though, we know who you are.” She gave me another of those huge smiles.

“Where do you want me?” I asked, stupidly since the massage table was right there in the middle of the room.

“Go ahead and undress and get on the table. Do you want a drape?”

“It doesn’t matter, I guess.” I answered, not sure of what to say.

“Good, I prefer to work without one, it’s so much easier.” She gave me another of those big smiles.

Zoe left, I looked around. Then I slid off my clothes, placed them on a nearby chair. I was sitting on the edge of the table when she came back in, my hands folded over my lap. I was mildly embarrassed about being nude in front of her. She looked me up and down, smiled again.

“This will be fun, you are in nice shape.” She grinned. “Go ahead and lie face down, we will start on your back.”

I rolled over, she oiled up her hands and started with my bursa escort bayan legs. Her hands did feel wonderful, I had all of these plans of asking a bunch of questions but in just a few minutes I couldn’t concentrate.

All I felt were those hands. She worked out my back, using big long sweeps that went over my behind and all the way down my legs. I felt myself turning into jelly under her touch. A full half hour of that and I was having troubles trying to keep from dozing off.

“Ready to turn over?” She asked. Her voice had a musical tone to it, it seemed like she was far away. I managed with some effort to roll over on my back, completely aware that my cock was half hard and pointing off to the side.

She grabbed it with one hand and tucked it upwards so she could reach the flat of my pelvis. I started slightly at that, I had had a couple of massages but it had been years. Those were from older ladies at a gym I used to go to, neither one had even come close to touching my privates.

Zoe’s hands were now rubbing right along side my penis, the back of her hands brushing me. I felt myself grow larger, by now I knew she wasn’t concerned so I sure as hell wasn’t either.

She worked out my chest and abdomen using small circles, her fingers splayed out and the palms of her hands flat on me. Each circle came lower and lower until she was bumping my erection with each sweep of her hands.

Then her fingers spread out at the top of my collarbone, traced down the center up my chest. She lifted the heel of her hand and slid her palm up and over my cock, her trailing fingers wiggled over me.

She repeated that motion over and over, now using both hands. She picked up the pace, doing that same incredible movement until my burgeoning member began to stand up and away from my stomach.

My hips were lifting off of the table with a mind of their own, finally Zoe wrapped one hand around me and squeezed firmly, then she did several quick strokes.

That is all it took, I blasted off in spasms that seemed to come from my very center. She squeezed just as I orgasmed, extending and increasing the pleasure. My seed flew out of me as she moved the other hand to catch it, then she rubbed that onto my stomach.

Stepping to the foot of the table, she swept both hands up the front of my legs, letting her palms lift my testicles. They felt like they were snugged up so tightly that I might blast off again, but I didn’t. I went into a slow calming down as she kept right on repeating those long sweeping motions.

Later, she held a towel for me as I stepped out of her shower, then she dried me off from the top of my head to my feet.

I dressed, dug out some money and asked her how much.

“$60 today, normally that is a $40 tip but since you are the boss….” She smiled at me.

Outside, I sat in my car redoing the math. I realized there were risks but they had that all worked out by referring clients.

I knew what the current risks were already, I stood a good chance to lose everything the way things were going. My job prospects were slim or none, working in a gas station or something like that just would not do it. I had gone from close to 50K per year to zero in the space of a few days.

I went to work, spending a good chunk of my remaining capital on remodeling the storage room downstairs into a waiting room. It was a large room, plus it was right off the main lobby. I had wondered when I bought the place why so much space had been devoted to a lobby and storage area, it had never hit me that this was a converted business building. I even went downtown and checked, yep, commercial zone.

That was great, it meant I could do just about anything I wanted.

In the meantime, I visited each one of the women. Sara was in unit five, she was on the tubby side but made up for it in absolutely loving to suck on a dick. She did a short rubdown but it was normally just 15 minutes into the session before she was slurping away.

She told me that usually she always used a condom but once she found out I was the owner she didn’t bother. The truth is I was sure she liked it better that way, maybe part of the reason she was on the chunky side. The other thing that Sara did was open her blouse and rub her massive titties up and down the side of my hard on. I was not sure if she did that with any of her other clients and I didn’t ask.

Dana in unit 3 was on the aloof side, she was tall and thin, and she did a passable massage, then calmly reached out and moved her hand up and down until I let go. She almost never changed expression, and didn’t talk much.

Michelle was a chatterbox, she talked constantly. She was actually interested in doing a good massage, the hand finish was almost an afterthought. It was strange to be sitting on the edge of the table with her hands busy working my length and talking about everything under the Sun. Sometimes it took a very long time to get off with her, for some reason I liked that.

Then Cathy, I had met her first but she was the last escort bursa one I visited. Partly because she was so busy, she did around 5 clients each and every day including Saturdays. But finally I was on her table, and I found out why she was so busy.

I had just stretched out naked on her table, she walked into the room and she was naked just like me. Her beaver was slicker than a newborn baby’s bottom. Cathy was muscular and had small pink tipped nipples. She kept her table very low, climbed right up on top of my back to work, her legs straddling me. When she got to the end, she sat with her behind facing me as I lay there on my back. She reached out with both hands and rolled my erection in her palms furiously back and forth, like she was rolling a pencil or something.

That felt odd but good, and with her bare pussy right in my face it didn’t take long. I had the urge to lean up and lick her, so I did. She just tipped her fanny upwards a bit to make it easy for me.

Cathy was the first one to ask me questions about what I was doing in the lobby and storage room.

I explained to her that I was setting up a spa type operation, and was going to rent the building out as offices instead of living quarters, on a commission basis. She looked at me oddly.

“We are all doing OK the way things are.” She said. That was my first inkling of some possible upsets.

I realized that the current group might not like the idea of me running the operation, but the way things were sure wasn’t working so I had to try something.

I figured I needed about four grand per month more than the place would produce as just apartments. I also realized that I just might lose some of my current girls.

I had already started thinking of them as “my” girls, too. In retrospect, that wasn’t wise.

I moved into one of the upstairs apartments for myself, that way I didn’t have the rent at my own place. I ran an ad in a local advertiser for office space, in the “therapeutic” field.

No point in waving any flags at the local cops, I doubted they would be understanding.

I got two of the offices rented the first week, explaining how I would be paid a commission on sales and would also be doing referrals. By the end of the 2nd week I had the place full. I then explained the new deal to the other girls.

Sara came in and gave her notice, Michelle did the same the next day. Just damn! Now I had to rent out the other spaces. I had a few clients coming in, I noticed some of them walked in the door, spotted me sitting at the desk and did an about face.

Now what the hell was going on? One of the girls from upstairs was a sweet looking blond named Tamara, she came downstairs and asked me just what kind of clients was I sending up there anyway?

I stammered a little bit at that, I had just assumed that she knew what was up.

Apparently she didn’t. Needless to say, I had another vacancy up there in short order. Right behind that was Dana, she gave her notice, too. Two of the other new ones moved out, also.

I realized I was spending a lot of time behind my desk doing nothing.

I had already missed one payment to the bank and was coming up on the next one which would be missed, too. I interviewed several prospective tenants, trying my best to coyly explain the deal. I got several looks of disgust but no renters.

One woman got the picture instantly, she grinned at me.

“Let’s see, you want us to jack off your customers and give you a piece of the action, right?”

Well, that was blunt.

“I….uhhhh….” Is all I managed.

“You sure are one lousy pimp!” She said, and walked out.

I found myself living in a 10 unit apartment building with just two tenants, Cathy and Zoe. I figured it wouldn’t be long before the last two were gone.

I was a total failure, the bank was going to take the place and I would be on the street in short order.

I was sitting at my desk, not really knowing what to do when Zoe walked in.

“Hey, Danny? Want a massage? Free one, we need to talk anyway.” She smiled.

What the hell, free I could afford, I got up and went with her. Zoe had me stretched out on the table naked in short order, I had to admit I was feeling pretty good from her work on me.

There was a knock on the door, Zoe went over to answer it. I looked over my shoulder and Cathy walked in.

Zoe got on one side and Cathy on the other, I didn’t know what was going on but I liked it.

“So Danny? What will you take for this place?” Zoe asked me.

“I don’t think I can get enough to break even.” I told her.

“How about if Cathy and I just take over the payments?”

“You want to take over the place?” I asked.

“Yes, we want to form a partnership and buy you out.”

“OK. What is the offer?”

“You get the upstairs apartment for $450 per month and we just take it all over. Otherwise the bank will just repossess and probably kick us all out.”

I was at a major disadvantage, but that $450 was less than I was asking for monthly rent, and I had to live somewhere.

“How about I get a free massage a couple of times each month?” I grinned.

Hell, I might as well get something out of the deal.

They looked at each other and grinned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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