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Camilla Ch. 032

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Carl finished his third and final picture of nude Camilla around a quarter to six; he paid her, and she reluctantly put her clothes on, for she had to hurry over to Luvlee’s and begin stripping and lap-dancing there.

Before leaving, she said, “Remember sir–I mean, Carl–feel free to rape me again any time; I’ll let you.”

“Don’t say ‘rape’, Camilla!” the artist snapped at her.

“Sorry, ravish me again any time you want,” she said, shaking with fear from his bad temper, but also aroused by it. “I like it when you’re forceful…I love you.”

Carl took her by the hands, looked her in the eyes, and calmly said, “Camilla, you hardly even know me.”

“I know enough,” she said.

He gently put his hands on her cheeks and said, “You’re not even close to knowing enough. You know my cock, that’s all. You ‘love’ an idea in your head about me. I can’t live up to that; no man can. Look, I expect Belle to be better by tomorrow, and I’ll resume working with her–I can concentrate better with my sister posing nude, because I’m not an incestuous sicko. If she’s still sick tomorrow, or if at any other time she can’t pose for me, I’ll call you–give me your number.” She promptly searched in her purse for her name card, and he continued: “And from time to time, when I’m not busy with other things, we can fuck if you like. But I’m not committing to anyone–especially not with girls half my age.”

“I’m 18, the age of consent,” she said.

“That makes no difference to me,” he said. “I’m not committing to anyone or anything but my art. I’m a free man, and I want to stay that way. Sorry, Camilla, but that’s just the way I am.”

“OK, I understand,” she said with a pout. She gave him her Luvlee’s card, which had her home address and phone number, and left.


Camilla walked into Luvlee’s ten minutes later, and saw Candice wearing black lace underwear at the bar. Candice was looking at the Luvlee’s website on the laptop there, and this gave Camilla an idea.

“Hi Candice,” she said when she got next to her friend. “Can I see the computer for a second?” Camilla took off her dress as Candice turned the laptop around.

“Sure,” Candice said. “What for?”

“I wanna know if I can post an ad on the Luvlee’s website,” Camilla explained.

“An ad? For what?”

“A photographer/movie camera guy. I wanna do porn,” Camilla said while finding a page on the site where she could post such an ad.

“Why am I not surprised?” Candice asked with a smirk.

Camilla typed in the ad. This is what it said: “Luvlee’s lap-dancer looking for experienced photographer/movie cameraman to make porn photo galleries and movies with her. Must have professional attitude. If interested, meet Camilla in Luvlee’s; bring portfolio. Will give you one free lap-dance.” She also included her cell-phone number.

Candice looked at the ad. “Cameraman? Sounds like sex discrimination,” she said.

“Oh, fuck political correctness,” Camilla said. “I want to flash my pussy for a guy.”

“And you’ll give him a free lap-dance?” Candice asked.

“Of course,” Camilla said, “so I can know how big his dick is.”

“Crucial in finding the best cameraman, of course,” Candice said facetiously.

“Absolutely,” Camilla said in all seriousness. “Then I can do POV porn with him.”

A man asked Candice for a lap-dance, and she said goodbye to Camilla and went with him.

Camilla sat at the bar in her white underwear for several minutes, surfing the internet. Business was unusually slow for a Thursday evening, and Camilla was surprised at not having had anyone ask her for a lap-dance; normally the customers found her so irresistible that she always had difficulty getting a moment to rest or use the washroom. For this reason she’d often considered asking the boss to have güvenilir bahis toilets installed in the private rooms; then those with a taste for urolagnia (or coprophilia, for that manner) could enjoy watching her use the toilet between lap-dances.

After a few more minutes of boring waiting, Camilla received an even bigger surprise than the lack of business: Akemi, her Japanese-Canadian classmate, the one with lesbian feelings for her, walked into the bar!

Camilla ran up to Akemi. “Akemi! Hi!” she said in a cheerful, high-pitched voice. She threw her arms around the shy Asian, who trembled with fear and desire at Camilla’s touch. “How are you? So good to see you! I never thought I’d se you in here.”

“I never think I come in here, too,” Akemi said. “I embarrass, but…I don’t know…” She was breathing heavier and heavier, for Camilla was still hugging her close.

Correctly assuming that Akemi had learned about Camilla stripping in Luvlee’s from all the usual gossips at school, and that Akemi wanted to satisfy the urges her Catholic faith made her ashamed of, grinning Camilla asked, “Would you like me to give you some lap-dances?” (She asked Akemi in a manner that made the titillating offer sound as innocent as fixing her a cup of tea.)

“Oh, well…okay,” Akemi said haltingly, frightened and excited at the same time.

“OK. Just let me get my purse,” Camilla said with a smile. She got her purse and dress from the bar, and she led timid Akemi into a private room.

They sat down, and Camilla, sitting on a chair opposite where Akemi was, asked, “So, are you glad we’re finally graduating next week? No more of that awful school and its restrictions?”

“Yeah,” Akemi said, still shaking with fear and guilt about what she was about to enjoy. “Then I go to university, in Toronto, far away from my mommy/daddy. Freedom!” She sounded almost happy saying that last word.

“I know what you mean,” Camilla said. “I felt that freedom the second I moved out of my mom’s house: I hate that bitch!”

“Camilla, you can’t say that. Must respect your parents.”

“Only when both my parents are respectable people,” Camilla said, then she unclipped her bra at the sound of a new song beginning. “I guess it’s time to get out of my underwear,” she said.

“Oh, you don’t have do that,” Akemi said, scared of her desire.

“Why not?” Camilla asked, shaking her large breasts as she took off her bra. “You’ve already seen my naked body a million times in the change room in gym class.” She pulled her panties down to her feet. “What do you see now that you haven’t seen before?” She kicked off her panties and high heels.

“I don’t want make you feel embarrass,” Akemi said, turning her head to one side.

“Akemi, do I look embarrassed?” the now completely naked stripper asked her. “Don’t be shy, sweetie. Look at my body; enjoy yourself.” Camilla put her hands on Akemi’s cheeks and gently moved the trembling girl’s head to see Camilla’s breasts, which she wiggled for her viewing pleasure. “Would you like to touch them?”

“Yeah, but…” Akemi guiltily stammered. “I don’t want make you feel like sex object.”

Camilla got up and sat on Akemi’s lap, facing her. “Honey, I am a sex object. I like being a sex object. I like turning people on, including you.” She put Akemi’s hands on her breasts. “There, d’you like feeling my tits?”

“Yeah, but…” Akemi sighed, feeling the greatest pleasure she’d ever had. “I feel guilty…sin.” A tear ran down her cheek from the fearful thought of what her devoutly religious parents would think if they’d seen her there.

“Sweetie, it’s okay to have sexual feelings for me,” Camilla reassured her with a soothing voice. Then she blew in her ear and said, “I’m flattered that you’re hot for me. Really. I think it’s sweet. Don’t be ashamed of your türkçe bahis feelings. It’s just sex.”

“But Bible say lesbian, gay…is wrong,” Akemi said in tremulous moans as Camilla pushed her breasts against either side of Akemi’s face.

“Akemi, I’m Catholic too, but I know the Bible is as much the word of man as it is the Word of God. Homophobia is man’s prejudice, not God’s law. I’m not ashamed of my body: I’m like Eve before the Fall, and that’s when she still had God’s grace. I believe that’s how Jesus saves us, by bringing us back to that time of not judging. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your feelings for me, either. Nudity is beautiful, not dirty.” She put her right hand up Akemi’s skirt.

“No! Don’t do that!” terrified Akemi shouted between sobs, stopping Camilla’s hand from getting any closer to her genitals.

“Akemi, I wanna make you feel good.” Camilla’s left hand gently took Akemi’s hand away and she touched the moist spot on Akemi’s panties with her right hand. “Lap-dancing men is easy; you just sit on their dicks and rub. But to give a lesbian pleasure, sitting on her lap won’t be enough; I will tickle her between her legs–it’s only fair.” Camilla gently stroked the area of Akemi’s underwear where her clitoris was; she squealed her appreciation. “Is that how you like to be touched?” Camilla asked.

“I don’t know…I never…do that.”

“You’ve never masturbated?” Camilla sneered her surprise as she continued tickling the sighing girl between her legs.

“No…too dirty…ah!”

“Sorry to say this, Akemi, but you and your family are really uptight. How do you satisfy your urges? You must have wet dreams regularly.”

“Yeah…I do…oh!”

“Do you have wet dreams about me?” grinning Camilla asked as she kissed Akemi’s cheeks.

“Yeah, always you…Only you…ah!”

“That’s so sweet, Akemi. I’m flattered.” She kissed Akemi on the mouth. Then with her left hand, Camilla reached for her purse and took out a box of breath mints. Not liking Akemi’s bad breath (it smelled of seaweed), but not wanting to hurt the sensitive girl’s feelings either, Camilla took out two mints, one for each girl, to save face. Camilla quickly chewed hers and swallowed the crunched pieces, as did Akemi. Then Camilla put her tongue in Akemi’s mouth. The Japanese-Canadian girl’s body shook with excitement as they continued French kissing for several seconds. Camilla’s fingers roamed all over Akemi’s soaking wet panties, feeling her clitoris, her hymen and her labia through the thin underwear. Akemi’s clitoris was rock hard now, and there was a puddle of moisture in her panties. Her sighs and squeals were getting higher and higher pitched. Camilla didn’t find the plain-looking, somewhat overweight 18-year-old Asian attractive at all, but she sensed her seemingly unfulfillable longing, and felt compassion for her; she could identify with the restrictions imposed on Akemi’s freedom, since Camilla’s own mother had been quite a tyrant herself. Camilla wanted to help the girl learn how to let go. Indeed, the girl was learning how to let go: now Akemi was returning Camilla’s kisses with equal and even greater passion than Camilla had been kissing her. They kissed, nuzzled, and licked each other, all over their faces and necks. Camilla then brought her breasts up to Akemi’s mouth, putting her right nipple into the girl’s thirsty mouth. As Akemi greedily sucked, Camilla continued stimulating her clitoris, fingering faster and faster, until Akemi finally orgasmed, screaming her satisfaction. After waiting a few seconds to let Akemi catch her breath and contemplate her ecstasy, Camilla asked, “Sex is fun, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Akemi panted.

“Did I make you feel good?” Camilla asked with a sexy grin.

“Yeah,” Akemi sighed with love beaming from her eyes.

“You wanna make me feel güvenilir bahis siteleri good?” Camilla asked with a sly smirk.

“Oh, yeah.”

Bringing her face up close to Akemi’s and pursing her lips, wide-eyed Camilla purred, “Can you eat my pussy, please?”

“I don’t know how,” Akemi said, getting afraid not only from guilt but also from the thought of not being able to please the goddess she was falling in love with. “I never do that before.”

“I’ll teach you,” Camilla said, standing up and bringing her left leg over Akemi’s right shoulder to reveal her vulva. Akemi, however, shyly turned her head away. “Baby, don’t be shy,” Camilla said. “I want you to see my pussy; everybody tells me it’s really pretty-looking, and I want to please you by showing it to you. A really good artist painted and drew it today, and I found out for the first time that it really is beautiful. Please look. You have to see it to know where to put your tongue.”

Akemi, shaking, slowly raised her head up to see it. It took all of her courage to look at something her mother had always told her was filthy and corrupting of Christian souls. Then she finally saw it: Camilla held her labia wide open, and Akemi just stared, her eyes and mouth agape, in awe of that uncanny doorway to where all life begins. Smiling Akemi breathed heavily; tears ran down her cheeks; she’d never seen such terrifying beauty before. That part of the anatomy may have been dirty on mere mortals, but on the pagan goddess standing before her, it was pure loveliness. Camilla, grinning, was touched by the sweet look of innocence and wonder on Akemi’s face.

“Put your lips and tongue here, sweetie,” Camilla said, pointing out her large clitoris. Akemi continued staring in a daze, so to bide the time Camilla said, “By the way, when we were rehearsing Hamlet, and I flashed my pussy for you, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Sorry about tha–“

At that second, Akemi passionately jumped up at Camilla’s clitoris and wrapped her mouth around it. She sucked on it and licked it with an effervescence that not even Candice had ever matched. Akemi put her hands on Camilla’s buttocks and squeezed them at regular intervals, while her licking and sucking went on at seemingly lightning speed. Akemi’s moans and groans buzzed against Camilla’s clitoris, exciting her all the more; Camilla’s own moans, an octave higher, were an echo and response to those of Akemi. Camilla ran her hands through Akemi’s hair, sighing and squealing with delight. Akemi was a natural talent at cunnilingus; all that repressed sexual energy, finally released! This was further proof to Camilla that women are born lickers, even when they are virgins. Camilla took Akemi’s right hand, got her to point her index finger out, and fed it into her vagina, finding her G-spot and having Akemi’s finger stroke her there. Camilla then opened her left buttock with her left hand, and with her right hand took Akemi’s left hand, and fed her index finger inside Camilla’s anus. She guided Akemi’s finger to rub against the anal wall neighbouring her vaginal wall. Akemi then pushed her fingers all the way inside Camilla’s vagina and rectum, reaching Camilla’s A-spot. Camilla’s squeals and screams got higher and higher until reaching the whistle register, and she came all over Akemi’s face.

“Sorry about that,” Camilla said. “I’m a gusher; Old Faithful.”

“That’s OK,” Akemi said, licking the come off her lips and wiping it out of her eyes with a tissue. “You make me feel better than I ever feel before.”

“You made me feel fantastic, too,” Camilla said in loud pants.

“How much I owe you?” Akemi asked.

“Forget it,” Camilla said. “That was free.”

Akemi continued beaming at Camilla, who began to realize that she would soon be forced to tell the girl she didn’t return the love Akemi felt for her. She decided that that heartbreak would have to happen another day; she didn’t want to spoil Akemi’s current ecstasy.

Meanwhile, jealous Candice could hear all the squealing in that room, and was feeling a heartbreak of her own.

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