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Black Couple’s Slavery Fetish

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The name is Eileen Janet Calhoun and I’m a six-foot, blonde-haired and green-eyed, voluptuous young Irishwoman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I am a social worker by trade and my husband Keith Calhoun is a tax lawyer. He works for one of the biggest firms in Boston. We both live in a nice house on Brockton’s west side. This here is our story of getting by in the big city. Boredom gets to you, you know. So we found creative ways of overcoming it. You see, we became swingers.

Keith and I are presently entertaining some friends of ours in the living room. Monica and Jason Brown are our pals. And they’re also swingers. Jason is a six-foot-three, lean and dark-skinned black man with short hair and the cutest face I’ve ever seen on anyone. He’s simply hot. The kind of sexy man that makes women and gay men swoon. Hard to believe he’s a college mathematics professor. If he wanted to, he could have been a male model. Tyson Beckford, Brad Pitt and the other Hollywood studs got nothing on him. His wife Monica is tall, heavyset, with large breasts, wide hips and a huge round butt. What they call a ghetto booty in the black and Hispanic communities. Her skin is very dark, and she’s rather plain in the face department. I don’t like her too much. She’s loud and obnoxious. And she has the most annoying laugh ever. I always thought Jason could do better than her but many black men seem to like big butts over nice personalities and accomplishments in women. Not bashing them, just being honest.

Monica Jackson Brown used to be a corrections officer but now she runs a small bookstore in downtown Brockton. Between the new courthouse and the line of barber shops. One thing I found tolerable about Monica is the fact that she was down with swinging. And she had a submissive streak in her. She and Jason were into interracial dominance and submission. They were a couple of submissives with some rather odd fantasies. Fantasies ankara sınırsız escortlar that Keith and I were more than ready to make true. They wanted to play master and slave in the historical sense. Well, that’s more than okay with Keith and me. We enjoy dominating others. We’re the M. Davis and S. Romain of suburban America. Don’t let our looks fool you.

Presently, Jason is kneeling before Keith and obediently sucking his cock and balls. Yes, my husband is bisexual. So is Jason. And I don’t mind watching them going at it. Keith is six feet two inches tall, muscular, with long blond hair and pale green eyes. He’s got a ten-inch, uncircumcised cock that has been known to make men and women of all races squeal in delight. Watching Jason going down on my man turned me on like you would not believe.

Yeah, this was fun to watch. Let me tell you about what I did to Monica Brown. I put her on all fours, and put a leash around her neck. I made her walk around the house and follow my every order. Every time she didn’t obey me fast enough, I smacked the shit out of her. I’ve always gotten a serious thrill from dominating big black women like Monica Jackson Brown. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because most black women I’ve ever met have been loud, arrogant and downright abusive of others at least verbally. I’ve seen them cussing others on the subway over nothing. They think they can intimidate the entire world. Well, I like to show them that they can’t intimidate me. I stand six feet tall and weigh two hundred and twelve pounds. I’m a big woman in every sense of the term. Not some dainty dame. I used to be a varsity wrestler in high school. I also wrestled on a men’s wrestling squad in college. I don’t get intimidated easily.

I loved putting Monica in her place. After showing her who’s boss for a few minutes, I got on all fours, spread my ass cheeks and farted on her face. Then I made her lick ankara suriyeli escortlar my asshole. Monica licked my asshole like it was the sweetest thing she’d ever tasted. Man, I was having the time of my life. I never thought it would feel this good to dominate Monica. After she licked my ass, I put her on all fours and told her to spread her ass wide open. I donned my favorite strap-on dildo, doused it in lubricant and pressed it against Monica’s asshole. Gripping the big black woman’s wide hips, I thrust forward, slamming my dildo into her asshole. Monica howled. Oh, my gosh. I absolutely loved that sound. The sound of a big black woman screaming as a blonde-haired white dominatrix slams a dildo up her asshole. It was sweeter music to my ears than the Bean Town Symphony Orchestra.

Grabbing hold of Monica’s long hair, I yanked her head back while slamming my dildo even farther up her fat black ass. Meanwhile, Keith and Jason were having their fun. Jason was on all fours, face down and ass up as Keith slammed his cock up the black stud’s tight ass. Jason screamed as Keith began pounding his ass. I winced in sympathy. Keith has fucked my ass plenty of times and let me tell you, the man has a big dick and really knows how to use it. Sometimes, he leaves my ass feeling sore for days. Gripping Jason’s hips, he fucked him with passion. That’s my Keith. He takes anal sex very seriously. He considers it his job to pound as many asses as possible in his lifetime. The gender of the person the ass in question belongs to doesn’t matter to him. He’s a bisexual man who loves anal sex. Need I say more?

Monica squealed as I slammed my dildo up her ass. I laughed and smacked her fat ass, watching that thick bubble butt of hers jiggle as I sodomized her with my strap-on. I wanted to make her pay for being such a loud-mouthed, obnoxious slut who thinks the world belongs to her. And so I did. I fucked her like strap-on ankara türbanlı escortlar ass fucking was going out of style. She howled like a woman possessed. I pulled out, and made her lie on her back. I wanted to look into the big black woman’s face as I fucked her in the ass. And so I did. I plunged the dildo up Monica’s asshole while staring her in the eye. She whimpered. She squealed. She begged and pleaded. I laughed, and just kept fucking her. Until I just about had enough and finished her off by pressing a special button on my dildo. It unleashed hot artificial cum deep inside Monica’s asshole. Monica howled in shock and surprise. I smacked her in the face. Yes, bitch. I just came inside your ass. And I’m a woman. Ha!

Across the room, Jason was screaming as Keith gave the black man’s ass the fucking of the century. I ordered Monica to clean my dildo with her tongue and she did. She made a face as she tasted her ass on my dildo but I smacked her and got her in line. Obediently, she licked my dildo clean while I watched Keith tear Jason’s ass apart. Keith continued fucking Jason until he came, flooding the black stud’s ass with his cum. Man, now that’s what I call some hot interracial bisexual male action! Jason sucked Keith’s cock, licking every drop of cum from my husband’s glorious member. Wow.

And that’s how the evening went, folks. Monica and Jason left our house, feeling sore but with their submissive urges satisfied. Keith and I watched them go. Next week, we’d hook up with them again. I kissed Keith, then we went to bed. As soon as we got there, my sexy husband took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. I loved it when he was so forceful. He ordered me to suck his cock and I did. I sucked his cock and balls, then spread my ass for him. Keith placed his cock against my backdoor and pushed it inside. Oh, yeah. That’s what a woman like me needs. A good ass fucking at the end of a sexually adventurous evening. As I howled passionately, I said my thanks to heaven for giving me such a handsome, caring, masculine, sexually adventurous and virile husband. I love him dearly. We’re lucky to have each other. We’re just your average suburban Irish couple from New England, only kinkier!

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