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Bisexual Interracial Action

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My name is John Randolph and I am a filmmaker working in the Adult Film Industry. I like to make rare and challenging footage which makes people think. As a rather adventurous kind of man, I’ve been known to make edgy films. That’s the only way to stay in demand in this industry. The more controversial and edgy the topic, the more it sells. Ask any businessman and he shall tell you the same thing. Some people might call me a pervert but odds are, if they watch my stuff, then who are they kidding?

My first truly edgy adult film was about Melissa White, an Amish woman who left her simple people behind and went to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune. Melissa is a tall and somewhat chubby young woman with short black hair and pale blue eyes. Although this young chubby dame seems innocent, you won’t believe the stuff she did on camera. Her first appearance in the adult film industry was in a bisexual fetish porn movie.

The first scene featured Melissa White with a young Arabian stud, played by Ibrahim Hasan. First, they kissed. Melissa had never seen a naked man before, let alone a handsome and well-endowed one like Ibrahim. Ibrahim was also new to the sex industry. I put the two of them together, just to see what happens. Could you imagine? An Arab man and an Amish woman having sex together on camera? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I watched them go at it. Both of them were unique specimens. Ibrahim was an Arab college student trying to make some extra money because he got thrown out after his conservative Muslim parents discovered that he was bisexual. Ibrahim’s boyfriend, a young Muslim man named Salouk Karim abandoned him after he was forced out of the closet. This young man decided to display his sexuality on camera, proud and confident, for all the world to see.

Melissa performed her first blowjob on camera. Ibrahim lay on the bed, stroking her hair as she sucked him. This was a first for both of them but under my expert direction, they got through it fine. Melissa licked Ibrahim’s cock and balls and drank his cum when he finally came. He then put on a condom and she assumed the position. The woman was nervous but we reassured her. Ibrahim promised to be gentle as could be. Slowly, he penetrated her vagina. I watched both his face and movements and Melissa’s. first, she was tense and so was he, then they relaxed and began enjoying themselves. He thrust deep into her pussy, and she bucked wildly before ankara moldovyalı escortlar putting her arms around him and embracing him. They fucked and sucked like professionals rather than amateurs. I captured that magical moment on camera.

That was it for the first day. I spoke with both performers after, and they were alright. My editor liked the product and went to work with it right away. I usually work with a small crew. I trust my crew very much. Anton is our cameraman. Susan is our editor. Walt is our go-to guy for everything else. I’ve worked with them for years. We’ve made some good movies together. They know what I liked. We were cool.

The next day, we filmed the threesome. The threesome would take place between Ibrahim, Melissa and a young man named Julio Chavez. Julio was a tall, athletic young man of Latin origin. This young stud was also bisexual and brand new to the adult film industry. I offered him twelve hundred dollars to do the scene and he signed on the dotted line. We got started right away.

First, I introduced the co-stars to each other. Melissa was rather pleased to meet Julio, the hunky Latin stud. Ibrahim also seemed taken with him. In order to create better chemistry between them, I let them talk to each other for a few hours. I made them very comfortable and relaxed. When it came time to do the shoot, the results were marvelous. Never say that being a maverick film maker does not pay. I may be weird but I definitely know how to deliver!

We began shooting the scene. Ibrahim undressed, and kissed Melissa, and began caressing her. They were joined by Julio, the sexy Latin dude. The sexual escapades began. First, Julio and Ibrahim explored each other’s fine masculine bodies. A Latin man and an Arab man kissing and touching each other while an Amish woman watched. Yeah, this was hot! Julio kissed Ibrahim all over the place, before taking the Arab’s cock in his mouth. Melissa watched, fingering her pussy as the two men went at it.

While Julio sucked Ibrahim, Melissa decided to join in. She was still new at the game of oral sex but was willing to try it again. She took Julio’s cock in her mouth. I watched her put to good use the lessons she learned yesterday. Julio certainly seemed to appreciate it. As for Ibrahim, the guy was clearly in heaven. When he came, Julio eagerly drank his seed and Melissa did the same thing for Julio when the Latin stud’s hard cock ankara ukraynalı escortlar erupted in her mouth. All three of them lay on the bed, their bodies covered with sweat and big smiles on their faces.

I clapped my hands and congratulated them on a scene well done. Tomorrow, things got a little more intense. It’s been brought to my attention that in bisexual movies, the women hardly ever receive anal penetration from the male actors. Well, I’ve decided to correct this imbalance by showing lots of anal action in my movies. I told this to Melissa, Ibrahim and Julio. Would you believe that none of them minded? They’re such good actors. It’s so hard to find good ones these days.

The next scene to be shot introduced yet another threesome. This time, Melissa got on all fours and Julio positioned himself behind her. His hard cock was well lubricated, as was her anal cavity. For a woman about to be fucked in the ass on camera by a bisexual man, Melissa was surprisingly chipper. She told me that it was how she dealt with stressful situations. Put on a happy face and roll with it. I smiled at that. Such a good girl. She will go far in life with that kind of attitude.

I gave them the okay to begin. Julio spread Melissa’s butt cheeks wide open and slid his cock into her ass. Slowly but surely, he worked it inside her. Melissa winced. I could tell that she felt some discomfort but she was determined to continue shooting. Eight of Julio’s ten inches of hard Latin cock went up her butt that day, with the aid of plenty of lubricant. For a first time anal receiver, Melissa was superb! This girl was so damn talented! I congratulated Julio for his obvious talents and professionalism. We continued the scene.

Julio thrust into Melissa’s butt hole, shoving his cock hard and deep where the sun didn’t shine. I could tell that he liked it. What surprised me was that Melissa was starting to like it too. Her screams of pain had turned into cries of pleasure and now, she was begging Julio for more. He continued to pump his cock in and out of her tight butt hole until I told him to stop, and then we took the money shot. He pulled out and came, all over Melissa’s fantastic-looking plump butt. Nice!

The scene was over. Julio and Melissa ate in the dining hall with the rest of us, after taking a shower. We didn’t talk about work while eating. No, instead we talked about everything from football and soccer to ankara minyon tipli escortlar world politics, literature and fine art. Yeah, nobody likes to talk about work at the end of the day. I told them to rest and relax tonight since we had a particularly difficult scene to shoot the next day, and their buddy Ibrahim would return to join them. Both of them seemed pleased to hear that.

The next day, we began shooting. Ibrahim was present for this scene, as predicted. Both Julio and Melissa seemed pleased to see him. The crew was ready and the scene began. Julio and Melissa were making out when Ibrahim walked in on them. He decided to punish them for messing around behind his back since he was the man of the house. Both Julio and Melissa eagerly complied. Who could resist Ibrahim’s buff body and charming smile?

Ibrahim got naked, and both Julio and Melissa began kissing him all over. He caressed their fine bottoms, and decided to try the both of them. First, he tried Melissa’s fine plump booty. Melissa got on all fours and spread her butt cheeks wide open with both hands. Ibrahim came up behind her, and pressed his hard cock against her lubricated asshole. Slowly, he slid his cock into her back door.

At the same time, Julio came up behind Ibrahim. He pressed his cock against the groove of Ibrahim’s butt, and spread them cheeks. He pressed his cock against Ibrahim’s ass, and pushed. Ibrahim grimaced as Julio’s cock went into him. At the same time, he thrust hard into Melissa’s butt hole, shoving his cock deep inside her. I watched this scene intently. Most directors of bisexual movies produced crappy work. Not me. I knew what the fans wanted to see and I provided it for them.

The three of them started a three-way butt raiding party. Julio slammed his cock into Ibrahim’s butt hole, who in turn slammed his dick into Melissa’s tight asshole. All three of them were screaming as the scene continued. They were something to see, I’ll tell you. This scene was very intense. There was nothing fake about it. Hard cocks were going up tight assholes and making their owners, both male and female, squeal in delight. The highlight of the film came when both men came almost at the same time. It was a rare thing to be captured on camera, I’ll tell you.

When the scene ended, all three of them needed some down time. I let them shower, rest and then recover. I made them very comfortable. I always take care of my actors and actresses. I also thanked the crew for their fine work. The editor and I went to the lab to add the final touches to the product, before sending it to the corporation to be copied, marketed, advertised and distributed. We did some fine work. This movie sold out at adult video stores nationwide!

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