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Bickering Feeds Sexual Tension

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She honestly did not even know why she liked him. He was such an asshole sometimes. Entitled, arrogant. Sometimes she loathed his very presence and resigned to a “whatever dude” most of the times they interacted. It made perfect sense when she would ponder, “why the fuck is this jerk on my mind?” She could not decipher the answer, there just wasn’t one to be found.

At one time, she thought she saw something there, something in him. Something softer which he was concealing. She decided maybe that was it. Each revisit she kept indulging when she would hear from him was another chance to uncover that side he always had to bury.

I was by chance they were assigned rooms next door to each other. She rolled her eyes, picked up her duffle and moved towards the elevator. After settling in her room and getting comfortable, she lays around to watch some TV with the idea of dinner in mind. The chaos of daily life is so loud, this little weekend away would provide for some quiet. The solitude she had been needing for so long from expectations she had to fulfill.

She sprawled out on the bed enjoying her space. Her tank top, a deep blue, made her eyes dance reflecting its color. The environment or top she wears would always dictate the shade of her eyes. Blue is best for drawing out the two tones her lashes showcased. For the full effect of comfort, she was wearing some thin shorts that would lend a peek to the curvature of her ass. No bra or panties would interrupt this state of slumber, she was on a vacation from such obligations.

The state of disconnect in her head was ever present as she mindlessly thumbed the channel up button surfing hotel cable maltepe escort TV. She heard it ever so slightly. A soft knock. Her eyes moved towards the door, then again. Oddly, it wasn’t coming from the entrance door but was at the door to the adjoining room. She knew instantly who it was, and her body reacted with such a mixture of angst and lust.

She slid off the bed to stand next to the door and calls out “What do want?”

He returns with a “Hey, can you open up?”

After a reflex eyeroll, she turns the deadbolt and cracks the door.

She could feel her snobby blinking as annoying even to herself as she put her bitchiness out there. He smiles, almost sarcastically, maybe that was his intention. He knew he got under her skin. It was actually a turn on for him, this loathing she projected in his direction. The challenge of it. Either pissing her off or turning her on. He could not decide which part of it he enjoyed more.

“Hey, so I was wondering if you wanted to hang out. Just watching some TV and thought you might like some company.” He presents through his shit eating grin.

She did a quick assessment. It might be fun, or it might be a total nightmare and ruin her evening. It really depended on him, as she has come to learn over time.

As if he were reading her thought, he adds, “You can just kick me out if you change your mind.”

After a deep sigh, she steps back and opens the door motioning her hand as if putting something on display.

As he walks through, she turns to walk away. He reaches out grabbing her arm to spin her around facing him, then pushes her roughly up against the wall. Her body escort maltepe makes contact with a thud, her face cringes ready to go full bitch mode when he puts his mouth on hers. His facial hair is as menacing as his attitude she thinks as she reciprocates, letting the gesture consume her. His hands wander her aggressively, in full discovery mode. Ass, hips, waist, breasts. The intensity of the make out session makes her wanton with lust. Tongues swirling about through little whimpers. He reaches down to investigate her sex. She grips his wrist and holds it, stopping him in the journey.

She pulls her mouth away from his, opens her eyes, and says, “You have to earn it” through a little smirk. He returns a half smile of his own then lowers himself to his knees.

He pinches the hem of her thin little shorts and pulls it back as if he’s opening the blinds to peer in. With his other hand, fingertips troll her slit stalking her lustful sea. At last, he finds her, dripping with all the sexual tension they’ve built. As he slides his fingers inside, she exhales deeply giving in to it. She swings her leg over his shoulder bending at the knee so her leg rests down his back and leans into the wall behind her. He looks up at her as he brings his mouth to her wanton cunt and starts savagely feasting, satisfying his craving. His mocha eyes boring into hers as she contorts her face with every attacking tongue movement. Her fingers run through his hair and ball into an assertive fist. Pulling his face closer to suffocate him in her flowing cunt. She cuts loose a hungry moan. His fingers become more aggressive as does his appetite for her dripping honey.

Without maltepe escort bayan warning, he pulls back shoving her leg off his shoulder ripping her from this rapture. He gropes around her waist then tosses her on the bed like a ragdoll. Her arousal at his rough conduct doesn’t surprise her, but she is still caught off guard. He leans down and rips her shorts off her body with a single sweeping motion, threads heard tearing in the process. So many thoughts racing through her mind, yet she cannot latch on to any of them for focus.

He kneels on the bed pulling her to him by her legs, manhandling her as she tries to catch her breath pushing her legs back over her body folding her in half. Toying and fingering her exposed twat, vigorously massaging her nectar over her tender clit. Leaning down, diving back into claim what is his. Those are his juices, his thirsty desire he has stirred in her.

She can barely contain herself, the betrayal of her body she is witnessing is almost too much to comprehend. She moans so freely giving herself away to the pleasure she’s basking in. She comes so close to her release too many times to count at this point.

Both hands balled into fists of his hair, tugging him to keep going. At last, the lustful wave she’s riding breaks, washing over her reaching climax. He keeps feasting through her orgasm as she cums in his mouth, lapping up her juices he’s claimed for himself. This consumption and her submission is his win. She spasms and whimpers as her sweet honey pulses out of her.

Finally, he breaks away. Stands up at the foot of the bed leaving her there twitching and drained wiping his face with back of his hand. That sarcastic fucking smile taunting her, teasing her. He backs away towards the adjoining door to their rooms, brings his fingers to his face to smell her musk on them. Still smiling, he turns and leaves closing the door behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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