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A Walk in the Park

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There he was before Her, Her pup. His arms and legs were tied at elbows and knees, his hood locked to his collar. Looking down his body She admired the rubber waggy tail plugged in his firm ass. She grinned, his cock was all locked up in a metal chastity cage. He was Hers.

She held the leash attached to his collar. Tonight they were going out for a walk, a little trip to the park. He shivered as She opened the door. Outside was scary, but it also turned him on so much. His cock strained against the chastity cage holding it down, trying to get hard.

On the way to the park they did not encounter anyone, thankfully. He was so embarrassed, even more so as his cock was dripping pre-cum all the way. She looked down at him, tonight She’d take him another step. She knew public play turned him on beyond measure, but it also scared him. Yes he would like Her plans, She was sure.

As they walked through the empty park he suddenly started whining a little, She stopped and asked what was wrong. He needed to pee. “Well, doggies pendik escort come here for just that, don’t they?”

He tensed up, was She saying what he thought She was?! She looked like She was serious. Trembling, he took little doggy steps over to a tree. He lifted his leg, letting go. It felt so releasing, so damn hot! He wanted this again!

He finished his business and walked back to Her, thinking the night would be over now. She had other plans and sat down on one of the benches, spreading Her legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties!

“Come here boy,” She said.

He sniffed Her scent on the air and crawled closer. She unzipped his muzzle and pulled his head into Her waiting snatch. He knew what to do and started lapping at the juices that were already flowing.

“Oh yes, good boy,” She exclaimed. “Watching you pee against that tree like a good little doggy got me all hot and horny. If you make me cum, I might let out your cock tonight.”

He sped up his lapping, twisting and turning his tongue between Her escort pendik labia. He strained, trying to stretch that last inch of his tongue out to plunge into Her tasty snatch as deep as he could. She started moaning louder and louder, pushing his head hard into Her crotch. His mouth was suddenly flooded by Her juices as She screamed out.

Coming down from Her high, She scratched behind his ears and told him they were going home. She got up and he followed Her obediently. Back home as the front door closed, She said, “do you think you deserved to use your cock tonight?”

He let out a pleading whine. She laughed. “Hmm if you whine like a bitch i know something better.” She tied his leash to a metal bar, affixed to the wall for this specific reason, and left the room, Pup was quivering with anticipation, what would She get? He had a feeling of course, something that flowed from the words She used, and sure enough there She returned, wearing a large purple strap-on. It was the kind with a little part that entered Her, so She would pendik escort bayan have her pleasure, and the dildo part? It was modeled after a canine cock. He really was to be a bitch tonight!

He started to whine loudly, knowing better than to try and speak up, but She didn’t like his whining and shut him up with a firm slap to the face. “On your back!” He quickly complied, and She put a spreader bar between his legs, before tying little strings to them, with nipple clamps on the end. She clamped them down on his nipples that were very sensitive from the exciting night. He gasped as they clamped down, and noticed his predicament, holding his legs back, giving her full access to his little tailhole was harder than it looked. His legs felt the strain, but if he tried to move them, he would pull on the clamps, and they were the kind that just as easily pulled of his nipple with them as they would slip off.

She lubed up the purple phallus in front of him, stroking it like an eager breeder with a real cock. Then without hesitation She got down onto the bed, and positioned Her big cock. “Ready or not, here it cums my little bitch” She pushed in deep, right up until the edge of the knot, He groaned loudly and felt like it would be a long night yet…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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