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A Summer with the McCoys Ch. 02

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The summer with my biological family figured to be stressful at first, but things got better real fast. Barbara was working almost all the time, but made sure there was food always available. I’d inherited all of the handywork around the house, which I was willing to do for the free roof while I found a new architecture job. It was something to do to help pass the time, besides my sister Vicky. Vicky kept the house clean while working as a clerk at a gas station down the street. The whole situation had a yokel feel to it, but that might have been the fact that Vicky blew me the night before.

“Jimmy I’m going to the grocery store after my shift ends tonight,” Barbara said as she bent down to get something out of the fridge. “Do you need anything special?”

“No thanks,” I replied while fighting the urge to call her Mom. “I’ve only been here a day and it’s already starting to feel like home. I’ll finish up working on the waterheater today, cause I don’t have an interview until Tuesday.” She turned around and flashed me a smile, the first I’d seen since I’d arrived.

“Good morning!” Vicky bounced down the stairs and sat down at the table, smiling at me about our dirty little secret from the night before. “Hey Mom, do we have any sausage I can have for breakfast?” I caught the reference, but wasn’t really amused.

“I don’t know sweetheart, you’ll have to check the fridge.”

“Ok…for some reason I have a REALLY big craving for sausage today.” She winked at me, and I rolled my eyes. She was cute, and gave me the best head I’ve ever had, but I couldn’t do it if she was going to pull this gag every day.

“Hey Barbara,” I asked with a more serious tone, “I have a question.” She turned and looked at me, sensing that I was genuinely concerned. “If you guys gave me up for adoption, why’d you have Vicky?”

She paused and explained that after giving me away, they won the lottery and wanted kids. They had a daughter of their own, Bella. They later adopted Vicky, but my biological father wanted a divorce. They split the money but she got the kids.

“So if you won the lottery…” I trailed off, grasping for a nice way to comment on the state of the house.

“Not all lottery prizes are bakırköy escort for millions of dollars.” She shot me a look with that bitchy glare of hers. “We paid off the house, but we’re still scraping by. Raising 2 kids isn’t cheap, especially with Bella out touring for colleges.”

“That’s why I’m not going to go to college!” exclaimed Vicky. “I know an education is important, but I can get just as far with a community college degree.” She matter-of-factly rattled off a few numbers and statistics, but I grew bored with the conversation.

“I’m going to head downstairs and start on the waterheater.” I cleared my plate and saw Vicky eyeing me. “Barbara, what time should I expect you home? I can lend a hand with dinner if you’d like.”

She cracked a smile at the offer. Her smile, while rare, was something that warmed my entire body. “That’d be lovely, but I won’t be back until after ten, so just wrap me up some leftovers hon.” Hon. The affection was starting to get to me.

I headed downstairs and started working on the water heater. Being an architect, I had no real experience with it, but I was able to read the manual and read enough on the internet to figure it out. Realizing that it was already past noon, I looked out of the tiny windows to see Vicky coming back from the mailbox. My trousers jumped at the sight of her legs in her tiny cutoff shorts, but I put it in the back of my mind.

Until she came down the stairs. “Hey Jimmy, I thought I’d bring you a drink!” She was acting peculiar as she handed me a tall glass of lemonade, but I appreciated it nonetheless.

“Thanks, I was getting thirsty. It’s so damn hot in here.”

“I’m pretty thirsty too,” she said with a wink. She dropped to her knees and looked up at me for the green light, as I realized what she wanted to drink. “Can you help me out?” She unzipped my jeans and my cock was already starting to get hard. “God I love the way your cock feels in my mouth,” she said. While shocked at her dirty-talking, I was more concerned with how quickly she was learning how to suck me off. Her tiny fingers wrapped around my cock and started pumping it up and down. I grabbed her by her short, blonde hair and started beşiktaş escort pushing her head onto me. Her lips were tight around the shaft of my dick, massaging the bottom of it with her tongue. She grunted at how far down her throat I was, but I kept slowly pushing in and out of her mouth. Suddenly, she stopped. “Jimmy?”

Wondering how she would dare disturb me when I was about to cum inside of her, I met her gaze. “Yes?”

“Um…I really like doing this, but it gets me really horny too. Can we do each other at the same time?” I smiled and laid down on my back, removing my pants in the process. She understood and removed her clothes as well, situating herself on top of me. She started going to town on my cock while I tried to give her a friendly lick, but she was too far away. I tried to pull her further down but she resisted. “I don’t want to sit on your face, that’s gross!” she argued as she took a break from pleasuring me with her heavenly mouth.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I want you to lick me, but what if I get you wet? What if…you know, I put my butt too close?” Without hesitating I pulled her onto my face, and hard. She let out a squeal of ecstasy as I ran my tongue down her vagina to her ass and back. “Ohhhhhhhh my God!” I started tonguing faster and she sat up, neglecting my cock and burying my face deeper in her crotch. “HOLY SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT” she started grabbing her tits as my tongue found its way into a hole. I thought it was her pussy before I realized it didn’t taste like any other pussy I’d ever gone down on. Worried how she would react, I found myself surprisingly ok with licking my sister’s asshole. She began to let out a deep gutteral moan as her hips began to gyrate on top of me. “OH GOD JIMMY KEEP DOING THATTTTTTT” I kept my tongue running up and down from her crack to her cunt, slurping up the juices that were running down her tiny bottom. Her whole body started to quake on top of me, and her breathing grew uneven. She started taking sharp breaths, and then let out a loud scream as her cunt started squirting on me. I lapped it up, enjoying its sharp, metallic taste as she collapsed on top of me.

I sat for a minute, just basking in beylikdüzü escort the view of her beautiful backside while she recomposed herself. I soon felt her little fingers working their way along my cock, massaging its stiff form. “So was it better with someone else?” I asked.

“HELL yeah it was.” She gave me a friendly wiggle, pushing her snatch into my face. “Hey Jimmy?” I waited for her to continue her question. Even though I was looking directly into her single brown eye, she still had my attention. “Is there any way we can…you know…actually do it?”

“Sure,” I said, eager to pound her little ass. “I need to run upstairs and get some condoms though.”

“No need!” she rolled over and pulled one out of her crumpled jeans on the floor. “I got one from your box, I hope that’s ok!” Before I could even accept her apology, I had my tool wrapped and ready for her. She hovered eagerly over it, waiting for instruction.

“Just slowly sit down onto it. You can hold it straight with one hand. Then just let your instincts take over, let it be natural.” Boy was it natural. As a late bloomer, I never had sex with an 18-year old, but she was awfully tight. I felt her hot cunt gripping me like a vice, slowly starting to lower against me. Before I knew it, every inch of my throbbing cock was inside of her, awaiting the impending explosion. She bit her lip and grunted as I began slowly working my way in and out. Leaning her forward, I started sucking on her petite tits.

“OH JIM HOLY SHITTTT” I grabbed her ass and started lifting her tiny frame up and down on me, dropping it in rhythm as I pumped in and out of her. “YESS FUCK ME BROTHER YESSSSS” Her dirty talk was getting to me, and I started groaning as my cock accelerated its jackhammering. “JIM IM GONNA CUM AGAIN OH GOD JIM OH GOD”

“VVICKYYYYYYY YOU SLUTTTTTTTTTT” I started to moan as I felt the orgasm surge through me. We both started to cum at the same time, her writhing back and forth as her pussy clamped down on me. I felt my legs and thighs covered in her juices, and rolled her off of me to make sure the condom was intact. “I didn’t mean to call you a slut, I just…”

“Oh……” she muttered, trying to catch her breath. Her tiny frame lie naked next to me, panting as the sun reflected off her pale skin through the cellar window. “It’s ok Jimmy. Jesus that was good. We need to do that again. Like…..every day.”

I grinned as I pulled my clothes back on and watched her slowly get up. “I think we can manage that.”

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