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A Second Night

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The key card slipped through the door reader and we heard the click of the lock disengaging. I turned the handle and we walked into the room, tossing our coats into the closet. I quickly take off my shirt and sit down on the bed to unlace my shoes as you take your shoes off beside me, setting the bag next to the bed. We both sit up, look into each others eyes and move closer to kiss. I undo my pants and slip them and my underwear off, unable to keep my throbbing cock restrained any more. I help you with your shirt and jeans as you lay down on the bed, looking up at my cock as it sticks out toward you.

You sit up, bringing me close to you as we both as now naked, and you grab my cock in your hands and bring it close to your mouth, extending your tongue and licking the tip in a nice slow motion, you cup my balls with your other hand, sliding your fingers slowly back toward my anus. You feel hard plastic there as you take the head of my cock slowly into your mouth, looking up int my eyes.

“You’ve been stretching all this time and didn’t tell me? No wonder you’ve been walking around with a rock hard cock since you picked me up!”

“I wanted it to be a surprise. Being nice and loose is a lot more fun anyway.” I say, watching you wrap your lips around the head of my cock while reaching behind me and slowly pulling the thick black anal dilator out of my now gaping anus.

You toss it onto the floor as you return your free hand to my loose anus. You hear me moan my approval as three of your fingers slip in immediately and easily. You think to yourself, this is going to be a fun night.

“I love sucking your cock.” You say as you give it a long lick.

“And I like eating your pussy. Speaking of which..” I say as I lay you down slowly, you ease your fingers out of my anus as I lay down opposite you on the bed, in a sideways 69. I grab you and roll so that you’re on top of me. I reach forward and slide my tongue between your lips as I take in your taste. You lick the tip of my cock and search out my anus again, slipping four fingers into my anus. My mouth is wrapped around your clit, but I still moan as I feel them slip in and out of my wanting anus.

You feel my hot moist tongue circling around your clit as I suck it into my mouth, sending waves of pleasure shooting up your spine. Both of us are moving to pleasure the other and it’s just an amazing feeling.

Your fingers are slipping in and out of my anus now with ease as I enjoy the taste of your pussy. You’ve noticed that I have been rubbing your anus with my finger and are wondering how far you’ll let that go.

As you feel the tip of my finger slip into your anus, you sit up and close your eyes, taking in the sensation of having your clit and anus stimulated at the same time. You brace yourself, enjoying every moment as the sensations build you know you’re not going to be able to last much longer. As you feel my finger slip in further, you feel me suck in your clit and rub it with the tip of my tongue side to side. The combination of sensations sends an eruption of pleasure shooting up your spine, exploding in your mind as you grab hold of the comforter and hold on, hoping that I won’t stop as you buck wildly on me.

When the pleasure waves subside, you ease forward, letting go of the comforter and reach down to pick up the backpack I brought along and grab the purple velvet bag holding my favorite glass buttplug. You slip it out of the bag and admire its design. You know that I only have this buttplug in when I have sex. That turns you on so much, knowing that, as you ease the glass buttplug into my well-lubed anus.

You then grab a condom from the pile we have on the nightstand, and unwrap it, placing it over the tip of my cock, you look into my eyes as you slowly slide it down my throbbing cock. The anticipation of feeling my long hard cock buried deep inside of you has your pulse quickened. I stand my cock up straight as you straddle me. You feel the tip of my cock slipping forward and back between your lips as we look into each others eyes. When you can’t hold back any more, you slowly ease down, feeling the head of my cock stretch your lips apart, and the heat of my cock radiate through you as you bursa escort ease down onto me. When I’m in nice and deep, you lean forward, and feel your nipples against my chest just before our lips and tongues touch in wanting embrace.

Our tongues dance as we kiss passionately. You feel my hands running down your back, cupping your ass as I slowly slide my cock in and out of you, both of us enjoying the feeling of me being deep inside you. You raise up, pushing me in deep and groan as you enjoy my hot throbbing cock inside of you.

“Take me from behind.” You say as you look into my eyes.

You rise up off of my cock, instantly wishing you hadn’t. You want it back inside of you as quickly as possible. You jump up and move over to the chair, where you look out the window, with your knees in seat leaning backward with your breasts just beyond the back of the chair.

The Seattle skyline looks amazing at night, you think, as you feel my hands on your ass and the tip of my cock slipping just between your lips. You instinctively ease back, feeling the head of my cock slide into you. The hotness of it makes you bite your lip in anticipation as I ease my cock in as deep as I can.

After a few more gentle insertions, I begin picking up the pace, as you hear me moaning behind you each time my throbbing cock thrusts into your juicy pussy. You feel my thumb rubbing your anus as I continue to thrust into you. You feel that it’s wet, obviously well lubed, and you reach your hand down to your clit and begin rubbing it wildly as you feel my thumb ease slowly into your anus. You can tell by my moaning that I’m going to cum soon, so you rub your clit faster, wanting to cum at the same time I do.

The pleasure of the tip of my thumb slipping in and out of your anus, the thrusting of my cock deep inside of you, and you rubbing your clit are too much to take. You’re happy you timed it right, feeling me moan loudly as I thrust in deep and stay inside you as I cum deep inside of you.

After a moment, I ease out slowly, turn you around and kiss you passionately. We’re both sweating now, as we’re enjoying every minute we can. I walk over to the table, slip off the condom and roll a new one on, and walk back to you as you turn around and sit in the chair looking at me with that seductive look you like to use with me.

I slip you down on the seat, so that your butt is practically hanging off the edge and I lift your legs up onto my shoulders and guide the tip of my cock back to your deliciously moist pussy. Once the tip is in, I slide in deep right away as I look down into your eyes. I let your legs down now that I’m inside you and I lean forward to kiss you as I ease my cock in and out of you at a moderate speed. I lean forward, put my arms under your back and lift you up out of the chair while you feel my cock bury itself into you. I rotate us around so that you’re now laying on the edge of the bed and I once again bring your legs up to my shoulders.

“Before you begin again, can you slip that little buttplug into my anus so I can feel it like you feel yours? It’s the same size as your finger anyway.” You say, anticipating.

I smile and slip my cock out of your steamy pussy and walk over to the bag and get the little black buttplug out and lube it up. I walk over and you raise your legs up giving me a good view of your inviting anus and put the tip of the plug against your anus. You instinctively tense up, but I tell you to relax as I slowly slip the tip in and out of your anus, pressing a little further every time. The way I do it makes sure that it doesn’t hurt for you, and still effectively gets it inside you. After ten or so slow movements, I am able to slip it past the thickest part and slide it into your anus. You smile as I reposition myself. You like the feeling of something in your anus as you’ve got a hard cock buried inside your pussy. I thrust into you again and am overwhelmed with pleasure as I think about you taking the buttplug and how fantastic your pussy feels wrapped around my cock. I lean forward as I thrust deep into you and cup your breasts with my hands, squeezing your nipples between my fingers. You can tell by the look in my eyes that I’m going bursa escort bayan to cum soon.

You look deep into my eyes and say, “Cum in me baby.” over and over again until I can hold back no more and thrust deep into you. I let down your legs and lean forward to kiss you as you feel the pulses of cum as they erupt through my cock.

You run your hands down to my butt and your fingers press my glass buttplug in just a little bit deeper. I am still catching my breath when you say, “Let’s go hop in the shower.” I smile at you because I’ve already left something in there that I’m sure you’ll like.

We stand up and I we both walk over to the nightstand where I remove the condom. I don’t put another one on, but you wrap your hand around my cock and feel that it’s still slick with cum. You start walking to the bathroom leading me with your hand still wrapped around my hard cock. We walk into the bathroom and shut the door behind us. You turn to open the shower curtain so that we can get the shower started and when you do, you are pleasantly surprised to find my blue dildo stuck to the side of the shower. As you bend over to turn on the water, I slide my hand down your butt and grab hold of the small black buttplug and slowly ease it out. You stand up and we both hop into the shower, ignoring the blue dildo for now as we enjoy the hot water and let the room fill with steam.

I’m unable to wait any longer, so I move you up against the wall and get down on my knees in front of you. I look up into your eyes briefly before sticking out my tongue and run it between your lips and circle your clit. You know how much I love this so you just relax and take in the hot steamy air as I pleasure you. My hands reach around behind you and slowly rub your cheeks as I run long strokes of my tongue across your clit. The sensation sends shivers up your spine. I find your anus with my fingertips and rub it as I’m enjoying your pussy. Your anus is still lubed and the tip of my finger easily slips in as I move my tongue faster on your clit. You hold on to my hair and close your eyes, enjoying ever second of this as you’re finding it hard to stand. The combination of my tongue pleasuring your clit and my finger slipping in and out of your anus is overwhelming you. The pulses of pleasure erupt in your brain as you’re unable to hold back any longer. Your body quakes as you cum. I hold on to you to make sure you don’t slip as I enjoy watching you cum.

You eventually look down at me with that contented smile and help me up. We both take turns standing under the shower, letting it wash down over us. I wrap my arms around you and hold you as we enjoy the steam in the air and the hot water coming down on us. When you regain your composure, you look into my eyes, and begin kissing me passionately.

You reach around behind me and grab onto the glass buttplug. You slowly ease it out of me and move the curtain to place it on the counter, before turning back to me. You smile as you grab the blue dildo off the wall and squirt a little conditioner onto the suction cup base.

You softly say, “Get down on your knees again, and face the back of the shower.” while smiling that smile.

I move around and get in position, as you redirect the water to the wall so you don’t have it hitting you in the back of the head. You take the suction cup and place it just below your waistline and press it into your skin. It won’t stay there long but it does help hold it in place as you keep it steady with your left hand.

You ask me to squat lower so you can get it in, and as I go lower, you slip the head of the dildo easily into my wanting anus. You’re nervous about it as you’ve never done this before, so you bite your lip and slowly ease forward, thrilled to be watching the dildo slip into my anus with ease.

You get it all the way in and ask if it’s okay. I tell you that it feels fantastic and that’s all the reassurance you need. You begin slowly easing it in and out of me, enjoying watching it slip in and out of my anus. You love the way it looks and are getting incredibly turned on just by seeing it and knowing that you’re the one doing it to me.

I reach down and begin stroking my swollen throbbing escort bursa cock and am enjoying the pleasure of feeling the dildo moving in and out of me and my hand stroking my cock at the same time.

You’re behind me and secretly lubing up your hand. I can’t see what you’re doing, but you’re paying close attention to my breathing and listening to my moaning to make sure I’m not cumming yet. You’re working the dildo in and out of my anus faster and faster, trying to match how fast I’m stroking my cock. You can tell I’m getting close to cumming, and just before I do, you quickly slide the dildo out of my anus, and slip your well lubed hand into my anus. I’m completely surprised by the warm hand inside of me and you see my cum erupt from my cock as I moan loudly and call out your name in an overpowering orgasm. You twist your hand around in my anus, and look down at it, fascinated by the fact that it’s all the way in my anus. You’ll have to try later on to see just how deep it’ll go, but for now you stop at your wrist. I’ve shot all the cum out of my cock that I have left, and I’m holding myself up, still enjoying the fantastic feeling of cumming when you slide your hand out of my anus.

I slowly turn around and look at you as you smile at me, happy that you were able to both fuck and fist my anus all in the same sex session. You’re rather enjoying yourself and already thinking of new things to try. It’s a lot of fun when there are very few rules.

I stand us both up and kiss you passionately under the water, and reach down behind you and slip the buttplug out of your anus to replace it with my finger. You stick the dildo onto the wall, laughing at how it looks just sticking out like it does.

You smile up at me and say, “If we don’t get out of here soon, we’re going to look like prunes.”

We both chuckle and I grab the washcloth and soap and lather it up and begin rubbing out over your body. You like the attention you’re getting and the way it feels having someone else wash you, the decadence of it.

You grin approvingly as I pay particular attention to your breasts, pussy and anus, making my way all the way down to your feet. I hand you the washcloth and you lather it up again and return the favor. You enjoy running it down my body, stopping to lather up my cock and balls before turning me around and washing my well worked anus and then continuing down my legs.

You stand up and we come together with bubbles wafting into the steamy air. We both laugh as you say, “Bubbles!”

After rinsing off, we hop out of the shower and dry ourselves off. I reach over and grab my mint scented aftershave lotion and squirt a dab onto my finger and reach down between my legs and slip my finger into my loosened anus, rubbing the lotion all around. I love the cool slick sensations I get when I walk around after doing that. You look at me smiling, secretly wondering what it feels like. You take the lotion and squirt it on your finger and do the same. You stand there for a second, and enjoy the feeling of it, though you wonder if the mint will make you feel cold. Luckily it doesn’t.

We walk out into the main room, instantly regretting opening up the door and letting all of the steam get away from us. The room was warm earlier, but it sure seems cooler now. You run to the bed and pull back the covers, and quickly jump in trying to keep as much warmth as possible. I walk over to the heater and turn it on, so that the room will get warmer for you. I walk back, looking at you bundled up in bed and I grab the remote and turn on the TV before joining you. I prop up the pillows and lean up against the headboard and then help you sit between my legs with you leaning back against my chest with the covers pulled up so you stay warm. You enjoy feeling my hot body, the permanent furnace, radiating warmth beneath you. You also enjoy feeling my cock against your lower back.

You feel my hand reach down in front of you and begin slowly sliding my middle finger to the top and bottom of your pussy, just barely between your lips. It’s a fantastic tease as you enjoy the movie and staying warm. You feel like you’re exhausted, having had sex so long and in so many different ways. You know there’s good odds that you’ll sleep like a log when you finally get back from a night out on the town. It’s been a fun day of pleasure so far, and you can’t wait to try some new and exciting things, once we get back later in the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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