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A Second Life Ch. 02

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This story continues on from “A Second Life”, where the backgrounds of the key characters are explained.

Once again, all the characters, places and events in the story are pure fiction and straight out of my active imagination. I do not accept any responsibility for any resemblance to real people, places or events that occur anywhere.


As Zachary Kiddle woke up, his first thought was that he must be one of the luckiest men alive. He was lying in his king-sized bed between two beautiful naked sleeping women, the auburn haired step-mother and step-daughter pair of Julie and Chelsea Wellman. The three had been lovers for a few weeks now, and while he still carried the emotional scars of is late wife Annie, he felt his healing process was at least now underway. Had it not been for the women’s existing bisexual relationship with each other before he met them, he would not be where he was now. He could hear thirty year old Julie’s and twenty one year old Chelsea’s steady deep breathing, so he knew from experience that they would remain asleep for some time yet if he could carefully climb out of the bed without disturbing them.

Zach quietly put on a track suit in the half light, and then looked towards the corner of the room by the door where his faithful canine companion Sam always slept. With a silent hand gesture, he crept out of the room with Sam trotting behind him. Armed with the first cup of coffee from the pot, he walked upstairs to his office to check his emails and to think.

Their sex the previous night had been nothing short of amazing. Chelsea showed that she was equally as adept at sucking on a penis or a vagina. She had decided that it was to be a special night for Zach and Julie. She had them lie side by side on the bed with their legs open, after which she spent several minutes sucking on Zach’s prick while gently stroking Julie’s vagina, then switched over to do vice-versa. After what seemed like ages, but was really only fifteen minutes, she had brought Julie to her first shuddering orgasm for the night. She made sure not to bring on Zach’s orgasm, knowing it would put him out of action for a while if she did. Instead, she concentrated on taking him almost to the brink, then backing off to concentrate on her step-mother’s pussy lips again. In this way, she was able to make Julie’s second orgasm for the night even bigger than the first, her step-mother forcefully pulling her by the hair to push her young face into her wet crotch. Chelsea could taste the small squirt of juicy liquid that escaped with Julie’s climax.

The highlight of the night was when Chelsea got on all fours, and Zach took up a position by her head while Julie took up a position behind her with her strapon. With Julie pounding away at her step-daughter, Zach was careful not to push his prick too far into Chelsea’s mouth for fear of choking her. From the volume of younger woman’s moans, they could both tell as she got closer and closer to her orgasm. Julie’s final series of hard thrusts with the strapon pushed Chelsea headlong into her first orgasmic shudder, during which she momentarily pulled Zach’s penis out of her mouth. Within moments she had recovered, and suggested a change of position. Rolling onto her back, she told Zach she wanted him to fuck her hard, and then told Julie she wanted to eat her. The two obliged, Zach climbed between her legs and slid his blood-engorged muscle into the wet vagina on offer below him, while Julie knelt over her step-daughter’s face with her back to her male lover and slowly lowered her own wet opening down to the waiting tongue and open mouth.

While pounding out a steady rhythm between Chelsea’s open legs, Zach noticed that his two female lovers were beginning to get carried away with their own actions. Julie had leaned forward, propped up on one forearm on the bedhead while her other hand pulled Chelsea’s face harder into her sex. In the meantime, Chelsea had both hands on the small of Julie’s back, and was pulling her step-mother’s lower body onto her open mouth and tongue. At this angle he could see the wrinkled brown rosebud of Julie’s anus, the muscle steadily pulsing between a tight and relaxed pucker. As he watched fascinated, Chelsea slowly moved her right hand from the small of Julie’s lower back down to her ass cheek, then lower still until her ring finger rested on the tight wrinkled button.

She began to slowly tease the outer edges of Julie’s anus. The older woman moaned, “Oh Chel baby, what are you doing?”, but didn’t pull away, so Chelsea continued.

There was sufficient perspiration and other body juices around Julie’s crack to provide the necessary lubrication for Chelsea to insert her ring finger into her rectum up to the second knuckle. The response from her step-mother was a sudden convulsive shudder and rapid grinding of her hips onto her step-daughter’s face, signalling the onset of her next orgasm as she squealed out “Oh baby… oh… oh… oh fuck yes!”

With all this happening just bakırköy escort inches from his face, it was all too much for Zach. After a few more thrusts he knew he had hit the point of no return, and he felt his orgasmic spasm deep inside the muscle at the pit of his groin as he emptied his juices deep into Chelsea’s vagina, at the same time he felt her own shuddering upward pushes that signalled her own climax.

“OK lover, move off my girl” Julie’s gentle push brought him back to earth.

He hadn’t realised that the Julie had gotten off the bed, and was now gently moving him to one side so that she could lie down with her face between Chelsea’s legs. He lay on his side and watched as step-mother first sucked on step-daughter, then climbed further up her body so that both women could share his cum orally. After swallowing her share of his sex juices, Julie looked over to Zach and crooked her finger, inviting him closer for a post-coital cuddle. As the three bodies hugged, caressed and kissed each other Zach thought he could pick the leftover taste of his own sperm mixed with those of each of the two beautiful women who now shared his life.

He was so engrossed in his thoughts about their lovemaking that he hadn’t noticed Julie’s presence until she stood next to him as he sat in his seat, dressed in her short dressing gown, her own cup of steaming coffee in her hand. She gave him a loving hug and kissed his ear.

“You know these are Chelsea’s last few days before she heads back to the city this weekend for the start of the university year?” Zach nodded, and Julie continued. “I need to buy her a cheap car so that she can travel back and forth. She won’t be able to come back every weekend, so it might get a bit quiet here without her. You’ll only have me to satisfy your sexual needs.” She playfully tickled him behind his ear.

Zach chuckled, “I’m not sure you got that quite right — are you sure it’s you satisfying my sexual needs and not the other way round?” He half turned in his chair and slapped Julie gently on the butt cheek. “I know about the car. I overheard you talking about it the other day. I may have a friend who has one to sell. I’ll call him later today.”

As Julie wrapped an arm around him, her dressing gown opened slightly to expose one tantalising breast, which he leaned over to kiss. She hugged his head into her chest and stroked the back of his neck in an almost maternal way.

“We still have a lot to work out. I don’t know what your thoughts are on having a family. I know you told me about your wife.” She took a deep breath, then continued, “I mean I know Annie was pregnant when she died. You must have been devastated. You would have made a great father. You’re one heck of a lover, and a great head of this little family. I’m not sure where I stand on having a family, other than the family I’ve got right now. Are you OK with that?”

Zach pulled his head back from her motherly embrace. He still winced at the mention of his late wife’s name. “I’m fine with that. I know you have your own version of a mother-daughter relationship, just that I’m a lover to both of you.” He gave Julie a reassuring hug, “We’re still feeling our way with our own relationship between the three of us. I’m not in a rush to change that.”

With another couple of soft pats on her backside, he said, “Small steps babe, small steps.” Then hand in hand they quietly walked down the steps to the main living area of the octagonal house to begin their day.


Zach was impressed with the amount Julie had managed to achieve over the next few days. He arranged for the three of them to visit the local dentist at home that evening to look at the mid-sized late model Toyota hatch he had for sale. It had belonged to his daughter, and had hardly been used since she had moved overseas with her work over a year ago, and as he and his wife each had their own cars, it made sense to try to sell it. Within an hour they were back home, with Chelsea now the proud owner of her new second-hand car. It was a perfect size for her — not too big, economical, but with enough pep to sit at a comfortable speed on the open country roads between Stanley Bay and the city over two hours’ drive away. And the bright canary yellow colour would make car and owner stand out anywhere.

Julie spent the next two days interviewing prospective candidates for an assistant’s position to help her out with her sex toy business. She had decided that with the steady growth in sales over the last few weeks, and with Chelsea away for most of the year at university, she needed help looking after the physical shop part as well as the online portion of her business. The shop’s situation in Zach’s old cottage at the bottom of the small hill below the main house made it easy for her to conduct her business, and its location was close enough to the main part of town so that it wasn’t to far out of the way for any walk in customers, but far enough away to beşiktaş escort avoid any embarrassment factor. Julie knew that there would be occasions when she might need to be away for a few days, whether for business or pleasure, so hiring an assistant for the business made sense.

Once she had made it through interviewing all of her short list of six, she had decided on the one that stood out above the rest. Her new business assistant from the beginning of the next week was to be a slim young nineteen year old with lightly curled blonde hair that just brushed her shoulders named Melanie Coulter. Julie had recognised Melanie as the waitress at the local café who had served Zach, Chelsea and her their coffees and cakes the first time they met. Julie had been impressed by the younger girl’s confident manner and bubbly personality during the interview. During the interview Julie handed Melanie several samples of the sex toys she had in stock in order to gauge her level of comfort in dealing with such intimate items, and was very satisfied with the result. The young blonde’s natural style when handling the toys suggested that she was no stranger to them. As an added bonus, Melanie commented that she lived in small rented apartment with her boyfriend just a few blocks away, so it would not be a problem for her to assist Julie in hosting the twice-weekly sex toy parties in the evenings as it was an easy ride on her mountain bike.

By the Friday, as Zach got ready for his weekly early morning swim with Sam across the lake, he was surprised to find Julie dressed in her one piece bathers wanting to join him. She had mentioned in the early part of their relationship that she used to swim in her university days, and was keen to accompany him one morning. Zach suggested she might be more comfortable using one of his spare full length bodysuit-styled racing bathers to protect against the early morning chill. He also brought along a soft U-shaped floatation buoy attached to a length of rope. Their jog down the hill was uneventful, and only served to kickstart the circulation in their bodies. As they entered the cool water Zach tied one end of the rope to Sam’s collar so that he could tow the buoy behind him — he had decided on this as a safety precaution in case Julie found the distance and his pace too much.

The three set off together, and it was obvious that Julie had been a good swimmer; she could match his strokes as they glided across the still water of the lake. However, by the time they got to the far side of the lake, the years of not swimming had begun to tell. After they turned for the return leg Zach slowed his pace to keep her company, and as she tired they rolled onto their backs to do a relaxing lazy survival stroke until they met up with Sam towing the life buoy behind him. Zach unhooked the buoy, then helped Julie into it, telling her to take her time and keep with Sam while he swam on. He would swim on past the middle of the lake, then turn to come back to Julie again so that they could finish their swim together. As all three slowly walked out of the water near the point where they started, Julie spun Zach around and pushed him onto his back at the waters edge. She then lay on top of him and smothered his face with kisses with the cool water lapping around their bodies.

In between kisses she said, “That was one of the most exhilarating things I’ve done in a long time that didn’t involve sex! I loved it! I’ll be joining you most weeks, provided you don’t mind!”

Zach said she was welcome to join him and Sam anytime, and playfully placed a handful of lake’s coarse sand on her back. Her response was to grab her own handful and pour it down the front of his neck to knee racing bathers. They laughed as they stood to walk back into the lake so that Zach could wash the sand off Julie’s back. When it was her turn to reciprocate, Julie pulled the zipper down on the back of Zach’s bathers and reached around the front to puff out the skin tight suit to flush the sand out from some uncomfortable places while he reached his arms around behind to hug her body to him. As she teasingly moved her hand down lower past his abdomen, she could feel the beginnings of his erection.

“We’d better get you home and in the shower before we get arrested for doing lewd and indecent acts in public!” she laughed, giving his growing muscle a final playful squeeze. Within minutes they were back at the house, and headed straight for the large shower in the guest wing of the house so as not to disturb Chelsea if she was still asleep.

As they stood naked in the shower they began to caress and stroke each other under the warm gentle spray. Julie recommenced her gentle squeezing and teasing of Zach’s growing penis, who in turn gently rubbed the outer lips of her vagina. Their breathing began to deepen as they both responded to the other’s gentle touches. Zach turned Julie slightly so that her back was to the shower spray, then he knelt on the tiled beylikdüzü escort floor in front of her, placed one leg on his shoulder, and moved his face into her crotch to lick and suck at her vaginal opening and clitoris. Julie held onto the shelf below the window with one hand and Zach’s head with the other, all the time moaning and grinding her hips up and out into his face as her orgasm approached. With a final thrust of her pelvis, she felt as if her insides had simultaneously exploded and melted as wave after wave of her climax convulsed through her. As her climax eased she pulled her lover to his feet.

“My turn”, her eyes twinkled.

She kept him facing the shower spray while she knelt and took his whole length into her mouth. Placing her hands on each hip, she slowly pushed him out and pulled him back into her hungry mouth, using her tongue to tease the bottom of his shaft and then flick on his sensitive knob each time he withdrew. Zach tried to put his hands on Julie’s head to encourage her sucking, but she pushed them away, so he was left with holding the window ledge and the opposite wall of the shower. He briefly closed his eyes to enjoy the sensations, and was suddenly aware of another pair of hands caressing his butt cheeks, then wrap around the front of his body as another body pressed against his back. He leaned back and slightly to one side to see that Chelsea had joined them.

“Morning lover! Morning Mother! I could hear the water running, so I thought I’d join you. Can’t let you have all the fun, can I?” Chelsea flashed a beautiful radiant smile.

Julie continued her sucking, but moved a hand from Zach’s hip, reaching further back to place it on the hip of her step-daughter. She pulled and pushed both sets of hips in unison, so that Zach felt Chelsea humping him from behind, urging his penis on and pushing it deep into her step-mother’s sucking mouth. He knew he was close to his own orgasm, and searched over his shoulder again for Chelsea’s lips to suck on her bottom lip.

Suddenly Chelsea’s face wasn’t by his shoulder. She had gone down on her knees behind him, and with a pat on his backside, she ordered “Open up!” As Zach shuffled his feet wider, she sat on the shower’s tiled floor under him and sucked and tongued at his testicles while her step-mother continued with her sucking a mere inches away. Occasionally both sets of lips met, and Chelsea’s tongue licked at Julie’s lower lip or at her chin.

The combined attention of the two women under him was too much. Zach could feel his orgasm rushing outward from deep in the pit of his abdomen. Julie recognised the telltale signs, and pulled Chelsea out from her sitting position to kneel alongside her as she used her hand to milk at Zach’s hard muscle. She lovingly looked up at Zach, “We want it on our faces.”

Both women then tuned her faces towards each other and locked lips in a deep open-mouthed, tongue searching kiss. Zach’s juices exploded out of the end of his knob, and covered their faces, their lips, and dribbled down to their chins. The shower spray was on Zach’s upper body, so did very little to wash off his juices. Both women licked and sucked his semen off each other’s faces, down to their necks. They slowly got back to their feet, all the while engaged in another series of deep kisses. As they both looked at the man they both shared, they opened their arms so that all three could share in a warm and loving embrace under the shower spray before washing all traces of their activity from the last thirty minutes off each other.


There was little to be packed for Chelsea’s return to the city for the start of the university year that Saturday morning. The flat she would be sharing with two other girls belonged to the mother of one of the girls — in fact the same woman that owned the sex toy franchise business that Julie had bought into. The flat was really a three bedroom bungalow located in an older part of the city about a ten minute drive from the university. Zach had borrowed a high-sided trailer from a builder friend, and with Chelsea’s and Julie’s help, had loaded it with the younger woman’s dismantled bed, mattress, study desk and chair from the spare bedroom at the cottage, along with some cartons containing clothing, books and other sundry items.

The plan they settled on was that he would leave Stanley Bay first in his Volvo with Sam to keep him company, which meant the dog would spend most of the journey asleep in the back of the wagon; the two women would follow behind once Chelsea had packed a suitcase of clothes, her laptop, her desktop computer, and other gear into the back of her car. Since Zach would be towing the trailer, he would be travelling at a slower speed, so the women would catch him up before too long. They would meet up at a small roadside café about halfway to the city for a quick early lunch, where Julie would change over to his car for the rest of the journey. Since Chelsea’s two flatmates were still on holiday until the following Monday, the three of them (along with Sam) could spend the night together before Zach and Julie headed back to Stanley Bay the following day. Julie planned to pick up some cartons of extra stock for her business and a new piece of outdoor furniture for Zach’s back patio to make use of the trailer for the return journey.

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